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Leaving Hogwarts and Creepy Town

"What are you doing?" Vivian asked Calla as the other girl bent down on her hands and knees looking around the floor.

"Just making sure neither of us leaves anything behind," Calla reached under Vivian's bed and pulled out a cat toy along with a few socks, "I do believe these are yours,"

"So that's where the went," Vivian took them and put them on her bed before dropping down with Calla to look under her bed, "Johnny loves hiding shit beneath my bed,"

Calla hummed lightly as she moved over to her own bed, "It's a denning instinct that most mammals have save for ones like Dolphins, Deer, and other herd like animals. It makes them fill their dens with things that either bring them comfort or that they like."

"Huh," Vivian looked at Calla in surprise, "I didn't know that though it explains a lot,"

"Humans have an instinct like that though you most only see it in greedy people and thieves," Calla pulled out a few of her shirts that had gone missing and found a bunch of Shukaku's toys, "According to Poppy, Incubi and succubi tend to horde things from past lovers along with other stuff that they really like. Cane apparently loves collecting rings, jewelry, art works, or interesting coins from her lovers. From her victims, she tends to take make-up. Poppy collects bottles of wine, books, bells, or various types of cups. From his victims, he tends to take interesting books. Both of them have been known to steal clothes too,"

"They've been alive for awhile, right?" Vivian asked earning a nod from Calla.

Calla remembered asking the twin jesters how old they were a year ago, "Even they can't remember how long they've been alive, but they're some of the oldest of their kind though they snapped some time around six thousand years ago give or take a few hundred years."

"Makes you wonder where they keep their shit if they've had that long to collect stuff," Vivian murmured in awe.

"They keep it in their realm or in a vault down in hell," Calla answered after a beat of silence, "Of course, I'm sure they have stuff hidden away in other places,"

Calla got up having cleared everything out from under her bed and began packing it away as Vivian said, "I didn't know they had a realm."

"They do though I've never actually been there before," Calla had heard stories of it from the twin jesters, "It makes me eager to turn 14 since that's when Papa said I would be allowed to go,"

"How come?" Vivian looked at her in confusion.

Calla's mind went back to that conversation with her father, "Apparently it's because of the energy in the realm and the fact that there's some really mature stuff he doesn't want me seeing. I won't be allowed to see everything until I'm seventeen, but I don't mind."

Vivian wondered aloud, "I wonder what stuff he doesn't want you seeing."

"Probably the sex related stuff," Calla answered making Vivian twist around to stare at her, "What?"

"How do you know about that stuff?" Vivian asked earning an eye roll from Calla.

"I've lived at the mansion for how long?" Calla retorted as she continued packing, "I'm also fairly observant and the few times Papa let me go out with the others when they hunted wasn't always in a good area especially since your dad apparently loves going near night clubs," Calla ignored the memories of those specific times, "I'm also curious and being left in a library filled with books of all types hasn't really prevented me from learning about it,"

Vivian shook her head, "I didn't expect that."

"What about you?" Calla asked earning an uncharacteristic blush from her best-friend.

Vivian seemed to struggle with herself for a little while before admitted, "Gramps has a bunch of movies and stuff not to mention I walked in on him and my gran doing the nasty a few times."

Calla offered her a sympathetic look, "I feel so sorry for you. I've never seen it. I've only heard it when one of the guys came back with a victim or Clockwork and Jane needed to work off some stress when I've stayed over at the mansion."

"Lucky," Vivian shook her head, "So no one knows that you actually know about that stuff?"

"Slender probably does, but no one else as far as I'm aware," Calla didn't really want to know what her father would say if he knew what she actually knew.

Vivian decided to change the conversation which Calla didn't mind since it was becoming boring not to mention Poppy could pop in at any moment, "So what do you think's going to happen this summer?"

"We're probably going to meet Splendor's kid and introduce Hermione to all things Creepypasta," Calla answered as she finished packing up and did another minor check before latching her trunk shut and putting it by the door where Shukaku's empty carrier was waiting, "We're also going to be exploring that town that Slender apparently created for us too,"

The train ride passed fairly quickly for them as they all played games or talked about their summer plans. Hermione mentioned getting a letter from her parents which told her that she'd be coming to spend the last summer month with Calla's family. Ron and the twins mentioned that they might be able to convince their parents to let them go over to Calla's place at some point or have Calla come to theirs. Draco had mentioned going to Germany as his mother had found a few prospective candidates for his spouse. Everyone offered him pitying looks though he didn't seem to annoyed since it meant he wouldn't have to marry Pansy or anyone else from England if he didn't want to.

Calla got off the train and was glad that there weren't any press there. Calla immediately rushed over to her father and hugged him, "Papa!"

"Hello, My Precious Little Doll," Jason hugged her to his chest, "How was everything outside of the whole..."

"It was fine," Calla relaxed against him, "I think I passed everything though the History of Magic test was a bit difficult,"

"I suppose we'll find out when the results come in," Jason replied before looking up.

Calla felt Draco's energy approaching and let go of her father to turn. She found Draco walking towards them with his parents. Draco's mom was a classic beauty and wore fashionable clothes. Draco's father wasn't as much of a looker as his mother, but he was still kind of pretty. Calla grabbed her father's hand, "Papa, this is my friend Draco Malfoy and I believe these are his parents. Lady Narcissa and Lord Lucius Malfoy. Lady Narcissa is one of uncle Sirius' cousins."

Both Purebloods looked surprised by her knowledge though Narcissa seemed pleased by it. Jason nodded and smiled lightly, "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Jason Maker."

"A pleasure to meet you as well, Mr. Maker," Narcissa told him with a light smile, "I've been meaning to meet you along with that wonderful woman Candice Crane since you are pushing to have my cousin given a trial,"

"I apologize that we haven't been able to meet before as I've been very busy catching up on everything since my wife's death and our subsequent leave of English Wizarding society," Jason replied in a polite tone and light bow, "I must thank your son for assisting my daughter in learning the customs she needs to know,"

"It is no trouble," Draco spoke up looking at Jason with a faint flush to his cheeks, "Calla is a good friend and needed to know,"

Lucius cleared his throat earning a dark look from his wife that he ignored, "As much as I hate to cut this meeting short, my wife, son, and I need to leave soon if we're to be prepared for our trip to Germany."

"Of course," Jason dipped his head slightly, "It was a pleasure meeting you all,"

"Mr. Maker, I do hope that we might be able to meet at a later point this summer to chat and allow our children to see one another before break ends," Narcissa said looking down at Calla, "I would love to help you learn more of our customs as well as tell you some of the stories I know about your mother. We may not have been close, but I truly did enjoy her presence,"

"We would love to though we might not be able to do it until last few weeks before school begins," Jason replied earning a nod from Narcissa, "We will contact you when we can,"

"That is acceptable," Narcissa replied.

Draco and Calla gave their goodbyes before the Malfoy's took their leave.

They collected Vivian and left the magical side of the station before they went to get something to eat. Getting home, Calla unpacked while putting everything that was dirty into her hamper. Jason walked in while she was putting away her photos, "Getting unpacked."

"Yup," Calla turned to her father, "Papa, I know that you probably don't want me to go back and I understand..."

"But you want to go back," Jason finished earning a nod and he sighed, "I figured,"

Calla finished and moved over to her father, "Papa, I love Hogwarts despite the danger. It's so much fun and I got to make a bunch of friends. I got to experience what it's like to be a normal kid."

Jason sat down and pulled her into his lap, "I know, but I can't help but worry."

"I know," Calla hugged him.

They were quiet for a little while before he asked, "You really want to go back next year?"

"Mhmm," Calla hummed lightly, "I want to train really hard this summer so that something like that won't happen again,"

"Alright," Jason hugged her tightly, "I'm going to be showing you a few tricks as well. I won't lose you,"

Calla enjoyed the hug, but had to wiggle free as it got a little hard to breath. She got off her bed and asked, "Did anyone figure out anything about getting Mama out of my scar?"

"Not yet," Jason got up as well and began helping her unpack, "We're doing our best,"

Calla got out her marionettes, "I would love it if they could find a way for Mama to talk to me."

Jason paused for a few moments before setting down the books he'd pulled out her trunk, "If you'll excuse me, I need to go talk with Slenderman."

Calla watched him go before looking at Pips, "I just gave Papa an idea, didn't I?"

"That you did, My Lady," Pips replied earning a low sigh from Calla.

Candy Pop stuck his head into her room, "Where was Jay going in such a hurry?"

"I sorta gave Papa an idea," Calla told him earning a raised eyebrow, "I commented that I would love it if they could find a way for Mama to talk to me,"

Candy Pop snorted softly, "That would definitely give him an idea," He glanced at her trunk, "Want some help?"

"Yes, please," Calla said after looking at her still kind of full trunk.

Calla and Vivian were brought to the town that Slenderman had apparently made. It wasn't much just a few buildings surrounding a plain looking found, but everyone that lived in the mansion had already started adding things to it. The town was surrounded by Slenderman's forest which meant they wouldn't be able to be found unless the faceless entity allowed it. The mansion was settled at the edge of town which was probably for the best since it looked like everyone had ideas for the place.

Laughing Jack had set up the entrance to his carnival as well as a candy store which was kind of nice. Jeff along with a few others had set up a movie theater. Sally had Slenderman create a park and playground. Eyeless Jack had set up a clinic which would probably be easier for everyone to access not to mention allow him to have more equipment and storage for any organs he didn't want to eat right away. Jason had set up the entrance to his toy shop while Candy Cane had set up a clothing store which Calla would probably be spending a lot of time in along with the toy shop. There was a bar that had probably been set up by Tenderman which could be either a good or bad thing. There were a few other odds and end stores, she could see a convenience store and a weapon store that would probably see a lot of use.

Vivian and Calla stopped in front of the bank that was being built, "Goblins?"

"Among other beings," Masky said walking up, "They're going to be helping with money management among other things,"

"What brought all this on?" Calla asked looking up at Masky.

Masky lit a cigarette and took a drag of it before replying, "The mansion can get a bit too full and there isn't a lot for us to do outside of our jobs. Slenderman decided to create this place in hopes that we wouldn't expose ourselves and to make our side of things look more appealing than the opposition."

"It doesn't look half bad," Vivian commented as Calla noted that there was a Library being built, "Where the hell are we?"

"Somewhere in Canada that's very far from civilization," Masky answered earning two nods, "Of course with the forest around us, Slenderman controls the weather for the most part which means we won't be freezing our asses off in winter,"

Calla was grateful even if she would only be coming around during Christmas. She spotted Candy Cane, "See you, Masky."

With that, she darted over to the female jester and pounced on her earning a laugh. Candy Cane spun her around a little, "Hello, Kitten. I take it you missed me?"

"Mhmm," She hugged her tightly, "I love spending time with Poppy, but I missed you a lot,"

"Well, I missed you too," Candy Cane hugged her tightly in return before letting go, "So other than the whole thing with Quirrell, how was school?"

"Stressful when we were taking those exams," Calla shuddered lightly, "Hermione wouldn't shut up. I ended up stuffing fruit and other types of food in her mouth just to get some peace at meal time. She should've been a raven since most of our house was like that," Candy Cane let out a laugh, "I think I passed everything though History of Magic was a bit hard since the ghost teacher is so damn boring once he stopped flinching every time I entered the room," Candy Cane shook her head lightly, "Oh, did you know that I healed a unicorn with Night?"

"That I did and I was so damn proud of you, Kitten," Candy Cane beamed down at her and Calla grinned happily, "I'm also happy that you didn't do it out of greed,"

Calla frowned slightly, "I still don't understand why anyone would want something in exchange for healing a unicorn. They're beautiful enough that you don't need anything in return."

Candy Cane patted her head, "That right there shows me that we raised you well."

Calla shrugged lightly before remembering Candy Cane's store, "Can I help out at your store?"

"Of course," Candy Cane grinned lightly, "That was part of the reason I decided to make one,"

Laughing Jack picked up Calla with a beaming grin, "Like the town, Gum Drop?"

"Kinda," Calla hugged him, "Are you still going to show me how to make candy this summer?"

"Of course," He put her down, "But not for a week since I need to get this place set up and check up on my next victim,"

Calla looked at him curiously, "What's the kid like?"

"A bratty princess type," So one of Jack's favorite female victims, "I think I'm going to kill her fairly soon. She's already boring me to death,"

"Maybe you should use your female form for your next hunt?" Calla suggested earning a curious look since she rarely offered suggestions like that, "It's been a year since you did that, right?" Jack nodded slowly, "Maybe you should go after more than one kid too. It'll give you more of an opening not to mention allow you to have a lot more fun especially if you set them against one another. Maybe once they're under your spell completely, you could convince one of them that the other is trying to steal you. Get them to kill each other,"

Laughing Jack let out a great cackle and promptly picked her up, "That is a wonderful idea! I haven't done that in a long time. You're the best, Gum Drop."

Calla giggled and hugged Laughing Jack around the neck happy that she'd helped him out. Another thought came to her, "Why not fuck with a baby sitter too if they have one?"

"Oooh, drive the baby sitter mad. It would be pure gold if the baby sitter was an older sibling too~" Laughing Jack grinned brightly, "Ooh, I have so many ideas~"

"Happy to help," Calla snickered softly.

Laughing Jack pressed a kiss to her cheek before putting her down, "Thanks, Gum Drop. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a brat to kill and a couple new ones to find!"

Laughing Jack disappeared with a puff of white tinted black smoke that smelt like candy and death. Calla headed towards her father's store as she decided that this summer was going to be a blast!

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