Fliqpy hated repetition. And his whole life was the DEFINITION of repetition. Killing the same people over and over. That is until, a little orange overly sensitive and paranoid chipmunk moves to town. In fact, the sight of him hiders Fliqpy progress in murdering his friends. He looks upon this chap with absolute joy rushing all over his body. The newcomer, by the name of Zachary, a strange name for someone who lives amongst the residents of Tree town, wearing square black glasses, a black sweater and black skinny sweatpants, a gold earring in his left ear and overgrown fur on his head, combed to the left, who happily parks his white 2005 Chrysler Town and country minivan into the diner Fliqpy was just about to slit Cuddles' wrists at. He drops Cuddles and stares. Zachary looks over at him. Fliqpy kicks Cuddles shin to stop crying and waves. He slips the switchblade into his pocket and walks over to him, "I can't believe it."

"What?" the newcomer asks, with a slight british accent.

"A new… Someone new finally moves into this shit hole..."

Zachary gives him a confused look and fiddles with his thumbs, "Okay?"

"It's more than okay."

"What… is this?"

Fliqpy straightens himself out, "Oh, I'm sorry. My name us Fliqpy. Spelled with a Q…"

"Well hello, my name is Zachary…" he started to think that it was a mistake giving this weirdo his name.

Fliqpy was utterly ecstatic, so much that he forgot what he was in the middle of. He would kill the defenceless and unexpecting chipmunk, but he wanted to make this moment special. Without thinking he blurted, "Want to ride in my car?"

Zachary's entire face changed in an instant, from kind of creeped out to terrified, "N-no! Please, go away!" he started trembling.

"There's no one who can help you."


"Everyone's too afraid to save you."

"I don't… what?"

"You're doomed to be with me."

Zachary started to back away. He jumped when he hit a car behind him. He got out his cellphone, "Please go away or I'm calling the police."

Fliqpy grabbed the phone and threw it almost all the way across the parking lot. He was showing off his strength to intimidate Zachary, and it was working. Zachary pushed his back against the car, gulping and visibly shaking.

Fliqpy looked back at Zachary,

"Care for a ride?"

"N-no… No… No…"

Fliqpy roughly wrapped his arm around Zachary. The orange friend tried to pull away, but that only made Fliqpy's grip even tighter. Fliqpy couldn't believe how easily Zachary went along with what he was doing. Well not "going along with" but letting him without intervention.

Zachary started to try and say something, "P-p-please let go…"

Fliqpy found the scared newcomer's pleads to be adorable. He's turning out to be the new Flaky… Fliqpy thought. He started to daydream, be wondered how cute him and Flaky would be if they were together. But that would anger many people, and would be utterly absurd. Fliqpy shook those thoughts from his head and focused on Zachary, who just stared at Fliqpy, wide eyed and almost crying. "Would riding in your own car make you feel better?" he asked.

"I would rather not doing anything with you. And you know what? I have to stand up for myself, goddamnit, especially when I don't have Daisy with me." Zachary shook from Fliqpy's grip, "so why don't you go and f-fuck yourself?"

"Who's this Daisy?"

"M-my girlfriend. Why?"

Fliqpy watched Zachary. He's a wreck. Fliqpy thought, it's like Flaky and Flippy, what does 'Daisy' see in this coward? "Okay, well would having cut wrists be any better?"


Fliqpy took out his blood stained switch blade, "The faster I see you in pain the better."

"What the fuck ?!"

"My car, or yours?"


"Great! Now I hope I won't have to tie you up!"

Zachary didn't respond. He flinched as Fliqpy wrapped his arm around him and walked to his minivan. Fliqpy was jealous, even I am, even of a minivan from 2005. The entire thing was completely custom. Might as well not even be called a Town and Country. Fliqpy sat down in the driver seat. "Im impressed. Keys please."

Zachary handed over the keys.

"So Daisy's just with you for the money?"

"No… It's really hers."

"Hm? So you're just with her for-"



"No! I love her and she loves me, it's just because she's has money and I'm just the average bloke just skimming through life everyone thinks like that. But it's not true..." Zachary wiped a tear from his eye.

"Oh. So…"

"So at least I bloody fucking hope she thinks like that. I could shit about her money. She could give a fucking fuck about my financial situation. I don't know why she's still with me. I'll be honest normally the male sticks up for the female, but with us it's backwards." Zachary took a deep breath after saying all of that, "It's that difference that she says makes us special. She hates being normal maybe that's why she didn't ditch me for someone who can go to Wegmans without getting anxiety. She hates being like most people. Now I don't want to sound sexist, but the male normally would be the one defending their partner, but she loves how I'm always so unsure of everything, so paranoid and awkward. She loves comforting me when I'm upset over nothing," Zachary took another breath, "and she loves my shitty attempts to comfort her, because she knows what I'm trying to say. She understands what I'm feeling even though she never felt the things I feel. And I love how she always knows what to do… She's so smart, and so am I, I just never know how to apply that knowledge other than with some other nerds on some Internet forum or writing a fucking 'Brewie' story on Fanfiction." Zachary took another deep breath, "and if she ever left me I would kill myself, because the saying "there are other fish in the sea" does not apply to me. Because there is no other girl like her. The moment she dies, I die. And die I shall." His voice started breaking up, and his eyes started watering, "So rob me, beat me, FUCK ME, because as long as I find a way back home with her, nothing can hurt me. I don't care, I never said I never had an "experience" with another man. I never said this van or the money in my pocket had any value to me. What matters is Daisy. So go ahead. Do your worst. If tonight this Chrysler Town and Country peice of shit ever gets stolen she will understand. I may be acting brave now, I know her as well as myself, I'll cry through whatever you do to me." Zachary started getting pissed off, "And try to come to my home or… kill her. Because before I kill myself, I kill you. I may be a measly cowardice pacifist, but when she is involved I will slit your wrists and watch you bleed. I have a double barrel shotgun at home and I will shoot your brains out onto the walls faster than your heart beats. Do your worst you sadist prick, fucking pussy do something."