As I once again left Hogwarts behind, I couldn't help but wonder what she would wear, and more importantly, whether she would be able to catch the fact that I actually referred to her by her name.

And how she would react if she realized that.

However, before that, I had a visit planned, toward the Shell Cottage, where my sexy blonde paramour was waiting for me. I apparated there, though not before sending an owl, alerting her about my approach while I visited the Prefect bathroom for a shower.

Pity I didn't come across anyone there.

As I took a bath, I was curious just how much preparation Fleur would have for me considering we didn't meet since the night I met with her mother … a fact that she was still unaware.

Half an hour later, I apparated, as silent as I could manage, wearing the cloak, just in case there was a dangerous surprise that was waiting for me. I didn't expect Fleur to have anything like that — but war was going on, it was better safe than sorry.

I found the living room empty, but upstairs, I could hear the sound of movement. A couple spells confirmed that there was no one but Fleur in the house, which was enough for me to remove the cloak. I started climbing up the stairs, curious about what she had prepared for me. I was expecting her to either be in the bedroom, or in the kitchen preparing some food…

Then, I noticed the door at the end of the corridor was open, with lights turned on, which I took as a clear invitation, even though I didn't even remember what that room was supposed to be. I turned, and found myself in a large study, one with a large bookshelf and a large desk. Fleur was there, but partially behind the bookshelf, so I could only see her arm.

I was about to ask what she was doing, when she took a step forward, but the question survived only for a second on the tip of my tongue.

She was dressed as a muggle secretary — or, considering the shortness of her pencil skirt and the transparent nature of her white blouse, complete with garter belt and stockings, an erotic variant of the secretary.

"Oh, you're here, Mr. Malfoy, the president will see you in an hour, she has an emergency," she said as she dipped her head down, which made her fake glasses slide.

I said nothing as I walked forward while she took a seat behind the desk, leaning forward to highlight her cleavage — not that it was needed in her cleavage with the transparent blouse.

In a way, roleplaying as a secretary was certainly a low-effort development. I might even get bored and walk away if another woman tried to pull that … but on her, the costume looked amazing. Absurdly so, surpassing even a model as her supernatural beauty mixed with her desire-fueled allure.

I stood in front of her desk, watching as she struggled to keep her gaze down on the desk, shuffling in her seat in arousal, her impatience making the moment even more beautiful. "That's unacceptable, sweetie," I said as I leaned against her desk.

The way she shivered was simply beautiful, but she managed to hold herself back from leaning forward. Instead, she raised her hand and playfully checked her nails. "I don't know why I need to care about that, sir. I just handle madam's schedule. You're free to leave if you wish if you don't want to listen to the office gossip…"

I had to give her credit, for a moment, she managed to reflect a beautiful mixture of vapid lack of care a secretary might have, with no substance to back up. One that only lasted until she raised her gaze, and throw me a needy, smoldering gaze…

"So, you don't care if I leave," I delivered angrily.

She paused for a moment, and for a moment, I thought she had a change of mind. But then, she reached for her purse, pulled out a gum, and started chewing, showing that she had done her research. I waited as she chewed, and blew, the slowly growing pink balloon beautifully contrasted with her bright-red lipstick.

Enough to drive a man crazy.

"Yes, sir, not my problem," she whispered, her voice throaty enough to drive me crazy even without the allure that accompanied it. "What are you going to do about it?"

"Oh, leave and cancel the deal, of course. But the real question is, what would your boss do if she learned you had just blown a deal worth millions…"

Fleur staggered a bit at that comment, and I realized that she was going toward a more get angry and ravish her against the desk story. Amusing, I thought, and suddenly decided to give her the exact opposite until she couldn't resist. I cast a spell, one that didn't work immediately. "You're lucky you're pretty enough to be entertaining, sweetie," I said as I sat on the couch against the wall.

That didn't help her confusion as she tried to understand where things had been going, until I waved my wand once more. A moan pushed itself through her lips as the spell created a buzzing sensation in a very sensitive part of her without a warning. "Sir, what was —" she started, but I silenced her with a gesture.

"Don't worry, I'm just keeping myself entertained," I said with a chuckle. "Continue with your work." I didn't know whether she would continue with her role, or break down.

But I was sure the process of finding out would be amazing.

"As you wish — sir," she managed to say, interrupted by a gasp as I triggered the buzzing another moment. She managed to continue playing her role while I leaned back, curious how long she would be able to resist. Then, she raised her wand and cast a spell, creating an hourglass. "She'll be out when this finishes, sir," she explained.

I didn't say anything, just checked the hourglass she conjured. Using magic was cheating, especially since there was barely enough sand to last ten minutes.

Double cheating, which required double-punishment. I waited a few seconds, giving her a few moments to enjoy the subtle trick she managed to pull, then I waved my wand, increasing the intensity to another degree, making her jerk in shock, followed by a moan. "Is something wrong?" I asked shamelessly, expecting her to sit back while spitting excuses.

"Oh, sir, I realized that I didn't offer you any drinks, sorry about that," she said as she walked around her desk, and leaned forward, one that drove her pencil skirt high enough to reveal her panties. Then, while I was enjoying the sight, she cast two spells. One was a conjuring spell, and the result was clear in the appearance of the silver tea set. The other was a vanishing spell, but I didn't catch her target…

Until she turned toward me, with her bra absent, her transparent blouse unable to keep her breasts hidden the slightest. "Oh, not a problem, sweetie," I said as I watched her walk toward me slowly.

Very slowly, and very sensuously, using her outfit to maximum effect, giving me ample time to enjoy her ample bosom. I said nothing as she leaned forward, the cleavage achieving the impossible and making her bosom even sexier, just not as sexy as the desperate way she bit her lips to keep her moans down while she poured some tea.

"Excellent work," I said, but rather than reaching for the tea, I gestured to the seat to the left of me. "Why don't you take a seat, that chair couldn't be comfortable for your pretty ass."

She looked smug at the word, but since I chose that moment to intensify her little buzzing torture even more, she failed to comment on that. She sat down, her legs crossing beautifully to give an extended glimpse of her transparent underwear before closing them on once more.

With her flowing blonde hair and her tight skirt, she was the true essence of sexiness. "You're so kind, sir," she said throatily.

"That I am," I answered smugly. "At least until I'm annoyed. You'll see what will happen if your boss doesn't come out, especially after I spend too much time waiting," I said smugly, using the opportunity to enhance the buzzing once more.

"Oh — sir, I'm very scared…" she managed to say, interrupted only once, her words still delivered calmly and carefully, while she continued to work on the other aspects.

I let the silence rule, interrupted only by her soft shuffling — and moans whenever the buzzing become too much.

She turned her smile to me again, but this time, it was a tighter smile, showing she was having trouble with her little test. I glanced at the hourglass, and saw it was still half-full. "It must be boring, waiting in the reception all day, with nothing to interrupt."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that, sir, sometimes, I find ways to entertain myself."

"Really," I asked.

"Do you want me to show you … sir," she whispered. I nodded, and her legs parted open…