Naruto couldn't help sigh exasperatedly as he arrived back to his hotel room, only to see Tsunade's absence, with a scribbled note telling that she went downstairs to gamble, noting that she was feeling lucky. He couldn't help but smirk even as he slapped his forehead, unable to believe the level of delusion she had been laboring under.

He was still glad for her addiction, though, otherwise, how could he acquire a sexy older mentor with the body of an eighteen-year-old who was willing to take the role of his fucktoy whenever he felt horny. Well, the last part wasn't exactly there yet, but Naruto was confident in his skills, enough to replace her addiction with a new one.

He changed into a pair of loose pants and a loose shirt that reached to his knees, both expensive enough to commission an A-rank mission. A tweak to his posture later, he looked like the prodigal son of a rich family, looking to waste his fortune. It was a look that would gain an invitation from any game he wanted to join, with jackals hoping to scour his fortunes, unaware of the dragon laying underneath his harmless visage.

He ignored the people who were trying to get his attention —including some incredibly sexy women— and directly went to the casino, not willing to leave Tsunade a moment more than necessary. Since she was still the Hokage, Naruto wouldn't be too surprised if Tsunade went and bet the whole village in the misguided idea of earning back her loss.

When Naruto finally found Tsunade, he wasn't surprised at the situation. She was playing one of the private tables, one that was almost completely cut off from the rest of the place through the clever placement of shining objects and bulky furniture, though not good enough to conceal it from Naruto's attention.

When he walked there, two men stepped in front of him, obviously, Samurai's —the only type of chakra users allowed in the premises with strict orders to stay away from the tables— and the larger one spoke. Naruto had to admit, his stance was stiff, and the tone of his words delivered perfectly to achieve intimidation —at least it would have been, if Naruto had actually had to spend more than a second to destroy the whole complex. He ignored the attempt and tried to pass them, only for the other one to grab his shoulder.

"Get your hand off me," Naruto murmured lazily, using the impeccably self-assured tone only a lazy scion of a rich and politically strong family could use, an attitude that was born from easily passing life, his challenges defeated through the application of his family's influence.

"There's a private game going on there, you can't join," he explained.

"Wrong," Naruto simply answered as he continued to walk, ignoring the hand, ignoring the way the hand tightened around his shoulder.

"You're testing my patience-" the young one started even as he started to draw his sword, only for the larger one to grab his wrist in a panic. Even subtle intimidation was stretching the rules of the place, and outright drawing a weapon would have cost them their life. Naruto just smirked at the half-drawn sword, then toward the security desk that wasn't too far away. The larger one nodded in defeat, allowing him to walk forward.

When he arrived at the table, he met with a scene that was amusing and infuriating at the same time. As expected, Tsunade had lost all of her money, and sitting on the end of the desk with a frown on her face, her hands trembling. The others watched in amusement as they taunted her, clearly thinking that her trembling was about fear or shock, not knowing that she was trying not to break the table —and possibly the building— in half. Everyone was focused on Tsunade, both the men that were playing, and the women that hung around, being the eye candy and lucky charm for the men. Tsunade was the only woman actually playing.

Their looks were understandable. Tsunade was wearing a kimono, the most conservative piece in the luggage he had picked for her. But considering the rest of the pieces, the fact that it was the most conservative didn't mean much. Its skirt was high, barely covering an inch below her ass while she stood, and strained further when she sat down. Moreover, it had a cleavage that might have looked modest on another woman, but with Tsunade's magnificent tits, it was a true masterpiece regardless.

The one that was sitting in the center of the layout, clearly expressing his superiority to the rest of the table caught Naruto's attention. It took a moment of concentration to recognize him from the intelligence files. He was the only son of one of the Daimyos, famous for his womanizing habits, which included blackmail and outright threats as well. His name was Zula.

"It's a generous offer," Zula said smarmily even as he scratched his big belly. "You can have enough money to play five more rounds, and you only need to remove your Kimono," he said smugly. Tsunade took a deep breath, clearly trying not to pop his head like a melon, while Zula continued, unaware of the danger he was in, in a harder tone. "That's your last chance, either do that, or go try to settle your debt with the casino, but I guarantee that they won't respond favorably after I get involved." He was clearly imagining purchasing Tsunade's debt to force her to be his toy, but he was pushing more beforehand, probably to prove himself to his friends by breaking the haughty blonde silly enough to play with them.

Naruto was tempted not to do anything, waiting for him to anger Tsunade enough for her to trigger, but that would have ruined their little retreat. Instead, he pulled a few chips and threw them onto the table, directly in front of Tsunade.

"Who the hell are you?" Zula exploded immediately as he looked outside, trying to see his guards. Naruto ignored him and leaned to kiss Tsunade, whose anger made the dance of her lips even more delicious. She had a lot of frustration to bleed, and Naruto was happy to enable her to do so. "Answer me, you cretin," Zula cried, his face immediately turning into a shade of purple after being ignored.

"Shut the fuck up," Naruto said as he continued his kiss, much to the shock of the surrounding people. Zula looked angry for a while, before gesturing someone else, who left the concealed area to speak with the guards. When he returned to whisper his answer, Zula didn't look any calmer.

Naruto grabbed Tsunade's arm and pulled her onto her feet, and turned to leave, when Zula spoke once more. "She can't go anywhere," he said, furious at Naruto's dismissal.

"Oh, really?" Naruto said with a lazy smirk even as he pulled Tsunade close, cupping her ass aggressively. She looked at Naruto angrily, but received only a sign asking her to play along. "And how are you going to do that, fatso?"

"I'm going to kill you," exclaimed Zula, shaking in anger while the others looked at Naruto with pitying eyes, no doubt thinking Naruto had signed his own death warrant. Understandable, considering Zula's family had a good deal with one of the smaller ninja villages, so if Naruto had been an unknown rich kid, his assassination would be trivial.

"Good luck with that," Naruto said another dismissive glare and took a step to leave the enclosure.

"You can't leave, she owes eight million Ryo," he stated angrily, but with a certain satisfaction, like he thought that he won their deal. Naruto didn't even look before he pulled ten chips, each indicating a million, not even flinching at the move. He was the strongest ninja in the world, with unlimited shadow clones and Hiraishin. The number of A and S rank missions he did in the last two years was mind boggling, resulting in a fortune. Covering Tsunade's debt, or throwing a couple extra million wouldn't hurt him even if Zula failed to swallow the bait.

But since he was clearly an overconfident idiot, he did so immediately. "Then run like a coward, you bastard, and enjoy the rest of your life."

"Running? Who said anything about running," Naruto said with his same lazy tone, reflecting his inner Shikamaru. I never received an invite to your shitty game."

"Now you received one," Zula spat rapidly, doing his best to recover his pride. "But you need to put that bitch as a bet," he added, pointing at Tsunade.

Naruto squeezed her hip to prevent her from dashing forward. Even without relying on her chakra, Tsunade was strong enough to kill the bastard with a punch. "Sure, the bitch deserves to sweat a bit for wandering around without me," he said smoothly, and when Tsunade looked at him in shock, slapped her ass rather hard, making her gasp in shock.

Her shock got even thicker when Naruto sat down, only to pull her onto his lap. "How about we start small," Naruto said even as he threw another chip denoting a million on the table before grabbing the dice, then raised to Tsunade's lips. "Blow on it, sweetie, for luck," he said, and laughter exploded around the table. Even without her reputation as the legendary sucker, Tsunade's poor luck was obvious to everyone.

"Ahaha, good luck indeed," laughed Zula as he won the round, his belly shaking disgustingly.

Naruto didn't pay attention to him, however, as he had more interesting things in mind. "You deserve a punishment for not listening to my order to wait for me," he whispered into Tsunade's ear even as he carelessly gambled another couple of millions, softly caressing her thighs, managing to do it without alerting the crowd.

"Sorry," Tsunade whispered back, but unlike Naruto, her eyes were stuck on the table, watching with a desperate fire of an addict as Naruto lost more of his money. "I was bored."

"I see," Naruto said even as his exploration started to get more and more aggressive, even pushing her panties to the side to dip his fingers to her wetness. She gasped in shock, but luckily, it was lost in the chatter on the table, this time signifying Naruto's win. His opponent glared at him angrily and spew some more insults, but Naruto just ignored it.

"You're going too far," Tsunade warned him, which would have been more effective if she hadn't been struggling to hold a moan, or could control her trembling legs.

"No, Tsu-chan, you have gone too far by losing eight million without a thought. You clearly need a lesson, and I don't see any problem in providing that lesson now." Shocked by his words, Tsunade failed to react as he pulled his kunai discreetly and cut her panties, leaving her without underwear once more, not that it covered much in the first place.

Meanwhile, Naruto lost an extra three million on the table at that point, leaving Tsunade confused about the ultimate target of her fury. Just as Naruto intended, as with her attention split like that, she failed to notice Naruto activating a small seal on her spine, cleaning her bowels until she felt his shaft pressing against her puckered hole.

"Don't you dare-" she started, only to cut her threat short as she had to turn her whole attention to keeping silent despite her ninja training. The reason for it was simple. Naruto had activated the seal for cleaning and preparation, but not the one for lubrication. It was supposed to be punishment, after all.

And Tsunade was decent enough medic to cure herself afterward!

"I'll kill you," she whispered between her squeezed teeth as his shaft slowly invaded her tight hole, making her eyes widen with every inch, with the full awareness that there were a lot of inches to handle.

"Why don't you throw this one, honey," Naruto said loudly instead as he passed the dice to Tsunade while pushed twenty-five million on the table. By far the biggest bet, enough to actually hurt his finances.

"Are you sure?" Tsunade gasped in shock, the enormity of the bet momentarily overshadowing the enormity of the shaft that was invading her back door. Naruto had to admit, it was scary just how easily Tsunade was manipulated. Luckily, she was not going to be the leader of Konoha much longer.

"You really want to get rid of that bitch, huh?" said Zula, amused by the possibility of playing with Tsunade.

"Either put the money, or shut the fuck up," Naruto said, once again dismissive, but this time, it wasn't a carefully-constructed expression. He was genuinely distracted, as any man who had the chance of dry-fucking Tsunade's tight hole while she trembled with excitement in the anticipation of a big gamble.

When Tsunade threw the dice, she was actually hit by a surprise climax, and tightened more than Naruto had ever experienced before, hard enough to make him suspect that whether she used chakra in the process, forcibly squeezing an orgasm from him as well.

As he started spurting into her asshole, the dice rolled five sixes, giving Tsunade the victory. She might be unlucky, but apparently, by filling her backside with his seed, Naruto shared his luck with her.

"Bullshit," cried Zula, shocked to see his winnings disappear with just a roll. "Double or nothing," he called.

Tsunade pushed everything forward without even asking Naruto, and rolled the dice again, while Naruto started ramming her harder, using his own cum as lubricant. With the win, Tsunade was hit with an unbelievable euphoria, failing to notice the fact that Naruto's fucking was slowly starting to get obvious around the table, with a few females —mostly working ladies with great experience— noticed the subtle shift in her expression.

However, when she won once again, the moan that she let out had enlightened several more onlookers, who started watching the couple who was daring enough to anger and humiliate a Daimyo's son in such a visible manner. "Do you dare-" Tsunade started, only to let out a wanton moan as Naruto grabbed her breasts openly and tweaked her nipples, the way their hips moved getting even more obvious. "Do you dare to play, or are you going to run away like the coward you are," Tsunade exclaimed greatly.

Naruto couldn't help but smirk at her lack of decorum and her overconfidence. Just two wins, and she was already feeling invincible, to the point that she was enjoying her painful punishment without any shame. It was lucky that they were disguised, otherwise, Konoha would have turned into a laughing stock.

"I can handle it, you whore. And once finished, I'm going to make you woe the day," Zula cried in impotent anger, while the rest of the table was split between snickering at his sudden reversal of fortune, or gaping at the daring couple who dared to fuck while fleecing such a dangerous man. Just like that, he scribbled a quick note and stamped by his personal sigil, for a total of three hundred million Ryos. "Dare to play for that, without hiding behind your whore, coward," he said.

Naruto shrugged as he grabbed the dice, even as he put a subtle seal on the dice, a unique invention of his with no external chakra signature, making it perfect for assassinations, and apparently cheating at high stakes gambling. He trusted his luck, but when three hundred million was at stake, he preferred not to take the risk.

The result was predictable. Zula cried in anger, the rest clapped in shock, and Tsunade moaned in obvious sexual ecstasy, her surroundings ignored under the rush of pleasure she was feeling. "You made yourself a deadly enemy," Zula cried as he left the room, while some of the stragglers started leaving the room, while the others lingered back, clearly thrilled to watch the show.

Unfortunately, Naruto was a jealous bastard when it came to his woman, and the show he had provided was already his limit. So, he let his gaze dance around the room, glaring at the men. Naruto had stared down a literal goddess, so a bunch of rich spineless coward was not even a challenge. They left, but several ladies stayed behind, which was more than okay with Naruto.

He pulled open the front of Tsunade's modified kimono with one aggressive pull, revealing her tits, bounced freely for a moment before Naruto pushed her on the table, her naked chest buried among the gambling chips. "You like being covered in your winnings, don't you, whore," Naruto cried even as he took note to always accompany her whenever she wanted to gamble. He had assumed that fucking her over her desk where she ruled the most dangerous military force in the world would have been the ultimate joy, but it turned out to be wrong.

She was always gambler first, and fucking her in the ass while she was buried in her winnings was simply divine.

"Take it, you gambling whore," Naruto ordered throatily, enjoying not only the tightness of Tsunade's ass, but also the show several of their female onlookers were putting out. Almost all of them were playing with themselves, and a few of them were doing it explicitly, creating a great visual addition to Naruto's enjoyment.

Being a winner was a nice feeling, Naruto decided even as he pulled out and ordered Tsunade to turn. She barely managed to do that before he exploded, covering her spectacular breasts and her wanton face with his seed, ruining the table in the process as well. Ruined in the literal sense, as with his regeneration, he could let out impressive amounts if he wished so.

Being a winner was nice indeed…

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