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that exists

in one's mind.

The loneliest

moment in

someone's life

is when

they are



whole world

fall apart

And all they

can do




-© to owner

Have you ever thought what would happen when you die?
I've always imagined it as going to heaven or hell. There would be an angel waiting for me to take to be judged, and I would finally go to the afterlife. But there's nothing here.



Limbo? No. . . but it's very dark in here, I can't see anything.

I kept floating aimlessly, there wasn't a particular destination, not like I can do anything about it. After all, I'm already dead.

To tell the truth, I'm not that bothered about my current situation, in fact, I like it here. It's quiet in here, the darkness is comforting, it's feels like a cold blanket enveloping me, hiding me away from the world.


Away from everything.


I don't have to mind anything, even if I did leave it's not like I have a home to return to. My father is already dead and my relatives wouldn't even care if I get mugged on the streets. It's better here, I'm safe and . . .




I lightly traced my fingertips across the scars painted on my arms.



Why? Why was daddy hurting mommy? I ran to them, gripping mommy's dress.

"Mommy, what's happening?" She looked at me in panic,
"Rina, run!—" "Oh no, you bitch!" Daddy suddenly grabbed mommy's hair and pulled.

He pushed me on then floor,

"!" I landed on my rear, ow! Why would daddy do this? It hurts.

I watched him with fear as he slapped mommy across the face. A sob broke out of me and I could only watch daddy hurt mommy.

Daddy punched her face, not caring about the blood trickling down her nose, "Who told ya to whore around!? Ya slut!".

Mommy grabbed his arms with shaking hands, "No, I-I wasn't doing anything please, you have to understand—".

He gave mommy's hair another pull, mommy cried in pain.

"Don't fucking lie to me! Derek told me everything! Your gonna get it bitch!" Daddy took out his switch blade from his front pocket and waved it in front her face.

I paled when he pushed mommy down the floor and forcefully pulled her skirt and underwear down. She groaned in pain when he kicked her side,

"Did it feel good having his dick inside you!? Did it!?" He gave her side another kick. She looked at him with pain and gripped his pant,

"P-please believe m-me. . . " Mommy croaked out. No!

I screamed till my voice became hoarse, "No! No! No! No! No! No! No!" Daddy whipped his head at me, "Shut the fuck up!" Sobs racked from her body as she begged for him to stop.

He pulled back his knife and smirked cruelly.

"This'll teach ya not to fuck around without my consent."

And plunged his knife inside her vagina.

Mommy screamed in agony as he twist the knife around. Blood was seeping onto the floor and I stared at it. Why?why?why?why?

I covered my ear and closed my eyes, rocking my body back and forth . Daddy was laughing, why? Why is this happening? Why? My tears won't stop flowing. I heard another stab, and another, and another, and another.

Mommy became quiet, is it done? Did they make up?
I opened my eyes when I heard a gurgling sound. Mommy was looking at me with blood flowing out of her mouth.


Daddy pulled his knife from her neck and stood up,


Her eyes were strong even though their slowly losing light as she stared into my eyes. I looked back, horrified. Huh? What? What's happening?

She mouthed a word,


And the light finally dimmed.



Why did it have to end like this?


I just want everything to stop.


I wrapped my bare arms around my frame,

"All alone. . . "

I stared up blankly,

"Hey. . . is someone there?"

". . ."

"Someone, please. . . "

". . ."

I closed my eyes, tears ready to fall.

"Anyone, talk to me, please. . . "

". . ."



"I'm scared."

Only silence.


And it's driving me insane.

". . ."

" . . . "

I looked up in surprise.

". . . es. . ."

I looked around trying to find the source of the sound.


". . ls. . .sa. . ty. . so. ."

Something is shining in the farcorner, I stretched out my hands trying to reach it.


I touched the light and—



"Congratulations! You have twins!"




I tried to look around but for some reason it's hard to move. A large head came into my line of view,

"So adorable~ What do we name our little angels?" A man asked. Angels? I'm basically 17, I'm not a baby.

I opened my mouth to protest, "Guah~"

I froze. I-I can't speak.

"You'll be Yuki Kaneki." A warm voice belonging to a woman said from above me.

"Our precious daughter." Both the man and woman cooed at me.




I'm a baby, a newborn.

That means. . . I actually have a new family. Something I never thought I could have.

So I cried.

"Dear! What did you do?" The woman—mother – chastised father.

He pouted (really?), "Honey, you know I'd never hurt our angels." He was gently cradling me (since when did he carry me?)

Mother laughed, "I know, I know."

Happiness filled my chest as I looked into familiar grey eyes.

He gave me back to mother and carried another baby in his arms. My own brother. A family. My own. And his Asian, in fact, everyone here is Asian. I was reborn in Japan, perhaps?

I internally smirked when I remember a certain Japanese anime I watched when I was still alive. It's the only thing that kept me entertained whenever my former father lock me inside my room. He gave me an old DVD player with some scratched up CDs and some Japanese mangas.

I was actually surprised he even gave me these (considering the fact that he always take pleasure in torturing me.). I managed to finish the anime and the books to some certain point since the manga is not yet finished.

I snapped out of my musings when father squealed , "I know! How about we name him Ken, Ken Kaneki?"

I could feel my tiny body stiffen at the name. It can't be, surely it must be just a coincidence, anyone can have that name.

My baby hands felt clammy as a foreboding feeling came over me.

No. . . just when I finally have a family, when I can finally start anew.

The dread only grew when I heard people panicking outside, "Quick! The patient has been bitten by a ghoul! He's bleeding out."

Mothed cupped her face with her hand, "Oh my. . . poor thing. I hope that he'll be okay." Her worried eyes were looking at the door.

Father put a comforting hand on her shoulder,

"Don't worry, we'll protect our children. That's what parents do, ne?"

Mother only looked at him lovingly.

But despite those comforting words, I don't feel comforted at all.

In the show, Kaneki's parents disappeared from his life when he was just a child. He suffered abused from his aunt and practically became an introverted person. He got into an incident with the binge eater, Rize. He became a ghoul.

His life is a living hell. And I'm going to experience it all with him.

Internally, I gave a forced smile.



I'm such an idiot.



Since when did the world become so kind?



And just like that, I felt my world crashed a second time.

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