Mermaid of the Huntsclan Prologue

It was late summer evening and all was quiet. Around this time the vast majority of the population would be sound asleep in their beds dead to the world. But in a place such as New York City also known as the "City That Never Sleeps" there wasn't a time where anyone wasn't awake.

At a deserted pier right off the Hudson River it might as well have been in a rural territory out in the middle of nowhere. The perfect set up for anybody trying to keep under the radar of people who might catch on to some underhanded activities.

As it happens a freighter was sneaking in at present this very evening with its passengers taking measures to avoid being on scheduled lists of container shipping arrivals. In this they succeeded in going unnoticed, but unfortunately for them it was a full moon. The main reason for this would soon become clear.

After the mooring lines were tied onto the pier the crew on board walked down a ramp to meet the team that stood waiting to receive them. There were a couple of sedan cars along with a truck hailing a heavy trailer for transport. The crew on the freighter was making a drop off to their cohorts on land. They'd been carrying precious cargo all the way from Ireland to New York City. Now after days of sea travel they were finally prepared to make the transfer.

The cargo in question was inside a large wooden crate. A crane was brought in because of how heavy it was. Once attached the crate was lifted high into the air directed towards the trailer. The top of it opened so the crate could fit easily inside.

Just as the crate was hovering over the water clouds that had been shielding the full moon shifted allowing for the complete radiance of it to shine over the space. Elsewhere in the territory the moons radiance shone down onto a concealed pool activating the dormant magic deep inside. A powerful magnetic energy was released reaching the creature inside the crate contained with a glass tank filled to the brim with water.

The magic called to her and instinctively the being within fought to escape her confines wanting to answer the ancient call flowing through her veins. The creature thrashed aggressively in the crate causing the cable from the crane to become unstable. The cable snapped under such heavy pressure and the crate plummeted crashing into the water. The crews on the boat and on land scrambled to retrieve it, but before any of them could dive into the bay with equipment to pull it out the crate floated back up to the surface. The crate and tank was empty their occupant having escaped once it had gone lower into the water.

All of the humans stood there stunned in bewildered shock and fear. Their superior was not going to be pleased when he heard about this mishap. He wasn't one to tolerate failure especially when he'd already warned them that something like this might occur. So out of it were they the men failed to see a surge of bubbles beneath the waves and a figure bolt away into a jet stream further into the open water. Had the humans been paying any sort of attention they would've glimpsed a blue tail momentarily shimmer in the water before disappearing in the waves.

A mermaid.

The mermaid called Mirana swam following the call sent out to wherever it may lead her. Swimming along the shoreline she found an underwater cave around fifty feet deep. Mirana swam inside until she broke the surface of frothing Looking inside she took in her surroundings which turned out to be a cavern and all craning her neck all the way back she spotted a circular hole up top like a volcano's. There the full moon stared back at her in its full glory.

Mirana grinned as relief flowed through her realizing where she was. This was a Moon Pool. She spun splashing water in all directions laughing in utter joy. She was safe. No way her captors would ever find her here.

As Mirana played in the confines of the Moon Pool the dragon shaped birthmark glittered off all the way down from her left shoulder to the bottom right of her back where the moonlight touched it. An eternal reminder of where Mirana came from and her shame.

Authors Note:

Well I think we've gotten off to a pretty descent start here on this one.

So, my friends, any guesses on who her father is and where she came from? I'm sure you all have a few ideas in mind. ;)

The Moon Pool our girl found is a supernatural pool. Let's see if you guys can guess which two shows I got the idea from and the powerful magic it can do.