"Finally, I've done all I could and I now know that I can't save anyone hell I can't even save myself so you win Gehrman"the pale man said sadly while looking down at the moon flowers surrounding the area."So please release me from this never ending nightmare and thank you for everything" he begged, his once strong red eyes that now had a permanent broken look on them.

"Very well good hunter may you find your worth in the waking world" the elder lifted his scythe preparing to free the poor soul, but right before it happened the hunter vanished without a trace. "What where did he wait that means I… wherever you end may up good hunter I hope you find your worth" the elder said to himself.

POV Good Hunter

"Wait where am I and no no no this can't be"the pale man started to panic seeing his hunter attire on him with his blades of mercy right beside him. "How why do I still remember the hunt, gehrman said I would forget and return to the waking world did something go wrong"he started talking to himself unaware of his surroundings until a beast jumps out of the treeline. "What kind of monster is this... well no matter it's tonight Ragna joins the hunt"with incredible speed the hunter jumps into a fight, his once broken eyes are now filled with renewed resolve.