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Nymphadora Tonks was a very bored individual. The first week of her watch duties were much more eventful. Harry Potter would go for runs up and down the street, chores, get into arguments with bullies, and help small children on occasion. It wasn't exciting, but it had proven to be entertaining more than once. Everything on this street was boring except for him. Even the houses all looked the same, and the people would do the same thing every day. The adults would go to work during the day and the children would go to one another's house. Once night fell, they would all enter their respective homes. The only thing out of place at that time would be a few delinquents or Harry.

It all just suddenly changed one day. He was working in the garden just like all the work he did around the house every day. She had let out a sigh out of boredom, and she could have sworn he heard her. When he stood up she expected him to look for her, but he just went inside. No one had seen come back out since.

This greatly disheartened Tonks. Every time she saw him, she was so tempted to disobey orders from Dumbledore and talk to him. She had missed him for so many years. When she was six, Sirius used to bring her over to the Potter's to play with little Harry. They were fast friends, and she was completely smitten with him. She had bittersweet memories of Harry calling her Dora. Lily would thank Merlin when they showed up and say that Harry had been asking for her all the time. When Lily and James died and Harry went missing, she was heartbroken. After that day no one was ever allowed to call her by any nickname. That was reserved for Harry, whom she missed dearly for many years.

Tonks often ended up thinking of the bittersweet memories when on watch. Thankfully the next person for watch duty would be there soon. She had found a pub nearby that was really great. After every dayshift, she would go the pub, have a drink, and talk with a muggle or two.

Mundungus oddly right on time today, which made Tonks extremely happy to start her night earlier than usual. "Wotcher Dung!"

"Oi, Tonks I thought we's suppose ta be quie' out here."

"Sorry, just ready to start the night. It's not like Harry can hear is in there." She said handing him the cloak.

"Yeh? Just don' getcha knickers in a twist abou it."

She happily ignored the crook and walked down the street before apparating away.

She strode into the pub waving at the barman. It was 8 on Tuesday night at the Little Whiskey, and the bar all but empty except for a person here or there. The barman waved her over. He was obviously bored with the lack of clientele, but he and Tonks had got on pretty well the last month. "Alright Tonks?"

"Alright Joan, this new assignment I'm on has just been boring the past few weeks."

"Figures, guarding some rich arsehole has got be pretty annoying."

"It's just a kid Joan, and they weren't supposed to know. I think I was noticed and they haven't come out of their room since. So, my entertainment is gone. This whole town is snooze except for this pub."

There was a shout from the table in the corner. "The girl's right! 'Er first drinks on me Joan!" She turn to him, and it was a guy she never talked to. Well, no one talked to him. He just seemed to nurse his whiskey all night and sulk. This was the first time she'd heard the man speak.

"Whiskey Joan," he already had it made, but she always asked. Curious about the guy in corner she went over to him sat across from him. He gave her a 'why'd you come over here?' look. "Name's Tonks, just Tonks. If you're nice enough to buy a girl a drink, I guess you're worth talking to for a while. What's the name?"

"I only bought it cuz I agree. I didn't want your company." He grunted. The man was short but handsome. He had flaming red hair that swept to the side, and dressed like a guy her type, an almost punk-rockish look, but with some matured qualities to how he wore it. His green eyes were breathtaking, but his constant sulking made her stay away from him. She didn't bother pessimists. There was never any reason to be around someone if all they were going to do was ruin your mood, but the man's looks had now caught her attention. Something about him just reminded her of someone from her past. He reminded her of Lily Potter she realized. His attitude had hidden it before, but now she was too close to him not to notice the resemblance.

"Well you have it now. ' Might as well make the most of it. By the way, you look like someone I used to know." She added on at the end.

The man then moved to leave, but she performed a quick sticking charm. "It's dangerous to do that around here." He hissed.

"So you know about us?" she asked, even more intrigued now. The man only scoffed, and nursed his whiskey. "You know a Lily? You have the same eyes as her." The man instantly met her eyes for the first time.

His eyes looked old than a man in his twenties. They were cold, lonely, and yet soft and caring. "Know of her, too young to ever know her." He then looked into his whiskey and took a rather large swig. Joan brought another for him.

"I knew her. My uncle, actually cousin, brought me over a lot to play with her son. I miss those times. Was she a relative of yours?"

His eyes seemed to pierce her with rage. "Who the fuck do you think you are you bloody bitch." He whispered. Her eyes went wide wondering how she pissed the drunk off. "Think you have something to bloody brag about claiming know the boy-who-lived," he said with sarcasm, "before he got that retched scar? If you knew him, you lying bitch, you'd think you would've contacted him in the last 14 bloody years." Tonks was shaking with rage now. How could this creep ever understand. She couldn't, she always wanted to, but couldn't.

She threw her drink in his face. "For your information, the chief warlock made it illegal for anyone to go to the house without permission from his magical guardian, who just happens to be the Chief Warlock Albus bloody Dumbledore." She then moved to leave.

The man laughed to Tonks' astonishment. Dumbledore was going to fucking pay. "That bloody bastard!" He barked a laugh. "As if I couldn't be more pissed with him already. Aren't you watching the house for the old goat fucker? Sounds like permission to me, so why haven't you?"

She looked at him incredulously and told Joan to get the guy a towel and that it was a misunderstanding. "How do you know about that?" He didn't respond, but she continued sheepishly, "I can't he hasn't left his room for three weeks."

He looked at her with a lopsided grin and a look of pity and victory in his eyes. "Sweetheart, you aren't the only one on that street that has a cloak. All he's gotta do is find an open window, and you or whoever else watching the house, while Moody is recovering, is none the wiser." She hit her hand to her forehead, and murmured something about being an idiot. "By the way, depending on who your cousin is, I might be able to arrange a meeting." He sipped his drink, "Oh you should show me your arm too." He pulled up his left arm to reveal only smooth skin and Tonks did the same.

They sat there enjoying their drinks for a moment. The mood had certainly improved. Joan still shot questioning looks over to them, but she just waved him off. She then realized something, "How do I know I can trust you? I don't even know your name. How do you even know Harry?"

The guy chuckled, but looked thoughtful probably wondering how he could prove it. It wasn't long before he had a mischievous grin. "If your cousin is Sirius like I suspect, I can trust you. Tell him about tonight and that my name for now is Prongslet. His reaction should be proof for both of us. Also, if you involve Albus in anyway with me you'll never get that meeting. Harry's had enough of manipulative old fool, and people choosing the old bastard over him." Harry knew this was a gamble if she knew the marauder names he would be found out, but the girl had grown on him. She had a way of making things seem better than they were, it seemed.

Tonks was astonished by the man once again. She couldn't believe someone could mention Sirius and bash Dumbledore so easily. He had just proved that he knew things he shouldn't unless he knew Harry or was a death eater, but with no mark it was impossible to tell which. "Fine by me not to involve him. The only reason I join his little club is to see Harry again. Me and Sirius are in the same boat on that. The only reason we keep close to Dumbledore is because he keeps Harry close to him. If Harry wanted to get away from Albus we would help him, even if that meant going on the run. I want my first best friend back." She declared.

Harry just thanked his lucky star. "Ask Sirius for the passphrase after the story, and you have that meeting. You seem to a have a decent personality, so I approve of you. Meet me here same time tomorrow, but if you don't have the passphrase things will get violent." Harry said with voice of cold steel.

"Why are you so protective of him?"

"Because everyone has their own interests, and those interests have led to years of suffering. It's gotten to the point he doesn't trust anyone." Harry took a large gulp of whiskey as he gazed out the window and murmured, "not even himself sometimes."

Tonks' heart went out to the man. It was hard to miss that this man had seen many things that break a normal person, but it seemed to only strength him. In this moment, Tonks had noticed just how well built he was. He wasn't short, just slumped over. A fix in posture would do wonders for him, and he already had begun to appeal to young Nymphadora.

She had begun to grow on Harry too, but he didn't let his emotions run away with themselves. She was 21 with good life and probably a boyfriend, and he was damaged goods and 6 years younger than her.

"It's been good talking to you Tonks, but I'm gonna run. You seem like the dangerous type." He jabbed dispelling the sticking charm and moved to the door.

Tonks was at a standstill. She had just realized she didn't want him to go. "You seem like you've seen more dangerous things than little ol' me. Why not stay and have a few more drinks?"

Harry gave her a wistful look that melted the metamorph's heart. "Because I'm dangerous and if you knew me you wouldn't want much to do with me." With that he existed the pub and began his walk back to Privet Drive. As he turned the corner he morphed back into himself. Little did he know that Tonks was disillusioned and trailing not that far behind him.

Tonks liked Prongslet. He seemed like a down to earth guy and he was really passionate. When she saw his hair turn black she was head over heels. Never had she thought she would find another metamorph. He had obviously hidden his ability, because he didn't show up in the record books. People with special abilities always ended up there just in case those abilities were abused. She also noticed he was a little younger than she thought. He may be 17 by the way he looked, but when he turned his head to look back she was shocked beyond belief. It was Harry. Her Harry was a metamorph just like her. It made sense that he wasn't as a toddler, because it usually appeared when the child started to do accidental magic. Thoughts of her and Harry being meant to be began to creep into her mind, but they were quickly stopped. 'Stupid Dora, you may have known him when you were kids, but you know next to nothing about him now, plus your six years older than him.' She looked him up and down. 'He certainly doesn't look six years younger than you.' She then briefly turned into Dobby. 'Bad Dora, Bad Dora, Its Illegal! He's also the boy-who-lived he probably gets girls all the time! Why would he waist his time with you for anything other than your ability like everyone else?' Tonks was crestfallen. 'But he has the ability too! He might understand!' She followed him for a long time still debating. 'No he deserves to find someone for himself…" Tonks had decided not to call out to him. As she saw him meet up with a porky looking boy Tonks turned the other way to go back to the Little Whiskey and forget she ever saw him. However, she stopped as she felt a certain chill go down her spine.

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