Yo... Those of you from KHR fandom might know of my story "Soul Keeper" which is... not abandoned, but more of I don't have any idea where it would go. Honestly, I just wrote that as a spur of the moment kind of thing. But don't worry. As soon as I manage to get everything straight I'll continue it.

For now Enjoy~

"Tsuna-kun. You're here."

"Sorry I'm late professor Daniella. My alarm got broken." Tsuna said.

"It's okay Tsuna-kun. But only one Pokemon left. And he is rather temperamental."

"That's fine professor. I'll take him."

"Very well then. Bianchi, take him here please." Professor Daniella said to one of her apprentice, a young lady with pink hair that went to the back room.

A moment later, Bianchi returned with a pokeball. She then gave the pokeball to professor Daniella. Professor Daniella then released the pokemon inside. The light died out, revealing a rather cute Cyndaquill. Tsuna went closer to take a look at the pokemon.

Suddenly everything turned hot to Tsuna. The cyndaquill then jumped and ran away trough the open door. Everyone could only stare at Tsuna that still look shocked after getting the flamethrower.

"Was that supposed to happen?" Tsuna asked.

"No, but that cyndaquill is the only one left. You'll have to wait for next month batch if you want another starter." Professor Daniella said.

Tsuna sighed. "That's okay Professor. I'll take the cyndaquill please. Just give me the pokeball and register me please."

"Very well." After that, professor Daniella gave Tsuna an orange pokedex. "You'll need this in case you met a new pokemon. This pokedex contains the data of all pokemon in the world. Except, of course, the legendaries. Legendaries are rarely seen, so I don't think that'll be important."

Tsuna nodded. "Thank you very much professor. I'll try my best."

I honestly don't know much about Pokemon games. All I know came from the Anime. So anyone that knows the technical terms, please tell me.

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