Lily Potter looked at the object I had just conjured, her eyes wide in panic, unable to say anything while she was busy taking the intimidating size that was on display in front of her.

"You're lucky that I'm helpful enough to waste my time helping you," I said as I positioned that against her entrance, noting the way she tried to bite down her moan as it pressed against her entrance. Yet, as her beautiful green eyes found mine, she deliberately avoided answering.

As the first inch disappeared inside her, she let out a moan, but that was the extent of her reaction. She bit down her words, refusing to elaborate on her feelings. Fascinating, I thought, especially considering her lack of action. I had expected her to put on at least a weak resistance, but she didn't even bother trying to keep her legs closed.

Making me wonder whether it was desperation that made her abandon the last bit of resistance, or the pleasure she was feeling, making her beg for more. Or maybe, it was neither, and she was simply too mortified by being discovered — and her magically-enhanced arousal certainly didn't help.

Either way, with her absolute lack of resistance toward my toy-assisted invasion, her silence was the last fortress of symbolic resistance. If I was a nicer man, I might have let that slide, letting her cherish her symbolic victory even as she enjoyed the invasion of the toy, wearing only a drenched nightie, one that was completely transparent.

I started unraveling her resistance by grabbing the hem of her nightie, and rolling it up. It didn't provide any visual assistance, but it still provided sufficient mental assistance, so I deliberately pulled it up, removing her mental clutch. She tried to grab it, but her fingers, trembling with pleasure, lacked the necessary strength to enable it.

"I might leave it on if you ask me," whispered as the hem reached the underside of her breast. Her silence stretched. It might even be a poignant point, if it wasn't for rock-hard nipples and her trembling body. "Are you sure you don't want to beg?" I added mockingly. "Such a rude guest. You're lucky that I'm feeling helpful."

The expression of indignation on her face was beautiful, mixing beautifully with her arousal and confusion to turn it into a masterpiece. Seeing that expression, I could understand why Snape wasted his life trying to pull her from death. She was beautiful enough to make it worth it.

Too bad for him that all his efforts were taken by someone else.

Her eyes widened as I finished removing her nightie, leaving her naked, with a toy buried in her core. "I wonder just how aggressively I need to treat you?" I added as I pushed to toy deeper with sudden aggression.

Her mouth opened… and then closed again as she decided to stick to her little show of obedience, maintaining her silence. Which was not as effective as she might otherwise hoped with her beautiful body on complete display, without even the slightest impediment. She didn't even try to cover her breasts.

To her defense, her hands had a bigger mission to fulfill, grabbing her bed desperately as she tried to handle the invasion of feelings — a situation that didn't get any easier as I started pushing the toy inside her faster and faster…

She lay there, helpless, breathing desperately to keep her moans down, her teeth gritting, her hands clenching.

"Hmm, you're yet to cum, maybe we should try something different," I suggested. If it wasn't for her gaze immediately locking to my midsection, more enthusiastic than fearful, I might have graduated her from that, but instead, I flipped her without a warning so that her ass was pointing at the ceiling.

And, my hand landed on her ass cheek in a spectacular spank, loud enough to be deafening. Which proved enough to break her enforced silence. "Ouch, what are you—" she started, which was all she was able to say before another spank landed on her ass, silencing her with another gasp.

My large hands looked particularly appealing on her firm ass, the area I had spanked just getting pinker. "How dare you!" she gasped.

"Why, little princess, didn't anyone treat you like how you deserved before."

"How I deserve—" she gasped as she tried to catch my gaze, only for her attempt to die halfway under another spank.

"By watching us while we were having our private fun, of course," I said with a chuckle, having no problem revealing that little secret. I wanted to hide that secret at first, but considering the points things had developed, I didn't bother to hide it.

"You — you knew," she gasped. She might have tried to argue against it under calmer circumstances, but firmly on the edge, under the weight of the spanks and the reckless invasion of the toy, she wasn't exactly at a point of arguing against it. Not to mention, the little toy I had found in her worked wonders to ruin any chance of her arguing.

"Well, your knees peeking from the little gap gave me an idea," I said, having no problem giving an unconvincing excuse. "But I'm disappointed. I'm your savior, and you could have just mentioned that you need my assistance without acting naughty." I chuckled.

Lily trembled under my touch, unable to say anything after realizing she had been caught, unaware that my little manipulation led to it in the first place. "I…" she whispered, but it was all she was able to say under my assault, especially since I cast a quick spell on the toy, animating it into going in and out repeatedly.

And, I used that opportunity to drag my finger along her spine, the gentleness contrasting with the loud spanks, making her tremble desperately.

I had to admit that her moans, desperate and melodic, were tempting me to replace her toy with something real. Unfortunately, she was already deep into delirium, and I didn't expect her to last any longer than a few minutes, as it would have ruined that unique experience. Instead, I started slapping her ass harder and harder.

She tried to say something else, but that died halfway, her moan strong enough to bury her intent halfway. At this point, there was no doubt about my intentions, but her racing heart didn't allow her to consider her situation. Wanting to enjoy the opportunities before she could reach an end, my hand reached her breast, squeezing her nipple.

The resulting moan was simply spectacular, rivaling the sensation of her heart going crazy under my touch. It was a beautiful moment, her boy trembling under my exploration. "So, tell me, are you enjoying the attention of your savior," I whispered, enjoying her hapless trembles as she was right at the edge of a climax.

She was lucky that I had already enjoyed myself greatly thanks to Susan and Daphne, keeping me in a merciful mood. I dispelled the spell that was keeping them from reaching her climax.

In the end… It didn't take much for her to explode in a spectacular climax. Barely seconds, before she exploded into mindless moans, trembling incessantly on my lap… A few more seconds, and her eyes were closed, making her collapse.

"You're lucky, Mrs. Potter," I said with a chuckle as I repositioned her naked body into my bed. I wanted to leave immediately, but I had to stay a while, staying long enough to establish a great number of wards.

Some were there to prevent anyone from walking in, while the others were there to make sure Lily couldn't pull a trick once she stands up. Yet, some were more entertaining, like creating a magical wardrobe, one that was filled with a great number of interesting clothes, some casually naughty, some aggressively spectacular.

A little test for her, to see whether she was smart enough to catch the implied deal.

And courageous enough to take it.

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