Lily Potter's panicked jump as she realized my destination was beautiful, especially since she was unaware of the transparency of the door, giving me a great show of her jiggling tits and generous hips as she tried to pull her nightie back on.

Since I was a merciful man — almost like a saint, I thought with a smirk — I slowed my steps just enough to give her the challenge.

Especially since I noticed that, in her hurry, she prioritized pulling her nightie on rather than trying to pull the toy she had been trying to use out.

I opened the door just as she was about to reach between her legs and pull it out, catching her before she could succeed. "You're on your feet," I said even as I closed the door behind me and walked next to her. I was unable to completely suppress my smirk.

She didn't find that suspicious. In her defense, she had a good reason to think my smirk was completely ordinary. The beautiful process I had enjoyed earlier was reason enough.

And she had other concerns, like trying to keep her improvised toy between her legs, and reigning her great arousal in check.

Poor woman.

Pity, she wasn't dealing with a nice man.

"You don't look so well," I said even as I put my hand on her cheek. It was certainly forward, enough to create a scandal under more ordinary circumstances.

Luckily, the current conditions were as far from ordinary as it was humanly — or even magically — possible. "I think you have a fever, you're burning," I commented, even as I grabbed her arm and dragged her toward the bed.

"N-no — no need," she stammered, unable to react properly to my move, but she was too busy trying to keep the toy inside her to actually resist.

"Nonsense," I said even as I pushed her onto the bed, which was a surprisingly complicated task as I tried to multi-task several activities at the same time.

"I'm well," she tried to say, but it was all she was able to say before she was interrupted by my combined assault.

One was to make sure she hit the bed at just the perfect speed and angle, enough to push the toy deep into her, but slow enough that it didn't actually injure her. The other challenge was to cast two spells. One to ensure the toy couldn't do any damage, the other to dispel the spell that was preventing her from climaxing.

But my efforts were not in vain, as she started trembling intensely as the full strength of her arousal hit her, making her climax.

To her credit, she managed to stand up for a moment. "I am well —" she managed to stammer before I interrupted her with a push.

Which repeated the earlier process, jolting her with pleasure, impacting her hard even as she tried to resist her climax. "Nonsense, you're in a bad state, and I can't just call a mediwitch to help if your condition worsens. We can't take the risk," I said.

Before she could open her mouth and rejoin the conversation, I was already hitting her with diagnostic charms.

"Hmm, confusing," I murmured even as I put my hand on her trembling shoulder. "You're hot and trembling, but the charms show you're healthy," I said.

"I'm well," she stammered.

"Nonsense," I said as I brought my hand down and put it over her chest. "Look at your heart, it's beating hard enough to go out of control," I said even as I squeezed her breast. A bit forward, but rather than complaining, she chose to moan.

Or maybe, she had no chance of resisting as her body rocked with pleasure.

"Maybe you have eaten something before I found you, and that's why you were unconscious," I said as I shifted my hand on her stomach, which was supposed to be a more innocent place, but as I brushed her nipple while sliding, she didn't have the chance to comment on the shift.

I put my hand on her belly, rubbing softly in large circles, making her moan and gasp while she tried to contain her trembles, but she said nothing as I continued to cast diagnostic spells.

And, if I slipped one that would increase her sensitivity, it was without a doubt an accident.

"So warm," she murmured dazedly as the pleasure and arousal worked hard to blanket her mind, which I responded by conjuring a small glass of water, and pouring it over her chest. "W-what was that!" she gasped even as her top turned semi-transparent, enough to reveal the beauty of her tits.

My heart leapt to my throat even as she took a desperate breath, sticking to her beautiful cups to remind me of her beauty. I had seen her naked, but it could not rival the current moment while she shook in disbelief.

"What are you doing?" she gasped as she used her arms to cover her breasts, shocked that I would do such a thing. Her beautiful green eyes were wide, but that only helped to look sexier.

"It's a good way to make sure you don't overheat, of course. A muggle solution, but it's good in emergencies. And I don't want to take a risk with a spell before I'm sure what's wrong," I explained.

It wasn't the most perfect explanation imaginable, but it worked well enough to silence her in her confused state. I continued to rub her stomach while she covered her breasts, doing her best to reduce the scandalous nature of her pose.

Which wasn't as effective as she hoped, but she was too weak from pleasure to complain properly. She tried to make a disapproving sound, but still dealing with pleasure, it only get out as a moan.

Which worked wonders to silence her further attempts while I focused on diagnosing her.

Thanks to the spell that increased her sensitivity, my rubbing worked wonders even before I started moving high enough to brush the underside of her breasts, which she kept her mouth in her attempt to prevent another moan.

Which escaped regardless as I changed position, and 'accidentally' placed my leg between hers, using a moment she kept them wide to minimize the impact of the toy she had inside. I rubbed my leg against her inner thigh, which didn't help the intensity of her pleasure.

Especially when I pushed the toy deeper accidentally.

Her eyes widened as the invasion happened. "Sweetie, are you okay? Do you want me to do something," I said.

"N-n-nooo," she managed to stammer before it turned into a moan.

"It's hard to understand what you're saying as you are moaning in pain, sweetie," I said, acting like I hadn't understood what she had said. I grabbed her wrist and pulled away from her chest and I put my hand on her chest, listening to her heartbeat once more. "Oh, your heartbeat is wild. Something is definitely wrong," I said.

My hand danced on her chest carelessly as I tried to diagnose her problem, occasionally rubbing against her nipple, her wet top useless in limiting her pleasure. "It's getting worse," I said, doing my best not to sound mocking even as I conjured another glass of water and tipped over her, this time hitting her top with another spell to make it even more transparent while using water as an excuse.

It took a moment for her to realize that, and once she did, she was quick to wrap her arms around her chest once more, letting out a shy moan that I found familiar. One that I reminded of Hermione, showing that people that pointed out the similarities between the two were not exactly mistaken.

Then, it got even worse. Well, worse for her, and better for me, as she let out a beautiful moan while I let my fingers dance on her stomach once more, the wetness allowing it to travel even more.

Meanwhile, my leg started going back and forth, rubbing inside her thigh suggestively, not even bothering to hide my movements even when I pushed her toy deeper inside her occasionally.

She might have pointed that out, but she was busy trying to contain her moans, her nipples rebelling, giving a display of their hardness whenever her arms shifted a bit, showing the intensity they poked against her top.

However, her distraction was clearly not enough to miss the fact that I put my hand on her neck, caressing. "W-what," she stammered.

"I'm massaging you, maybe you're having a panic attack. It helps," I said, even as I let my hands dance on her neck, adding another layer to her arousal as I discovered her sensitive spots along the path.

She bit her lips desperately as my fingers drifted down her collarbones, caressing gently. She clearly wanted to complain, but as the pleasure took hold, she was not even able to keep her eyes open, let alone hide her moans.

"Please," she whispered with a struggle, which was all she was able to say before it turned into a moan.

"Please, what, honey," I whispered back even as I brought my hands on her sides, caressing her breasts for a moment. She didn't answer, so I returned to my task. "Pull your arms," I ordered, and distracted with pleasure, she was already obeying that order before she could even realize the absurdity of it.

And, if she wanted to say anything, it died quickly as my hands landed on her breasts, this time mauling them with sudden aggression rather than brushing accidentally, her nipples trapped between my fingers. "Oh, oh, n— " she started, which devolved into endless moans as the pleasure won against her willpower.

I started to feel more relaxed as the situation finally settled in the direction I wanted, enjoying her breasts at the silly excuse of giving a massage until I allowed her to close to the distance for the next climax.

However, as she was on the edge, I brought my hand down and slipped under the hem of her nightie, caressing her inner thigh.

"Oh, what do we have here," I suddenly said as I grabbed the toy inside her, my gaze sharp. "No wonder you're looking like that, you were just horny," I said, each word hitting her like a slap even as she tried to resist the invasion of pleasure.

"It w-wasn't," she managed to stammer, but that was all she was able to say as I grabbed the toy and pulled.

"Let's conjure you a proper toy first," I said with a chuckle even as I waved my hand, and created a much superior replacement.

The fun was about to start…

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