Alex sighed- it had been a long day. Combat had been absolutely horrific. But at least one good thing had come out of that. Alex smiled as her memory flashed back…

Flashback- Earlier that day…

"Jennings! Get your lazy self over here!" barked Karter, causing Alex to increase her standard walking pace into a jog across the Arena.

"Yes, sir?" she asked, uncertain.

"Today, I want you to use all of your…..abilities," he said gruffly. "Now go!"

"Yes, sir!" Alex muttered sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

She went up to Kaiden, her partner for the lesson. Unsheathing her sword, she stood with her guard up until Karter told them to start. Immediately, Kaiden launched into a steady attack. Alex almost laughed- her training with Niyx had made defending as easy as breathing. So instead of focusing on defending she studied Kaiden. His dark hair was messy, and his strong brow slick with sweat. But his blue eyes twinkled at her, giving her a fair warning of what was about to come, and she parried just in time to avoid being cut in half by his sword. At that, her flimsy school sword shattered. Angrily, she threw it onto the ground and summoned A'enara. Tapping into her newfound Meyarin reflexes, she easily parried Kaiden's overhead strike in what seemed like slow motion. Using a quick turning of the wrist, she twisted his sword from his grasp and onto the floor. Then she put her sword at his neck, leaned forward and waited for him to yield. There was barely a few centimetres between them and suddenly Alex was uncomfortably aware of how close they were. She made to move back, but Kaiden, sensing her distraction, took the advantage and pushed A'enara onto the ground, hissing as the flames burned him slightly. Alex flinched, waiting for him to strike, but instead he did something else. Something totally unexpected.

He kissed her.

Kaiden FREAKING James kissed her. The hottest guy in the school, who everyone was in love with, kissed her. Her, Alexandra Rose Jennings. So she did something unexpected too.

She kissed him right back.

End flashback.