Episode 5

POV narrator

"Birdy no" Ruby exclaims as show fires off a few rounds from the crescent rose." Woo-ho!"Yang yells as she's sore over the treetops. "Nailed it!" Yang said running off. "Hey, Weiss how it's going,"Jaune says happy!. "It's fine and now Juan,e," Weiss says seating her only friend. "Gotta find yang gotta find yang gotta find Ragna!" Ruby said while hugging her brother. "Hey, sis lets go,"Ragna said.

Ep 6

POV yang

"Hello?" Not noticing the redhead behind her. "Is anyone out there? Hello?"Yang yells while waving her arms around. "I'm getting bored here!"Yang says while not noticing the rustling bushes. "Is someone there?" Yangs says ignoring the bush.

"Ruby, is that you?" Yang says when she hears an inhuman growl. "Nope!" Yang says as she quickly rolls to the side asana Ursa charges out of the green. "You guys wouldn't happen to have seen a girl in a red hood or a guy with black hair red eyes would you?" Yang said. "You could just say 'no'" Yang said not noticing the Ursa that pins her down when. "Hello again," says Pyrrha helping yang up. "I could have handled it"

POV jaune

"Scream Yukianesa," Jaune says, activating the power of order freezing the beowulf solid. "Thanks, jaune it's nice having someone to watch my back" Weiss admitted with a semi-flashback "daddy... You'll be fine" Weiss shivered. "Fighting 2 armored atlas knights at age 9 left a few scars" Weiss admitted while jaune grips his sword. "THAT'S BULLSHIT and behind you, Frostbite" Jaune yells as he erases a pack of beowulf with one strike. "Remind Weiss when and if I meet your father to kick his ass," Jaune said while fondling his sword by hugging it while not marking it look sexual.

"Wait my father has a high amount of power in government hell kill you," Weiss said nervously. "You know Weiss I have Fucked over a government before It involved several things A goat A barrel of mistrial wine and A giant spoon And the General if atlas Irondick" Jaune explains on how he had anima under his rule in a day and also got alcohol banned from being near winter.

POV Ruby

"Now Ragna" ruby yells out as he jumps over her while hooking his burial blade onto the nevermore when he gives her his hand. "Come on sis let's get this over with" Ragna said.

POV Yang

"You heard that" Yang asked her teammate. "Gunfire It seams some of our comrades have encounters the enemy.


"..." Watch Ren stops and narrows his eyes looking around him while a huge black grim serpent rise up from the grass behind him and quickly surrounds him with it's large hissing body. "..." Counties to observe as Ren adopts a fighting stance"... " I still don't think that's what a sloth sounds like nora" Ren said while his friend playfully as she pinches his nose.