A new adventure every day…

People loved to repeat that phrase, and usually, I was happy to treat it as complete nonsense. But, since the fateful day I had found myself witnessing Dumbledore's assisted suicide attempt, I found that word defining my life.

Today, I woke up to a rather more literal incarnation of the saying. I had been woken up by a knock on the door, and when I let the door open, Susan walked in, once again wearing a maid costume, but not her usual one.

This time, she was wearing an even sexier one. This time, it was barely more than a frilly bikini top, and even frillier skirt, short enough to show that she was definitely not wearing any underwear underneath. "How can I help you, Susan?" I asked.

"I … I'm here to clean the room, sir," she whispered, her blush making her even more beautiful as she lowered her head bashfully.

"Oh, really, right now?"

"I want to finish it before the class, sir," she whispered.

"Oh, go ahead, then," I said, and she pulled a duster, and she immediately targeted a vase at the other end of the room. Hardly the item that required the biggest attention. As she leaned down, her skirt rode up. Combined with her lack of underwear, the view was simply incredible.

She clearly wanted to ask something from me.

I could have told that, of course, but as I caught her hesitant gaze, trying to catch my expression, I deliberately acted unaware of her aim, just restricting myself from enjoying the sight.

Though, I couldn't help but feel fascinated by her trick to get me in the mood before she asked for a favor. The amount of flesh she displayed was just enough to wake me up, like a pleasant cup of coffee, the meager resistance she had been showing earlier already turning into enthusiastic acceptance.

It was more about the speed of the transformation than the transformation itself. She was not the first witch that surrendered to my desires, nor she would be the last.

I was just fascinated by the speed she was turning into an obedient servant, and that was without the effort I put into others.

The redheads weren't famous for their submissiveness, but the more interacted with Susan, the more I realized just how much of a rare exception she was. I said nothing as she moved closer and closer, bending in different ways and angles that displayed her body perfectly … though her impatience getting more intense with each second.

And, it was working. When she first entered the room, I was planning to let her go after a blowjob, without letting her to even mention what she needed. But, her slutty maid approach started to work far better than I expected, my loins burning with desire.

I decided to reward her naughty submissiveness.

I waited until she arrived right next to my bed and turned her back before bending over once more, showing her wetness. I was not the only one that was being aroused.

So, I decided to skip a few steps. I reached to her waist and pulled her to the bed. And, since I slept naked, all I needed was to slip out of the covers, and I was behind her, ready. Without wasting any time, I pushed forward, invading her wetness.

The moan of desire she let out in response, even with the pillow silencing her, was more than enough to show her reaction to his sudden invasion.

Desire. A lot of desire.

"You like it, don't you, my busty redheaded whore," I whispered even as I tightened my grip over her hips, and pushed forward recklessly.

She tried to answer, but the combination of her moans and the pillow made it impossible to decipher her words. I reached with one hand instead, and raised her head up by pulling her hair, roughly. Soon, she was crying much louder, but her answer turned comprehensible.


"Yes," she moaned, the angle allowing me to catch a glimpse of her beautiful face, contorted with pleasure. A shocking amount of pleasure, showing she started long before she entered the room.

"Tell me, just how long you waited, dressed like this, before you dared to knock the door?"

The expression of shock told me everything I needed to know even as she froze in shock. Naturally, that didn't mean that I stopped expecting an answer even as I invaded her core. I spanked her ass. "An … an hour," she admitted after I spanked her ass.

"Good girl," I whispered, enjoying the way she tightened around me at the compliment. "Now, tell me, how many times have you played with yourself while trying to gather your courage?"

This time, her shock was even more intense. I pulled out of her, but only for a moment as I flipped her so she was laying on her back before I continued invading her beautiful tightness, allowing me to enjoy her shocked expression more directly. "I'm waiting," I said.

Yet, somehow, admitting that was harder for her than coming to my room dressed like the porn version of a maid and shaking her ass in front of me. I reached and ripped her top off, twisting her nipple.

Susan moaned as she put her hands on my, shoulders, but unlike what I expected, she didn't try to push me away. Not that she would have been successful with the meager strength she was able to gather, but still, the lack of attempt was interesting.

She was clearly happy that I was distracting her with her amazing tits if it meant she could avoid answering.

Too bad that was not what I had in mind.

"Tell me, or I won't do what you're going to ask me to," I said.

She stiffened under me, her beautiful face contorted with pleasure. "W-what are you talking about?" she stammered.

"I assumed that since you came to my room early in the morning, dressed like this, begging to be fucked, because you wanted to ask for a favor," I said as I looked at her widening eyes. "And, I was also willing to grant it unless it was something too absurd, but since you're saying that you don't have anything to ask—" I continued, only to be interrupted.

"I … I have something to ask!" she whispered, cutting my words.

"Oh, how amusingly sneaky. Maybe we'll even make a sexy Slytherin out of you yet," I said, enjoying her insulted expression at the supposed insult. It was amusing that she could still care about house rivalry at this moment.

"I need to—" she started, but this time, it was her that was interrupted, by a spank on her beautiful tits.

"Don't bother telling it," I said, and she looked betrayed. "Not yet, sweetie," I followed with a naughty smirk. "First, tell me how many times you have played with yourself before you dared to come to my room?"

She continued to blush as her lips stayed shut for a minute, and I used that minute very efficiently. I shifted my grip to her hips, and started pushing into her faster and faster, her amazing tits dancing freely with each merciless push, making her shiver more and more.

"O-once," she whispered.

She was telling the truth, and I could see her on her face. But I could also see that she was hiding something. Her expression was transparent … even with the pleasure of making it harder to read.


Even as I continued, l tried to understand what she was hiding. It clicked a moment later. "And, how many times you have climaxed," I added. The widening of her eyes told me I hit the bullseye.

"I …" she whispered, once again prevented by her shame.

"Come on, sweetie, do you think that's the thing you need to feel ashamed of," I said, not bothering to hide my chuckle. She blushed, but failed to answer. "Would it help if I wasn't looking into your beautiful eyes?"

She nodded, though I noted calling her eyes beautiful was enough to make her even more flustered. Her fragility was making her really weak to seduction.

"As you wish, my sexy badger," I said with another chuckle, and leaned down, burying my face between her amazing tits. Motorboating her amazing bosom probably wasn't what she had in mind while she requested me not to look into her eyes … but if that was the case, she should have been clearer. "Now, tell me," I said as I took a moment from slobbering over her tits.

It still took half a minute for her to answer. "F-four," she whispered.

"Finally," I said as I took my earlier position, enjoying the shame in her eyes. "Now, was that so hard?"

I wondered just how long it would take to ask her favor, if that easy question took that long.

I had no idea…

But I was happy to explore and find out.