"I cannot," Hinata exclaimed in shock, for once, no stutter breaking her words.

Naruto was adamant. "You're going to do it, because I order you!" he said, the dark tone of domination back in his tone, this time enhanced a bit with Kurama's chakra. He had no intention of allowing dissent in his bedroom, and sooner she started to follow his orders without talking back, the better.

He was happy to see that this time, Hinata's shock didn't last long. After a moment's pause, her hands reached the edge of her panties and slid them down, revealing her pussy, clean of any obstruction. Naruto approved. "Don't worry, my beautiful fiance," Naruto whispered, his voice bright. "You are spectacular, and have nothing to be ashamed of."

Hinata said nothing but his statement helped her to gather her courage visibly, putting the ghost of a satisfaction on her face. Her panties completed their journey and ended up discarded on the side of the bed. She took a sitting position on the bed, her arms around her chest, her legs firmly shut. "Now, put those arms away, don't try to hide your beauty from me," Naruto whispered as he stood up in front of her, his legs parted to display his erection without obstruction.

"But-" she started, only to be silenced by a sharp glare from Naruto. Her movements stony, she let her arms to fall to her side, revealing her body to his attention.

"Now, the legs," Naruto added, and Hinata parted her legs, revealing her slit, its glistening not only about the earlier bath. "Good girl," he repeated, intrigued with the way her face brightened with the casual words of approval. He knew that her home life was strict, but he didn't think it was strict enough that even such casual words of approval were a novelty. He shrugged, it was better for him in the end. More starved for attention she was, tighter he could wrap her around his fingers, all while making her perfectly happy. He said nothing else, just let his gaze to drag over her, slowly, from head to toe, devouring every detail, every curve, every little imperfection.

"What's next, Naruto-kun," she asked in a trembling tone, her whole body shining brightly under his gaze.

"Bring one hand over your breast, and start drawing circles around your nipple, and put your other hand on your inner thigh, just above your knee and start rubbing," he explained, and she followed his commands, though there was a dragging hesitation until Naruto waited patiently, not really in a hurry. He had enough time to train her to his exact desires later on. Her hands landed on the locations he had ordered, drawing soft circles. "Good, now drag your hand slowly over your thighs," he added, and this time, hesitation was much shorter as she followed his directions, getting closer and closer to her nether lips, but when she arrived at the edge of her nether lips, she stopped.

"Did I tell you to stop?" Naruto asked, and Hinata blushed even more, making Naruto fear that she was about to faint. But she followed his orders and her fingers landed on her nether lips. "Now, stop," he said. "Softly explore your pussy, every inch of it."

Hinata followed his order, her fingers going up and down over her slit, her mouth forced shut, her chest heaving. "Good, now tell me what are you doing?"

"I'm touching my…" she said, then hesitated. "I'm touching my thing…"

"Your what, sweetheart?" he asked once more. He had no intention of letting her get away avoiding the word.

"I'm touching…" she said, this time her explanation interrupted with an unexpected gasp. "I'm touching my … pussy…" she completed, the last word would be incomprehensible if it wasn't for his enhanced senses, but still, he chalked it up as a victory.

"Good work. Now tell me, which location feels the best. Which exact spot sends tingles through your body." She looked about to protest, but another sharp glance proved enough to silence her.

"Here," came her answer, touching directly at her clitoris.

"That's your clitoris, the most sensitive bundle of pleasure in your body," Naruto explained. "Another day, I'll teach you the best way to play with it, but for today, let's keep it simple. Start drawing small circles around it, and be careful not to press hard. It'll be soft at the beginning, but it'll quickly build up, so don't hurry."

Naruto watched amusedly as she started dragging her hand around her knob, occasionally jerking with a small gasp forcing itself out of her mouth. Soon, her hesitation melted. It didn't disappear completely, Hinata was far too shy for that even with the assistance coming from his attention earlier in the bath, but her remainders of hesitation mixed with her arousal, drawing a spectacular picture for him to enjoy.

A picture that needed to be immortalized, Naruto decided. "Close your eyes," he ordered and she did. He reached for the storage seal that was grafted on his skin for convenience, and pulled a camera. After a brief lull where he made sure the settings of the camera were correct, he pressed the shutter, and a soft flash filled the room, forcing her eyes open.

"Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed in panic, shifting into a defensive ball.

"Take your old position!" he ordered, once again lacing his tone with Kurama's chakra to give it a bit of extra effect, not neglecting to take a couple more photos. The confusion and shock on her face were positively delectable.

She did, her legs parting open to reveal her nether lips once more. "Why?" she asked in a trembling voice.

"It's your first masturbation, Hinata-chan," he answered with a cheerful voice, knowing that frequent mood-shifts would unbalance her even further, in turn making her even more receptive to his orders. "Imagine that after marriage, we are lying on our bed, my arms wrapped around your waist as our naked bodies pressing to each other, and we are looking the photos to reminiscent. Wouldn't that be beautiful."

Naruto wasn't surprised that Hinata wasn't able to come up with an answer, considering the sentence tugged almost all levers of her, sex, intimacy, love, dreams about the future… She looked so cute at that moment that Naruto would have felt extremely horrible if he wasn't already planning to give all those to her, in a fashion of course. Also, in Naruto's mind, there were additional female bedmates in the picture, helping him tease Hinata, but it was too early for Hinata to be informed about that.

Naruto continued taking photos as Hinata slowly drove herself over the edge. Soon, he started holding the camera with only one hand, using his other hand to pleasure himself, not wanting to miss the moment. Of course, he had the photos -and several cameras across the mansion that recorded every room from several angles- but the reality always had a magic that couldn't be replicated.

Hinata looked at his cock in fearful eyes, which made sense considering the amount of chakra he had was a good indicator about his full size, but she continued caressing herself, the jerkiness and hesitancy in her movements disappearing with each passing second.

He took a cue when she started to tremble when the climax finally hit her, quite strong, but not as impressive as the earlier one during the bath Naruto was giving to her. He started spraying over her, most of his release falling over her breasts through sheer probability, giving a new sheen to her pearly white skin. Naruto was surprised when she didn't comment on it, but then he realized that with all that happened, she was suffering from a sensory overload.

He chuckled, took a few more photos, then sat next to her, using his hands to spread his cum over her breasts, then put a soft, lingering kiss on her lips, one proved enough to awaken her from her stupor. She stood up, or more accurately, would have stood up if it wasn't for Naruto's hand clamping over her wrist. "Where are you going, my beloved," he asked.

"Bathroom," she whispered.

"Did you ask permission?"

"No," she whispered, ducking her head. "May I go to the bathroom, Naruto-kun?" she asked, her whisper equally inaudible.

"No, you cannot," Naruto informed her with glee. "I already sent a clone to prepare some food, we're going to have our lunch first."

"But…" she said, her voice dwindling into nothing as she pointed her breasts, his cum still visible despite spreading out over the great expanse of her chest.

"That'll stay," Naruto said. "I like the idea that you being covered with my seed. Think it as a private engagement ring," he said, tapping to simple gold ornament she had on her finger. Then, he stopped, acting like he just got a new idea. "Actually, I like the idea so much that you're not allowed to take a shower until tomorrow morning. I want you to play with yourself before going asleep, with my smell still present in the room."

Hinata opened her mouth to object, but Naruto's finger was enough to silence her. "That matter is closed, Hinata-chan," he said. "Now, let's go have some food." She reached to pick up the towel, but Naruto was quicker. He grabbed and threw it over the corner of the room. "This is your home as well, Hinata-chan. You should feel free to walk around naked as long as there are no guests around."

She nodded, her blush getting thicker. Naruto leaned forward and stole another kiss off her lips, then pulled back. "Let's go," he said even as he put his hand on her bottom once more, feeling her shiver under his naked touch. This was going to be even better than I hoped, he thought even as he led her downstairs, her breasts jiggling prettily with each stair she cleared.

Admittedly, Naruto was tempted to push Hinata further during the lunch, but he realizes that she was actually swaying over her foot, overwhelmed with all the changes that she had been pushed through, so Naruto did nothing other than occasionally caressing her thighs during the dinner while discussing the details of the wedding, from the list of the invitees to venue. After all, with his upcoming promotion, it was going to be a really important diplomatic event.

Of course, Naruto was a true gentleman, so he didn't allow her to dress herself, instead dressing her with his hands while she just stood still, trembling erotically every time Naruto's hands 'accidentally' slipped and touched somewhere they weren't supposed to touch. When he finally dropped her back to the compound, she was bright as a lamp, illuminating her surroundings with a red color. "Have a good day, Hinata-chan," Naruto said at the door. "I'll pick you for another date the day after tomorrow."

"Okay, Naruto-kun," she answered before disappearing at the doorway.

Naruto started walking around the streets, aimless. Or it would be aimless, if it wasn't for one big problem. He was really horny after all the time he had spent with Hinata, crowned only by one measly masturbation. It had been fun, but the side effect it was inflicting on his body was really unbearable.

Which was why his walk was best described as prowling as he traversed the streets of Konoha, looking for a good prey. Several minutes later, he had seen just the thing he was looking for, Ino, sitting in a corner, a large glass juice in her hand. A juice with the unique addition of lots of alcohol, Naruto noticed thanks to his sharp nose. He didn't know what was the problem that was driving her to drink during the afternoon, but it seemed like something he could abuse.

"Hello, Ino," he said, his cheerful, naive mask back on his face even as he took the other seat without asking. Sometimes, having a reputation for lack of manners were really helpful. "You seem down a bit, is there anything I can do to cheer you up?"

Ino let out a soft laugh which Naruto easily identified as false, but didn't comment on it. "Where do you get that idea, Naruto. I'm perfectly well."

"Of course," Naruto said. "That's why you're here sitting alone, drinking what is definitely an orange juice, right?"

She blushed, but decided to take a large gulp in lieu of answering, trying to finish it to hide what it had inside. "See," she said after she finished, though a redness was creeping through her neck, her voice strained. "Could I have finished it all if it had something else inside."

Naruto smiled, tapping his nose. "You forget that I have an enhanced sense of smell, right?"

"Okay, okay, you got me," Ino said dismissively, trying to cover up her earlier overreaction from the other side, followed by a gesture to the waitress, asking for her to bring a new glass.

"So, what drove you drink while the sun was still up," he said. "And don't tell me it was war, you don't seem remotely melancholic for it to be about it."

"Maybe it's the war," Ino deflected. "How do you know?"

"Ino, Kakashi was my sensei, and the guy had spent every moment he had reliving the past battles. I know perfectly well how it looks, imagining death and suffering."

Ino looked at him surprised, but then dismissed her concerns without verbalizing. "Aren't you roses and sunshine today," she murmured, but still went with her explanation. "I was thinking about how everyone was marrying but I, the most beautiful girl in our class. It's infuriating."

Naruto had to admit, Ino was partially right. Objectively, Hinata was more beautiful with her perfect body and her flawless face, but Ino wasn't too far behind. And added her vibrant and outgoing personality, she was much more attractive in the classical sense.

Which, of course, was part of her problem. Ino's personality was too dominant, and Ninja world, despite all logic and reason, was still strictly patriarchal, making her an intimidating candidate for a girlfriend, and an especially unappealing candidate for an interclan marriage. And for her luck, the pickings in clanless ninja were unusually slim in their generation. Lee was the only noteworthy ninja without a clan, but even with the kindest words, he could only be described as nice and enthusiastic, but a bit fashion-challenged.

Of course, in her sensitive state, Ino was extremely vulnerable to the predators who would abuse her vulnerability to get into her pants. Unluckily for her, Naruto was one of these. "Come on Ino," Naruto answered. "The only problem you have is most boys can't handle you. Though I had to admit, it's a bit unlucky that the ones that could," he said, pointing at himself, "are already taken off the market."

Ino let out a genuine, amused laugh, one that would make him quite angry if it wasn't for the fact that he had sculpted his public persona just to earn that reaction. Instead, he smiled widely, unable to keep the edgy undertone completely out. Unlucky for Ino, busy with the laughing, she missed it completely. "Thanks for trying to cheer me up, Naruto, but lucky for Hinata, you're not exactly my type. Otherwise, I would have stolen you from Hinata's hands already."

"Empty talk from the spinster," Naruto answered, and Ino's expression suddenly froze, then spoke slowly, in a tone that could be mistaken as calm if it wasn't for her eyes, burning in anger.

"You're treading dangerous waters, Naruto," Ino said.

"Hey, you're the one that's throwing out the empty challenges. Don't get offended when someone calls you on them."

Naruto knew that Ino was smart enough to see the basic trap and realize she was being goaded into something, but the copious amount of alcohol combined with her melancholic mood dulled her senses. "What empty challenge," Ino said. "I just need fifteen minutes to turn you into a putty in my hands. Newsflash, honey, not every girl is Hinata who can't distinguish a cock and a door handle."

"Again, all I'm hearing is empty challenges," Naruto repeated in a dark whisper, his idiot persona forsaken for a moment, but Ino was too angry to realize. "How about a bet to prove."

"You're on," Ino answered before realizing what exactly she had just agreed to. He pulled and threw a few bills on the table, more than enough to cover her drinks, and turned his back. "Follow me and don't fall too far behind," he said before starting to move. Then, he scaled the roofs in a pace difficult but achievable for Ino in her tipsy state, and he didn't stop until they were in front of his new house.

"Ah, Naruto," she said, hesitation clear in her face, having ample time to realize during the travel that what she had committed to, then she realized they were standing in front of a new building. "Where are we," she asked, distracted. Of course, her low span of attention was partial because of the alcohol she had consumed, alcohol that had mixed with her bloodstream quite well thanks to their recent exertions, impairing her decision-making capabilities even further.

"This is the new home I have built for me and Hinata to live," he said even as he opened the door and stepped inside, knowing that she would automatically follow him inside.

"How romantic," she murmured, clearly annoyed, not with Naruto or Hinata but her lack of suitor that was willing to do the same.

Naruto changed the subject immediately, able to recognize the danger. He needed Ino annoyed but lively, not sad and romantic. "So, we were talking about your tendency for empty self-promotions," he said as he sat in the middle of the couch.

"Hah, you wish," Ino answered as she took a nearby chair and sat with her legs crossed, throwing her leg wide enough to flash him with her purple panties. Deliberate, if her expression was any indicator. As Jiraiya's apprentice, he was a master of looking without being caught, but it didn't fit his larger aims, so he deliberately lingered there until Ino caught him, a victorious expression staining her face. "If you think that all the time you spent with Hinata gave you an inkling about what a real woman could do, you're dead wrong."

"Again, all I'm hearing is empty boosting," Naruto said. "Why don't we set up a bet if you are that confident."

"Well, if you're that willing to lose," Ino said in a calculated dismissiveness.

"Okay, you have one hour to seduce me, and the loser will follow winner's commands for 24 hours."

"Bring it on," Ino said confidently, standing up.

Naruto rested on his seat, his mind already filled with plans how to teach her the folly she had just committed, challenging him.