I own none of these characters.

This story was co-authored by my brother, who knows Star Wars and its characters much better than I do.

Note regarding timelines: This story begins near the end of the Star Wars: The Clones Wars cartoon, after the first story arc of season six but before any of the other episodes. On the Sonic side of things, this story happens after Unleashed but before Forces.

Shadow's Odyssey: A Star Wars Story


"Just a few more adjustments and… there!"

A round man in a red coat straitened up from his work. He stroked his bushy mustache as he gazed in satisfaction at his creation. He gazed especially fondly at the seven glowing gems inserted in it.

A small, black, and red robot with a round head asked, "So Dr. Eggman, what does it do?"

"I'm glad you asked, Orbot! You know how I constantly lose to Sonic and his friends?"

"How could I not know?"

"Going to ignore that. Anyway, do know why they always win?"

"Because your allies always turn on you and your plans are poorly thought out?"

"No! It's their Chaos Powers! No matter how powerful and destructive my creations are, they always use the Emeralds to achieve their Super forms and wreak them! But now, I finally have a way to compete with their abilities!"

"And how are you going to do that?"

"I'm going to use this machine to infuse my body with Chaos Energy! After I test it of course."

An explosion rocked the base.

"What was that?"

"Doctor! We have an intruder!"


"No, it's Shadow!"

"No time for tests, we're doing this now!" So saying, Eggman inserted himself into the machine.

The door to the lab flew off its hinges. A spiky creature with black and red fur stalked into the room.

"Too late, hedgehog!" Eggman activated the machine.

It shook with a rattling sound and began emitting sparks in response.

"Is it supposed to do that?" Orbot asked from where he was hiding under the table.

"Um, no!"

"What have you done this time Eggman?" Shadow asked, eyeing the machine warily.

Eggman frantically hit buttons and switches in his machine. "Oh no! Oh no!"

Shadow pulled Eggman out of the contraption. "What is it doing?"

"Not what it's supposed to do, I can tell you that!"

"That answer is vague and useless."

Shadow looked back at the machine, which was now beeping at a high pitch.

"Well, whatever it is, it's going to explode."

Eggman stealthily pulled out a taser and hit Shadow with it, causing him to scream in pain and fall to the ground. "Yes, and you with it! So long, sucker!" Eggman bolted from the lab, and Orbot hurried after him.

Shadow writhed on the floor, limbs jerking with electricity. He heard an explosion, and a bright light obscured his vision before giving way to blackness.