Shadow's Odyssey: A Star Wars Story

Commander Cody was elected to represent the clones as their political leader. Rex was offered the position, but he turned it down, saying politics weren't really his thing. He instead joined the Coruscant Police Force.

Many clones left Coruscant and traveled the galaxy in search of their passions. Chef went on to open up his own restaurant after he learned how to stop setting the kitchen on fire.

Dauntless went on to become the interior designer of the Clone Temple and designed a Hall of Fame for all the heroic clones and Shadow.

Yoda was at first unsure of what he would do with the Jedi Order. But one thing he was sure of was that change was needed. There needed to be new standards, new rules. But he wasn't quite sure what those new rules should be.

If there was one thing he had learned in the past few weeks, it was how little he really understood about the Force. He decided the best thing to do was travel the galaxy and study as many different philosophies as he could. And hopefully, he would gain a greater understanding of the universe around him.

The younglings traveled with him, including Petro, who he welcomed back as his student. He invited Anakin to join them, but he turned them down, preferring to stay with Padme instead. He said that his destiny lied with her.

While most of the droid army became the protectors of various Outer Rim worlds, Kalani on the other hand, after discovering all the lies and deception that fueled his very existence, found himself with the desire to learn more.

To learn more about everything. To find a purpose beyond killing people because someone else told him to. And so, he set out to visit every library he could find.

It was another day in G.U.N headquarters. Work had been slow since Eggman had died, but none of them were complaining. But suddenly, there was a bright light in the middle of the room. When the light faded, Shadow and Eggman were standing there.

Shadow looked around at all the shocked faces. "Hey, I'm back. And I brought a present for you." He threw Eggman at them. "Where's Rouge and Omega?"

The bat and robot stood in front of Shadow's grave. Rouge held a bouquet of flowers. They were silent, remembering their friend.

Just as Rouge was about to put the flowers on the grave, "Guys it's touching that you made a grave for me, but it also kind of hurts that you thought I could die."

They whipped around and saw Shadow standing with his arms crossed.

"Shadow! You are functional!" Omega cheered.

"Not how I would put it, but yes."

"You- you- Dammit Shadow!" Rouge threw the bouquet in his face. "Stop making us think you're dead!"

"I would have thought the lack of a body would have given you a clue."

"ARRGH!" Rouge screamed. "We're supposed to be team for fuck's sake! Why the hell did you run in there alone!? Do you have any idea how worried we were!?"

"I thought I could handle it, and I was right."


"It looked really cool." Omega commented. "But I couldn't enjoy it because you were inside."

"Well the base didn't exactly explode as much as it was teleported." Shadow looked over at Rouge, who was trying to blink back tears, and sighed. "You didn't really think I was dead, did you?" A tear slipped out. Great. Now he felt bad. "Alright, I'm sorry I didn't consider your feelings. But I am not sorry that you were outside the blast zone."

"When are you going to get it through your thick head that we care about you?"

"I know you care about me. That's why I wanted you to stay back where it was safe."

"That goes both ways you know. Where have you been this whole time anyway?" She demanded.

"Well that's a long story. You see, I found myself in a galaxy far, far away…"

The End

Thank you all for reading! And special thanks to everyone who faved, followed, and/or reviewed! This was by far the most ambitious writing project we've ever undertaken, and we are enormously pleased with how it turned out and the reception it's gotten. This is not only the most faved story I have posted, but at the time I am writing this, Shadow's Odyssey is the most faved story in the entire Sonic/Star Wars crossover section. Thank you all, for making that happen. One more thing, there is a sequel in the works. Posting will probably start in a few months. Goodbye for now!