Fliqpy started twirling the knife with his paw again, "I've got in idea."

"What?" Zachary mumbled back.

"First of all, speak up, second of all, I cut your throat, and see if Daisy tries to do shit about it!" he said happily.

"That's horrible!"

"You're right, I don't want to get blood all over me." He thought for a moment. He walked to the van.

Zachary watched him do so. Escape at that moment was too easy, Fliqpy's back was turned, he was occupied with opening the car door, and they were a good ten feet apart, and there were plenty of things to hide behind, and plenty of places to go, but something made Zachary stay.

Fliqpy reached over the took the key out of the ignition. He gave the keychain to Zachary, "Which one opens the back door?"

Zachary went through them, "That's the van FOB, that's the garage door, that's the front door, that's the uh… ATV, that's the camper, that's the lawnmower, that's the golfca-"

Fliqpy snatched them, "Which one is the door!" he demanded.

"That one, the pink-gold one."

"Thank you." he sang. Fliqpy grabbed Zachary's paw and dragged him around the house. He found the back door and quietly opened it. He snuck down a hallway, and looked around a corner. Daisy was crying, she wanted to go out and help Zachary, but she couldn't. Fliqpy looked behind him and directed Zachary over to him. Zachary did so. Fliqpy grinned, and whispered "I want you to go over to her, and ask her why she ditched you. Simple!"

Zachary slowly walked around the corner, "Daisy!" he shouted shakily.

Daisy's head shot up and she looked at him. She got up and hugged him, "Oh, I'm so-"

Zachary pushed her off, to both Daisy's and Fliqpy's surprise. "How could you do that!"

"No- no! I-"

"Shut the fuck up! I don't wanna hear it!"

Daisy's jaw dropped, "What- what has gotten into to you!?"

"Realization!" Zachary's paws balled into fists, "You never loved me! You only stayed with me because I was always around to make myself look like an idiot, enough for other people to forget your stupid mistakes! I always say you're perfect, but that's far from true! You're a klutzy little shit, just like me, except know one would say that because I was always there to fuck things u-up too, just twice as worse!"

Daisy went to speak but said nothing.

Zachary continued, "That's why you kicked-me-under-a-bus and ran inside!" Zachary paused for a moment, "In fact, I'm stronger than you. I used to be both a police dispatcher and a 911 operator, what do you do? You rip people off by selling shitty cars at ridiculas costs and overly high monthly payments. Doing what I did took real skill, not only being an extremely good multitasker, but having the confidence to direct people through extreme life or death situations, not always, but when something did happen, I accomplished something you would manage to do something that would cause people a mile away to be hurt! I directed an elderly lady through a home invasion, a kid who was kidnapped, a school shooting, and a possible victim of a genocide!" Zachary took a deep breath.

He looked at Fliqpy. He started to get worried Fliqpy would get mad at him. Fliqpy slowly showed himself from around the corner. He stared at them both, at a loss of words. He readied his knife at hand and walked towards them. There was nothing for him to say, so he didn't. Zachary backed against the wall beside Daisy, both trembling, expecting to be killed.

Fliqpy suddenly started laughing, "You're a couple of idiots!" Fliqpy pointed at Zachary, "You're so gullible!" Fliqpy hunched over in laughter, "I was going to just kill Daisy and let it be over with but I can't! Daisy doesn't really use you to make herself feel better about her own shitty self, you damn fool!"

The other two were confused why Fliqpy only said Daisy. Daisy shook that thought for a moment, "It-it's true…"

"What?" Fliqpy said.

"Yeah, I did feel… dumb, and seeing Zachary did make me feel better about myself… At first… Then I started to get more attached to him, and-"

Fliqpy threw the knife at Daisy. It hit her in the left arm. She started screaming and fell over. Zachary didn't move while Fliqpy stood over Daisy. She was wincing in pain on the floor. Fliqpy leant over and yanked the knife back out, causing Daisy to yelp. He flipped Daisy onto her back with his foot and he slid the knife over her throat. After a second she stopped moving.

Fliqpy looked at Zachary. He was still standing still, sobbing. Fliqpy walked over to him. He stared at Zachary. He threw the knife back at Daisy. He didn't care where it landed.

They both stared at each other. "Are you religious?"

"N-n-n-no… I'm atheist…"

"You know what hell is?"

"O-of course…"

"You wanna see it?"


"You wanna know what it's like to be in a living hell?"

"I- I'm already in it!" Zachary cried.

"Clever boy, but there's much more to it."


Possible end.