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Mermaid Of The Huntsclan Chapter 9

By the time Mirana and Jake finally arrive at the school for the dance the former has gotten very excited. The two had been conversing along the way after Jake deems it safe after making that breakaway from his embarrassing parents.

Turns out the two seem to click very well despite the fact that not that much information has been passed yet. In fact judging by what she already has gathered about him Mirana knows far more about Jake than it's likely he will about her.

Mirana is very awed to discover given the unfamiliar conditions she's facing on how calm she's become. Even when they entered the gym where the dance is being held and Jake's fellow classmates surrounded them she wasn't even phased.

Discreetly a couple of other boys were high fiving Jake over having such a good choice of a date while Mirana was conversing with Spud and Trixie after he introduced her to them.

Going by first impressions alone Spud is a bit clueless with Trixie a little rude, but other than those things Mirana likes them pretty well.

All in all Mirana believes full heartedly that this is actually going to be a pretty good evening to enjoy and let loose for once. The weather's actually really good so all she really has to worry about is to avoid having any of the beverages spilt on her, run for the hills out the door if there's a fire in order to avoid the sprinklers touching her, and keeping topics off her own background.

Those three are easy to work with.

So basically Mirana was home free.


There's one person Jake wanted to introduce her to that had Mirana's stomach drop the moment she glimpses her in the crowd.


Although it's been such a long time, the Mark of the Huntsclan wrapped around her wrist, and Mirana literally grew up with her in the same household she recognizes her at once. After the incident in Central Park Mirana is fully aware the Huntsclan is up to no good in New York, but didn't think they'd settled here for good again long term.

What the hell is she doing here?!

This night just got a whole lot more treacherous.

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