Dear me, my procrastination is to the max now. Genshin Impact is sucking my life.

The truth is, Tsuna really, really wanted to challenge the gym and leave this weird town. But some weird guy made it impossible to leave. Ragecandy bar. Really, who on earth would buy that kind of scam. Nevermind, some rich boy actually bought it.

This really put a damper in his plan. Sure, he could go back to the previous town, but his pokemons might riot if he did that. And so, stuck with nothing to do, he just fished in the lake and let his pokemon battle the occasional gyarados that might appear. Huh, now that he think about it, the number of gyarados has been skyrocketting since his pokemon started to battle around the lake. It's just a coincidence, isn't it?

(Truth is, all of the magikarps in the lake was a huge fan of Kyouya. They were awed by his graceful battle, and so they tried to evolve into gyarados as soon as possible so they had a chance to fight him. Congrats Tsuna, your Ninetales has a battle crazy fanclub)

It was on one of his daily fishing trips that Giotto approached him using his Altaria, Asari. "What do you want?" He asked curtly.

Giotto sighed, "I, wanted to ask you for a favor."

Tsuna focused on him and raised an eyebrow, "What kind of favor?"

"Let's not talk about it in here. People might eavesdrop."

At this, Tsuna raised another eyebrow incredulously, "Giotto, cousin, my only cousin that I have to tolerate. We are in the middle of a lake. Unless whoever it was you are paranoid of have stealth tech, I am pretty sure we are the only one here."

Giotto looked around and concede on his point, "I suppose. Just, keep your voice down," he said tiredly.

Tsuna nodded and listened to what Giotto asked for.

"They had a what in a what?!"

"Yeah, they had an underground base underneath that shabby store/radio station."

"Are they a fictional villainous group or something?"

"Unfortunately, they are as real as they get."

Tsuna sighed and packed up his fishing gears, "Sure, whatever. My pokemons are getting stir-crazy with the only the gyaradoses to fight."

"Alright, I'll wait in in front of the pokemon center. Also, the gym leader might be caught by them."

"How the heck, did a gym leader gpt caught by a gang?"

Giotto shrug, "It's either that, or he was in a pilgrimage or something."

Tsuna was going to sigh, but he realised he already sighed a bit too much. Instead he face-palmed and rubbed his nose.

Whatever, those gym leaders are Giotto's problem, not his. He just wanted to travel and let his pokemons battle as much as they wanted.

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