I was sitting at my desk when the door opened, revealing the lovely face of my visitor. "She says she has an appointment, sir," said the guard next to her — who was also mind controlled to follow my comments and not remember anything about the visit.

"Yes, we have one, you can leave," I said with a smirk, and the guard walked away, and closed the door behind my guest. "How are you doing, Hermione," I said with a widening smirk, not only greeting her, but also informing Fleur about the identity of the visitor.

A glance downward was enough to confirm Fleur's shock, clearly not expecting Hermione to be in the ministry. Reasonable, considering not only she was on a secret mission, but also the ministry was actively hunting muggleborns.

I didn't bother to look at her, just kept my hand ready in case she wanted to stand up. That wasn't the only surprise that awaited Fleur, and it would be sad to ruin the game immediately.

"What's the … emergency," Hermione said, her tone with only the slightest of stammer to show she wasn't feeling as confident as she wanted me to believe.

"Take a seat, and I'll explain," I said, pointing to a chair. She looked surprised that I didn't invite her to my lap, but she still walked toward the chair. I used that moment to take note of her clothing. She was once again disguised as a streetwalker, though, this time, she was wearing a sexy tank top that could easily function as a bra in a pinch, and a pair of jean shorts that might as well be painted on her, ending high enough to leave her cheeks mostly visible, a few strategic rips enhancing the view even further. Her boots just completed the sexy rocker view.

Despite the reluctance, she clearly worked hard to make herself sexy. And it worked. I could scarcely believe that, under that naughty look lay a sexy nerd.

Admittedly, Fleur's allure, which was already bubbling hard after all that teasing, hid that nerdy aspect even deeper.

She sat down, her beautiful legs crossed. "So, what I have in mind is, we need to add someone else to our little confidence … just in case," I told her.

"R-really? Do you think that's needed?" she said panickedly. "We're doing fine, right?"

"Maybe, but the world is dangerous. There's a chance you have to change location and will have trouble maintaining a connection. We better arrange an alternative contact that I might use in case of an emergency."

"Sounds … reasonable," Hermione murmured. "But I doubt Harry or Ron would trust you?"

"They don't make sense in the first place," I corrected her. "I had a different idea in mind?"

"Who?" Hermione said.

"Fleur," I said, and both girls stiffened immediately. Fleur tensed, expecting that I would reveal her, and she was definitely not dressed for company. Hermione stiffened … because of jealousy.

Admittedly, it wasn't hard to understand. Hermione was beautiful, but still, Fleur was the kind of girl that every woman loved to hate due to her supernatural advantages, and her usual snobby attitude hardly helped.

"She's connected with the resistance movement enough to make her reliable to the resistance, but distant enough that Death Eaters wouldn't suspect her being a critical piece of the spy ring. And, their prejudices would ensure that, even if she gets caught with me, we can spin the situation into me convincing her to be a mistress for leniency or something, keeping her safe. I think it's an excellent idea."

"No doubt about that last part," Hermione coughed pointedly. "What whore would make a very believable mistress. Too bad she would just lie down, expecting to be worshipped lazily."

"Oh, really?" I said, amused by Fleur's angry expression under the desk as Hermione spewed her jealousy. "How do you know?"

"Well," Hermione smirked widely. "Her husband is already back in Egypt. If she was any good, she would have kept her husband for more than a few days, right?"

I could feel my desk getting warmer, which showed Fleur was getting angry enough to tap into the other aspect of her heritage. Her flames.

"So, you're saying that she can't suck a cock like you?" I said immediately, more than willing to turn the challenge.

"O-of course not," Hermione said, though her hesitancy was clear. She didn't want to admit to such a crass thing, but also she wanted to declare her superiority. A beautiful conflict, one that she decided to address with her pride rather than her shame.

And, a glance downward showed an affronted Fleur, one that was more than willing to prove otherwise. If it was still the beginning of our budding relationship, Fleur might have blown up aggressively, but now, with her pride assaulted and her arousal burning badly, it was much more different.

She decided to address Hermione's claim more directly. A little fumbling later, she had gotten rid of my pants completely, and her fingers were around my naked shaft. One that was followed by the distinctive warmth of her lips, landing around my shaft.

An extreme sense of pleasure filled my body as I turned back to Hermione, who was too distracted by her own emotional conflict to think about the source of my growing smile.

"Mocking her is fun, but why don't you pull your chair closer and we start working on the newest layout of the camps, and which are the best ones to be attacked," I said as I pushed the papers forward a bit, inviting her closer.

It was a measure of her current confusion that she didn't question why I wasn't forcing her to sit on my lap, but just calling her closer. She slid closer, and we started working on the newest deployment of Death Eaters.

And, once she started reading, I was confident that she wouldn't question the situation. She could be very single-minded when it came to working with the written word, especially complicated stuff as I had just pushed in front of her.

As she leaned forward, her top lost its ability to hide her beautiful breasts even more. I didn't miss the invitation, and reached forward, my fingers disappearing into her soft breasts once more. She let out a moan, the source that was impossible to obscure.

I took a glance under the desk, and Fleur raised her gaze, questioning and angry, not appreciating what I was doing with Hermione while I was being serviced. But, with my other hand grabbing her hair, pulling back was not an option I allowed. Instead, I pushed her down, making her continue her work.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to push her down too much. As much as I missed the sensation of her throat, even Hermione's concentration had its limits. Constant gags and moans bypassed that limit.

Still, the sight of Fleur, under my desk, her blonde hair covering my lap, her lips around my girth as she bobbed her head repeatedly was beautiful enough that I had no place to complain. Especially factoring in her enthusiasm.

I was impressed with the speed she was adapting to the new situation, with the reveal that I had other women.

At the same time, Hermione was biting her lips desperately in an effort to ignore her growing pleasure while she tried to focus on the papers in front of her, my fingers teasing her nipples. "Draco," she whimpered.

"What, you are the one that claimed to be better than Fleur. All I'm giving you is a chance to prove it," I said, and even as I said so, ripped off her top. It wasn't exactly covering much, but still, it was better than being half-naked.

"Well, considering what you're doing with your other hand, the winner is clear," Hermione answered, and Fleur froze, thinking that she had been caught.

"Masturbating to your beauty is hard to resist," I answered even as I pushed my fingers through Fleur's hair, preventing her from panicking, indirectly informing her that she hadn't been caught, so there was no point in panicking.

And, just like that, the important yet boring task of determining which documents to pass to the resistance turned into spectacular entertainment. I was considering whether to push the situation immediately, or play around…

Hermione decided to resolve that without my prompting. As she studied, her idle hand slipped down, unbuttoned her already naughty jean shorts, and disappeared inside. Her expression left no doubt about what was going on.

A beautiful invitation.

Too bad for her that she had no idea of the surprise I had prepared for her. "Show me more," I whispered, and she leaned back, giving an even more erotic view of the show. I was truly impressed by her show.

As I watched her, I cast a spell on Fleur's sexy mask, making sure the spell on it would work as intended, and would prevent Hermione from identifying her as Fleur, and just make her assume she was an unknown blonde.

I waited until Hermione drove near her climax — which wasn't long with all of her arousal — before springing that surprise. I finally pulled Fleur's head back, and caught her beautiful gaze. "Trust the mask," I whispered.

Then, she stood up, with all her ruined secretarial glory, earning a beautiful gasp from Hermione as she covered her breasts.

"By the way, let me introduce you to my new secretary…"