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03/11 / 1981-30 / 07/ 1987

Hadrian James Potter had learned to live inside his estate in York, Potter Castle. The castle was already a pleasant tourist attraction and very fashionable, for its rich history, its incredible museum containing artifacts worthy of the Louvre, and the possible rental of a wing of the castle for events, such as weddings, receptions etc.

However, when Sirius and Harry came to live at the Castle, the place then knew a fantastic increase in popularity, all thanks to the young Duke. Indeed, Harry became famous throughout the muggle world for surviving the Peter Pettigrew bombing, earning the nickname Boy-Who-Lived. Everyone wanted to see the child who had survived, only a scar in the form of a lightning on his forehead. Not to mention the fact that he was given the Order of the Thistle, increasing once again his popularity.

Still, it did not stop there, quite the contrary. Harry was very intelligent, earning the title of genius, to Sirius 'dismay, convinced that it was Remus' fault and his books. It all started during Harry's three years. The latter already spoke English correctly, so much so that he did not mince words and articulated as well as an adult.

In fact, one did not even need to teach him to read or write, since he learned to do all this on his own. Harry was just a brilliant little boy. This is how Remus personally chooses to teach him basic subjects such as arithmetic, English, history etc., before sending him to a primary school. At only four years old, Harry had already exceeded all his expectations. He still remembered one of the conversations he had with his godson.

* Flashback *

Remus was quietly sipping his coffee with Sirius, reading the paper, when the young Harry, at the age of four, approached him.

"Uncle Moony, I have a question. Harry asked.

-What is it, Harry? Remus answered, while Sirius listened.

-When I go to school, should I hide or show what I can do? He asked.

-What do you mean? Remus asked intrigued.

-I understand that being so smart at my age is not normal, and I wanted to know if I should hide my intellectual abilities, or do not hesitate to use it. Harry confesses, lowering his eyes.

-Bah, why are you hiding, pup? Show them what you are capable of, and if they are not happy, I'll take care of them all! Could not help Sirius with a smug smile.

-Really? Harry asked, looking at both adults with his big green eyes.

-What are you afraid of Harry? Remus asked, having understood the meaning.

-I know that I am already a Duke, and that I am very rich. In addition, I am a wizard equally rich and powerful. I am afraid to frighten my comrades with all my fortune, and that kind of glory that surrounds me. And then, I'll be the only noble in the school, I do not think people will approach me. So if in addition I show them that I'm a genius ... "Harry said, expressing all his concerns.

Remus and Sirius were silent, like all the employees around. Even the house elves dared not make any noise. It was Sirius, who had a brilliant idea.

"You know Harry, you do not have to go to school if you don't want to. I can hire tutors to teach you everything here. The Lord Black said with a reassuring smile.

-Really? Harry said hopefully.

-He's right Harry. We can very well continue your education here, it will not be a problem. All of our employees are muggleborns or squibs, so they can teach you magic, but you'll have to ask Dumbledore first. For muggle classes, I think we can easily find someone, maybe a Squib to avoid problems. I can inquire at the Ministry of Magic. Remus answered with a smile.

-Better it be me, Remy. We never know with the Ministry, and considering your little furry problem, I'm not sure if they will welcome you properly. Sirius answered, looking at Remus sadly.

-In this case, I will contact Dumbledore, I am sure he will have an idea for magical teachings. After all, he must be used to this kind of case. Answered Remus.

-Perfect, as long as he does not offer Snivellus. This bastard is not welcome here. Answered Sirius.

-Language!" Remus said.

Sirius could not help but burst out laughing as the employees rolled their eyes and Harry smiled with all his teeth.

* end flashback *

So it was decided to teach Harry in the castle. The decision was widely approved by Dumbledore. Indeed, once contacted, the latter proposed to personally teach magic to Harry, knowing full well that he had a lot of power. He then decided to teach him basic subjects such as transmogrification, charms, enchantments, and above all, the mastery of his innate talent in occlumency.

Indeed, the day Dumbledore arrived in York, he decided to test Harry's mental defenses. According to logic, the more intelligent a person is, the more orderly his mind is. Expecting the qualifier of genius attributed to Harry, he decided to check that. What was his astonishment when he went into the spirit of young Harry.

* Flashback *

Dumbledore had finally arrived at Potter Castle in York by the floo system that had been opened by Sirius. The latter arrived in the big Hall of the private wing to find Remus and Sirius talking with employees.

"Professor Dumbledore! Said the two marauders.

-Sirius, Remus, what a pleasure to see you once more. Replied the old man.

-You are here for Harry? Asked Sirius.

-Indeed, my boy. When Remus contacted me to find a teacher for Harry, I decided that I would personally take care of him. After all, who better to teach him magic than me?" Then revealed the professor.

Immediately, the two marauders opened their mouths wide, but no sound came out, which made the old professor chuckle. The latter took the opportunity to eat one of his delicious lemon candy he always had on him. I should enjoy my visit to York to find new treats, he thought.

"But where is young Harry? He asked, savoring his treat.

-Oh yes. Uh, Harry is currently finishing one of his classes with a Squib professor we could find. Answered Sirius.

-Oh? Maybe I know this person, who is it? He asked.

-Her name is Mireille Delarue, a French woman who volunteered to teach Muggle subjects to Harry. She is used to teaching gifted students in France, so she decided to teach Harry everything he needs to know. Answered Remus.

-Hm ... and where is Harry in his program? Asked the old teacher.

-Harry is a real genius! He is already at middle-school level in math, history and science professor, and again, he just has not been tested for higher levels and other subjects. I'm sure he can do better. And I do not speak to you about the rest. He even managed to learn French in just a few minutes, never seen! Sirius declared, inflating his chest, proud of his godson.

-I see ... I cannot wait to see him once more." The teacher said.

They settled quietly in one of the lounges, patiently waiting for Harry's class to end, with tea served by the house elves. After an hour, he arrived with his teacher, smiling.

"Look, Uncle Padfoot!" Harry said, giving Sirius his math test with a big smile.

He took it and raised both eyebrows at the mark.

"22/20? How it is possible? Asked Sirius.

-It's very simple, Mr. Black. Your godson managed to solve all the calculations, but in addition, he accurately described each theorem and the rules used for each calculation. Finally, he even showed me alternatives to calculate faster. And all without using the calculator. In fact, I'm pretty sure some of the forms of calculations he used do not exist yet." Replied the teacher, proud of her pupil.

They were all speechless. It was then that Harry noticed Dumbledore, he decided to introduce himself.

"Oh, my manners. Nice to meet you, I'm Hadrian James Potter, Duke of York. But you can call me Harry." Harry said in his little voice, bowing to Dumbledore.

The adults could not help giggling, while the surrounding women serving as guards could not help but find him adorable.

For his part, Albus grinned and his eyes sparkled.

"Nice to meet you, Harry. Since you came to me with your full name, I must give you back the favor. I am Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore, Grand Sorcerer, and Headmaster of Hogwarts School, Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump. Replied Dumbledore.

-Really? You are the great Dumbledore? Harry asked, his eyes full of awe.

-That's right." Replied Dumbledore.

He carefully watched the boy in front of him. The boy had not changed much in three years. He was standing upright, with large bright and expressive green eyes, and jet-black hair that reached his neck. The most interesting was still this gleam of intelligence and power in his eyes. He was eager to see his magical abilities. He brushed against Harry's mind, but could not access it.

"Do you know why I'm here, Harry? He asked.

-Not at all, sir. Replied the boy.

-Hm ... I'm here to teach you magic my boy. Fit the old man.

-For real? YOU will teach me magic? Harry asked, his voice almost high.

-For real, indeed. But before I do anything, I want to access your mind to check your mental resistance, can I?" Asked the teacher.

The surrounding wizards were then intrigued, as everyone knew Dumbledore's reputation as master legilimens. His request meant that he had not yet managed to gain access to Harry's mind.

Harry curiously observed Dumbledore before nodding slowly, uncertain enough. Dumbledore did not waste time and looked straight into his eyes before whispering the spell, Legilimens!

It was then that Dumbledore was completely shocked by the result. He managed to penetrate Harry's mind, but instead of being confronted with memories, he was transported to a large white gateway to Potter Castle. The old professor could not help but open his eyes in astonishment.

He tried in vain to open the gate, but he did not succeed in even scratching it. Suddenly, the portal opened, and Harry appeared in front of him.

"Your mind is fantastic, my boy." Congratulated the old man.

Harry could only blush at the hundred-year-old professor's compliment. He motioned him to follow him to the castle gate, which he opened with a wave of his hand. When they entered, they were immediately greeted by a veritable army of wizards.

"They are my guardians. They protect my mind and my memories." Harry simply said to him.

Dumbledore could only nod, following the boy across the field. He had to admit that the castle looked exactly like the original, down to the smallest crevices and details. Even he was not capable of such a feat. And yet, a boy of only four years old had succeeded where the greatest wizards had failed.

"Only Merlin managed to do that." Dumbledore murmured incredulously.

Soon, Dumbledore was led by Harry into a huge library in the center of which was a huge pensive. The pensive had to be at least ten meters by ten meters. Dumbledore preferred to dwell on the library itself and the books on the shelves. He noticed very quickly that everything was arranged chronologically and by function. Each shelf had its own title. He could see shelves with titles such as Mathematics, History, Natural Sciences, and Technical Sciences ... and other shelves, this time under glass, with more interesting titles such as Happy Memories, Sad Memories, Forbidden Memories.

The last category intrigued Dumbledore, and he noticed only one book dated 31/10/1981. He walked in, under the watchful eye of Harry. When he took it, a vial appeared above, contented with memory, which he poured into the giant pensive. Immediately, a giant image formed over the pensive, and that's how he saw the last hours of Lily Potter and her husband. He was horrified by Voldemort's action, and quickly realized why this memory was stored in this bookshelf.

Harry suddenly grabbed the book before heading to the back of the room to a safe that he opened. The safe was empty, and Harry placed the book inside.

"These are nightmares, and I do not like nightmares." The child simply replied.

Albus nodded before continuing his exploration. He ends up leaving Harry's mind.

They both returned to the real world. Dumbledore's eyes were wide and his mouth wide open, which did not go unnoticed by other wizards.

"A problem, professor? Remus asked, worried.

-Not at all. The old man said to himself.

-I'm just stunned by Harry's mental defenses, and most importantly, by his occlumency. I must confess I have never met anyone so powerful in this area. Even I am not so talented, nor even my mentor, Nicholas Flamel." Added the old man.

The wizards did not know what to say. They were completely stunned to learn that Harry had already mastered occlumency. Dumbledore then decided to speak again after letting them digest all that.

"It's obvious that Harry has the ability to hold everything I can teach him. His mind is so well ordered that his memory must be perfect, which will allow him to remember everything. Said Dumbledore.

-Are you really going to teach him magic? Asked Sirius.

-Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I even think that I will try to teach him more than I expected. If his mathematics and science results are so good, I think he can teach him arithmancy, runes, even alchemy. Everything will depend on the speed at which he learns I guess. Revealed the old teacher.

-We're going to have to create a schedule I suppose ... started Remus.

-No need my boy, anyway, not for now. I will first give him books to read, I think he can. Once read, I will question him, probably two months, and we will see what he has withheld. Depending on what he has withheld, then I will know what to teach him, and we can set up a schedule." Dumbledore interrupted with a big smile.

The two marauders could only nod. For their part, the employees and the squib were still focused on the fact that the great Albus Dumbledore would personally teach a young child. Albus then ends up opening his purse to take out several books. Each book was based on a specific subject, and each book was quite advanced, being a compendium of the material. He decided to give books on the topics of transmogrification, the art of potions, charms, arithmancy, astrology and defenses against the Dark Arts. He hesitated, however, about other subjects, which were not on the Hogwarts program.

Contrary to what one could think, Albus Dumbledore knew very well in dark spells and forbidden arts. He was even a master of it, but he preferred the so-called light spells, white magic, instead of black magic. He ended up giving two books that made the observers gasp, a compendium on black magic and another on white magic.

"Black magic, professor? Remus asked, worried.

-I do not see where the problem is. Sirius said, accustomed to black magic.

-My dear Remus, to defend yourself against the forces of evil, it is important to know them. And then, given the ancestry of our young Harry, it is obvious that he will be gifted in this art. Finally, black magic is not bad in itself, only users are, using it to do evil. Yet, it can be very useful, and can serve to protect us, because white magic has its limits." Replied Dumbledore.

The occupants of the room could only nod. Dumbledore ends up leaving.

* end flashback *

When Dumbledore came back to the castle to test Harry on each compendium, he was not very surprised to see that the boy had retained everything, and understood every word. Thus began his training, and that his schedule became very busy. Fortunately, and thanks to his natural genius, he was able to learn very quickly, allowing him as and when to keep the same schedule while diversifying materials. Thus his schedule was divided into three parts:

-Muggle Studies: Economics, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences (Biology and Physics / Chemistry), History and Geography, Art (History of Art and Development of Artistic Skills), English / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Chinese and Japanese literature, Music (Piano and Violin).

He had mastered additional languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. Harry possessed, after all, the natural skill of the Alterans to learn a complete language in just a few minutes.

-Magic studies: Transmogriffication, Charms, Runes and Enchantments, Defense Against the Dark Arts, White Magic, Black Magic, Potions, Herbology (the course is also related to Muggle Botany), Alchemy (Crossbones between Potions and transmogriffication), Arithmancy, Wards (cross branch between Charms, Runes and Enchantments) and duels (in partnership with Sirius for the sword). All in wandless magic.

Dumbledore had simply decided not to teach him simple theoretical classes such as Care of magical Creatures or the history of the magical world. Simple books were ample.

-Studies of Suitability by Walburga Black: Us and Customs of the Magic World, History of the Wizard Families, Behavior and Ethic of a Pureblood, and Behavior and Ethics of a Member of the Royal Family.

Walburga had insisted on providing lessons about how Harry should behave, and for that reason he had to come to Grimmauld to see her. She had particularly insisted on separating the behavior between pureblood and member of royalty, so that he could prove to all his superiority. That's how she slowly shaped him into a friendly, lovable, witty, intelligent but above all cunning and ruthless wizard with his enemies. According to her, this boy had become an exemplary member of what was to be a pureblood. So, Harry could be cheerful with those he liked, but as soon as someone disrespected or threatened him, he could destroy him socially, mentally, and physically, thanks to his magic.

However, they all noticed that Harry had a weakness in his shell. This weakness was his physique. Indeed, the more he grew up, the more people noticed his ethereal and sensual body, and his lack of physical strength. Fortunately, he was still a very tough person.

Thus, Harry could not fight physically without his skin being scarred, which he compensated for with his stamina, dodge, and magic.

All this lasted until his seventh birthday.



The seventh birthday of Hadrian James Potter was a very special day. It was indeed time for Harry to visit Diagon Alley and Gringotts for the first time, and to visit the wizarding world in general. Not to mention that he also had to go to Hogwarts for an extraordinary meeting.

Indeed, Harry had never been to Diagon Alley or any other magical place other than Grimmauld. For six years he had only lived in York and occasionally in Grimmauld.

This day was also an opportunity to celebrate another event from the muggle point of view. Indeed, Harry had just passed the High School exams, allowing him to be the youngest child to graduate across the country.

So it was decided that he could go to university the next year to see what he could learn. The universities had almost fought for the genius, and Sirius ended up choosing the University of Cambridge. Fortunately they were wizards, because the university being quite far from the castle, getting there was not easy from York. Thus it was decided that Harry would be accompanied by two guards at the university, going there by Apparition. Fortunately, an enchanted area not to be seen by muggles was specially prepared for that.

It was early in the morning that Harry got ready, dressing in one of his finest wizard outfits for the occasion. He was wearing a splendid burgundy red dress made of Acromantula silk with gold filigree. For the occasion, the coat of arms of the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Peverell, Black, Potter and Evans houses were embroidered on his dress, and more particularly the traditional coat made of Nundu fur around his shoulders. Finally, he had around his neck the locket of Slytherin that his adoptive father had given him the night before, after midnight, when his magic block was loosed. He then went to the main salon of the private wing where his uncles were waiting for him, whom he actually considered as his own parents, Sirius and Remus. No sooner had he entered the salon than he jumped.

"Happy Birthday!" Shouted the two marauders.

They burst out laughing at Harry's reaction, which also amused the young man, who suddenly raised a sadistic smile. Seconds later, Sirius found himself in a very seductive feminine corset, while Remus was in Little Red Riding Hood. The employees of the present castle restrained themselves with a laugh. Some even had to leave their posts so as not to burst out laughing in front of everyone.

"Haaaaaa! Sirius yelled as he saw his corset.

-I feel almost insulted Harry. Little Red Riding Hood, really? Remus asked, raising an eyebrow.

-Is not this your nemesis, Uncle Remus? In any case, according to muggles, this is the case. Harry commented with a small smile.

-Very funny, pup. Remus responded by canceling the change of clothes with a Finite Incantatem.

-But where did you find such clothing ideas? Sirius asked again, normal again.

-It was in one of Uncle Remus's magazines, though the woman had a whip and a rubber ball too. Harry answered innocently, Remus whitening instantly.

-What?" Sirius yelled, glaring at Remus.

Thus for several minutes Sirius verbally abused the poor werewolf who tried in vain to defend himself. They were interrupted by Harry's crystalline laughter, understanding then being the victims of another of his jokes. Harry really deserved the title of mini-Prongs.

It was around 8:00 that they left the castle through the floo network, to go directly to the Leaky Cauldron. For the occasion, they were accompanied by a dozen of their guards, since Harry was going to make his appearance in public for the first time in six years.

Hardly had they arrived that one of the customers could be heard loud and clear:

"But it's Harry Potter!"

It was a shambles, and people almost ran to Harry to shake his hand, touch him or speak to him. Fortunately, the guards were there to keep them away.

That's how they all headed to the back of the inn to get to a wall. Sirius wasted no time and slapped the bricks with his wand to open the magical portal, revealing Diagon Alley in all its splendor.

Diagon Alley was an interesting place for Harry. The street was old, surrounded by magical signs and houses worthy of a mix between medieval and Victorian times. Harry was disturbed to see nothing technological, so used to the castle and its latest technological wonders.

He then focused on the building at the far end of the driveway, seeming to be at some crossroads. The building was very large, made of white marble, and probably the building with the most modern look. One would have thought to see an old American bank. Harry having read an architectural book understood then that it was simply a mix between a Victorian building and a Roman temple, strangely reminiscent of the Second Empire style of French architecture. The mix was quite pleasing to the eye, if it was not the crooked side of the building, giving the impression that at any time the establishment would collapse.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley, Harry. Sirius made a big wave of his hand.

-It's ... said Harry.

-Beautiful? Gorgeous? Fantastic? Added Sirius.

-Désuet (outdated). Harry finished miserably in French.

A silence fell on the group, before being interrupted by Remus's snort at Sirius's decomposed face.

"It does not surprise me, pup. After all, you love the modern world and technology. Fit then Remus.

-I wonder why they do not use it. Harry answered, as they walked towards the bank.

-The problem is that technology does not work well with magic. Answered Remus.

-But we do it well, we. Runes should be enough, right? Harry asked.

-It's a great question. But do not forget that the magical world is quite rigid, fixed on its tracks. Who knows, you can change all that when the time comes." Sirius replied, referring to the throne.

They finally arrived in front of the bank, guarded by two goblins armed to the teeth. When they arrived, the goblins bowed quickly. To their shock, Harry did the same. The latter did not notice the wide eyes of other wizards, or other goblins who had seen everything.

Harry looked up and saw the inscription on the doors.

"Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there."

Harry snorted, understanding that goblins were not creatures to be underestimated. And then, would not it be folly to attack those who are responsible for our economy? He thought.

Harry then saw a multitude of goblins at counters, sitting on high stools, striving to count and weigh various riches, be it gold, silver or gems. They made their way to the final counter, at the end of the Hall, behind which was a well-dressed goblin, compared to the others. It was obvious that his rank in the hierarchy was different from other goblins. Sirius led them directly to the goblin.

"I'm here to do an inheritance test for my godson, Hadrian James Potter! We also want to get an interview with Ragnok, for you know what." Sirius announced.

The goblin, and at the same time all the others, suddenly raised their heads or interrupted what they were doing to look at the child. This obviously attracted the attention of all wizards, including a very special family, with flamboyant hair.

«Very good. Riknar will accompany you directly to the office of Lord Ragnok, you can do your test directly there." The goblin answered, gesturing to the goblin behind him to take them directly to the bank manager.

Just before leaving, Harry thanked the goblin and bowed with his arm against his chest, as a sign of respect. He had read this in a book about goblins and their customs. The goblin replied with a carnivorous smile and a nod.

Thus the group was taken to Ragnok's office. The office was behind two large ornate doors, and the guards had to wait outside. Only Harry, Sirius and Remus could enter. When they entered the room, it was to see a richly dressed goblin behind a large desk made of solid cherry wood.

"Lord Black, Mister Lupin, your grace, good morning. Fit Ragnok.

-Lord Ragnok, I'm glad to see you. How are you doing? Sirius asked, smiling as he sat down.

-My business, and at the same time, yours, are doing very well. The goblin answered with his carnivorous smile.

-I introduce you to my godson, Hadrian James Potter. I'm sure you remember him, do not you? Asked the marauder.

-Indeed. But let skip conveniences, what can I do for you? Ragnok asked seriously.

-Well, we came to do an inheritance test, to make sure we did not miss anything, and most importantly, that Harry could finally get his heir rings. Answered Sirius.

-Very good. So let's start with the inheritance test." Answered Ragnok.

He opened one of his desk drawers to draw a golden scroll with a ceremonial dagger. Slowly, he placed the parchment in front of Harry and handed him the dagger.

"You just have to pour three drops of blood on the parchment, your grace. Said Ragnok then.

-Okay." Harry answered simply before pricking his finger with the dagger to pour the drops of blood on the parchment.

It was then that the parchment was illuminated and lines were formed on paper to finally take the form of a text. It read:

Name of Birth: Hadrian James Potter

Full Name: Hadrian James Pendragon-Emrys-Peverell-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin


Titles: Crown Prince of Avalon, Grand Duke of Great Britain and Ireland (Emrys), Duke of Peverell, future Duke of Black, Duke of Gryffindor, Duke of Slytherin, Duke of Ravenclaw, Duke of Potter, Lord Evans.

Houses and Affiliations:

-Heir of the Archaic and the most Royal House of Pendragon

-Heir of the Archaic and the Most Noble House of Emrys

-Heir of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Peverell

-Heir of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black

-Heir of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Gryffindor House

-Heir of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Slytherin

-Heir of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Ravenclaw

-Heir of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Potter House

-Heir of the Ancient and Noble House of Evans

Direct family relations:

Father: James Charlus Potter

Mother: Lily Jane Potter

Godfather: Sirius Orion Black

Godmother: Alice Liliane Longbottom

Harry, Sirius and Remus read the parchment. Everything seemed ok, without the slightest mistake. They handed the parchment to the goblin, who nodded.

«Everything is in order. It is now time to hand over the rings." The goblin said before snapping his fingers.

Suddenly, a box appeared on his desk. He then opened the box, in which we could see eight rings.

The first was entirely made of gold, with a huge red diamond in the shape of a dragon with a huge circle (Astria Porta) in the back. It was the Pendragon's.

The second was also made of gold, this time with a blue diamond in the form of a unicorn with a huge circle at the back. It was the Emrys'.

The third was a platinum ring. You could see the empty location of a gem. It was the Peverell's.

The fourth was also made of platinum with an onyx in the center, in the form of a raven, with annotations "Toujours Pur" on the ring. It was the Black's.

The fifth was gold with a ruby. You could see a griffin encrusted in the ruby. It was the Gryffindor's.

The sixth was finer, made of silver with a dark Paraiba tourmaline encased in an eagle. It was the Ravenclaw's.

The seventh looked strangely like Gryffindor's, with a capital P on the ruby. It was the Potter's.

Finally, the eighth was silver with a little tourmaline. It was Evans's.

There was also an emerald with a huge S engraved on the inside, but without a ring.

The goblin frowned as he saw the inside of the box.

"It's weird, it's missing a ring, a gem and one of the gems is without a ring.

-May be the gem belongs to the ring that does not have one? Remus suggested.

-No. The emerald belongs to the Slytherin ring, but the one that does not have one is the Peverell ring. It is not normal.

-I am surprised that it happened on rings of heirs, not those of the Heads of House." Sirius intervened.

Ragnok looked at Sirius.

"Lord Black. The rings here, apart from the Black, are currently those of the Heads of House. They will, however, be fully unlocked only when his grace is emancipated, will have reached his majority, or if you allow him to claim his lordship. Replied the goblin.

-I see. And for Slytherin's? Asked Sirius.

-It is very simple. The rings are linked to the descendants, and therefore to Gringotts. For a certain amount, we can invoke the missing objects. Ragnok replied with a commercial smile.

-Very good. Do it then." Just said Sirius.

The goblin smiles simply before taking a parchment out of his office. He asked Harry to pour a few drops of his blood, which he did immediately. A cloud of smoke then came out of the parchment, and the missing ring appeared then. Immediately, Ragnok turned pale.

"A horcrux! The goblin almost shouted, alerting the other goblins.

-What? Sirius shouted, stunned.

-Slytherin's ring ... Who was the last Lord Slytherin? Remus asked.

-I remember, the last one was Tom Marvolo Riddle from Gaunt House." Answered Ragnok.

The conversation was interrupted by two goblins who immediately took the ring before leaving.

"Whereas we should have checked the ring before your arrival, Gringotts will take care of the cost of purification. Fit then Ragnok.

-I thank you, Lord Ragnok. That's very honorable of you. Harry said for the first time.

The goblins looked at Harry, shocked. For the first time in centuries, a wizard was respectful. Ragnok smiled at him then.

"It is nothing, your grace. After all, time is money. Do you want to wear your rings right away? Asked the goblin.

-I prefer to wait for the last ring. I noticed, however, that the ring came with a gem. Is it possible that the gem is the Peverell? Harry asked.

-Hm ... I guess. The ritual worked, and since there was only one ring and no extra gem, that must be the case. Answered Ragnok.

-I still have another question, if you allow me. Harry then said.

-I listen to you. Replied the goblin.

-Why are you so polite to me? I mean, you go so far as to call me your grace, but I am not of your race." Harry questioned.

Everyone in the room looked at him. Ragnok looked at him, before shaking his head.

«Indeed. However, your lineage is very particular. First of all, you've been the first wizard for centuries to show us respect. Just for that, we respect you. However, it does not stop there. Started Ragnok.

-It must be understood that the race of goblins, although independent, is not completely. Goblins have always been the vassals of the Pendragon family. Being the last heir of this family, it makes us your vassals. That's why we owe it to ourselves to be respectful to you, or until you show yourself unworthy." The goblin continued.

Remus and Sirius opened their mouths wide, but shut it again, not knowing what to say. Harry, on the other hand, was staring at the goblin calculatingly. A sadistic smile formed on his face.

"And when you say goblins, does that include goblins around the world, or only those of Avalon? Harry asked.

-Bringing that vassalage was accomplished by the High King of all goblins, Ragnuk 1st, Gryffindor's sword's blacksmith, this indeed includes all goblins, without exception. The oath was made through a magical AND signed contract in the blood. Replied the goblin.

-Hm ... Who is the current High King? I do not remember reading the current name in the books I have at my disposal. Harry asked.

-There is none, your grace. The lineage was extinguished, a council formed by the Lords of each clan was formed to direct us. I am currently part of it, being the leader of the Gringott clan. Ragnok replied, bulging his chest with pride.

-Gringott? But I thought it was the goblin's first name, not his clan. Sirius said.

-Bah! Gringott had the flair with his bank, and by doing so, he was able to create his own clan. Do you honestly believe that anyone would be allowed to run the Gringotts Bank? The goblin answered vehemently, darting Sirius with his darkest look.

-I have another question." Harry then said.

Harry's intervention interrupted Sirius and Ragnok's glare, causing Remus to giggle. Ragnok redirected his attention to Harry. Only Harry had noticed the other goblins who had stiffened, ready to take care of Sirius in case of problems.

"Why not appoint a new High King to lead the goblins? Harry asked, puzzled.

-It is very simple. When the High King swore his loyalty to the Pendragon, he also gave full powers to the line of Pendragon. Thus, only the King of Avalon, or in any case, the Lord of the House Pendragon can name the High King of Goblins." Ragnok replied, looking at Harry with a calculating look.

Harry was not stupid, and he understood the meaning. Only HE could name the High King, provided that he obtained the Lordship of Pendragon. However, he should first wait for his eleven years, even to proclaim his emancipation. Maybe he could just ask Sirius permission, after all, that's his birthright.

He then imagined all the advantages and disadvantages that his plan could give him. He looked straight at the goblin in his eyes, his smile becoming thoughtful. He weighed the pros and cons of his plan, and questioned his possible revelation to the other occupants of the room.

"If I'm not mistaken, all that is said to Gringotts, stay at Gringotts, and is not it? Harry asked suddenly.

-Indeed. This is part of our contractual obligations. At Gringotts, professional secrecy is important, and our clients are respected, so every word and phrase is subject to professional secrecy. Ragnok replied, frowning.

-Padfoot, Moony, I guess what I'm going to say will not come out of the room? Harry asked with a beaten dog's look.

- Of course pup. Sirius answered, Remus nodding.

-Very good. Ragnok, I have a proposal for you." Harry then said.

The goblin narrowed his eyes and sat up. He watched the boy trying to figure out what he was going to propose, but he saw nothing through his mask.

"What is this proposal, your grace? Ragnok asked.

-It is very simple. It is obvious that you control Gringotts, and as a result, have control of accounts belonging to Death Eaters. My proposal is: Help me ruin the Death Eaters, whether it's taxes, non-compliance, and bad investments, whatever. Follow me in any of my business proposals, and in exchange, I can promise you that when I am the Lord of the House Pendragon, I will name you High King!" Harry said with a calculating smile.

A silence fell on the room. Sirius and Remus had their mouths wide open, while the goblins froze. As for Ragnok, his eyes were wide-eyed and his mouth wide open, a first for a goblin. Immediately, his mind began to run at full steam. He then reflects on the proposal, and the possible meaning for him and his clan.

It was not necessary to be born of the last rain to understand that he had everything to gain. And then, Ragnok did not like Death Eaters, very bad for business, and a little too xenophobic to his liking. And now he was given the opportunity to ruin the death eaters, to increase the reputation of his clan through these riches, and moreover, icing on the cake, to lead his entire race. He tried to find the disadvantages, and apart from annoying a few well-placed Death Eaters, he saw none.

Suddenly, Ragnok smiled, a sadistic, carnivorous, scary smile for Sirius and Remus. But not for Harry, who instantly understood that smile. It was a smile of victory and joy.

"I think, your grace, that we are going to be great friends. Ragnok answered, extending his hand.

-I think so too, Ragnok." Harry replied, shaking his hand.

That's how they chatted quietly for a good hour, setting up plans after plans to ruin the Death Eaters effectively. They were finally interrupted by two goblins who brought back Slytherin's ring.

"So, here's Slytherin's ring, yet I do not recognize the gem. There should be no gems, as the emerald is with the other rings. Harry said.

-Your grace, the gem on the ring seems to carry the coat of arms of the Peverell House. Fit then Ragnok.

-Oh? Can we remove it to put it on the right ring?" Hadrian asked.

It was then that the strangest happened. The gem was automatically detached from the ring, to roll to Harry, who caught him just by the way. Just as Harry grabbed the ring, he felt like a wave of power running through him. This did not go unnoticed.

"Interesting. Harry then said.

- May I, your grace?" Ragnok asked.

Harry nodded vaguely, handing him the black gem with a line in a circle in a triangle engraved in it. The goblin retrieved the gem before crimping it into the Peverell ring, doing the same with the emerald and Slytherin's ring.

"You can now claim your rings, your grace. Do not worry, they will merge if you place them on the same finger. Fit Ragnok.

-Pup, I advise you to start with the smallest house to finish the biggest, it's easier. Interjected then Remus, smiling.

-I did not think to ask, but are there special advantages to wearing these rings, apart from the political and economic reasons? Harry asked.

-Oh yes. Rings are enchanted to protect you from minor spells and curses, and from most poisons. Well, it will not protect you from Basilisk Venom, but it's very hard to get, you risk nothing. They can also give you a little magical boost, but only the most powerful rings can. I think all but the Evans have that little push." Sirius answered.

Harry nodded, before he started putting on the rings. He began with the ring of the Evans family, and put it on the little finger of his right hand. The ring accepted it immediately. He chained directly with that of the Potters who accepted immediately. The two rings merged to leave a mix between the two faces.

He decided to don the founders' rings on the index finger of the right hand, which merged to form the Hogwarts symbol without the Hufflepuff symbol. To continue, he finally placed the black ring on the middle finger of the right hand, while he placed the Peverell on the index finger of the left hand. He wanted to avoid merging the black heir ring with Lord Peverell's ring.

Finally, he placed Pendragon's ring on his right thumb, while he placed the Emrys on his left thumb. Fortunately, all the rings accepted it.

Sirius and Remus were intrigued by the placement of the rings.

"Tell me, pup, why did you put your rings like that? Asked Sirius.

-When I learned the conventions with Aunt Walburga, she also taught me everything there was to know about the rings and the significant locations on the fingers. So, by placing the rings on my little finger, I showed the direct connection between the Evans and Potter houses, the marriage of my parents. Harry started, the wizards shaking their heads.

-Then, I placed the rings of the founders on my index, to show everyone the importance of these houses in my family history. This is proof of importance. By cons, I had to separate the rings Black and Peverell. I placed the Black on my middle finger because it symbolizes my belonging to the Black family as heir, the ring is not that of Lord, I could not mix it with others. That of the Peverell was placed on my other index to indicate the importance of the Peverell family in my family tree, and then, I prefer to keep the gem apart. Harry continued.

-Finally, I placed that of the Pendragon family on my right thumb as a sign of wealth and power, this is his first place. To avoid mixing the ring with that of Emrys, I placed the other ring on my other thumb." Harry finished.

Again, a silence fell on the room. They were all subdued by Harry's intelligence. After a few seconds, Sirius burst out laughing.

"A true genius! My godson is a real genius, I told you so! He yelled.

-Indeed, Lord Black, it seems that his grace is very intelligent. Fit Ragnok.

-Now, I wish to know if it would be possible to see all the assets of Harry. Asked Sirius.

-Of course. Just place a few drops of blood on this parchment." Ragnok replied as he pulled another parchment out of his office.

Harry did not waste time pouring a few drops of his blood on the parchment in question. Once this was done, the parchment began to shine a golden color before lines began to appear on the parchment.

Assets and Possessions of Hadrian James Potter


Vault N ° 1:

Finance: 999 999 999 G, 999 999 999 S, 999 999 999 K

Possessions: Royal Crown, Heirlooms, Cognitionis Receptaculum,?

Properties: ?, Kingdom of Avalon, Camelot Castle (Destroyed), Diagon Alley (25%), Horizont Alley (25%), Knockturn Alley (25%)


Vault N ° 2:

Finance: 999 999 999 G, 999 999 999 S, 999 999 999 K

Possessions: Merlin's Staff, Merlin's Books, Heirlooms, Miscellaneous Items

Properties: Glastonbury Tor, Diagon Alley (25%), Horizont Alley (25%), Knockturn Alley (25%), Duchy of Great Britain, Duchy of Ireland


Vault N ° 3:

Finance: 156,985,569 G, 235,656 S, 569,595,987 K

Possessions: Books, Armor, Weapons, Heirlooms, Miscellaneous Items, Elder Wand (Missing), Cloak of Invisibility (Transferred Potter Chest), Resurrection Stone (Lord's Ring, removed by Hadrian James Potter)

Properties: Peverell Manor (Wales), Chalet Peverell (France), Duchy of Peverell (Hogwarts Field, Hogsmeade, Forbidden Forest), Diagon Alley (5%), Horizont Alley (5%), Carkitt Market (25%)

Shops: Daily Prophet (10%), Mr. Mulpepper's Apothecary (25%), Slug & Jiggers Apothecary (25%); the Diagon Dispensary (100%)


Vault N ° 4:


Properties: Carkitt Market (15%), Diagon Alley (5%), Horizont Alley (5%), Knockturn Alley (25%), Black Manor (Wales), Grimmauld Place (England), Chateau le Noir (France), Villa Negra (Spain), Villa Nera (Italy), ¼ Durmstrang, ¼ Beauxbatons, Duchy of Black

Shops: Daily Prophet (15%), Mr. Mulpepper's Apothecary (25%), Slug & Jiggers Apothecary (25%), Twilfitt and Tattings (50%), McHavelock's Wizarding Headgear (25%), Borgin and Burkes (25%), Flourish and Blotts (5%)


Vault N ° 5:

Finance: 0 (Transfer to Vault # 10 by Henry Potter)

Possessions: Books, armor, weapons, Heirlooms, miscellaneous items, Gryffindor's Sword (missing)

Properties: ¼ Hogwarts (Scotland), Godric's Hollow (Wales), Gryffindor Manor (Scotland), Diagon Alley (5%), Horizont Alley (5%), Gryffindor Duchy

Shops: None (transfer to the Potter family by Henry Potter)


Vault N ° 6:

Finance: 156,895 G, 256,568 S, 565 K

Possessions: Books, Rare Potions Ingredients, Miscellaneous Items, Slytherin's Locket (removed)

Properties: ¼ Hogwarts (Scotland), Slytherin Manor (Scotland), Diagon Alley (5%), Horizont Alley (5%), Knockturn Alley (10%), Slytherin Duchy

Shops: None (Complete sale by Tom Marvolo Riddle)


Vault N ° 7:

Finance: 126,256,985 G, 256,587,449 S, 256,585 K

Possessions: Books, Heirlooms, miscellaneous items, Ravenclaw's diadem (removed)

Properties: ¼ Hogwarts (Scotland), Ravenclaw Manor (Scotland), Diagon Alley (5%), Horizont Alley (5%), Knockturn Alley (10%), Duchy of Ravenclaw

Shops: Flourish and Blotts (50%), Tomes and Scrolls (50%), Second-Hand Bookshop (50%), Bufo's (25%), Ariadne Spinners (25%)


Vault N ° 10

Finance: 289,585,245 G, 256,584,478 S, 256,658 K

Possessions: Books, armor and weapons, Heirlooms, miscellaneous items, Invisibility Cloak (Withdrawn, loaned to Albus Dumbledore)

Trust Vault N ° 687:

Finance: 50,000 G

Properties: Potter Manor / Castle (York), Potter's cottage (Godric's Hollow), Potter / York Duchy, Diagon Alley (5%), Horizont Alley (5%), Marauder's Cottage (formerly Rat's Den, York), Villa Potter (Sweden), Potter Cottage (Denmark), La Maison du Potier (France), Carkitt Market (15%)

Shops: Daily Prophet (15%), Brigg's Brooms (75%), Broomstix (75%), Cleansweep Broom Company (50%), Nimbus Racing Broom Company (50%), Comet Trading Company (50%), Ellerby and Spudmore (50%), Flyte and Barker (50%), Universal Brooms Ltd (50%), Concordia and Plunkett Musical Instruments (25%), Dominic Maestro's Music Shop (25%), Zonko's Joke Shop (55%), Gambol and Japs Wizarding Joke Shop (100%)


Vault N ° 287

Finance: 1,258,985 G, 256,739 S, 256 K

Possessions: Books, Miscellaneous Objects

Properties: Evans House (England), 14 Privet Drive (Surrey, rented to Vernon Dursley)

Shops: Eeylops Owl Emporium (25%), Honeydukes (25%)

After reading the result, Harry opened his mouth wide without a single word coming out. This immediately caught the attention of the other two wizards, who were also amazed. Evidently Ragnok took the parchment to read it, and astonishment could be read in his features.

"Congratulations on your grace, it seems you're the richest wizard in the whole country, or even the wizarding world. And if we calculate all of your muggle money, I can assure you that you are currently the richest muggle. Informed Ragnok.

-I see. Is it possible to make investments with my money? Harry asked.

-Of course. Be it muggles or wizards. Replied Ragnok, surprised.

-Very good. I want to buy 15% of the Daily Prophet, no matter the way, I want these shares. If you could buy the Death Eaters, I'd be fine with that. I also want you to buy its muggle counterpart, the Daily Telegraph. But this is only the beginning." Harry started.

A big, sadistic smile appeared on Ragnok's face as he wrote at full speed on a parchment. Sirius and Remus looked at Harry in astonishment, not expecting this reaction.

"Then, I want you to try to get at least 50% of all the shops I already have, starting with brooms, the sport pays a lot. If necessary, offer merchants who still own some of their stores that they can continue to work there. I also want a tax increase for every store, property and property owned by Death Eaters. Diagon Alley, Horizont Alley, Knockturn Alley are mine, and I intend to enjoy it. As long as we are there, find out who owns the remaining 60% of Carkitt Market, that would allow me to own the entire shopping streets. I guess the rest must belong to the other ducal families, so try to take the shares of the Nott and Flint families. In the worst case, it does not matter, it will be enough for me to renew the alliance with the Longbottom family to ensure my supremacy on Carkitt Market. Harry explained.

-Very good, your grace. Something else? Ragnok asked with a big smile, already thinking about future profits.

-Hm ... I have studied muggles, and they are advancing very quickly in the technological field. I have heard that remarkable societies are being formed. I want you to buy as much as possible in Microsoft, Apple, Nokia and Motorola. I've heard about an internet company, but I think it will take a good decade to get it up and running. I also want to invest in catering companies, the population is growing rapidly, which means more mouths to feed, so more money to be made. Try to buy fast food companies, be it McDonald's, Burger King or Subway. I also want the beverage and mass distribution companies, then Coca Cola Company, Pepsi Company, the Wal-Mart chain, Carrefour ... I want them imperatively. Harry continued.

-I see. It will not be easy to get, but I think it's possible. You are talented in investments. Complimented Ragnok.

-The calculations are simple yet. The muggle population is growing, and they love to eat, drink, consume. So just buy the companies that sell what they are looking for, and that's it, the wealth at your fingertips. There are two companies, however, that I definitely want. Harry replied blushing at the end.

-I have this impression that I already know what he will ask. Whispered Sirius to Remus.

- He will not dare, will he? Answered Remus.

-I want to get Hagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's." Harry finished, licking his lips and salivating.

The goblin looked at Harry, taken aback by his reaction. As for Sirius, he burst out laughing, while Remus tried vainly not to laugh, but no avail.

"Are you serious, pup? You can not help it ... started Sirius.

-Do you like ice creams that much, Harry? Remus asked.

-So what? There is nothing wrong with investing in it! Harry answered with a little too much conviction.

-It will be done, your grace. The goblin interrupted.

-Perfect. What are the percentages collected by goblins? Harry asked.

-Gringotts charges a total commission of 5% of all winnings, in exchange, we take care of everything. Replied the goblin.

-In this case, take 15%, to make you want to work better." Harry replied with a small smile.

Ragnok's eyes widened suddenly, while Sirius and Remus stopped laughing. Even the other goblins had stopped breathing.

"Are you sure, pup? Asked Sirius.

-Yes of course. After all, the more goblins can win, the more they will make me prosper. Harry answered logically.

-It is with great pleasure, your grace. However, in view of your accounts, we must find you a more appropriate Account Manager. Fit then Ragnok.

-Why not you? Harry asked.

-I ... It's possible, and it would be a great honor. Ragnok replied, stunned.

-In this case, it's settled. We have an appointment at Hogwarts. Interjected Sirius, smiling.

-That your vaults may forever flow with gold. Harry said.

-And your enemies bend under your blows." Answered Ragnok with a big smile.

So Sirius, Remus and Harry left Ragnok's office to return to the Bank Hall, accompanied again by their guards. They were, however, hauled by a rattling voice.

"Sirius, Remus!" Said Molly Weasley.

They turned to see the Weasley troop. There was Molly Weasley, accompanied by her husband, Arthur Weasley, and their sons, William "Bill" Weasley, Charlie Weasley, George and Fred Weasley, Ronald "Ron" Weasley, and their youngest, Guinevere "Ginny" Weasley. Harry could not help but shudder at the envious look of Molly, Ginny, and Ronald.

"Oh my what, the Weasley family!" Sirius said with a fake smile.

Indeed, since the end of the war, Sirius and Remus had moved away as much as possible from the national harpy named Molly Weasley. Still, they liked Arthur, but his wife was enough to make them want to see him no more.

"It's a pleasure to see you. But what do I see, is this little Harry?" Molly asked in a honeyed tone, while Sirius and Remus shook Arthur's hand.

Harry did not like the diminutive matron Weasley, and his dark eyes made her understand, making Molly shudder. He gazed at the redheads, and could not take his eyes off one of them. He, too, was staring at Harry like in a trance.

"Yes, it's Hadrian. Sirius answered, emphasizing Hadrian.

-He grew up well. Oh, but where do I have my head, I must at all costs introduce our children. I introduce you to Bill, the eldest of our children. He enters 7th grade at Hogwarts and will be Head Boy. Then there is Charlie, who enters 5th grade at Hogwarts, besides being Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team and Prefect. Then there are our twins, Fred and George, who will be going to school in two years. Obviously, there is Ronald, who will go at the same time as Harry. And finally, there is our only daughter, Ginny. She'll be going a year after Ronald and Harry, what a pity. They would be perfectly together. Molly said, emphasizing Ginny.

-Oh, I see you had several children, that's good. Harry is plenty enough for me, thank you. Replied back Sirius.

-Well, on that, we have to ... "Sirius started before interrupting himself.

He had just looked at Harry and immediately noticed his gaze fixed on Charlie Weasley. Sirius immediately looked at the redhead, and when he saw the same look, he whitened. Damn, did he have to meet one of his soul mates now? It could be worse, it could have been the little one. Thought Sirius. Remus had pretty much the same thoughts.

It was then that Charlie came to Harry, and before anyone could intervene, took him in his arms. Nobody noticed the other wizards, and one named Rita Skeeter among them, watching the scene carefully.

As for Molly, she reacts fiercely to Charlie's actions.

"Charlie, put him down immediately!" She yelled.

Molly's howl got them out of their trance, but Charlie did not want to let go of Harry.

"I do not feel like it, 'man." Replied the redhead, hugging Harry.

For his part, Harry clung just as much to Charlie. He did not know why, but Charlie had become like the center of the world for him, and his scent was intoxicating.

"It's in your interest to obey me, I'm your mother! Molly yelled, making several wizards cringe.

- Molly, it's useless! Sirius said.

-What do you mean? Arthur asked, puzzled by the situation.

-For those who do not know, Harry is a bearer. "Just answered Sirius.

Immediately, all the wizards uttered a little cry of astonishment, while Rita's eyes lit up with joy. Another scoop! For his part, Charlie sniffed Harry's hair, pleased.

They were interrupted by Ginny Weasley.

"What is a bearer? She asked, darting Charlie with her darkest gaze.

-Hum ... uh ... Sirius said, blushing.

-My darling, how can I say, uh ... Arthur tried, without success.

-Remus? Then begged Sirius, the latter huffing a little before answering.

-To be plain, a bearer is a very powerful wizard who can have his own children, like a woman, and it's very rare. In exchange, this sorcerer have one or more soul mates, who will protect and love him, and start a family with him, they are always men. A bearer is not attracted to women, it's genetic. In our case, Charlie is Harry's soul mate. Remus replied in a teacher tone.

-WHY? BUT IT'S NOT POSSIBLE, IT'S NOT RIGHT! CHARLIE CAN'T LOVE, HE'S ASEXUAL, THE DOCTOR SAID SO! Ginny yelled, shocking the adults except Molly.

-Hein? Sirius said stupidly.

-In this case, it is additional proof. Soul mates are usually declared asexual until they find their bearers. Answered Remus.

-He is supposed to marry me! Ginny yelled again.

-What ?!" Sirius shouted, wide-eyed.

The shrieks and screams destabilized Charlie and Harry again, and they turned to Ginny.

"Sorry, Miss Weasley, but I can not marry you. First of all, there was no contract or agreement. Besides, I do not know you. And finally, as a bearer, I am gay. Harry said in a serious tone.

-But ... but ..." Ginny stammered.

-He is mine, understood? Charlie said darkly, making Ginny take a step back.

-But it's not normal! It's not natural! Molly said.

-Close it, Molly. I forbid you to speak like that in front of my godson." Sirius answered, his eyes darkening, causing Molly to shudder.

Arthur tried to spread the situation.

"Well ... we can not do anything about it. After all, soul mates are sacred, and then, Charlie is very lucky to be Harry's. That suits me perfectly. He said.

-You're not serious? Molly asked.

-No, that's me! Said Sirius, who was whacked by Remus.

-As I said, now it is, that's it! I am the head of the family here, not you!" Arthur answered.

Again, a silence fell on the Bank. For the first time in his life, Arthur Weasley had just rebelled against his wife, a first. Rita Skeeter was taking photos to her heart's content and her quick-quote feather was writing at a breakneck speed on a parchment. As for Molly, she stared at her husband as if she saw him for the first time. I will have to strengthen the doses, she thought.

"Very good. However, we will have to do something for these two. Sirius said, pointing Harry and Charlie.

-Normally, when two soul mates meet, they must not be separated during the next days, because it could hurt them. You have to let the link form properly between them. Intervened then Remus.

-He could come to us? Molly offered, trying to restore her position.

-No, Harry has classes to follow at the castle. Why would not Charlie come live at the castle with us? I know you have some financial problems, and since Charlie is destined to live with Harry, it would be easier for everyone if he came to live with us permanently. You can always ask to see him, of course. And nothing will stop him from coming to your home for a while. Sirius suggested, smiling.

-Excellent idea! Arthur said, happy.

-What? But ... Tried Molly.

-It is enough! Charlie will go live with Harry. In any case, there is not enough room at home. On the other hand, for school affairs ... started Arthur.

-No problems, we can take care of it, and since he will live with us, we will take into account all his expenses. We have an appointment at 10:00 am at Hogwarts, which leaves us a good hour to buy what is needed in Charlie. Answered Sirius.

-But, for the cost ... tried in vain Arthur.

-Bah, that'll be fine. I'll take care of everything, do not worry, Arthur. Just give us the list, and we'll take care of it. Sirius said.

-Very good. In this case ... "Arthur replied.

He handed Charlie's school list to Sirius, before kissing his son and leaving, followed by the other members of the Weasley clan. For his part, Harry was perfectly happy to stay in the arms of his soul-mate.

That's how Sirius, Remus, Charlie, Harry and the guards came out of the bank to make the necessary purchases for Charlie. Sirius decided that as Harry's soul mate, Charlie had to be well dressed. Thus, they went to buy new clothes for him at Twilfitt and Tattings. For the first time in his life, Charlie was dressed in Acromantula silk. He then got dresses for Hogwarts, but also a whole wardrobe for York and everyday life. Sirius even ordered that every dress, every garment, be embroidered with the coat of arms of Harry's houses, except for Pendragon and Emrys, of course. Charlie was very embarrassed, and tried in vain to refuse, but Sirius was implacable, and he finally accepted. He did not realize that Sirius only paid part of the total price, having a big discount as one of the owners.

It was the same story in every shop. Thus, Charlie obtained quality cauldrons, ingredients of excellent quality potions, new books, and even a new wand, his own being damaged. Finally, he received a pet, an Eagle-Owl, to be able to communicate with his family, and Harry when he was in Hogwarts. In the end, Charlie was very happy. And the most fun thing for Remus and Sirius was that he kept Harry in his arms for the entire shopping. They ended up going together to Broomstix to get a new broomstick for Charlie.

Sirius, who was passionate about Quidditch, had heard of a broom prototype, the nimbus 2000. He then inquired with the Broomstix salesman. Harry reacted immediately, and using his authority as the store's owner, and theoretically, the Nimbus Company, if a prototype was available. Luckily, only one prototype was available, and that was his present for Charlie, who jumped with joy. He would finally be able to play and use his full potential during Quidditch matches. House elves recovered all their purchases, surprising Charlie once more. Sirius then explained that they had hundreds of elves, and that anyway, they had to go to Hogwarts. Charlie decided to accompany them.

That's how Sirius and Remus apparated with Harry and Charlie, obviously followed by the guards. They arrived at Hogsmeade, where they were joined by Walburga Black. The latter frowned at Charlie's sight.

"What is he doing here? She asked without even showing up.

-Aunt Walburga, this is Charlie Weasley, my soul mate." Harry replied as tactfully as she did.

Walburga became completely rigid, as if frozen in place. Her eyes were wide and frightened. No, not a poor traitor to his blood, anything but that! Thought she. She began to panic internally.

She knew from the beginning that Harry was a bearer, and that had never bothered her. On the contrary, she saw an opportunity. She knew that in the magical society, families were patriarchal, and that only men could inherit directly from the title of Lord. For her, Harry was a unique opportunity to link one or more magical families directly to the Black, thus consolidating the family's position, although it is not necessary.

She had not, unfortunately, taken into account that other families could be among the potential soul-mates, and now she regretted it. She decided to turn her gaze to Charlie. Above all, he was well dressed, with quality clothes, which she appreciated. He was quite tall and muscular, but not too much, staying thin enough. In short, he had the body of a perfect sportsman, she immediately made the link with Quidditch.

Finally, she focused on his head. She was not surprised by his flamboyant hair, a typical Weasley and Prewett brand. She focused her attention on his face, the retailer. She was pleasantly surprised not to see a single freckle, leaving a clean face, impeccable, without the slightest button or imperfection. His nose was straight, his cheekbones high and aristocratic, as he should be for a pureblood. Finally, she lingered over his eyes.

Walburga used to think that through the eyes of a person, one could read it and see its true personality. She noticed that his eyes were blue and deep. He felt like innocence, sympathy and loyalty. She then noticed his arm, surrounding Harry in a protective way, and she was convinced. On the other hand, she did not want to support other Weasleys, and set out to educate this young man to become a true pureblood, and restore the honor of his family, at least, to avoid tainting Harry's.

And, whether she likes it or not, she knew perfectly well that it was too dangerous or even impossible to separate soul-mates, so whether she wanted it or not, she had to accept that relationship.

"Nice to meet, Lady Black. I am Charlie Weasley, heir to the old and noble Prewett family." Charlie introduced himself.

There was then like a silence. Walburga saw the heads of Sirius and Remus not being aware of this little news at all.

"Nice to meet you, Charlie. Heir of Prewett do you say? How is it possible? Asked the matriarch.

-My grandfather had only girls, he decided to choose me as heir, since my brother will become the Lord Weasley in due time. Replied Charlie.

-Excellent, excellent. So you are the soul-mate of my nephew, Hm? She asked.

-I ... Yes, ma'am. Charlie replied, gesticulating on his feet.

-Very good. But it will be necessary to educate you as it should, I refuse that the future Consort Black is not educated properly. You'll have lessons with me starting tomorrow!" Walburga said.

Immediately, Remus and Sirius released a breath they could not remember holding. Indirectly, Walburga had just agreed, and that would make their life easier. The fact that Charlie was heir to a Noble House had surely convinced her. For his part, Harry had nothing to do with it, he was very much in the arms of his soul-mate, and he knew his aunt well enough to know she would accept him. He rolled his eyes at the reactions of Remus and Sirius, for him everything was logical, he did not understand the fright of the two marauders.

As for him, Charlie felt relieved by Walburga Black's answer. He knew he was not a member of the best family, and he was not rich. Well, he was actually completely poor. Apart from his intelligence and his superb sportsmanship, he had nothing. And now he was tied to the richest and most powerful boy in the wizarding world. Not as a friend, but as a soul-mate, which meant as a lover.

In a way, he was very happy because he no longer needed to live with his family, and his mother-hen who loved to control their lives. And especially, now that he held Harry in his arms, he did not want to leave him. He only felt the urge to protect him against all odds. Fortunately, he knew what a bearer was, because one of the Prewett family members was one, and knew perfectly well that he would feel a sexual desire for Harry that when he was about fourteen years old, two years before his magical heart reaches his majority.

"Well, it's time to go to the castle. I wonder where Dumbledore is. Fit Walburga.

-Just here." Answered a voice in the distance.

They jumped, and saw Dumbledore arrive with a small bag of candy in his hands. As usual, he was dressed in a colorful dress with striking colors. This time, the dress was purple, with dark blue lines and big yellow stars.

"Professor Dumbledore! The two marauders said, happy to see him.

-Uncle Albus. Answered Harry, who had taken this habit.

-Headmaster." Just said Charlie.

Dumbledore was surprised to see Charlie, not expecting his presence. He noticed right away that he held Harry in his arms, and he understood in a few seconds. He then grinned.

"Well, congratulations, boys. Then said the old man.

-Thank you. Answered the two individuals.

-We should go, I'm sure the others have already arrived. I can not wait to see their reaction." Exclaimed Dumbledore, starting toward Hogwarts with the other wizards.

That's how they all headed together to the imposing Hogwarts Castle. It was the first time for Harry, and he had to admit to being excited like a flea to see his castle, because after all, Hogwarts belonged to him. In retrospect, Hogsmeade and the whole area belonged to him. But it is mainly the castle that interested him.

During the entire journey, he remained in Charlie's arms, which greatly amused the adults present, and was a perfect match for Charlie. Fortunately for him, Harry was thin, so easy to wear.

After a good hour, they arrived at the gate of the castle, where Argus Filch, the handyman of the school, was waiting for them. In short, the concierge. He was old and sour, with an almost scary face. Still, he was dressed for a party, which astonished the marauders, but not Albus. After all, for the first time, the owner of Hogwarts was coming to the castle, and Argus had to make a good impression on his employer.

"Your grace, I am happy to welcome you to your home. Then bowed Argus in front of Harry.

-I thank you ... Harry started.

-Argus, Argus Filch, your grace. I am the school janitor. Fit the old man.

-I thank you, Argus. You can go about your business." Harry dismissed him, Argus nodding before leaving, followed by his cat, Miss Norris.

Walburga nodded at Harry's behavior, which made him smile. Albus then led them to the Great Hall, where the relics of the founders were.

"Harry, as I told you, I had the relics of the founders exposed here in the Great Hall. Of course, they belong to you, and you can recover them whenever you want. Albus said.

-Yes, Uncle Albus. But I prefer to leave them here, anyway, I do not need to use them yet. Answered Harry.

-Very good. With that, we should continue to the meeting room." Albus answered.

For his part, Harry devoured the castle with his eyes, watching the sky-like ceiling, floating candles and moving paintings. He had even seen a few ghosts, but they seemed to be busy with who knows what. Harry noticed armor and statues everywhere, and oddly, he felt a connection with all that. In fact, just as he had entered the castle, Harry had felt a strong connection with the castle, and was bathed in a sort of maternal embrace. He asked a question.

"Uncle Albus, is it normal that I feel the castle? He asked.

-Feel? What do you mean? Replied the old man, intrigued.

-I do not know how to explain it. It's as if I knew the castle in every nook and cranny, and then I feel like a maternal presence. A bit like a mother? I think it's the castle, but I'm not too sure. Answered Harry.

-I see. Hm, it is quite possible that as heir to the castle, it has become linked to you. You see, the wards are so old, and the castle constantly feeding on magic, it eventually reached a form of sentience, or if you prefer, develop a kind of consciousness. I even think that you control the wards, and because of this, can control the entirety of what happens in the castle. I know for example that the armor can be animated, can you do it?" Albus asked, puzzled.

They all stopped temporarily, to observe Harry. The latter focused on one of the armor. Suddenly, the armor moved, and came in front of Charlie and Harry to bow. Other armor joined them, causing the guards to jump. The armor formed a cohort around the wizards.

"Fascinating. Albus answered simply, stunned.

-Well, you do not do things half, pup. Sirius said with a little grin.

-Something tells me that I will never be bored with you. Charlie said with a smile, which made Harry blush.

-But I wanted only one armor! Harry answered then.

-It may be that the other statues were animated by the castle, as a form of protection. Albus answered simply.

-A protection? To do what? Remus asked, worried.

-I do not know. After all, the castle can read the emotions of all of us, it may be that someone present in the castle is not as friendly as we think. Fit Albus then.

-Bah! I'm sure it must be one of those governors. I am willing to bet that it is the son of Abraxas, the bad seed, I tell you. Fit Walburga.

-Bad seed? Not impossible. Interjected then Remus, pensive.

-Anyway, he can not do anything to Harry. He is protected, and this place belongs to him. Hogwarts will not let him, and if he ever tries, then I pity him. Albus said with a mysterious little smile.

-He does not even approach my companion, or I will skin him alive." Charlie said, shocking the wizards.

It attracted approving glances from Walburga, Sirius, and Remus, and a little snort from Dumbledore and the other wizards. As for Harry, he smiled more and clung more forcefully to his soul mate.

They eventually started again to finally arrive at the doors of the meeting room. Harry motioned Charlie to put him down, because after all, he would not make a good impression by hanging on in the arms of his soul-mate, and he would not be taken seriously. The latter reluctantly agreed, but he did not want to upset his soul mate. This made Sirius snort like a hyena, attracting a glare from his mother, which quickly calmed him, this time making Remus smile. For his part, Dumbledore's eyes shone brightly, betraying his amusement.

Dumbledore then opened the doors to enter the room, accompanied by all, even guards. He went straight to his appointed place, Walburga doing the same. As for Charlie, he remained close to his companion, rather uncertain, not being used to such things. He still had a protective attitude towards Harry.

When they entered the room, Harry stood upright, his head high, despite his small size. He had the attitude of a Lord in his domain, and he intended to prove to others that he was fit to take care of his business. Still, he held Charlie's right hand with his left hand, showing to all his right hand adorned with his rings, except that of the Pendragon he had camouflaged. As a precaution, he had also camouflaged the Emrys ring on his left hand.

POV Harry

And here I am at last in the arena, surrounded by enemies and friends, oh joy. I thought. I glanced around to see who was present. Obviously, I saw thirteen people, Uncle Albus and the twelve other governors around a large table. I saw Aunt Walburga, sitting comfortably at Black's seat, with a disdainful glance at the other governors, while Uncle Sirius sat in the Potter's chair as a Proxy, with a small, amused smile. It was obvious that he was waiting impatiently for the debacle. I squeezed Charlie's hand with a little more force, anxiously. I was really happy to have followed Aunt Walburga's teachings about the noble houses, or even all the wizard families. According to her, I must know the names, faces and stories of my future servants. Finally, I say servants, but she said slaves ... I then watched the people sitting around the table shaped like a semicircle, one after the other. There was:

- Aunt Walburga, wearing a long black and silver dress, with the coat of arms of the Black family embroidered on it, and wearing several jewels, whether it is a ring similar to that of the Lord of the Black House, or a Celtic torque in silver with a splendid onyx set in the center. She had a cane in her hands, the pommel was made of silver in the shape of a raven. As usual, she wore an authoritarian and proud face, crucifying some governors. She gave me a small smile that lasted only a second, and I was the only one to see it. She sat as Black.

-Uncle Sirius, dressed in a beautiful red burgundy dress with filigree of gold and silver along the fabric. I could easily see the Potter and Black coat of arms embroidered on his chest. Not a fan of jewelry, he only had his own Lord Black ring, a white gold signet ring with a black star sapphire in the form of a raven, holding a magic wand in its beak, set in the center. He too had a cane, with a silver pommel in the shape of a dog. He explained to me that it was his Pimp Cane, to make fun of Lucius Malfoy, which made me laugh. He had laughing eyes and gave me a discreet wink, which made me snort. He sat as proxy for the Potters.

-Uncle Albus, still dressed in his colorful dress, with his long white beard and half-moon glasses, his eyes laughing. He knew exactly what was going to happen, and he was just waiting for that. He sat simply as Director of the School. Compared to the governors, his seat was opposite the table, just in front of the chairman of the Board of Governors.

-Amos Diggory, wearing a yellow and gold dress with black stitching all the way down the dress. I saw his coat of arms, which of Maison Diggory, proudly embroidered on his chest. He had a neutral and friendly face, and quite warm eyes. I had to admit that he was quite charming, which made me want to see what his son looked like. Who knows, maybe I had other soul-mates. Unlike other governors, he did not have a cane, which made me smile. I could also see Lord's signet ring, it was made of gold with an imperial topaz in the form of a badger set in its center. His ring was a strange reminder of the Hufflepuff family, and I told myself that I would have to learn more about his family. He gave me a warm smile, which reassured me a little. He sat as Diggory.

-Augusta Longbottom, the dowager of the Longbottom family, wearing a horrible green dress with a fox stole around her neck, and, to my horror, a hideous hat adorned with a stuffed vulture on her head. Not to mention her red handbag. She was old enough, her features drawn, and her face scowling. According to Aunt Walburga, Augusta Longbottom has always been known to be a person of character, and it shows. She wore a silver ring with an emerald in the shape of an L, but it was not the original ring. I knew she could not wear the original ring, since Frank Longbottom was still alive, although in St-Mungo. The ring could only be transferred to Neville in due course. She looked at me with piercing eyes, analyzing me, which made me tighten my grip on Charlie's hand, what she saw. Her gaze then softens. She sat as Longbottom.

-Mulciber Nott, dressed in a long deep blue dress with silver filigree running along the dress, to finally take the form of the coat of arms of the House Nott at the level of the torso. He was obviously wearing a silver signet ring set with a topaz and a diamond, probably Lord's ring. His face was completely neutral, as was his look. It reassured me, in a way, because if he was indeed on the side of Death Eaters, his eyes would be either disdainful or full of hatred. He sat, of course, as Nott.

-Marwyn Flint, wearing a black dress with deep green stripes. Unlike the others, he had an earring, with a small emerald, surely enchanted to protect him in any way. The Flint's coat of arms was embroidered not on the chest, but on the shoulder. He sported a chiseled silver signet ring with a chrysoberyl set in its center, the silver taking the form of a capital F above the gem. Unlike Mulciber, I could see the anxiety painted on his face. His gaze lingered on me, and I could see through his eyes that he did not want to hurt me, but I kept myself on my guard all the same. He sat as Flint.

-Malthus Rosier, wearing a long green forest dress with the symbol of a red rose embroidered on the chest, the symbol of Maison Rosier. I could see his ring, a rhodium signet ring with a rose-shaped garnet in the center. His face was hard, and quite hateful, which made me shudder. I felt the anxiety of Charlie, who stuck to me, and I understood why, seeing the man's look of disgust and hatred. It was obvious that he did not carry me in his heart, much less a Weasley. For me, it was obvious that Malthus Rosier was a real Death Eater, just by his behavior. I had to take care of him one day or another. He sat as Rosier, since the death of his son, Evan Rosier.

-Corban Yaxley, dressed in a black coat over a beige shirt, with the coat of arms of the Yaxley embroidered on the front pocket of his coat. He wore dragon leather gloves, with a bronze signet ring on top. He was tall enough, a bad face that I would consider almost evil, a black and abject look, and a bad smile. He was the very archetype of the wicked, the villain, the servant and the lord of evil. In short, a Death Eater in all his glory, released or never caught ... Unlike the others, he represented the Burke family and not his own.

-Heracles Parkinson, wearing a long black dress with stripes, with a black fur coat over it. He also wore leather gloves, with a silver signet ring set with a blood garnet, probably his Lord's signet ring. I did not know much about him, except his relationship with Perseus Parkinson, a former minister of magic, who resigned a long time ago. He was ugly, very ugly, on the verge of ugliness, and from what I had been made to understand, it was genetic. I dared to imagine his children, and I shudder with horror. I squeezed my soul mate's hand a little more. Parkinson was obviously sitting as a member of his family.

-Hector Smith, wearing a long gold dress with black bands and embroidered badgers on the shoulders. I could see his family's coat of arms on his chest, and I almost laughed at seeing a badger once more. Despite the public derelict, they were always proud to be linked to the Hufflepuff family and continued to claim themselves as legitimate heirs. I noticed very quickly the hateful look he gave me, probably due to the fact that the Hufflepuff cup belonged to me. He wore a bronze signet ring that looked like gold for the less educated, with a badger-shaped topaz. His ring was strangely similar to the Diggory's, and that reinforced my suspicion. He sat, of course, as Smith.

-Thorfinn Rowle, wearing a long black dress with gold filigree along his dress, and the coat of arms of Maison Rowle embroidered on his shoulders. He had kept his coat on him, which gave him an impressive look. Unlike the others, he was very tall, with an imposing build, worthy of a sportsman. Another thing that stood out from the others was his blond, short hair, while the wizards usually keep the hair long enough. Finally, he had a sharp look and bad, not to mention his unhealthy smile that made me uncomfortable. He wore a simple silver signet ring with an amethyst. He was obviously sitting as Rowle.

-Lucius Malfoy, wearing a long black dress, covered by a black ermine cloak with silver buttons with the Malfoy coat of arms. I could also see a fur stole around his shoulders, not to mention a silver brooch on the front of his coat, representing the Malfoy crest. I looked at him further, and I saw that he was wearing dragon leather gloves, with a white gold signet ring with an emerald on top of his ring at the center, white gold forming a capital M on the gem. He also held in his hands a long wooden cane, with a silver pommel looking like a snake. My uncle Sirius had told me that his cane, unlike the others, also served as a sheath for his wand. He had a haughty look, and a little smirk amused me by looking at me, underestimating me, something he would strongly regret. He was sitting in the center of the table, on a seat larger than the others, larger and more expensive, that of Chairman of the board. He obviously represented his own family.

And now, I finally came to observe all those present, obviously not taking into account my soul mate, Uncle Remus or our guards.

"Is there a reason for this meeting? Yaxley asked.

-Yes, there is one, Corban, and we can surely hear it once your mouth is closed. Mulciber Nott replied with a hint of venom.

-The last thing I want to do is listen to you, traitor! Yaxley answered.

-Silence! We are not here to hear your rant, and if you want to bicker like kids, get out of there!" Exclaimed Augusta Longbottom.

Silence fell on the room, but we could still hear the snorts from Sirius, who took a look disapproving of his mother. It was Aunt Walburga who spoke.

"Albus Dumbledore, could we know why you summoned this council urgently? She asked officially.

-Indeed, Lady Black. I urgently convened this council at the request of Hadrian James Potter as heir to the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin Houses. Answered Uncle Albus.

-Ah? And since when do we answer a kid? Asked Malthus Rosier.

-Since my godson is the owner of this school, then I advise you to shut up and listen, Malthus! Fit Uncle Sirius vehemently.

-My son is right, as the heir and owner of this school, Harry is entitled to convene this council, and we should listen to him to learn more. Added Aunt Walburga.

-As for me, I'm intrigued by the reason for this meeting. Could you enlighten us, Heir Hadrian? Amos asked.

-Of course. As heir, and de facto, owner of the school and the surrounding area, I decided, with my guardian, to check the accounts of the school, every expense, every rule, to be reassured as to its good operation." I say then.

Immediately Lucius, Malthus, Corban, Thorfinn, Heracles, and Hector turned pale. They understood very well what I was referring to, and that did not bode well for them.

"And what did you discover, heir Hadrian? Asked Marwyn Flint.

-Well. I first discovered inconsistencies in cash flow. I began.

-What do you mean by inconsistencies? Sirius asked, playing the game.

-Indeed, Uncle Sirius. I discovered significant inconsistencies, which, if I am not mistaken, are responsible for Hogwarts' deficit. Uncle Albus, if I remember correctly, you explained to me that some rooms, dormitories, one of the bathrooms, and the caretaker's house need some renovations. Not to mention the furniture that needs to be changed, the library that needs new books etc ... That's right? I asked.

-Indeed, my boy, that's it. Albus replied with a laugh.

-Normally, and according to logic, all this should have already been done. However, the necessary funds are not present, which I found strange. So I looked at the school cash, more specifically, the account books. That's when I discovered something interesting. I said with a little grin.

-What is it, Heir Potter? Lucius asked, glaring at him.

-You're good to ask, Lord Malfoy. I discovered that pureblood families pay only 1 / 10th of the tuition fees, which half-breeds pay the full tuition, and that, to my amazement, muggle-borns pay double tuition. Not to mention that some families, who by chance are members of this council, pay no fees. For those who do not know, a year in Hogwarts costs 200 galleons, as it was the best school in the country. This means that a pureblood only pays 20 galleons, while a muggleborn pays 400 galleons. You have to know that 400 galleons represent £ 2,000 for a muggle, which is a lot. I guess the increased tuition fees for Muggle-borns was put in place to deter them from coming to Hogwarts, and to go to other, smaller schools. However, this does not explain the reduction for purebloods." I revealed.

Amos and Augusta frowned, for they perfectly remembered paying 400 galleons each year. They let it know.

"I remember paying 400 galleons for my son, heir Hadrian. Replied Augusta.

-Indeed, Lady Longbottom. I wanted to come to that fact. I have noticed that some families of purebloods, who are considered very light, or blood-traitors for being on the muggleborn side and integrating them, pay the full tuition fees. I replied with a smile.

-What?! Yelled Amos.

-It is a scandal! Cried Augusta.

-I come back to my first question: Is there a valid reason for these reductions? Because they do not even apply to all purebloods!" I said then.

Charlie tightened his grip on me, sticking right behind me, staring at Corban and Malthus. Five minutes passed without anyone speaking.

"So I take this silence as a no. However, the problem does not stop there.

-And why should we listen to a kid of your kind, brat? Then intervened Hector Smith.

-Unlike you, Lord Smith, of the illegitimate lineage of the Hufflepuff, I am a legitimate heir to my titles, and therefore owns that school, this land, the village of Hogsmeade, and even the Hufflepuff Cup." I replied with a sadistic smile.

Aunt Walburga and Uncle Sirius hid their smiles, while Amos, Augusta, Mulciber, and Marwyn looked approvingly. For his part, Hector Smith turned red and was about to open his mouth when interrupted by Dumbledore.

"My boy, what did you mean by the problem does not stop there? Asked the old man.

-Very simple, Uncle Albus. I noticed another inconsistency in the account books, an inconsistency that I consider to be theft." I answered.

A new silence fell on the room. Being accused of robbery among wizards was considered a social taboo, a shame, a blot on the family.

"Who? Then ask Amos with serious face.

-Well, it seems that some governors have received a pay, substantial that is more. A pay that is not the case for all governors. A payroll of 1,000 galleons a month for Lucius Malfoy, Corban Yaxley, Thorfinn Rowle, Heracles Parkinson, Hector Smith and Malthus Rosier. That means a total loss of 72,000 galleons a year, which would be enough to pay for all the renovations, for example. Instead, we have a significant hole in the fund, a debt of over 1,000,000 galleons. After all, the school is supposed to bring in about 80,000 galleons a year, but it brings in only 40,000 Galleons as a result of pureblood discounts, not to mention the salaries of the teachers, the janitor and the keeper of the keys. I'm not even talking about the renewal of potions ingredients, thankfully our greenhouses manage to provide the establishment. I said then.

-How dare you call me a thief, you little shit!" Hurray then Heracles Parkinson.

The latter got up furiously from his chair and threw himself at me, to the shock of all. Before he could even touch me, he received Charlie's fist right in the face, before being pointed by Sirius's wands, Walburga, Amos, Mulciber, Marwyn, Augusta, Albus, and the ten guards.

"How dare you assault my nephew, dirty betrayer to his blood? Son of troll, you'll pay me, and you'll regret having gotten through the Blacks!" Aunt Walburga shouted.

Before anyone could stop her, she cast an unknown spell on the man on the ground. At the biggest shock of all, nothing happened, which intrigued everyone.

"What ..." then began Lucius Malfoy.

Suddenly, Heracles began screaming in pain. The Black's coat of arms appeared on his now red skin. He stopped screaming, sighing and squeaking afterwards. Charlie tightened his grip on me, and took me in his arms as a precaution.

"Can one of the guards call Bartemius Crouch? Uncle Albus asked, displeased.

-Right now." One of the guards said, before leaving the room urgently.

Only five minutes later, he returned, accompanied by the director of the Department of Magical Justice, Bartemius Crouch, accompanied by the assistant director, Amelia Bones and two auroras.

"Albus, what's going on? He asked.

-Bartemius. I'm really sorry to get you here, but Heracles Parkinson tried to hurt Harry, after he revealed his thefts. Answered Uncle Albus.

-Is it true? He asked.

-That is true. This jerk threw himself on my godson! Yelled Uncle Patmol, really not happy.

-Good. Aurors, stop this man. Bartemius then said.

-We will still have to collect your depositions. Fit then Amelia Bones.

-No Need, I will give you a memory." Answered Uncle Albus.

He pulled out a vial, and using his wand, he pulled out his memory and placed it inside the receptacle, before giving it to Amelia Bones. They left just after.

"Well, we can still resume the meeting. Aunt Walburga then asked.

-Indeed. Although Lord Parkinson's reaction was disappointing and shameful, we must finish this meeting because I would like to hear everything. Replied Mulciber Nott.

-As I said, the individuals I mentioned before are thieves, the account books prove it, and I am sure that by asking the goblins to check, they will find even more evidence. However, there is another problem that intrigues me. I say then.

-What is it? Uncle Sirius asked.

-Well, I thought I noticed that there were many more courses before. This is no longer the case. Before, there were courses such as duels, black magic, the study of dark arts, the study of white magic, alchemy, the study of rituals, the study of the customs of the Magical World, Ethics and Wizard Politics ... That is so much courses that would be very useful, and yet, these courses no longer exist. I checked, and I understood that they were suppressed by the governors, in order, in my opinion, to weaken and limit the access to magic to muggleborns. I said, smiling.

-I do not see why the mudbloods should have access to all this! Then shouted Corban.

-No matter! I noticed that there are too many inconsistencies and interference from some individuals, so I came to a conclusion. I replied with a small smile.

-And what is it? Lucius Malfoy asked, staring at me.

-It is very simple. As the owner of the Hogwarts School, I order the dissolution of the Board of Governors and the creation of the Hogwarts Academic Council, from which I will select the members." I answered.

They were all silent, then I saw Malthus, Lucius, Hector, Corban and Thorfinn turn red with rage. They were about to scream.

"How dare you relegate us to the background, a little less-than-nothing! Yelled Corban.

-You can not do that, you fiend! Malthus shouted.

-I refuse to be ordered by a kid of seven years!" Hector shouted.

And it went on like that for a few minutes, as I smiled and could feel the vibrations coming from Charlie, who was trying to keep from bursting out laughing at seeing Lucius Malfoy's white, confused face.

"Shut up! Yelled Uncle Sirius, at the end of his nerves.

-Whether you like it or not, the board is dissolved, and every rule and expense will be reviewed. Reports will be made, and the Ministry of Magic and Gringotts will be notified for each theft and non-regulatory expenditure. I can assure you, Lord Malfoy, Rosier, Smith, Yaxley, and Rowle that you will reimburse all that you have earned up to the least galleon. In addition, I will order the refund for current Muggleborn students, at least for the surplus they have paid, and all pureblood families will now have to pay the full tuition plus the fees missing for the years already elapsed. I am sure our coffers will fill up fast enough.

However, I do not intend to stop there. The purpose of the Council will be to restore old subjects, monitor cash flow, and finally, verify the accreditation of each professor. It may take a few years because we will have to bail the treasure first, but according to my calculations, everything will be ready for my return. I said.

-Excuse me, Heir Hadrian, but who will be present on this council? Amos Diggory asked.

-Ha, it's very simple. I decided that my uncles Sirius and Remus, with Aunt Walburga, will take care of the council. I propose to you, and Lady Longbottom, Lord Nott and Lord Flint, to join this council. Uncle Albus will also be a board member, as school headmaster, because I decided to keep him. I replied.

-What? And us? Hector asked.

-I will be honest with you. I refuse to have thieves among those I am around, so you can leave. What's more, I refuse to be near Death Eaters who crouched in front of a half-blooded blood-traitor who was delusional because dad did not want him. I added.

-Have you heard my godson? Get out!" Uncle Sirius added with a big smile.

Lucius Malfoy, Malthus Rosier, Thorfinn Rowle, Hector Smith, and Corban Yaxley rose with a frowning face and left the room. Lucius's eyes promised me a thousand sufferings, but I had nothing to do with them. I was going to get my revenge for the death of my parents, and every volunteer Death Eater was going to pay for it, one way or another.

"I accept the position, Heir Potter. Said Amos.

-Me too, and without these leeches, everything should be better. Mulciber said.

-He's right, though, I do not know if it's a good thing to get on Malfoy's bad side. Added Marwyn.

-Lord Flint, as Lord of the Flint House, and Duke, you are superior to Malfoy, do not hesitate to let him know. Aunt Walburga answered.

-She is right. Besides, I also accept the position. Augusta said.

-Perfect! With that, you'll be able to get everything ready for school, and I'll personally pay for the renovations, anyway, it's my castle. On the other hand, I decided to fill the hole of the treasury with the tuition fees and the refunds of the families with the pure-blood. It will also increase tuition fees, it's been several centuries that they are the same. I will say 300 galleons a year. I added.

-I agree, it's not up to you to pay for the mistakes of the governors, and this rate is perfect." Augusta said.

It was then that I felt Charlie gesturing. I looked into his eyes, and saw that they were filled with anxiety.

"A problem, Charlie? I asked.

-Harry, my family can never afford such an expense. Already my dad is having trouble paying for Bill and me, so with the coming of the twins ... replied my soul mate.

-I see ... Perhaps we could set up a kind of special fund for families who can not afford to pay for their entire schooling. In fact, we could even create some sort of scholarship, be it for purebloods, half-bloods, and muggle-borns. It is obvious that the majority of children do not go to Hogwarts, despite its prestige, probably due to the absurd cost and rules of some families. Now that they are gone, we could exponentially increase the number of students. I suggested.

-It's a great idea, Harry! Answered Uncle Sirius, while Amos nodded.

-But how many students would this bring to school? Mulciber asked.

-Well, if we could offer a scholarship that will pay half of the tuition, I think we could have a total of 50 to 100 additional students a year. So instead of 60 students a year, we would have 110 to 160 students a year, and we could go from a total of 400 students to 1120 students or more. I suggested.

-But did not we want to make sure to repay our debt? Malthus asked.

-It's true, but I never said that the scholarship will be supplied by Hogwarts. No, the best thing would be for this scholarship to be supplied by our families. In the long run, we will offer them to work for our companies, and recover our money. Not to mention the advertising that we will do, we will become true academic heroes. I added.

-What would it cost? Amos asked.

-Oh, according to my calculations, the first year, it would cost us a maximum of 20,000 galleons, but after seven years, when each year is complete, it should cost us a total of 120,000 galleons. I think we should supply a total of 200,000 galleons now, for emergencies, we never know. This could possibly pay for supplies or other. I think that as the owner of the school, it is my duty to pay 100,000 galleons, and my income is so large that if I wanted to, I could pay for everything. Not to mention that I represent the Black family theoretically, so Uncle Sirius will not need to participate as I am. I replied.

-In this case, I can add 20,000 galleons. Answered Amos Diggory with a big smile.

-Likewise, let it not be said that the Longbottom do not participate! Added Augusta Longbottom.

-Ha, count on Nott then! Declared Mulciber Nott.

-Good, you do not give me the choice, so I will also participate. But who will manage this scholarship? Asked Marwyn Flint.

-Well, I had first thought about Aunt Walburga, but ... Well, I started before I had Aunt Walburga glare at me, making Uncle Sirius giggle, while I felt a tremolo run through Charlie's chest, hilarious.

-As I said, I had thought of Aunt Walburga, but I thought that Remus would be the most appropriate. What do you think, Uncle Remus? I asked.

-Well, why not, pup. After all, I think I am the most suitable for this job. Answered Uncle Remus.

-Are there other positions to occupy? Asked Augusta.

-Indeed. I first wish to appoint Aunt Walburga as the chairperson of the Hogwarts Academic Council, since I can not always participate. I had thought of Uncle Sirius, but I am suspicious of the marauders. *Sirius' hiccups of surprise * For Uncle Sirius, I had thought of the relationship with the other schools and the ministry. For Augusta Longbottom, I had thought about inspecting teachers and monitoring them. For Amos Diggory, I heard you were very good at finances, so why not manage the treasury? For Lord Nott and Lord Flint, I think you would be good at organizing new classes, to decide which courses to add." I revealed.

Once again, a silence fell on the room. Aunt Walburga wore a proud smile, especially when she was named chairperson. Lord Diggory seemed to appreciate his position, while Lady Longbottom nodded. Finally, Lord Nott and Flint chatted quickly together before nodding. On the other hand, for Uncle Sirius...

"What? But you want my death? Why do I have to deal with these morons of the ministry? He declared aloud, sneering at everyone else.

-Come on, Uncle Sirius. Tell yourself that you will also have to deal with families like Malfoy, so you can be happy to reject them. I say with a sly little smile.

-Ha! I like that better, yeah! He's going to drool, the pimp!" Answered Uncle Sirius.

His last word made me laugh and choked Mulciber Nott and Amos Diggory who had just swallowed a sip of water. They ended up spitting everything out before bursting into laughter, inflating Uncle Sirius' torso with pride.

For a good two hours, we discussed what we were going to do with the school, all that was going to be put in place, etc. We even discussed the reinstatement of the duchies, and Mulciber and Marwyn agreed to propose at the same time, because by controlling the ministry, they could finally avenge their families against the Death Eaters. I then explained to them my plan, to wait for my eleven years to claim certain titles and especially the duchies, forcing the dissolution of Wizengamot and the reinstatement of the Council of Sorcerers. Of course, we had to find a name. When I finally revealed my Pendragon ring, we agreed on two possible names: The Royal Council or the Magisterium. At the end, we chose the Magisterium, because it was decided that once King, we could allow certain families to be members of the Council, therefore Royal Council would not be appropriate because a Council is not meant to accommodate so many people.

I explained at the same time that once King, the Ministry would be dissolved but we will keep the departments in the new royal administration. My proposal was accepted unanimously.

We finally parted, Uncle Sirius, Uncle Remus, Charlie and I left for Potter Castle.


This is how the group, consisting of Harry, Charlie, Remus, Sirius and the guards used the floo system to go directly to York. When they arrived, Harry almost jumped of joy, finally getting rid of all he had to do today, and went to his room to show Charlie. He did not, however, because Sirius held Charlie aside to speak to him.

"Listen to me, Charlie. My godson, whom I consider a son, is only seven years old! Began Sirius.

-He ... Yes, of course. Charlie answered, stunned.

-And I hope you understand that he's probably not ready for any relationship, is he?" Asked Sirius again, with a smile that did not bode well.

-Yes ... M ... Mr. Black. Replied Charlie, sweating profusely.

-So if you ever behave in a way that I do not consider appropriate, I can swear to you that you and Harry would never have children, if you know what I mean. Did I make myself clear? Threatened Sirius.

- * swallows his saliva * I ... .I completely understand, Mr. Black. Charlie replied, scared.

-No that with me, call me Sirius!" Sirius said with a big smile.

Charlie could only nod, but even before he could follow Harry, he was restrained again, but not by Sirius.

"I do not doubt that what Padfoot said to you was self-explanatory, so I'm going to be direct, Charlie. Started Remus.

-Yes? Charlie asked, worried.

-If there is ever a problem with my pup, or you hurt him, I remind you that I have a friend, very furry, who loves fresh meat. And if that's not enough, tell you that I know how to use a spoon, either to eat or to castrate. Understood?" Remus asked, his eyes flashing yellow for two seconds.

Charlie had to admit that Remus Lupin was a lot scarier than Sirius. Maybe it was due to the fact that he was a werewolf, but something told him that it was more than that. Looking back, Remus looked strangely like a mother protecting her little ones, and that, he knew very well that there was nothing more dangerous. He who had always been passionate about dragons, he could have thought to be in front of a Dragon female. He could only nod his head.

"Perfect! We decided to give you the room next to Harry's, we know how important the soul-mate connection is and should not be broken. You can go. But no funny business!" Remus said with a relaxed smile, as if he had never threatened.

So Charlie followed Harry to his room. He who had lived only in a certain poverty, he was overwhelmed by so much wealth. He had to admit that his day was fantastic. Yet it had started banal.


First, he was awakened by his mother, and then had breakfast with the rest of the family. Finally, the owl arrived, bringing with it the news and especially, the school lists of Hogwarts. Expecting his father's interest in muggles, he took a subscription for the Daily Telegraph, and when he read the article on the front page, he jumped out of his seat. He ends up reading it aloud.

A genius among the nobility!

By Rita Skeeter

We are celebrating a great occasion today, the seventh anniversary of the Duke of York, Hadrian James Potter. As you know, Hadrian James Potter became a national hero and received the Order of the Thistle when he survived a bomb blast on October 31, 1981 at only one year old. For those who do not know, Hadrian James Potter is the son of the late Duke James Charlus Potter and Duchess Lily Jane Potter. According to an estimate by Forbes magazine (American), our national hero would be at the head of one of the greatest fortunes in the world, thus totaling his personal fortune to more than three billion pounds, giving him the eleventh place, which makes him the child, and the under-forty the richest in the world. Yet, according to our sources, this is not the end, for his grace is also the heir of a very rich noble family, that of the Blacks, not to mention that he is said to have other accounts hiding the majority of his fortune. Would he be the richest man in the world?

We prefer to rely on the economists and editors of Forbes magazine. But this is not the main reason for our celebration, no. We have just discovered that Hadrian James Potter is a genius.

Indeed, it seems that a little over a month ago, his grace, the Duke Hadrian James Potter, passed the terminal exams of High-School to be able to enter the University. When the results were published, the whole country was able to see how clever Hadrian James Potter is.

His results were flawless, with scores above 20, making him the youngest bachelor in the UK with a total score of 26.80 / 20. We asked the examiners, and they confirmed that they had awarded additional points for his incredible intelligence, unique explanations, and forward-thinking theories.

It would appear that our national hero did not stop there, as we had confirmation from the Headmaster of the University of Cambridge that the Duke was accepted among them. Of course, some would say that every noble family can enter Cambridge, however, Hadrian James Potter was invited and not decided to go, meaning that his place is deserved, according to some.

A genius among the nobility, maybe it will change our system?

For more information on the Potter family, go to page 4.

For more information on the Black family, go to page 5.

For more information on the world's greatest fortunes, visit page 6.

For more information on the wealthiest people in the UK, visit page 7.

A silence had fallen on the Weasley family, all amazed by this revelation. Mother Weasley had exclaimed.

"But it's perfect! Oh my Ginny, you can marry him!" She had screamed.

Ginny had obviously nodded with a big smile, while Ronald Weasley was cursing the injustice of not being so rich. The twins were planning a bad blow, probably for Ronald, and William froze as he opened his letter from Hogwarts. A badge had just fallen, and this badge was that of Head Boy. Immediately, he was surrounded by his family who congratulated him.

Nobody had noticed that Charlie had frozen to the pronunciation of the name of Hadrian James Potter. He did not know why, but he understood at that moment that Hadrian James Potter was someone special to him. He ends up opening his letter. Two badges fell, that of prefect, and that of captain of the Quidditch team of Gryffindor. He was congratulated by his parents, and yet he received a jealous and envious look from Ronald. Charlie ends up returning to his room to get ready. His room was quite Spartan, with all the same dragon figurines and an old Quidditch broom.

The Weasley family went to the fireplace to go to Diagon Alley and get some money out of Gringotts. They stood in line, waiting patiently in one of the queues, when they saw three individuals, two men and a boy go directly to the master teller, and when all the goblins stopped to observe these three people, with a touch of respect and admiration in their eyes, it intrigued Charlie.

"Look Arthur, it's Sirius, Remus and Harry. We should wait for them, what do you think? Molly said.

-Why not, darling. Arthur Weasley answered simply.

-Is he my future husband? Ginny asked.

-Exactly, darling. You'll see, you'll be a Lady Potter." Molly replied.

The remark made Charlie frowned. He noticed immediately that Bill and Arthur were wearing the same expression. This was not the case with the twins, who had nothing to do with it and did not care, and Ronald seemed to be wearing the same expression as Molly. Yet when Charlie saw Harry in the distance, his heart sank, and a foreign emotion seized his body. Since his eleven years, Charlie had been unable to express desire or any love, if not a family love, quite limited. This had, of course, frightened the Weasley parents, and when they took their son to St-Mungo when he was 14 years old the year before, Charlie was declared asexual, unable to feel desire for another person. That's why feeling such emotion, such a desire to go to this young boy frightened Charlie.

They waited patiently for half an hour, before finally seeing the three individuals leave the office of a goblin and go out of the bank. That's when they were hauled by Molly Weasley.

Charlie finally realized that Harry was his soul mate, and obviously his mother took it very badly, because her daughter could not become the Lady Potter. The events unfolded as far as Hogwarts.

Once again, Charlie was shocked to discover that his soul mate was the future King, and above all, that he himself would be his consort, making him one of the kingdom's rulers.


And here he was, quietly behind his soul-mate, heading for his room. Harry finally took him straight to the main wing, to the master bedroom. He brought Charlie into the huge room, and Charlie held his breath seeing the beauty of the room.

For starters, the room was large, very large, 50m². The room was very bright, as it had on the wall in a semicircle facing the door very large windows at the size of the wall, giving a direct view of the backyard of the castle and a lake. The walls were in a burgundy red tone with gilding in the form of griffins and lions. The floor was solid wood, mahogany Cuba, the most expensive wood on the market. One could see two very large wardrobes against the east wall, with a massive mahogany desk surrounded by two old bookcases against the west wall. There was a door on each side of the half-circle wall leading to a balcony on the other side of the windows. Finally, there was a huge Louis XIV style canopy bed with gold-colored blankets and curtains, white sheets and cushions and the mahogany frame of very clear Cuba. The bed was placed in the center of the wall in a semicircle, giving an unobstructed view of the lake when waking up. There were also comfortable chairs, huge carpets and a fireplace in the room, not to mention the lamps scattered around the room.

Charlie noticed a strange object on Harry's desk.

"What is it? He asked curiously.

-It's a computer, the PS / 2 IBM, an American company that I intend to buy back. Harry replied, amused.

-But what is that for? Charlie asked, intrigued by the muggle object.

-Well, you can use it to communicate with people on the other side of the world using the email service, it's faster than an owl. Then you can have games, like chess, and fight against the computer. You can also write several things and you have to print everything with a printer. Finally, you can save a lot of data, like books, and everything will be kept on the computer. It's more convenient than a library. Harry explained then.

-Muggles are capable of that? If Dad knew about it ... Charlie said, surprised.

-Yes, muggles are very smart. Since they do not have the magic to make their life easier, they decided to invent objects that will do it for them. This is called technological progress." Harry replied, very amused.

Charlie nodded vaguely. He resumed his exploration of Harry's room, and noticed two more doors. He opened one of them, and noticed that it was leading to a personal bathroom with a toilet. The bathroom was very large, with a marble floor and a huge bathtub in the center. He noticed that several runes were engraved on the bathtub, probably to fill it, empty it, make bubbles etc. There were also toilets, sinks, finally, all that must be in a bathroom. He returned to the bedroom to open the second door, and what was his astonishment when he arrived in a second room, slightly smaller, 40m² with about the same arrangement as the first room, without the computer obviously.

"It is your bedroom. Harry replied, blushing.

-Why do you blush? Charlie asked, puzzled.

-It's normally the Lady's room of the house when she does not want to sleep with her husband." Harry answered simply, blushing again.

Charlie could not hold his laugh, which made Harry blush to the tip of his ears.

And that's how Charlie Weasley, at the age of fourteen, discovered his soul-mate and started living with him.

Our little Charlie has come, but who will be the next ? I think you noticed the clue xD