I don't own Kingdom Hearts and Descendants. Only thing I own is the idea of Sora, Riku and Kairi being related to Disney characters(I did this as a last minute thing in Big Four's Adventure with Sora to Sora and Kairi but I'm not sure if people noticed.) If you wanna know the reason, go to the first announcement chapter of Kingdom Hearts Descendants.

Hello! I'm back with another story of this series! Only this time, I'm splitting KHD: Re:CoM into two different stories; one with Ben, Jay, Mal and Sora and the other with Evie and Riku. This story is gonna be on Ben, Jay, Mal and Sora. After I do this one and the one of Evie and Riku, I'm gonna do 358/2. KH2 will be after Days.

All of the minor characters in Kingdom Hearts Descendants, won't be in this story or in the one for Riku and Evie. They might be in Days. I haven't decided yet. Down the road after Kingdom Hearts 2, I'm gonna do a three story parter for Birth by Sleep and I'm gonna add Ben, Evie, Jay, Mal and all of the minor characters but as kids, I'm gonna do Recoded, I'm gonna do Dream Drop Distance and I'm gonna do Birth by Sleep 0.2 because of the cutscenes that to do with Riku, Kairi and the secret ending with Sora. I'm not gonna do X(pronounced Chi)/Unchained X/Union Cross because I feel like some of the things in X/Unchained/Union Cross don't make sense. As for DDD, I'm gonna leave it to you guys to pick twelve more worlds; six for Ben, Evie, Jay or Mal and Evie, Ben, Jay or Mal and six for Jay, Ben, Mal or Evie and Mal, Jay, Evie or Ben. They need to either be a new world, a recurring world with a new part in it or a recurring world with a new name. If you wanna take part of the choices, please review and I'll make a list of your choices in a notebook I have. I also made a poll so if you want the link to it, message me and I'll give it to you.