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Of attics and glitches

(Two weeks later)

Liquorice sat comfortably on Calla's shoulder inwardly cringing along with Calla as the person on stage horribly butchered Romeo lines. He turned his thoughts inward rather than listen to the absolute garbage that was the man's audition. Liquorice's thoughts settled on the child he was currently using as a perch. He was more than sure that she was Jason's daughter after spending two weeks in her presence. She was much like his maker when it came to her work especially with how thorough she was and wore the locket that his maker had made for his daughter. It hadn't been until he'd gone into the attic the night before that he was absolutely sure the child was his maker's daughter.

&&&Flash back Flash Back Flash Back&&

Liquorice slowly made his way into the attic once Calla had fallen asleep while inwardly seething. Calla had once more been forced to make another beautiful dress for her undeserving horse face bitch of an aunt. The part that really pissed him off was that the bitch had not only taken the credit for making the dress, but also punished Calla for apparently not making it pretty enough. Liquorice forced himself to relax before he changed into his killer form and left Calla an orphan once more. While he was mostly sure she was his maker's daughter, Liquorice couldn't be sure until he had proof of who her mother was. Not to mention, Liquorice didn't want to be responsible for leaving Calla all alone in the world.

Liquorice managed to get into the attic via a hole in the roof of Calla's closet. Moving through the dust ridden place was annoying, he was sure that he'd sneezed far more in this dusty place than he ever had before. He felt the tip of his ears and tail tingle as he reached the middle of the attic which always happened when he came across magic. He felt it every time he went through the wards around the house. He moved carefully in an attempt to find the source and soon came across a trunk that he vaguely recognized as belonging to his maker's Flower-Girl. He looked up at the lock for a few moments in an attempt to judge how far up it was before beginning to climb. He sighed deeply when he realized that it would take him a few minutes.

Once he'd managed to climb up it after falling a few times, Liquorice looked at the lock of the trunk carefully before inserting his tail inside of it. It took him a little while before he was able to unlock it. He was glad that his maker had taken the time to add that specific feature to him on the advice of his Flower-Girl. Liquorice then began the rather arduous task of opening it. He mentally sighed as he prayed that it would all be worth it in the end and Calla was his maker's daughter.

Liquorice finally managed to open it and slipped inside. He immediately found himself on top of a jewelry box that had once belonged to Lily. He moved off of it and headed deeper into the trunk. It wasn't until he was near the bottom that he'd found something that told him that Calla was definitely Lily's daughter. As a courting gift when Lily turned seventeen, Jason had made a beautiful music box much like the one he kept inside his chest. It had Lily's favorite flower printed which was ironically a type of lily, calla lilies. Liquorice inwardly smiled before carefully levering the box up to check the bottom. Upon seeing his maker's symbol etched into the wood, Liquorice cheered softly. The symbol of a mouse inside of a doll's hands was clearly printed against the warm reddish brown wood his maker had used to make the music box. Liquorice carefully lowered the box down and stared at it for a few moments. Calla deserved to see the music box. Liquorice shook his head slightly. No, Calla needed to see everything inside the trunk. Liquorice just had to figure out a way to get Calla up into the attic without alerting her relatives. Based on the amount of dust up here, Liquorice doubted anyone had been in the attic for a long time.

&&&&End of Flash Back End of Flash Back&&&&&&&&&

Liquorice inwardly shook his head to clear away that memory. As of yet, he hadn't figured out a way to get Calla into the attic without anyone knowing. Despite that fact, he was over joyed to the point his artificial heart was fit to burst. To know that the child that not only his maker and all the other toys had thought dead was alive, Liquorice's current joy could only be matched by when Calla had been born. Liquorice thought it was odd that his maker hadn't come for him, but given the fact his maker didn't know Calla was alive made him think some kind of magic was involved. Perhaps it had something to do with the wards around the property, Liquorice would need to find the ward stone and take a look at it to get any answers. Liquorice was shaken from his thoughts when a blood curdling scream of fear rang through the air silencing the current person auditioning for the part of Romeo. He gripped Calla's shoulder a bit tighter as she stood up along with the casting director. The casting director was frowning, "Where did that come from?"

"It sounded like it came from the storage area," Calla answered sounding a little shaken.

"Stay here," The casting director looked down at Calla with a frown, "I'll go check it out,"

"Yes, Sir," Calla frowned, "Can you check on the marionettes?"

"Of course," The man headed off and Calla took a seat.

Calla pulled him off her shoulder and rubbed his head with a worried expression. Liquorice stared up at her as she murmured, "Oh, I hope Pips and the others are alright. They've been put through enough by Isabelle and her carelessness. I've had to fix Harriett twice last week because of her."

Liquorice didn't think that Calla should be too worried about the marionettes. After all, they were alive in almost the same way as Liquorice and his siblings. Liquorice had seen the way they looked at him and felt an intense amount of amusement at how jealous they seemed to be. It reminded him of how the newer toys looked at him. It was the way of children to be jealous of others especially when they weren't the ones that got what they wanted. Liquorice wondered over Calla's developing powers as he thought about those marionettes. While Calla inheriting her wizarding magical gift, they had never been certain if she'd inherit anything from Jason.

Calla watched along with the others as Isabelle was taken out of the theater by men dressed in white outfits. Isabelle was far more unkempt than she had ever seen the actress look and that was counting the number of performances that called for the actress to look as disheveled as possible. She was ranting and raving about evil puppets as she struggled against the bulky men in white. Calla recalled Vernon threatening to send her to the crazy house a few times along with his many threats to send her to an orphanage. Seeing those men taking Isabelle away, Calla wondered why Vernon would threaten to send her to the crazy house since she wasn't crazy. Of course, she would admit that she talked to inanimate objects, but that didn't mean she was crazy. She only talked to them since she did have any actual friends.

Calla put those thoughts from her mind as Mrs. Easton called for everyone's attention as the large van that the men in white had drove off, "Everyone, if I may have your attention," Everyone fell silent as they looked towards the stage where Mrs. Easton stood, "I am sorry to inform you that Miss Isabelle Krane will be leaving us for a time. It would seem that the stress she has been feeling lately has hit her hard, so she is going away to rest. Let us take a moment to pray for her health," Silence fell over the theater for about five minutes, "Now, I am sure many of you are wondering about who will take over for her as Juliet in our newest play. As we have yet to pick an understudy for Isabelle, we will be once again be searching for our new Juliet. We will begin auditions for Juliet tomorrow."

Everyone began whispering and Mrs. Easton dismissed them. Calla got up and walked over to where Mrs. Easton was talking with the casting director. Calla reached them as the casting director was saying, "...I don't understand how we're going to cover this up-"

"We'll talk about this later, Carl," Mrs. Easton waved him off before turning to Calla, "Yes, Calla?"

"Are you going to get rid of Pips and the others?" Calla asked with a slight frown.

Mrs. Easton sighed softly, "Calla, we aren't going to get rid of the marionettes, so don't worry."

Calla sighed in relief, "Good, I was worried."

Mrs. Easton's smile slipped off her face and she gained a strange look in her eye, "Calla, could you answer a question for me?" Calla nodded wondering what was wrong with Mrs. Easton, "Did you play some kind of prank on Isabelle? I know that you were angry about her hurting the marionettes..."

Calla shook her head in shock at the fact that Mrs. Easton would suggest such a thing. No matter how angry she was at someone, she wouldn't pull a prank like that, "No, Mrs. Easton. I would never pull a prank that would cause that to happen. I might have been angry at her, but that doesn't mean I wanted to hurt her in any way."

Between Isabelle and her relatives, Calla would be more likely to target them not an air headed actress. While she loved the marionettes, she would hurt someone for harming them. Calla felt hurt that Mrs. Easton would suggest that she would do such a thing. Calla felt the sting of tears and closed her eyes in an attempt to keep them at bay. Mrs. Easton shook her head, "Sorry, Calla. I just had to be sure."

"I'm going to go home," Calla gripped the straps of her back pack.

"Of course," Mrs. Easton didn't look surprised, "I will see you tomorrow, Calla,"

Calla nodded her head and left the theater.

Instead of heading the Dursley house, Calla headed to the park and headed to one of the more secluded groves that people seemed to avoid. As soon as she reached it, Calla took off her bag and placed it under one of the trees along with the wind-up mouse before laid down on the ground. She closed her eyes as tears began leaking from her eyes. She had long since learned that verbalizing how she felt wouldn't help her especially if she was around her relatives. If anything, Vernon and Dudley enjoyed hearing her scream.

Calla heard the wind-up mouse squeak and looked at it. She hadn't figured out a name for it yes which seemed insulting somehow especially since it was alive. She just couldn't come up with a name that felt right for the little thing. Calla held out a hand for it and watched it climb up from her hand to her arm. She let out a slightly watery giggle at the ticklish feeling of it scurrying up her arm. It settled on her chest and stared down at her. Calla looked into it's crimson colored eyes, "I really need to find a name for you, Little one. It seems insulting to not name you though finding one is difficult. None of the ones I've thought of fit."

Calla sighed deeply and reached up to rub away her tears. She really shouldn't be crying about what had happened. Even if she had never done anything to prove her relatives right, everyone in Surrey had heard the rumors her family spread which left an impression on them despite there being no physical evidence. Not to mention, Petunia was viewed as the perfect house wife and Vernon as the perfect husband. No one would believe them to be liars. Mrs. Easton was yet another adult under their spell and Calla should have never thought differently. Calla scowled slightly before jolting as she heard someone say, "You shouldn't scowl. It looks wrong."

Calla jerked towards the direction the voice had come from and found a blonde boy standing at the edge of the grove. He couldn't have been older than eight nor younger than five. He had bright sunshine yellow hair and dark reddish brown eyes. He wore a dark green jacket with a yellow t-shirt underneath with some kind of triangular symbol that Calla vaguely recognized from the cover of some kind of game one of the older theater kids played. He had a pair of cream colored cargo pants and some brown boots on. Calla frowned at him, "I'm allowed to scowl if I want."

The boy shrugged and leaned back against the tree he was standing beside, "I suppose so. My names Ben. What's yours?"

"Calla," Calla eyed him, "Where did you come from?"

"My guardian is looking at neighborhoods in the area and took me along," Ben answered as Calla carefully sat up and the wind-up mouse slid into her lap, "I got bored and decided to wander around. What about you?"

"I live in the nearby neighborhood," Something was off about this kid.

Calla was both wary of him and comfortable with him. She could somehow tell he was dangerous and didn't want to get close. And yet, she felt like she should trust him and that he would understand her. Calla decided that now was a good time to leave especially since she didn't know what to do at the moment. Calla stood up after grabbing the wind-up mouse and grabbed her bag. The boy spoke before she could leave, "Where are you going?"

"To my relatives place," Calla glanced back at him and found that he hadn't moved, "My aunt will be wondering where I am,"

"Oh," The boy tilted his head, "Before you go, could you tell me something?" He didn't wait for a reply, "Where'd you get that wind-up mouse?"

Calla froze and held the mouse closer to her chest, "Why do you ask?"

"One of my guardian's acquaintances has one that looks a lot like it," The boy answered and Calla relaxed slightly, "He makes toys,"

"I found it and no one's come to claim it," Calla started walking, "I need to go,"

"See you around, Calla!" The boy replied and Calla hurried up.

Calla really didn't like how confused she felt about the boy.

BEN watched the girl rush off clutching the wind-up mouse he was sure belonged to Jason to her chest. He wondered how she'd gotten it from Jason since the toy-maker never let it out of his possession for long. In fact, BEN had never heard of the toy-maker giving it to any of his victims. Hell, Jason wasn't even close to this area. As far as the game glitch was aware, the toy-maker was in Paris or somewhere near there. The fact that the mouse was allowing the girl to touch it let alone hold it like that was shocking. None of the toy-maker's creations liked being touched by anyone save for Jason. Which only made the his suspicions about the kid being Jason's child even more likely.

BEN headed to one of the nearby security cameras that didn't have anyone near it nor any other camera's facing it and began traveling back to the newest location of the mansion. BEN was left wondering a few things as he traveled through cyber space. Why did the kid look like she had raided a second-hand clothing bin? Why was the kid look like she was barely six when she was actually eight years old? Did Jason know his daughter was being abused? Hell, did Jason even know about the kid?

BEN mentally groaned and decided to think about it later. He needed to tell Slenderman about what he'd seen and his thoughts on the matter. More than likely, he was going to be forced into getting blood from the kid for a blood test. He wondered over how he would get the blood since he didn't really do needles. Maybe Slenderman would send someone with him to get the kid's blood, he wondered who his partner for that particular adventure would be. He doubted that Slenderman would send Laughing Jack since the clown was more likely to kill the kid than anything. Maybe Eyeless Jack? The guy would probably steal the kidneys of the adults. He wouldn't even be tempted by the kids since the demon had a policy against hurting those under the age of eleven. BEN supposed he'd have to wait and see.