Hey people, here's the last chapter of the Main Story. Worry Not, there'll be a Sequel. The world of the Sequels will be:

-Star Wars (between Star Wars 2 and 3, before Count Dooku's Death)

-Star Trek (Dimensional travel, around DS9 Season 5-6)

This serie will end with a OS: When Harry meet Death and has finally conquered the known Universe. Death will propose sending Harry to another Universe, without (or with) his husband(s). Thus many universe will be available like: Hobbit, Lord of the Ring, Percy Jackson etc.


Mid 2006 ( End Year 11 Calendar Malteran)

(A year and a half has passed)

Galaxy Lantea (Pegasus), Dorne System, Doranda

It had been more than a year since the Finnegan expedition arrived in the Dorne system of the Lantea Galaxy. The simple deployment of the station and probes took a total of fifteen days to ensure the total security of the place and the non-presence of Wraiths in the area. Fortunately for them, the Wraiths had decided to continue to avoid the plague as the place, probably due to their significant losses and the presence of the cannon located powered by the project Arcturus.

At the end of the first month, various probes and other means of analysis were sent to the planet Doranda to check the radiation levels present on the planet. This is how a radiation rate far exceeds the possible limits for physical bodies, even those of the Malterans. This was apparently due to the Arcturus energy explosion in the past, dispersing a fantastic amount of exotic particles and other radiation on the planet. Since no Malteran was present in the past to use and tame this energy, the exotic particles rendered the planet totally infertile by being combined with other radiations. In short, a lethal irradiation of the planet.

Thus the expedition was forced to dismantle the Arcturus project in order to avoid a recurrence. Subsequently, they decided to purge the planet by using an uncontrolled Fiendfyre that charred the entire planet. The planet being virgin again, they could then put in place a terraforming in order to rehabilitate the planet as a whole. Fortunately for them, many of them with a Nox origin had decided to integrate the expedition to discover the galaxy in which had taken refuge the Alterans of the time. Nature being their specialty, they decided to rehabilitate the planet through various druidic techniques. Not to mention the strong technological help.

So at the end of the seventh month, the planet was once again a perfectly habitable planet. It was decided to transform the planet into the Eden type, a planet with perfect arboreal richness . The planet was literally green, covered with 30% water and 70% plants. Gigantic trees, vast canopies, millions of flowers, such was the appearance of this planet. However, they had to bring animals from Avalon. They took advantage of it to introduce only magical animals on the planet, making it a refuge for magical creatures. It was a huge success.

And it was during the ninth month that they began the construction of a vast metropolis Maltéranne named New Lantea to officially celebrate the return of the Malterans in Lantea. The Imperial Malteran Council decided to nominate Seamus Finnegan as the New Lantea Blood Magisterium to reward him for his success. With only one Blood Magister per family, Thomas Finnegan was awarded the title of Imperial Governor, giving him the same rights and abilities as Seamus Finnegan. The couple greatly appreciated this reward. They were all the happier when they learned about Seamus' pregnancy, the latter being pregnant for four months. The future Magisterium of Blood was already on the road waiting that contrary to the Magisters of base, the title of magisterium of blood was transmitted from ascendant to descendant, except if revocation by the Council or the Imperial family.

It's during the eighteenth month that a new thing is happening in Doranda. The Astria Porta leading directly to Maltera Prime was activated without warning, slightly shocking the operators of the door. The shield being activated as a precaution due to the dangerousness of the galaxy, they hastened to watch for the transmission of a code. And they were not disappointed.

It was a type 9 code, a priority imperial code announcing a very important person. Without waiting, they lowered the shield while an alert was sent to the leading couple of the city to warn them about the arrival of a major dignitary.

The operators then widened their eyes as four imperial guards dressed in a slightly different way crossed the door. The four wore the traditional Imperial Guards outfit, plus a long black cloak. But the most disturbing was the helmet on which sat an eye surrounded by peaks. They stood around the door, holding war mage sticks in their hands before bowing.

Dean and Seamus arrived in time to see a fifth individual walk through the door, their eyes widening as they noticed the person concerned.

Dressed very richly, like a lord, the man advanced to them while wearing his usual austere air. He wore a robe covered with a long green coat on which were embroidered gold eyes in peaks. But the most important was the gold brooch symbolizing an eye with in its center the letters " MID ". It was none other than Rufus Scrimgeour.

" Lord Rufus ? " , Then exclaimed Seamus a puzzled look.

" Magnam Inquisitor Rufus Scrimgeour, Magister Finnegan, " replied the austere man.

" Magnam Inquisitor ? What then mean the title of 'Grand Inquisitor' ? " Then asked Thomas.

" This means that I was appointed by His Majesty, our beloved Imperatori-Rex Hadrian James Potter as Grand Inquisitor of the Order of the Inquisition. This is a new order, I beg you to read this pamphlet while I am busy with my mission. " , just answered Rufus Scrimgeour by giving an article of the Malterannes News to the couple.

Without waiting, he ordered his guards to follow him to an unknown destination. Dean frowned before reading the article out loud, allowing the guards around to hear.

The Order of the Inquisition, a new organization for the Greater Good .

By Rita Skeeter, Director of Malteran News

This is an absolutely surprising news, dear readers, and yet true. His Majesty, our beloved Emperor-King Hadrian revealed a new body establishing that will change the operation of the Empire, for the Greater Good.

Announced only an hour ago, the Order of the Inquisition already has many members. But first of all, let me explain to you what the Order of the Inquisition is, or in short, the Inquisition.

The Order of the Inquisition is a politico-military organization with total immunity and influence in the Empire. Created by the Emperor- King , the Inquisition obeys only the Imperial family as well as the members of the Imperial Malteran Council.

What is his goal ?

The Inquisition aims to make order in the Empire by every means possible and unimaginable. Having all the rights, they can imprison, interrogate or even torture any suspect individual who could represent a danger for the Empire. They also aim to secure the interests of the Emperor -King (yes, I did say the interests of the Emperor -King ) as well as to lead the Potterian Church (Church with endless glory to the Imperial family, placing them in the status of living gods). They have, so to speak, no limit, and undertake to execute the will of the Emperor.

By whom is she headed ?

The Inquisition is obviously led by his majesty. However, having more important to do, Blood Prince Gellert Dumbledore Potter (Formerly Grindelwald), Lord of Darkness Repentant, Holder of the Order of Merlin 1st class and great-grandfather of His Majesty the Emperor was named Magnam Magister of the Order. Having recently received the title of Prince of Blood as an outgrowth of his majesty, his grace willingly agreed to lead the Order to lead the Empire to an ever brighter future , all alongside her husband, the Blood Prince Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore-Potter .

How is the Inquisition hierarchical ?

The Inquisition follows a very precise hierarchy. It is directed by the Grand Master who is responsible for directing the order. Then come the Magnus Inquisitors. The Great Inquisitors are representatives of the Inquisition through the galaxies that make up the Empire. Below is a list of Magnus Inquisitors :

-Magnam Inquisitor Kingsley Shacklebolt of Ida.

-Magnam Inquisitor Amelia Bones of Othalla

-Magnam Inquisitor Goldrinn Ollivander of Avalon

-Magnam Inquisitor Rufus Scrimgeour from Lantea

The Great Inquisitors have under their orders Inquisitors as well as agents of the Inquisition in the form of an army of the Inquisition. That the Great Inquisitors supplant the authority of the members of the Magisterium while the Inquisitors obey only the Great Inquisitors.

A New Era begins, an era of prosperity and security.

Long live the Emperor King and Long live the Malteran Empire !

The people still in front of the Astria Porta widened their eyes after hearing and reading the article published by Rita Skeeter. They had not received the latest news from Avalon, and yet they were very important. It was then that Dean noticed a second paper that had been slipped into the newspaper.

By order of his grace, the Magnam Magister Gellert , and by the will of the Imperatori-Rex Hadrian,

Lord Rufus Scrimgeour is named Magnam Inquisitor of the Lantea galaxy.

He receives full power and authority in Lantea, supplanting all authority except ducal.

Missions :

-Find all traces of the failed nanite experimentation of the planet Asura and ensure their reconversion for reintegration into the Empire or destruction in case of non- co-operation .

-Eliminate the Wraith threat and protect the interests of the Empire in the Lantea galaxy .

-Endoctrine local populations after verification of their genome to determine their membership. Malterans if ancestors Lantians, Citizens of Second Class if Muggles.

After reading the Royal Edict, the governor redirected his attention to his husband. The magisterium then displayed the same expression that he knew to be on his face, a total surprise. Seamus cleared his throat before speaking in a hoarse voice.

" I must admit I did not expect such an event. At least, we now know why Rufus is present ... "

" See the good side of things, my love, we do not have to worry about Wraiths and external threats, we just have to focus on our mission of colonization. " , then smiles Dean before lovingly kissing his spouse for life.

Seamus contented himself with responding with envy to his kiss under the amused eyes of the guards present.


After delivering the Edict to the leaders of Doranda, Rufus had rushed to his quarters. Fortunately for him, a building overlooking the city had been specially prepared for the occasion.

Followed by his personal guard, he thoroughly inspected the new Headquarters of the Inquisition in Lantea. He checked every nook and cranny, turned over each carpet and tapestry before nodding, fully satisfied with his little check. Being a former captain Auror, Rufus was known for his rigor, his will and his sense of duty. This was the reason why he was appointed by the Emperor-King himself as Magnam Inquisitor, undoubtedly under the guidance of Albus Dumbledore-Potter.

Once comfortably seated on his desk, the Grand Inquisitor gave orders.

" Antonius, send the confirmation order in Avalon to bring in the rest of the Lantian Inquisition . Marwyn, I want to know everything that's said here, I do not care whether it's unfounded rumours or vulgar gossip . Perceval, check the correctness of Asura's coordinates , it may be that the coordinates are incorrect. Finally, I want you to tell the commander of Station Hermione about the arrival of the inquisitorial fleet in six days . "he ordered, giving Sylvia the last order.

The four guards nodded in a respectful manner before doing their bidding while Rufus decided to join the Castle of New Lantea, the powerhouse where Doranda's ruling couple lived.

Once at the castle, he ordered one of the guards to lead him directly to the couple. The latter shook his head before taking him feverishly into the small lounge where the Finnegan couple cheerfully cooing.

The guard entered the living room before bowing quickly.

" Magister Seamus, Governor Dean, the Grand Inquisitor is here, " exclaimed the young guard.

" Get him in ! " Then ordered Dean.

" As you wish. " , simply answered the guard before bowing again.

Without waiting, he brought Rufus into the living room before leaving the place with haste. The presence of the Grand Inquisitor seemed to have frightened him, probably due to the article of the New Malterannes. Seamus chuckled at the behavior of his guard before getting up gracefully.

" Grand Inquisitor Scrimgeour, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our noble home. Please, sit down with us, " said the young porter.

" I thank you for this warm welcome, Magister Finnegan, " said Rufus before taking a seat on the chair facing the loveseat on which the couple languished.

" Tea ? " Then suggested Dean.

" With pleasure, Governor Finnegan. " , answered Rufus with a small smile.

Dean nodded before snapping his fingers. It was then that a house elf appeared while carrying a tea tray. He distributed the tea, offering at the same time some biscuits and other pastries before disappearing again.

" First of all, I would like to suggest that you refer to our first names. This will avoid ambiguity, " Seamus suggested.

" With pleasure, I urge you to do the same about me , " Rufus replied, enjoying the scone.

" Perfect ! " Applauds Seamus cheerfully. " So, why did you decide to visit us, Rufus ? "

" It concerns the Potterian Church , " Rufus answered seriously. " As you know, a new religion was born in Avalon concerning the Imperial family, and it is no secret that his majesties are the source of a new era. King as well as his origins and even his fantastic powers, the non-Malteran citizens we call " Civindus " have developed a worship of reverence concerning his majesty.

Gradually, the number of believers increased significantly, becoming the only religion in the Empire , including Malterans and Civindus . Evidently, her majesty became the supreme leader of the Potterian Church, although she entrusted the direction to Sybil Trelawney. The former teacher of divination has become the most fervent believer of her majesty, never ceasing to predict a glorious and radiant future under her thumb. To my astonishment, she seems to be able to gather the crowds with ease while proclaiming the greatness of our Majesty.

She also founded the Cathedral of Our Lady of Avalon, Church Headquarters e Potterienne located on Navo Civito Sanctus, a city dedicated to our glorious religion and grouping moults museums and cultural sites. " , explained Rufus.

Dean and Seamus's eyes widened as they heard Rufus' explanation. They had vaguely a few murmurs about Sanctus, but never had they thought of its importance.

" Thank you for this explanation, Rufus, unfortunately we get the news on a drop-wise basis in relation to the rare communications, all of this to prevent these vampire dirt from tracking us down. ! " , then cursed Dean.

" I quite understand, fortunately for you, the inquisitorial fleet that will arrive in exactly six days will bring our new antennas allowing a constant and instantaneous communication between all our relay points. To avoid any form of tracking, these relays will communicate through the Magic-Time field , " smiled Rufus.

" Super ! I was looking forward to being able to access the rest of my series ! " Exclaimed Seamus then blushed to the ears to the amusement of Rufus.

" Please excuse his behavior, as you know, he is pregnant and has since developed a strange fascination for the series " Sorcerer's Game "Seamus Dean said, taking her in his arms.

"No need to apologize, not to mention that I am a fan of this series " Rufus chuckled .

The three adults looked at each other before laughing softly, relaxing the atmosphere. It was rare to see Rufus smile , and the Finnegan couple knew it very well. They continued to drink their tea while enjoying the food. Seamus then decided to resume the conversation.

" However, that does not explain why you came ! " , said the Irishman.

" Indeed, Rufus put down his cup, and it is my duty to bring Potterian religion to this galaxy, which is why I am going to order the construction of a cathedral on this planet. for the Potterian Church in this galaxy I can count on your support ? " While Rufus asked rhetorically.

" Of course, do you already have an idea of the place of construction? ? " While Seamus replied.

" Indeed, Rufus nodded," The Cathedral will be built around the Inquisitorial Tower on the highest hill in New Lantea, so that everyone can admire the beauty of the Cathedral. name in mind.

" Ah good ? What-Is ? " Asked Dean intrigued.

" Our Lady of Lantea ! " exclaimed Rufus victoriously.

Dean and Seamus nodded together , both enjoying the name. They continued their discussion for a good two hours before separating, Rufus deciding to return to the Inquisitorial Tower.

When he approached the tower, he was not surprised to see two soldiers guarding the entrance. The rest of the Lantian Inquisition had probably arrived. The guards bowed as he passed before he stood guard again. Once inside the tower, Rufus watched the scene.

In just two hours, the place had been redecorated. The walls were now covered with green tapestries in the effigy of the Inquisition , not to mention the altar present to honor their majesties. Always respectful of the traditions, various portraits were present to supervise the places. Much more effective than video surveillance, they could move from one galaxy to another through the magic-time plan.

Without losing a moment, Rufus went to his office where he knew how to wait for his personal guard, guards who were actually the four inquisitors accompanying him in his crusade in Lantea. That's why he was not in the least surprised to see Antonius, Marwyn, Perceval and Sylvia sitting comfortably in front of his desk.

He sat down on his chair , glasses of Pure Fire Whiskey appearing before each of them, courtesy of the house elves. Without further ado, their meeting began.

" Antonius, what is your report ? " Asked Rufus after a sip of his drink, belching a blue flame in passing.

" In accordance with your orders, I sent the departure order to Avalon to bring in the rest of the fleet will cross as agreed the Maxi Astria Porta in six days while the bulk of the inquisition crossed the Astria Portal of the city to join us. Our staff now have more than ten thousand soldiers, cooks, and other operators. Two other inquisitors arrive with the fleet and thousand more troops, "Antonius told of a monotone voice.

" Excellent, good of Malterans and Civindus ? " Asked Rufus frowning.

" No Civindus, Grand Inquisitor. Magnam Magister wanted to avoid any presence of Civindus in Lantea in case of non-cooperation of nanites. "

" It would be very unfortunate if a Civindus was killed by his lack of Malteran embarrassment, although it would not be a great loss," answered Rufus as the inquisitors nodded with a small smile. ? "

" I set up a focused listening system that will activate the words " Muggles " , " Goa'uld " , " attempt " , " kill " , " revolt " , " injustice "And many others. The monitor system has also reported a suspicious conversation. A couple of Civindus seems to conspire against the imperial family, believing that our glorious majesty is like a Goa'uld. " , explained Marwyn.

At his words, the members of the Inquisition except Rufus began to yell in all directions, demanding the killing or even torture of these traitors to the Empire. Rufus watched the debacle, impassive although his mind was bubbling over this information. Were they the only ones to think so ? " Was there a bigger group ? " Did they have concrete plans against the imperial family ? "

Rufus narrowed his eyes before nodding. It was imperative to settle this story and question the plotters.

" Marwyn " interrupted Rufus, the inquisitors becoming silent in the face of their chief's callous tone. " I want them to be captured and interrogated, no need to waste time torturing them and use legilimency to snatch all their secrets from they are the only plotters, then they will be executed publicly." But if they come to be more numerous than we think, they will then be executed discreetly in order to be replaced by agents who will aim to infiltrate and unmask their will advise following the evolution of the situation. "

The inquisitors nodded as Marwyn shook her head before ordering a squad to capture the couple, having already anticipated her leader's response. Once done, the meeting resumed again.

" What are the news Sylvia ? " Then asked Rufus after finishing his drink.

" I personally informed Captain Terry Boot of Station Hermione about the arrival of the inquisitorial fleet, the station being mostly empty, our ships will be able to dock without any problem." He also instructed me to inform you that the station can accommodate an office for the Inquisition. "

" This is an excellent idea, Inquisitor Sylvia, you will thank Commander Boot for his generous proposal and will install a garrison of fifty soldiers on the station, all that remains is your report, Perceval. " , replied Rufus, contentedly.

It was then that Rufus noticed the dark, even anxious face of Perceval. Noting the lack of response, the other inquisitors turned their eyes to their colleague. Perceval had his face closed, his lips pursed and seemed tense.

" Grand Inquisitor, I'm afraid there are some complications to our mission, I checked Asura's coordinates before sending a probe in. It looks like our nanite experience has grown, thus creating an entire civilization reproducing our way of life more than ten thousand years ago, but that is not our concern.

Indeed, I analyzed the data of Astria Porta d'Asura to determine whether or not the nanites had communicated with the rest of the galaxy. There was no door activity except a week ago. " , explained Perceval.

Rufus frowned before urging Inquisitor Perceval to continue his report.

" A week ago, Astria Porta d'Asura has been activated since ... Atlantis. " , then revealed Perceval.

The eyes of the present members of the hall widened in stupor.

" Atlantis ? " " " Sylvia exclaimed.

Perceval nodded before speaking again.

" And that's not the only bad news. It looks like someone has tried to rewrite the nanite program. I noticed, after analyzing the probe data and recovering from the nanite database that there were two attempts to reprogram their code. The first attempt was made to reprogram e there ten thousand years.

According to the databases, the nanites were rebuilt after our departure , calling themselves Asurans, before launching a vast offensive operation against the Wraiths, as their protocol dictated. The Wraiths were virtually eliminated before a virus affected the Asuran database, disabling the Anti-Wraiths protocol. After that, the Asurans went into autarky, having no more directive first.

The real problem comes from the second reprogramming attempt that took place less than a year ago " exclaimed Perceval.

" Who tried to reprogram the nanites and seems to live on Atlantis ? " , Demanded to know Rufus.

" According to the data collected, it would be Muggles from Tellus, the Asurans having searched their memory, I was able to learn how they arrived on Atlantis, they seem to have found our old bases located in the outpost left on Tellus, they also woke the Wraiths and discovered the mention of the name Asura in the databanks of the city.

After an altercation with the Asurans who seem to strongly blame us for trying to destroy them, they fled Asuran imprisonment while reprogramming their program in a rather primitive way to disable the offensive protocols. However, the program has not been properly carried out and left a gap , probably due to a glaring lack of knowledge , and the Asurans are trying to modify it in order to remove the genetic protection protocol that concerns us. If they succeed, which I do not doubt, they can then attack us. According to my estimates, we still have four days before they can supplant the code. " , then finishes summarizing Perceval.

Rufus's eyes widened in alarm as he heard the news before getting up abruptly .

" Brothel shit " I must immediately contact the Imperial Palace and inform them of this news " These muggle idiots have surely upset all the Wraiths and awakened their bloody hive ships. Not to mention that our fleet will not arrive before the reprogramming of the Asurans " As long as we are there, more news ? " " exclaimed Rufus , glaring at them, challenging them to tell him worse news .

The Inquisitors opened their eyes wide enough to shake their heads . Without losing a single moment, Rufus rushed to the emergency link between his office and Gellert Dumbledore-Potter's office. He activated it quickly, Gellert's intrigued face appearing in front of his.

" Magnam Inquisitor Scrimgeour " What is this call worth to me just five hours after your arrival in Lantea ? " Asked Gellert a quiet tone.

"A very bad news, your grace. Muggles seized Atlantis, woke the Wraith and sabotaged the Nanites Asura program, giving them access to their own code. I sends you a report through the console ! " Replied Rufus anxiously.

" I see," Gellert said quietly as he glanced quickly through the report, "it seems we were wrong to underestimate the muggles of Tellus, I want you to determine the location of Atlantis. if ever they managed to change the the magnitude of the problem, the Royal Fleet, the Royal Fleet, will join you, the latter wishing to join Atlantis, so you can recover the city and prepare a possible war against these " Asurans ".

" When will your grace come? ? "

" At the same time as the Inquisitorial fleet, I'm counting on you to prepare a welcome worthy of your sovereign's name, and I will not be able to accompany him with the threat that came into Avalon. hour, "said Gellert, frowning.

" Threat ? " Asked Rufus whitening.

" Indeed, by some means, the Muggles have managed to contact the Ori and reveal the existence of began an invasion of the territories belonging to this " Jaffa Republic "And to convert, not to build a Maxi Astria Porta. We have not yet revealed our existence and expect them to finish this door leading directly to their galaxy, we must prepare for war For us, the Project Origine iscoming to an end.

" Can I know what the Origin Project is ? " Then asked Rufus, very curious.

" I personally took it," Gellert smiles, "The Origin Project is entirely dedicated to reclaiming our original Galaxy, whose name was forgotten millions of years ago, based on the schemas left by Moros. we made a device that could make a tertially indestructible prison, the one where the ascending beings are, and we're going to capture the Oris once and for all "

" Why not create a weapon to destroy them ? " Says Rufus frowning.

" Because Harry does not want it," Gellert said with a Machiavellian smile, "the Oris are responsible for all our setbacks, the destruction of our people in Avalon and the creation of the Wraiths forcing us to flee to Lantea. No, Harry wants to see them suffer forever, and I totally agree with him. "

Rufus widened his eyes as he saw Gellert's mischievous gaze before nodding. It was understandable that the Emperor-King wished to make those responsible for all the evils of their race suffer. He bowed respectfully before thanking his supervisor for interrupting the communication. Once that was done, he returned to his office to set up research on Atlantis .


(Six days later , in orbit of Maltera Prime, Avalon Galaxy )

Harry was standing upright, watching from the Pendragon the fleet spreading before his eyes. After learning the news about Lantea, Harry decided to take the entire Royal Fleet and not a game. The fleet consisted of the Pendragon, twenty Navo Civitos, two hundred Auroras and a thousand Navo Portas. Being the largest of the entire Empire, this fleet alone was able to conquer a whole galaxy or more. And this time it was accompanied by the Lantienne Inquisitorial Fleet, composed of a Navo Civito, fifteen Auroras and a hundred or so Navo Portas.

" My love ? " Charlie asked , standing beside him.

" Yes ? " , Harry replied.

" Are you sure you want to go to Lantea instead of dealing with Ori ?" Without Blaise, Marcus or me ? " , Charlie asked sadly.

" I'm sure Charlie, you have to stay here to deal with the magical creatures, Marcus has to continue running the board for me, and Blaise has to take care of the kids for me. That's what it is, and my instinct tells me to go alone to Lantea, and I think I have a soul mate, probably the one replacing Cedric, "Harry replied, tenderly kissing her husband.

" One more ? " , Marveled Charlie.

" Yup ," said Harry pressing the " P " . A new Consort for the Potter family, finally, he did not reject me. And for Ori problem, I let Grandpa Albus deal with grandfather Gellert. Together, they will largely contain the Oris once their invasion begins, I think that when I get home, the threat will be either already eliminated or almost. "

Seeing the concern on Harry's face as rejection, Charlie took him in a loving embrace before kissing him tenderly.

" I'm sure this soulmate will not reject you my Ry. Trust you, Charlie pulled back a little. By the way, who will come with you to Lantea ? "

" Moody and Alistair will be with me, both of them having decided to play the role of bodyguard, Sanguini also wants to see these Wraiths, and of course Ragnok has decided to come with me." It seems like this war story with the Wraiths and possibly Asurans has titillated him like never before According to Ragnok, the title of Duke is both a blessing and a curse, "Harry snickered.

" A blessing and a curse ? " , Charlie asked curiously.

" Exactly," Harry nodded, "it's an important, hereditary position, and it gives a lot of power over the Empire, but because of that status, no Malteran wants to duel it and so he's bored, hence the reason he decided to come with me, and the fact that he is as competent as Moody is only a bonus. "

At this explanation, Charlie let out a guttural laugh. He got on very well with Ragnok, both loving to take care of dragons and martial arts. At least he was sure that surrounded by the three men, Harry would be perfectly safe. He continued to kiss Harry before being interrupted by a throat clearing.

" We'll be leaving in two minutes , Alistair informed them. I advise you to return to the Palace, Master Charlie.

" I entrust to you the apple of my eyes Alistair, try to bring it back to me in one piece, and if ever his soul-mate rejects him, beat him on my behalf !" " cried Charlie before Apparating to the Palace.

Harry and Alistair giggled in concert before redirecting their attention to the Maxi Astria Porta leading to the newly activated Dorne system.

" Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus ! " " Just said Harry as the fleet rushed into the vortex.


( Meanwhile, in Lantea )

Rufus was standing right beside the Finnegan couple. They were all present on the deck of Hermione Station to witness the arrival of the Imperial and Inquisitorial Fleets.

" Activation of the Maxi Astria Porta ! " " , Was then heard through the control room.

Rufus widened his eyes when behind the windows overlooking the Super Door, a gigantic fleet made his appearance. A long line of ships began to leave the vortex, all under the bewildered eyes of the spectators present. He was convinced that this huge fleet could easily be seen from New Lantea.

" But what are all these ships ? " , Exclaimed Seamus and Dean shook his head, his mouth wide open.

" The Imperial Fleet, of course, " answered a mysterious voice.

The three men jumped before turning to see the owner of this mysterious voice. Seeing the owner of this voice, they fell on their knees.

" Your majesty ! " " They cried in heart.

It was none other than Hadrian James Potter. Without losing a single moment, the latter had landed with Sanguini, Moody, Alistair and Ragnok aboard Station Hermione once the horizon of events passed.

Rufus looked up to detail Harry from head to toe . For the occasion, Harry was dressed in his regal fighting outfit . It consisted of a white shirt made of Acromantula Mithril Silk set with gems , albino basil leather pants topped with leather boots of Panse-de-fer . He carried her t over this set u do long cape silver taking the appearance of a coat or the famous Deathly Hallow (entire Empire knew Harry was the Master of Death). You could see at his belt the famous Excalibur as well as a Malteran particle gun.

For their part, Moody, Alistair, Sanguini and Ragnok also wore their war dresses, or Basilic leather outfits topped with enchanted armor.

" You can get up, gentlemen, then Harry ordered .

" Let me welcome you to Lantea, your majesty, your graces," said Rufus, bowing once more.

" This is a very pleasant and courteous welcome," smiles Sanguini with all his sharp teeth .

" And if we would take care of these Wraiths and Asurans ? " , Asked Ragnok with a sadistic smile.

" Do not you want to visit New Lantea first? ? " , Seamus asked.

" Sorry guys, but we're in a hurry, we need to recover Atlantis first and deal with the impending Wraith threat. ! " , Said Moody.

" Alastor is absolutely right , Rufus , please give us Atlantis, you will stay here with the Inquisitorial and Expedition Fleet to protect the Dorne system," Harry said, raising an eyebrow to defy Rufus. contradict.

" As you wish, your sanctity , " Rufus replied before handing a tablet to Alistair.

Alistair retrieved the tablet before transmitting the coordinates to the Imperial Fleet. Without losing a moment, the group shifted back to the Pendragon, leaving the couple Finnegan and Rufus on Station Hermione.

They barely had time to turn to see the Imperial Fleet move into Space Time Plan. Seamus could not help but comment.

" This is called a flash visit. "


(Meanwhile, on Atlantis )

Elizabeth was heading to the departure lounge with Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex. The leader of the expedition Atlantis then began the dialogue.

" They were marked by battle and already on their way to Earth when their hyperdrive finally gave way. They decided that it was better to go ahead than to go back.

" How many survivors ? " Ronon asked.

" A little over a hundred," said Elizabeth Weir.

" The word has already begun to spread among my believe that this return was predicted, that it marks a turning point in the tide against the war against the Wraith ! " , Commented Teyla.

" Well, I do not know , " Elizabeth said anxiously.

In the control room, the Canadian technician walked to the balcony before speaking.

" Dr. Weir. The Daedalus is ready to teleport our people and the delegation of the ANCIENS.

" Thank you , " the leader said simply before turning to the door while closing her jacket.

Moments later, the teleporter teleported John, Rodney, Helia and several other Lantians. Without losing a moment, John made the presentations.

" Dr. Weir, Ronon, Teyla - this is Helia, captain of the old ship, the Tria.

" It's an honor to meet you," Weir exclaimed with a big smile.

" Thank you very much," Helia smiled, "and from what I'm told, you've done a remarkable job in preserving our city.

" We did what we could with what we had," Dr. Weir blushed.

" I must speak to the leader of your people," exclaimed Captain Lantienne in a more serious voice.

" I'm responsible for the Atlantis expedition," Elizabeth said.

" You misunderstand me, Dr. Weir, I need to talk to the one who can speak for all the inhabitants of the Earth ," Helia explained.

" It certainly can be arranged, but can I ask why ? " " Weir replied, intrigued by the request.

Helia smiles and a console pops up from the floor between her and Elizabeth. Ronon drew his blaster instantly to aim it.

" What is it ? " How come I never saw that ? " " cried Dr. McKay.

Without missing a beat, Helia heads has to console and pos has his hands on it. All around the control room, the screens went out .

" Excuse me, but what's going on ? " Asked the leader of the expedition in a worried voice.

" Thank you for everything you have done, Dr. Weir, but your guarding of this city is no longer necessary, the city is now under my control, " Helia answered with a small smile.

The members of the Atlantis Expedition exchanged looks at once curious, angry and anxious.

(A few days later)

Jack O'Neill and Richard Woolsey of the International Community Monitoring had traveled to Atlantis and were sitting at the table in the conference room. Helia stood in front of them and finished telling her story and that of her crew.

" ... It proved too difficult for us. So we went back to Atlantis to learn that the final evacuation was already under way. I decided to go to Earth and join the evacuees. Even when our hyperdrive failed, we decided to continue.

" I can not succeed in m ' imagine what you and your team have to go through now , Woolsey said in a voice that was meant sad.

" We owe you and your people our full gratitude, but we have just returned home, to a place where we never thought to look again , and we need a little time ... alone ! " , thanked them Helia.

" You know that we have paid our fair share of blood to defend the city of Wraith s ? " , Then Jack asked with a hint of bitterness.

" But your own admission, you are also responsible for the awakening of the Wraith s, the contra Helia.

" That's right ..." Jack snorted, turning his gaze to Woolsey to ask for help.

" And by your own admission, you are responsible for the emergence of the Wraith s as a species. The fact is that without our expedition, there would be more of Atlantis , Woolsey helped the then watching Helia in the eyes.

" Nobody says that the city does not belong to you, or that you are not here at home ." What we are saying is that ... , Jack began before being interrupted by Woolsey's arm.

" What we are asking for ..." Woolsey continued before pulling out his hand.

" What we are asking is that we are allowed to stay here ! " , finishes Jack.

" There are so many things we can learn from you ," Woolsey said, "and in return we can offer supplies, labor, the kind of support you'll need to give Atlantis back its old glory.

" The day will come when your people will have a place here again, but that day has not come , " Helia answered in a sharp voice.

(Meanwhile in Elizabeth's office)

Elizabeth was standing while looking worriedly at the conference room. Rodney stepped forward before showing the conference room doors with his hand .

" You should be here ! " , Is he exclaimed, annoyed.

" I do not know what I could say at this point that would make a difference ! " Weir answered , before turning away from the window.

" You're right, they do not want us in ! " , Then says John Sheppard, who was sitting on a chair, feet on the desk.

" But why ? " There may be a hundred or so ? " I mean, they could use us. They might even * need * us , exclaims McKay anxiously.

" And how would you react if you were chased out of your home by the war, only to come back to find someone on your couch, eat your Cheetos and watch your TV , John exclaimed with a jaded look.

" Well , that would not bother me ? " , McKay replied in an unconvincing voice.

" No, you will not stand it, " John exclaimed simply.

They were interrupted by the entrance of Jack and Richard in the office. They seemed unhappy.

" How did the negotiations go , sir? ? " , John asked, putting himself at attention you.

" There were no negotiations, just us who had to listen, grumbled Jack.

" It was basically a transition meeting, they needed to know how long it took us to get out of the city ," Woolsey said, glaring at Jack.

" I said forty-eight hours, unless you need more ," Jack continued, giving Weir a sorry look.

" No, that should be enough ," said Weir, exchanging a sorry look with John.

" That's all ? " Are we just going to accept this decision as well- trained doggies ? " We saved them ! " exclaimed Rodney gesturing in all directions.

" And we are extremely grateful ! " , Intervened Woolsey.

" Well, they do not show it ! " Rodney said sharply.

" From their point of view, Dr. McKay, they are extremely generous, remember that when they left Atlantis, we were essentially a hunter-gatherer ! " said Woolsey.

" Well, they have you reminded that if we did not have them hunted and gathered in the empty space between galaxies, they would still be stuck there - down ? " Asked McKay.

" We should have left them there ," commented John.

" I know you feel like you're losing the city ..." Woolsey began.

" It's not just about losing a city, Richard, it's about losing an opportunity to talk and learn from living , breathing Elders ," Elizabeth interrupted.

" They are willing, over time, to let us go back to Atlantis - but not now, so we get all the benefits of Atlantis with very little risk ," Woolsey said, looking at Jack, "or fresh.

" Yeah, it's not like we do not have our own galaxy to worry about , " Jack finishes thinking about the Oris problem.

John and Rodney sagged, defeated. As General O'Neill was about to say something, he was interrupted by a deafening alarm. Scattering eyes of horror and incomprehension, the group of humans headed for the Control Room where Helia was already with other Lantians.

" What is happening, and what does this alarm mean ? " , Jack asked in an authoritative voice.

" This is the spatial detection alarm ! " , Rodney exclaimed totally panicked.

" Indeed, Atlantis detectors have detected a fleet of ships heading straight for us !" " , explained Helia while giving orders in ancient language to the other Lantians.

John and Weir exchanged a look of horror as Woolsey and McKay became as pale as the dead. They were quickly joined by Ronon, Teyla and Carson.

" These are the Wraiths ? " , Asked Ronon without losing a moment.

" But how ?" I will have felt them getting closer ! " , Exclaimed Teyla in full panic, thinking of his people.

" Captain Helia, the fleet approaching at full speed emits a slightly modified Lantienne signature," exclaimed one of the Lantian operators.

" Fuck !" Do not tell me that the Asurans managed to reprogram themselves ? " ! " , Exclaimed John whitening twice.

" Asurans ?" " Asked Helia frowning.

Elizabeth quickly explained what had happened with the Asurans.

" In this case, we are not risking anything. Nanites have a code that prevents them from attacking us, "Helia answered serenely.

" You are sure ? " , Asked Rodney slightly reassuring.

" Exactly ! " said Helia, in a superior tone. Send a Navo Porta to meet them. "

The members of the expedition shared a worried look as McKay murmured " Navo Porta ?" " . For his part, Jack was not at all reassured by these replicators while Woolsey was as white as a sheet.

A few minutes passed before the voice of the Navo Porta pilot was heard.

" Communications established, ma'am, he said.

" Here, Commander Helia, the city you are approaching is under Lantien control again, stop immediately and go back to your world, or you will be eliminated !" " exclaimed Helia.

Everyone was silent, waiting for the reaction of the mysterious fleet. It was then that a giant hologram appeared in the Hall of Astria Porta under the bewildered glances of the members of the expedition and those astonished by the Lantians. The hologram showed a man standing upright, looking proud with his face covered with scars.

" Here is Admiral Alastor Moody of the Imperial Fleet Malteranne. In the name of his divine majesty, the Emperor-King Hadrian of the Malteran Empire, I order you to prepare for our arrival. Any refusal to cooperate will be considered an aggression against the Empire and you will be annihilated. " , Announced Alastor menacingly before disappearing.

A silence had fallen on Atlantis before giving way to a cacophony without name.

" Malteran ? " It looks a lot like Alteran, no ? " , Then exclaimed Rodney anxiously.

" Indeed, it is possible that these Malterans are Lantians who survived the Wraiths or Alterans who survived Avalon's all cases, we will lower the shields and wait for their fleet is far too important and powerful for us, not to mention that their technology is as developed as ours, or even more , " declared Helia before descending to the Astria Porta room.

Followed closely by humans, she placed herself in the center of the city while all the Lantians converged on her. Members of the Atlantis expedition then moved around the room, all curious but armed.

" Activation of the Astria Porta !" I no longer have control of Clavis. " exclaimed the controller, referring to the Astria Porta panel and its shield.

Humans and Lantians tensed as the vortex stabilized. A few seconds passed before several Malterans crossed the door.

They were all dressed in an Lantian-like outfit, plus dresses and capes and funny sticks and swords. A good twenty Malteran soldiers then placed themselves on both sides of the door, forming a path of honor.

It was then that under the apprehensive glances of the spectators, five people crossed. The first was the man who appeared hologram, holding in his hands a rather large stick. The latter looked around him as if he expected to be attacked at any time.

The second made the Lantians look wide. It was none other than Alistair, a former member of the High Council of Atlantis. The latter seemed healthy, still dressed in his white outfit, with a golden cape on which was embroidered a capital " M " with a background Astria Porta. He also wore a badge on his chest, a badge symbolizing his Chambellan status.

The third person greatly astonished the audience. He was a very small man, dressed in metal armor and wearing a gold circlet. Not to mention his sadistic smile that made more than one tremble.

As for the fourth person, this one made several Muggles completely gagas. He was a handsome man, dressed like a Renaissance lord. His eyes were red and when he smiled, his sharp canines were revealed. He also wore a gold cerclet.

But the most important of the people was the fifth. The one wearing a long cloak, with a splendid sword, and above all, a crown. It was obvious that this fifth person was the Emperor-King mentioned earlier.

The second person stepped forward before shouting loudly.

" Bow to his gracious majesty, Emperor-King Hadrian James Potter, Winner of Voldemort, Master of Death, Potterian Church Leader, Holy Ruler of the Order of the Inquisition, Emperor of all Malterans and Civindus ! " "

The Malterans bowed quickly, followed quickly by Lantians and a few muggles who did not understand what was happening.

Harry looked around the room, smiling slightly as he saw some Lantians before losing that smile when he saw the muggles at their side. He then approached Helia.

" Commander Helia ? " , Harry asked in a calm, authoritative voice.

" I am Commander Helia, Emperor-King Hadrian ! " , Helia answered by slightly tilting the head.

" I am delighted to find members of our people, know that your sufferings during the Wraith War have not been in vain, and see before you the result of your hard fight." We, the Malterans, are the descendants of the Lantians having managed to return to Avalon ! " " said Harry, raising his arms pompously.

Hearing this news, the Lantians could not help but rejoice and applaud en masse under the astonished muggle gaze. After a few minutes and the dry applause, Harry spoke again.

" Let me tell you our story, my child, "said Harry gently pressing Helia's forehead.

Under the astonished gaze of muggles, Helia widened her eyes before collapsing to the ground. John rushed to pick her up before being surprised when she slapped him hard.

" Do not touch me, Muggle ! " " , Strongly Helia exclaimed, his face betraying his disgust for John.

The muggles gasped at Helia's declaration as the Lantians became more and more curious. Without losing a moment, Harry waved his hand, and the Lantians collapsed one after the other, just like Helia. When they got up, looks of disgust and revulsion were sent to Muggles, who did not understand what was happening.

" Muggle ? " , Asked McKay, very interested in this word quite new.

" Indeed, muggle, that word means what you are, non-Malteran beings , " Alistair explained before frowning.

Without losing a moment, Alistair approached McKay before observing him directly in the eyes. He turned abruptly to Harry.

" It would seem, your majesty, that we missed some Squibs on Tellus. Rodney McKay here is one, while Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex are Lantian descendants ! " , Exclaimed while Alistair.

" I see ... " Harry replied with a small smile.

For their part, Ronon and Teyla wondered how the Malteran had done to guess their names. Harry turned abruptly to Alastor.

" Admiral Moody !" Send Muggles back immediately to Tellus as we prepare Atlantis for the arrival of the Asurans. Duke Ragnok, I leave you to take care of the security of Atlantis while Alistair and I are going to inspect the city. Duc Sanguini, you can accompany us or do what you want ! " , Harry ordered watching Sanguini.

" I will explore the city with you, your majesty ! " , The vampire replied.

" And that ... " Weir began before being stunned by a Stupefy .

The other members of the expedition did not have time to react before being stunned by a strange red light. Only the Athosians, Ronon, McKay, Zelenka and Carson were spared. Harry motioned his guards to take care of them and take them to another room . They struggled a little, but nothing that can not arrange with some Petrificus Totalus or Incarcerem .


(A few hours later)

" So if I sum it up, I'm a Muggle-adopted Malteran after being abandoned by my family when I learn that I'm a " Squib " . For their part, Ronon and Teyla are descendants of the Lantians who have never evolved to the Sorcerer stage. The Malterans are the evolution of the Lantians who were the Ancients, or rather the Alterans ... Who left me ? ", " McKay asked.

After the explanation received from the Malterans (whom the Athosians never ceased to call the ancestors), the Athosians, Ronon, Teyla, Zelenka, and Rodney had difficulty in accepting the truth. Although he learned that he was Malteran, Rodney was delighted.

In front of them was Harry, who had decided to personally take care of them to prove to them how important they were.

" Your real name is Meredith Rodney Rosier , son of fire, Lord Meronon Rodeus Rosier and Lady Melinda Merope Rosier born Lestrange. You were abandoned when your parents learned that you were a Squib. Unfortunately for you, your parents were already dead when we talked about the theory of Cracmols being unable to magic after a block expected a problem of overkill or poor connectivity with the body. Evan Rosier having died as a result of his treachery, the Rosier family is currently controlled by Lord Felix Rosier, a renowned dragonologist. For information, Lord Felix Rosier is your younger brother a year ! " , Informed Harry with a small smile.

" I have a brother ?" I have always wanted a brother and not a sister. And my sister ? " She's my real sister ? " , While Rodney asked in a panic.

" No, no, it seems that your father was very fond of you, to the point of being forcibly adopted by muggles to believe that your foster mother had twins, so he used a potion on your " twin sister " " so it looks like you. However, the latter n e not have Malterans genes waited for the Lord Rosier seems he decided to use a potion of mind and likeness and not a blood potion ! " Harry exclaimed , looking slightly sorry.

" I see ...," said Rodney sadly before changing the subject, "will I be able to undergo this famous therapy to reactivate my Malterans genes ?" And will I have access to the Malterans database ? " "

Harry just nodded as Rodney jumped in all directions.

" And me ? " , Asked Zelenka and Carson simultaneously.

" Radek Zelenka, know that you are indeed the son of your deceased parents Your family is descended from a long line of Cracmols of the Zelenka lineage of the Bohemian witch nobility, and you, Carson Beckett, come down from the long line of Beckett, one of the younger McGonagall family. I am pleased to announce that you greatly resemble the ruling house of your mother, Lady Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress of Hogwarts and the Department of Education Malteran. other Questions ? " , Harry asked in a voice neutral.

" And our friends ? " , Then made Ronon in a tone a little edgy.

" Your Muggle friends of golds and already been sent back to Tellus, more commonly known as Earth. Know that you will see them again, as a slave or second-class citizens, that goes without saying. " Harry replied before leaving the room with a small smile.

He left behind a blissful audience. Shortly thereafter, they were all sent to Doranda to undergo Malteran Genomotherapy and an advanced course by the Sciencia Receptaculum. For their part, the Lantians decided to stay on Atlantis, and Harry decided to entrust the direction of Atlantis to Captain Helia, making her Magistrate Helia Solem. The latter accepted the position with great pleasure.

Harry ordered the replacement of the Potentia and the installation of a Magia Motricia. Unfortunately, the Magia Motricia could only be installed in two weeks, the time to update Atlantis. Five days later, an Asuran ship made its entrance before attacking the fleet, being destroyed in less than three seconds.

Without losing a moment, the Malterans went to Asura with the Imperial Fleet while the Lantians-Malterans stayed on Atlantis to take care of it.


( two hours later)

Harry watched space from the Pendragon Bridge. His eyes narrowed, his brows frowning, he was in full reflection.

" A problem ? " , Asked Alistair curious.

" Yes, " Harry said before looking at Alistair, "I thought I was meeting one of my sisters-in-law on Atlantis, but that was not the case, I wonder why my instincts betrayed me ...

" I do not think your instincts betrayed you, Harry, maybe your soulmate is related to these events, either to the Athosians, or to the muggles, I think we missed a few squibs on Tellus. can your soulmate be on Tellus but be tied to this muggle expedition ? " , Said Alistair thoughtfully.

" Probable ... Anyway, we'll know more once the Asuran threat is eliminated and the Wraiths are eradicated , " Harry replied.

A few minutes later, the Imperial Fleet came out of the Space-Time Plan in the Asura system. Without losing a moment, Harry ordered Olivier Dubois, the captain of the ship, to contact the Asurans.

A few seconds later, an old man vaguely resembling Moros appeared on the Pendragon's main screen. The Asuran did not waste time before exclaiming.

" My name is Oberoth, High Councilor of the Asuran Council. You are no longer welcome here, Lantians. Know that we managed to rewrite our code, and are no longer subject to your cruel dictatorship ! "

" Know, Oberoth, that I am the Emperor-King Hadrian James Potter, Supreme Leader of the Malteran Empire, we have since evolved and are no longer morals having changed, know that we have decided to reinstate the Asurans among us as well as to give them a place as full Malterans ! " , Harry replied in a voice that was meant friendly.

" Never !" We refuse to become slaves to the Lantians again, and I know you're lying to us ! " " Answered Oberoth before cutting the communications.

It was then that a hundred Asuran ships took off from Asura before attacking the Imperial Fleet. The Asura War began then.

The Imperial Fleet being technologically superior, it was able to destroy with some ease the Asuran ships. This did not prevent the Asurans from destroying three Auroras Malterans. Seeing his subjects die, Harry ordered the activation of the Pendragon's exotic particle guns. In just a minute, the Asuran fleet was destroyed, the nanites being irretrievably destroyed in the cursed fire.

On Asura, Oberoth trembled, feeling the consciousness of the Asurans of the Fleet disappear. Behind him stood the members of the Asuran Council.

" Oberoth, we must stop this fight ! " They managed to kill Asurans ! " , Said one of the counselors.

" I ... I ...," Oberoth said, not knowing what to say.

" We do not have a choice, and then they are our creators and they came back for us, it's an unexpected opportunity, and maybe we can get to Ascension !" " , said Niam, one of the Councilors.

Oberoth did not have time to think a little more than the city is under warning shots. Oberoth closed his eyes and let out a sigh. He contacted without delay the Pendragon before exclaiming.

" Emperor-King Hadrian, we, the Asuran people, submit our total surrender. "

He had no answer but the siege stopped, proving that their message had been heard. Seconds later, he heard a strange noise. When he turned around, he saw that Harry had appeared with an escort of Imperial Guards.

" Nice to know that you have finally seen the light. Know that you will be perfectly integrated into the Empire, after the implementation of Malteran Anti-Aggression protocols, it goes without saying ! " , Harry exclaimed with a grin.
" Can we reach Ascension ?" could not help asking Liam. " This request is quite unexpected," Harry said, somewhat shocked, "I suppose we can create Malteran bodies and transfer your consciences to them, only for those who wish to begin their ascent, of course.

Liam's and two councilors' eyes lit up as Oberoth glared at Liam. He stiffened as Harry moved closer to him.

" I decided to leave you the direction of the Asurans. So I will name you Duc Oberoth Asuranian, leader of the Asuran People and representative of the Asurans and other nanite forms of the Malteran Empire. " Exclaimed while Harry pinning a brooch on the tunic of Oberoth.

Not knowing how to react, Oberoth just nodded. Harry turned then before motioning for a Malteran to approach. Oberoth then realized that this Malteran was in fact a Humanoid Nanite, just like him.

" Solan here will integrate with your matrix to properly rewrite it and update your database. I ordered you to begin building mass ships and eliminate the entire Wraiths population by sparing as many non-Wraith lives as possible ! " , Harry ordered.

" As you wish, your majesty !" " replied Oberoth.

A few seconds later, Solan merged with the city of Asuran, updating the Asuran database and Source Code.

Without losing a moment, Harry landed on the Pendragon with his guards before heading back to New Lantea. He informed Rufus and the Finnegan of the latest developments before returning to Avalon. He did not really need to bring the Imperial Fleet into Lantea, the Pendragon was more than enough.

He later learned that the Earth Muggles had contacted Atlantis to begin negotiations, something that was rejected by Helia. But when he returned to Avalon, he learned that the war now Malteran-Ori had not gone unnoticed by the rest of the Galaxy and that the Muggles had asked permission to send an ambassador on Maltera Prime to begin negotiations.

The ambassador was accepted by Albus Dumbledore-Potter after a long inspection , the latter having an amused gleam in his eyes. His name ? " Daniel Jackson.


Harry was in his office reading reports about the Malteran-Ori war. The Malterans having not yet completed the Project Origin, they had decided to wage a merciless war against the Oris. Thus the 2 nd Malteranne Fleet, led by Commander Adrian Pucey had engaged the Ori Fleet protecting the Maxi Astria Porta leading to the original Galaxy.

The battle was bloody, but the Malterans emerged from this victorious war . They lost six Auroras and one Navo Civito while the Oris lost twelve Vessels similar to giant rings.

Soon after, the 3 rd fleet and 4 th fleet crossed the Maxi Astria Porta to wage war directly in the Galaxy of Origin. During this time, Malteranian squads of the Inquisition were sent to the worlds conquered by the Oris in Avalon. The battles were bloody and the Inquisitors resorted to the Unforgivable Spells to defeat the Preachers with ease. The rescued worlds were immediately integrated into the Malteran Empire. It was during these integrations that the Earth Muggles got wind of the existence of the Malterans.

Harry reads the report before him before smiling. The Origin Project was soon complete, and the Malterans would finally be able to regain their original Galaxy. The name of this galaxy having long since disappeared, Harry wondered how he was going to fame. His eyes lit up as he wrote a note on a parchment : " Altoriginem " in honor of the Alterans.

He was out of his thoughts by the sound of his doorbell. He rolled his eyes before exclaiming.

" Enter ! " "

The door then disappeared to give way to his grandfather, Albus, to accompany a strange Muggle who looked like Harry in more muscular and better built. Harry stiffened when he saw the " muggle " .

" Harry, I wanted to introduce you to Dr. Daniel Jackson, the ambassador sent by the Muggles ! " , Albus exclaimed with a small smile.

" Hell ! " " Harry thought as he saw his little grandfather's sneaky smile. Go find out how, but he had managed to find his soul mate.

" Pleased to meet you, your majesty ! " , Bowed Daniel before recovering.

" Um ... uh ... the same ?" " Harry replied, blushing.

Dumbledore's smile widened as Daniel approached Harry without realizing it. When he found himself in front of the King, the latter could not help caressing his cheek tenderly.

" I ... " , began Daniel.

He was interrupted by Harry, who hastened to kiss him fiercely, unable to resist the call of his soul mate. Daniel answered instantly, deepening the kiss. The two men were separated by the clearing of Albus's throat.

" Mr. Jackson being a Squib, I suppose you want to inform him of his new condition, and I suppose, submit him to the genomotherapy ? " , Albus asked.

" Yes, grandfather, I will immediately inform my soul-mate while you are in charge of announcing the news to Rita so that she can spread the news, and if you could inform my husbands, it would make me happy. " Harry answered before being kissed again by Daniel.

Daniel barely followed the conversation, much too obsessed with being in front of him. Harry was simply beautiful, irresistible and delicious. He could not get rid of it. Harry gladly accepted Daniel's kisses. For his part, Albus quietly left the office while humming and stuffing himself with lemon sorbets.


The news about Daniel Jackson's soul-mate title hit the headlines of the New Malterannes, crossing the galaxies to reach the Malteran soldiers in the original Galaxy that Harry had decided to call Altoriginem. Daniel was introduced to Charles, Blaise and Marcus Potter, not to mention the kids. It was quickly accepted by the husbands although less quickly by the children. Finally, Gellert decided to investigate Daniel's origins. His surprise was immense when he learned that the Jackson (of which Daniel was the last descendant) were descendants of Winifred Ravenclaw, the younger sister of Rowena Ravenclaw.

A few days after their meeting, the Project Origin was finished and the Imperial Fleet took the direction of Celestis, the World of Origin of the Alterans where sat the Oris and their temple.

The fight was arduous, a giant Ori fleet defending the planet, a hundred. The Imperial Fleet lost five Navo Civitos and sixty Auroras while the entire Ori fleet was destroyed. Finally, Harry shifted alone in the City of Celestis with a box in his hands.

When he appeared in the city, he met a young woman and the Doci, the Preacher-in-Chief of the Oris. The Doci's eyes widened in fear before bowing as the young woman looked arrogantly at Harry.

" Who are you to appear so before a goddess ? " she asked in an inquisitive voice.

" Silence, catin !" I do not allow you to go that way, and you're not a goddess in front of me, just a vulgar lady with lower powers ! " " Harry exclaimed in a compelling voice.

Blushing to the ears at Harry's insult, the young woman swung a plasma ball at Harry, which he jammed with ease as a Protego appeared . He raised an eyebrow before throwing a soreness at the woman. She thought she was protecting herself from the curse before collapsing on the floor while writhing in pain. Harry exclaimed then.

" You are only a child in the face of my power, hussy . I am the Emperor-King Hadrian James Potter, Supreme Master of Death, Leader of the Malterans, and today I am the one who will avenge the Alterans from the deception of the Oris ! " " Harry shouted before opening the case he held in his left hand.

Once the case opened, a white light out, enveloping Harry and the whole city. It was then that a powerful ray came out, quickly moving towards the Flames of Illumination behind the young woman. Harry heard cries of pain and saw the flames disappear. The Doci's eyes widened before he collapsed to the ground writhing in pain as his eyes lost that blue Imperio .

" What ... what did we do ? " False gods !" False gods ! " We were fooled ! " , Then cried the Doci.

" Indeed, you have been deceived, but rejoice because the foolers have been neutralized, imprisoned until the end of time in a dead end prison, prostrate before me, and join the Holy Malteran Empire. ! " , Harry exclaimed with a big smile.

" I ... Yes, your holiness !" " said the Doci, prostrating himself before Harry.

Several preachers then entered the room before bowing down to Harry. The young woman got up then.

" Die ! " " She shouted.

She threw herself on Harry, surrounded by flames. It seems that she had made a partial ascent. Harry stared at her apathetically before throwing an Avada Kedavra that killed her on the spot, her body falling to the ground in a dull sound.

A few seconds later, a white light appeared in front of Harry. It was none other than Ganos Lal. The latter was smiling.

" My Dear Harry, you have accomplished your destiny and saved our race. Thank you for all that you do . You are now free from your destiny, although being the Master of Death makes you far more powerful than us. We can finally leave this plane of existence without having to worry about our descendants. Again thank you ! " " If she exclaimed before disappearing, leaving it behind Harry smug.

He blinked several times before looking at the Doci.

" It's time for us to talk ... "


After this great confrontation, several years passed. The Altoriginem galaxy was entirely conquered by the Malteran Empire, the inhabitants of the galaxy transferring their Ori fanaticism into the Potterian Church. Huge churches, cathedrals and basilicas then emerged in Altoriginem while Celestis became the capital of the galaxy.

In Avalon, the world of Tellus was conquered by the Malteran Empire, as was the Republic of Jaffa. Harry did not hesitate to replace Muggle leaders with SIS agents. Muggles became Civindus and several Squibs were discovered on the planet. Among these Cracmols were Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter and many others. A total of two million Cracmols were found throughout Tellus, and they underwent genomotherapy to become Malterans in their own right.

In Lantea, the Wraiths were decimated by the Asurans because of their number and superior technology. Hermione and Anteaus continued to develop the virus principle to change Wraiths into humans. They discovered then that despite genetic changes, the Wraiths kept their share of Lantian genes. Thus, the developed Virus allowed to retransform the Wraiths into Lantians who later underwent the gene therapy to become Malterans. It was the end of the Wraiths.

Grand Inquisitor Rufus Scrimgeour encountered some problems with a world belonging to a community called " Jenaïs " . The latter tried to kill him, but Rufus did not let it go. Expecting the refusal to cooperate with the Jenaïs, he decided to annihilate their planet. He also met a group of exiles called " Marauders " . The Marauders were refugees from the Wraith attacks who managed to escape and live aboard old ships and some Lantian vessels modified and in very bad condition. He saw the potential of this people and quickly incorporated them into the Inquisition to direct his fleet.

Magistrate Helia met the Vanirs . The Vanirs were Asgards who left Asgards centuries ago to create their own community in order to find a solution to their cloning problem, not hesitating to use the most radical methods. When Malteran bodies were offered to them, they accepted with conviction. Most Vanirs joined the Empire's Research Departments.

The Malteran Empire became the sole power of the Avalon, Lantea, Othalla, Ida and Altoriginem galaxies, led by Emperor-King Hadrian James Potter and his Consorts, Charles Ferdinand Potter (formerly Prewett), Marcus Marwyn Potter (formerly Flint), Blaise Orion Potter (formerly Zabini) and Daniel Maxence Potter (formerly Jackson).

The Imperial Malteran Council enlarges slightly with : Duke Sirius Black, Duke Amos Diggory, Duke Mulciber Nott, Duke Marwyn Flint, Duke Sanguini Dracula, Duke Ragnok Gringotts, Duke Oberoth Asuranian, Duke Valdor Oriodium (former Doci of Oris), Duchess Helia Solem, Blood Prince Albus Dumbledore-Potter and Blood Prince Gellert Dumbledore-Potter.

The Civindus obtained fifteen seats in the Magisterium, the Vanirs won five seats and the Asurans won five. However, despite the added sieges, the Malterans continued to control the entire Magisterium, especially considering that the Vanirs and Asurans were Malterans.

Harry James Potter had two more children, false twins. A little boy named Orion Jack Potter and a little girl named Ganos Samantha Potter. It seems that Daniel is very fertile ...

Thus ended the campaign of the Malteran Empire in this part of the Universe, but Harry still had great plans for the rest of the Universe.

That's why he had a big smile while a huge fleet was being built in the Maltera Space Channels. It was time for him to conquer the rest of the Universe. But where to start ? "