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Harry was glad to be out of the house. He was going at a light pace. It was a nice morning, and luckily Grimmauld Place was close to the Leaky Cauldron which meant he knew this part of town fairly well. It wasn't unusual to see people jogging at this time in the morning so he didn't have to worry about anyone to find him. Why should he worry anyway? It's not like he looked like Harry Potter.

As this thought crossed his mind he heard a voice beside him, "Wotcher, Harry," and the pink haired auror came up jogging next to him. The sudden occurrence made him trip up a little, "Sorry if you wanted to be alone for this, but I have been assigned as your bodyguard."

"I'm actually glad to see you Dora. I wanted to talk to you away from prying ears. You still like the redhead look?" He asked playfully.

"I do, but I have to ask. Why do you morph to look someone related to your mother?" Asked Dora.

He looked confused for a moment, and felt his face. "I didn't really try to be honest. I thought this face looked good with red hair, and I can't change my eyes."

"Really?" He nodded, "Must be a magical trait, like how some Blacks have purple eyes, nothing that special. My mum and Bellatrix inherited the eyes, but I didn't. So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Just what a correctional hearing is like, and if there is anything else going on at the ministry on August 12th. Also could you change? I don't want anyone to think I'm Harry Potter, because I'm with you." They cut through an Alley and she changed into a girl with long black hair and green eyes to match his. "Nice touch with the eyes."

"I like the way they look a lot." She said with a smile. "The hearing usually isn't too much of an issue. You just go in and talk to my boss, Madam Bones, or a Senior Auror, and they give you a fine usually, but I think Fudge might pull something. He's definitely going against regulation with that letter that was sent to you." They both remember the letter that said aurors were on the way to snap his wand.

"Which is why I'm asking about the 12th. Anything happening at the ministry that day?" Tonks looked slightly impressed.

"Well, I think there's a Wizengamont meeting that day, aurors run extra security those days, but I'm not sure… Oh, shite." Tonks cursed, "He's an idiot if he does that. Well, he is an idiot."

"What?" Harry cocked his head at her. He had an idea where she was going with this, but he let her finish the thought.

"I think he wants bring you in front of the Wizengamont, but he would have to put some serious charges on you to do that." They stayed silent for a long moment during their run. Harry was thinking about his options, and Tonks was watching him. She knew this case would either be closed quickly and quietly or get dragged out and very messy. There was no in-between.

To Harry, getting him in front of the Wizengamot was not dangerous to him, but could be very dangerous for Fudge. He needed to work out some details, but this court date might just be a blessing in disguise.

Finally Harry let out a laugh and he turned to her. "Dora, what's the relationship like between Madam Bones and the Minister?"

The female metamorph narrowed her eyes at him, "She thinks he's a disgrace. He keeps taking funding from her department to the point she can't do her job." Tonks' hair started to turn red for moment, but quickly turned back.

"She's the current head of the Bones family right?"

"Are trying to become a politician Harry?"

"Merlin, no, just for this case… and maybe another if I can swing it."

"What are you planning Harry?"

"Something big, but I need to speak with Madam Bones. I can't stand alone in this court room. Can I trust her Dora?" He looked desperate. He was taking a risk that was bigger than he would usually be willing to make, but he had to try. "If you don't think so I could get this whole case thrown out before it even went to court, but we could hit a jackpot if I do this."

"You can trust her. Bonesy is strict, but fair. She hates how corrupt things at the ministry are, and any chance to change that she would take. Harry, with your track record I'd bet every gallion I have." She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "And you won't be alone in that court room. I'll be there, and I'll write Mum. She's a lawyer. One of the best."

Harry sighed and smiled in relief. "Thanks Dora, I needed that. I'm still unsure about this thing between us, but I know I see you as a friend at least."

"Have you kissed Hermione like last night Harry?" She asked with a cocky grin.

Harry laughed, "I have honestly never kissed anyone before last night Dora."

She immediately stopped running. "You're lying."

"Nope," he said popping the 'p',

"Hey, wait up!" She ran up next to him, "Don't leave me behind."

"Then keep up," he said with a cheeky grin.

"Speaking of Hermione," she said nervously, "was it really necessary to go off on her like that?"

Harry sighed, "It wasn't, but she needs to take a second look at how she approaches problems. Preaching what she believes is good, but she can be a bit excessive." Dora looked at him and gave him a half nod, somewhat agreeing with him. "Me, Ron, and Hermione are extremely stubborn, and we can be very set in our ways. Last year was a wakeup call for me, and if they don't grow up I won't be able to stay with them anymore." Harry let out an exasperated sigh.

"They're your friends Harry. You need to be patient with them. They might look at the problem differently than you." She said consolingly. "Though, you could use more friends."

"I know, but they need to think for themselves, and always be rethinking their opinions. The situation in Britain is changing every day, and all three of are still learning about the world around us. It's too early for us to make set in stone opinions like Hermione does far too often. I'm also very selective of who I keep close when it comes to making friends."

"Haaaarrrry," said Dora, "you're starting to preach yourself now." She elbowed him playfully.

"Sorry, I haven't had much conversation for the past month." He blushed a little. "I guess I've been feeling the need to talk someone's ear off for a while now."

"Well, I hope you're ready for a serious talk," He gave her pensive and almost exasperated look. "No, not that kind of talk. I have to report to Bones later today, and I don't think that she would be too upset if I brought you."

Harry let out a sigh of relief. He really didn't want to talk about their relationship. He was sure there was an attraction between them, but he was too busy thinking of other things to worry about it at the moment. The whole situation made him nervous. He wouldn't be able to treat her like she deserved until maybe after the twelfth, but even then he would still be busy. "That would be great Dora, Thank you."

She gave him a devilish grin. "I'm not doing this out of the goodness of my heart. You're going to owe me later."

Harry let out a groan. "What do you want Dora?"

"You'll see Harry." She gave him a wink, "Come on. We should freshen up before we head to my work." Harry obeyed. He just hoped this trip would be worth it.


Back at Grimmauld Place, "Headmaster, it's so unsafe for him to be out there, and Nymphadora has only been in the Order for a month. How do we know we can trust her?" pleaded Molly Weasley into the greenly lit fireplace.


"There, there," said Albus Dumbledore consolingly, "If she truly is a bad influence on young Harry's behavior, I will have her removed headquarters."

"You try it Dumbledore, and you can kiss your headquarters goodbye." snarled Sirius.

"I doubt it will come to that Sirius, but you have to think of Harry's safety and state of mind. He is at an impressionable age, and should be given company of those with bad habits sparingly." Said the headmaster with a twinkle.

"Here, here!" said Mrs. Weasley in relief.

"Their relationship will not be impeded in this house." Sirius put his foot down. "Hell, if they decided to hook up I wouldn't do a damn thing."

"SHE IS SIX YEARS OLDER THAN HIM! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT? IT'S ILLEGAL!" Molly Weasley looked like she was going to pull out her hair at the thought.

"I don't give a damn. Hell, he's my heir and she's Black blood, maybe I should just get a marriage contract filled out and have him sign it." Sirius was having fun at the expense of Molly at this point. He would never go as low as to force Harry into a marriage contract.

Mrs. Weasley was turning red in the face about to rant when Dumbledore cut her off. "Sirius, we all enjoy good joke or prank, but I find they are more enjoyable when they are not at the expense of others." Said Dumbledore giving Sirius a disapproving look.

Sirius sighed and looked to Molly, "I won't apologize, but I know I shouldn't goad you into getting angry. I mean what I said though about Harry and Nymphadora. Having her back might like having a sister to Harry, and he deserves a family."

"We're his family, me, my husband, and our children." Said Molly Weasley

"I'm not going to fight over Harry, Molly. He is free to choose who his family is, but I intend to be the father he's always needed in his life." Sirius was trying very hard not lose his temper. He knew Molly didn't see him as a 'suitable' father figure for Harry, and she was hell bent on them having as little contact as possible.

"If want to be a father to him you should act like one!"

"I'm letting him grow up and make his own decisions!"

"You just want him to grow up quickly so you can have your best friend back!"

Dumbledore watched as the two 'adults' bickered in a proverbial game of tennis, like school children. He hoped that they would be able to get to a compromise, because Harry did deserve a childhood. Dumbledore knew a childhood was all Harry could hope to have.

"Molly, the only one saying that is you. You think I'm doing that. No one else does. I tell Harry he's just like his father, because Harry idolizes him. You should be careful. I don't think coddling Harry like you've done in the past will be welcomed anymore." Said Sirius trying to be the better person. It was difficult, but he was trying.

Dumbledore's interests were peaked at this. "Why do you say that Sirius?" He said stroking his beard.

Sirius sighed and looked to the fire. "Harry's changed since the end of his last school year, Albus."

"Oh, how so?" said Dumbledore, inclining his head a little.

"He's more confident for one thing. He's also saying what he thinks more easily. He just has an air around him that just takes up the whole room." Sirius was leaving out the important fact that he knew the Potter creed. Sirius wondered how far Harry had looked into who he is.

Dumbledore sat silently for a moment. He couldn't help, but be reminded of two people he hoped to never be reminded of again, Gellert and Tom. Both were extremely confident, always made their opinions known and seem right, and they too had that feeling knack for being the center attention no matter where they went. "I see. Well, I do not think that is anything to worry about at the moment, but I am afraid that I will not be able speak with Harry tonight. I will have Severus speak to him about his behavior, and how much danger he put himself in this summer."

"Not going to happen Albus." Said Sirius in a no nonsense voice.

"Don't talk to the headmaster that way. He obviously knows best." Said the Weasley Matriarch. Sirius had nearly forgotten she was there. He couldn't help give her a skeptical look that said 'really?'.

"This is between me and Albus. Stay out of it Molly." He then turned back to the headmaster. "It doesn't matter if you trust him or not. He is vile towards Harry, and I will not have them speaking to each other if I can help it."

Albus sighed it seemed he was not going to win this battle. There would be many chances to see Harry's state of mind throughout the school year. "Very well Sirius. I see that you are not budging on this issue. Since this is your home I can only ask you, not demand you. I only ask that you do not let Harry leave the house on his own, and he be discouraged from leaving the house at night. I shall see you both at the meeting tonight." With that he left the two of them to sort out their differences. In truth he was ending the call early so that he could think about Harry. He wondered if Voldemort returning could have awoken the horcrux, and if it was having an effect on Harry's mind. If that was the case he couldn't look into Harry's mind or else the horcrux could become more active and attempt to take over. If that wasn't the case, it was likely that someone was influencing him, but who. It couldn't be Nymphadora. Passive legilimency was quite useful to know if his members were following his orders. A few members knew that Albus did this at every meeting, and he always said that he was making sure that no one was be seduced by the other side. They accepted quite easily, though Alastor would always shoot him a glare when he did it.


Dora and Harry had decided not to interfere in whatever argument was going on in the sitting room. It had been half an hour since Tonks and Harry had left, but the fallout of him leaving the house was still underway. It was best if they weren't noticed, so they quietly got ready.

Harry was exiting the shower to find Hermione was waiting for him outside the bathroom. In nothing but a towel, Harry asked her to step aside. "I can't do that Harry. We need to talk."

"I really don't have time for this right now." Harry pleaded.

Hermione raised an eyebrow, "Oh, and why is that? Leaving the house again?"

"Tonks is taking me to talk with the head of DMLE. I don't want to keep her waiting." Harry didn't want to make it known what he was doing, but it was best to be honest with Hermione. She had stayed by his side during the whole mess that was the tri-wizard tournament, and she could always tell when he was hiding something.

Hermione looked worried at his words, "That's great Harry, but won't it be suspicious if Tonks takes you? It's probably not a good idea for her to seem close to you. It could give away that she is a part of the Order."

"I think the cat is out of the bag on that. Madam Bones knows Tonks was there last night," Hermione went wide eyed and was about to speak, but Harry quickly said, "Tonks trusts her. She would be a good ally to have Hermione."

"Then why doesn't Professor Dumbledore get in contact with her?"

"Because she's like me." Hermione just looked at him confused, and waited for him to continue. "She doesn't like the way Dumbledore sees himself as always right." Hermione attempted to refute him, but Harry was being assertive now. "Hermione, stop looking at the authority he holds by his position and look at the man he is. Look at what he's let happen at Hogwarts since we've been there. Do you really think he couldn't figure out it was a basilisk too? Or that Myrtle might be a clue to where the chamber is? He was at Hogwarts when she died Hermione. His warning first year piqued the interest of almost every student in Hogwarts. He claims Moody was an old friend, but he didn't know he was an imposter after ten months? You're smarter than this Hermione." Hermione was choking on her own words for a moment, but when she looked Harry in the eye she turned silent and started to think.

Harry moved past her. He didn't notice she was staring at his back now. "Harry, how did you get those scars?" She sounded scared. It was probably the look of the scars. They didn't look accidental.

It took a moment for him to realize what she was talking about, but when he figured it out his throat went dry. He struggled with the words, "Dursleys, Dumbledore sent me there too." Then quickly closed the door to his room to calm down and get dressed. He hated having to admit what happened to him at the Dursley's, but it may have been the only way to convince her to take his word over Dumbledore's. He was going to make an emotional wreck of her. One moment she's upset with him, and the next he was having her rethink her respect for whom she considered the greatest man in the world.

When he left his room, Hermione was still in the hallway, "Why now? Why are you waiting until now to act against him?" She asked hoping for something that would help her sanity.

Harry looked to the floor. "One reason is that when Cedric died I needed you and Ron. He kept you away from me." He looked at her. "I nearly went insane in there Hermione. If I didn't leave I don't think I would be alright. I still don't think I'm alright," His thoughts betrayed him and went to Dora, "but I think I'm getting better." He ended with a soft smile. A missile with bushy brown hair came hurtling towards.

"I'm so sorry Harry! What can I do to make up to you?" She cried.

"Listen to me, and trust me. That's all I ask, but just because you listen to me doesn't mean you have to agree. You just have to consider it." Hermione punched him on the arm and cuddled back up to him.

"Okay, but tonight, after the Order meeting you're coming to my room to, debate elf rights." She hesitated at the last bit. Debating Hermione sounded fun, but he really wanted to meet with Dora to discuss the meeting afterwards.

"I'm sorry, but I already have plans."

Hermione backed away from him and her eyes narrowed. "Do these plans involve a girl Harry?"

He really didn't like where this was going. "Why would you think that?"

"The look in your eye. You've had it a few times now, and it's similar to how you used to look at Cho." She had leaned forward to inspect his face. "You really shouldn't leave at night. That can be really dangerous."

Harry couldn't help blush, and Hermione responded with a smirk that said 'I'm right'. Harry made a long sigh. "I've got to go, Dora's waiting." Harry didn't notice his slip, nor did he see the smirk drop from Hermione's face and her eyes grow wider.

Harry ran down the stairs to see that Dora was indeed waiting for him. "Took you long enough." She said playfully.

"Sorry, got held up by Hermione." He said with a smile.

She didn't smirk or anything. Her face was neutral except for a raised eyebrow. "Oh, did you two patch things up?"

"Yeah, I think we might have."

"I see."

"Something wrong?" asked Harry who was wondering why the mood changed.

"It's nothing Harry. Come on, let's go." With a crack they both left Grimmauld Place. Hermione waited at the stairs. She heard their conversation. Should she talk to Sirius? Yes that seemed to be in order. He was closest to Tonks before Harry arrived.

Sirius walked out of the sitting room to see if Tonks and Harry had apparated back. He missed his godson, and had not had a chance to sit down a merely enjoy time with him. He saw Hermione staring at him from the next floor. "Hey, Hermione, are Tonks and Harry back yet?"

"They just left again." She bit her lip. She was nervous to ask, but she felt that Sirius might have the answer she was looking for. "Could I talk to you Sirius?"

Sirius was surprised. Hermione had not paid him any attention since she had come here. Really, none of the children had really spoken to him much. "Sure come to the sitting room. Molly just went to the kitchen." Sirius waited at the door while she came down the stairs. She had an air of foreboding around her with a touch of nervousness.

Hermione went through the door as Sirius held it for her. They both found their usual seats, and Hermione began, "Harry seems oddly close to Tonks." She blurted out. Sirius merely cocked his head and looked to her to elaborate. "They're spending a lot of time together, and act like they've known each other for far long than nearly a day. Harry also calls her Dora." Her last sentence was what sparked it.

Sirius got this huge grin on his face, and his eyes seemed to sparkle like Dumbledore's. "I haven't heard her called that in years. That's what Harry called her when he was toddler." He said airily as rested his chin on his hands.

"She knew him as a toddler?" Hermione was dumbstruck at this news. She thought that she was Harry's first female friend. This still didn't explain why they were so close. Harry was probably too young to remember her. "Did Tonks ever talk to Harry during her seventh year of Hogwarts? She is only six years older than us."

"Impossible she graduated a year early." Said Sirius after a sip of tea.

"I didn't know you could do that." Said Hermione bewildered. "Why would anyone want to do that? One year to study for NEWTs sounds hellish."

"She didn't have much of a choice by what she told me." Hermione looked confused. "She was recruited by Moody the second her OWLs came out. Dumbledore had referred her to Moody, and made it look like he was doing her a favor. However, it was implied that if she didn't take his offer it would be nearly impossible for her to be hired as auror after refusing it. She's convinced that Dumbledore has been trying to keep her from reconnecting with Harry." Sirius poured more tea. This was going to turn into a long conversation.

"That's preposterous. Why would Dumbledore do that?" Hermione looked really skeptical. She believed that Tonks was insane if she really thought this.

"After thinking it over it still sounds insane, but there are a lot of strange coincidences. For one thing Nymmy and Harry were thick as thieves the second they met the first time. Harry would cry whenever she left, and would ask about her all the time when she wasn't over at the Potters. Harry is important to her, because when her ability manifested she lost all of her friends in one fell swoop, and any new kids her age she met weren't the kindest to her. All Harry ever did was say it was cool, or something like, and never said anything about it again. So, she became just as attached to him as he was to her. Then tragedy struck, and we all know what happened after that. The strangeness starts when custody of Harry comes up. Me and the Longbottoms, Alice is Harry's godmother, weren't able to care for him. Andromeda, Tonks' mother, was next on the list, and what does Albus Dumbledore do? He uses his position as Chief Warlock to gain custody of Harry, and make illegal for anyone from the wizarding world to contact him for his own safety." Hermione's jaw dropped. She had seen the scars on Harry's back. Why would Dumbledore ever do that? Sending Harry to the Dursley's was a terrible idea. Was it because he suspected the Tonks' to be attacked too?

"Sirius, did the death eaters ever attack the Tonks'?" When she asked she did expect the toothy grin that appeared on his face.

"It happened just before I was sent to Azkaban… Andromeda killed every single one that appeared at their doorstep." Sirius appeared to laughing with mirth inside at the look on Hermione's face. He loved his cousin. She was the eldest of the Black sisters, and was often a sister to him, but you did not piss off Andromeda Black. Now that she had a child, Merlin help whoever tried to hurt her baby. "Just because she married a muggleborn doesn't mean she's a light witch. She's dark gray at best, and she'll use the darkest of arts to protect her family. I think she threatened the hat not to put her in Hufflepuff. You don't kick badgers Hermione." Hermione took note to be extra careful when she went back to Hogwarts this year. "To answer your question, it is not odd at all that Harry and Nymmy are close. I would be more concerned if they weren't."

'So, this means that there is not a relationship between.' Thought Hermione who was relieved. 'This new Harry is far better than the old one. He isn't meek anymore, and he'll talk back to me without being a prat like Ron. Best of all, he uses logic. I couldn't think of anything better.' Hermione smiled to herself.

Sirius gave her a look that she didn't notice. He had an idea of what she was thinking, but he knew just because Nymmy and Harry were close didn't mean they wouldn't get closer. She was sharp as a tac, and if she thought they appeared too close it must mean something. He could tell Hermione, but it might be healthy for Harry to have a little girl trouble. Best to see how this unfolded, and step in if it got too out of hand. Dueling in the kitchen was the line.


Tonks and Harry apparated directly to the entrance of the ministry. She honestly didn't know why she was jealous. She had just met back up with Harry a little over half a day ago, and she was already being territorial. What was wrong with her? She quickly checked her attitude, and got over it. She knew it would be Harry's choice, and she had no right to make claim of him, but by Merlin if she could she would. Harry seemed to be everything she wanted in man smart, independent, strong willed, and protective. Just the thought made her churn a little.

Harry had already dawned his disguise, and Tonks threw a questioning look at him. "What?" he said indignantly, "its best if no knows I'm meeting with Madam Bones, and we'll just tell her its polyjuice."

"What about the eyes?" she asked, "You're well known among the ladies for avada -green eyes." She said with a smirk.

"And why has no one told me this?" he asked with an exasperated sigh as he tried to hide his blush.

"You're anti-social." She deadpanned.


"It's the truth. I've talked to Bones' niece, Susan." Harry gave her a confused look, and Dora just stared at him. "Susan Bones, she's in your year for Merlin's sake Harry, and you don't even know who she is! You're year is the smallest year in a century, and you don't talk to anyone outside Gryffindor. Once a full moon when you do it's not without Ron or Hermione, and a lot of people don't like Ron or Hermione." She had said Hermione's name a little bit more bitterly than intended, but thankful Harry didn't seem to notice.

He seemed to think it over for a moment. "I'll change that this year. I won't stop being friends with Ron and Hermione, if they'll stay my friends, but maybe that's why people only see me as the-boy-who-lived." Said Harry. He was pleased when Dora nodded at him approvingly. He hadn't notice he was beginning to drop his hardened façade naturally around her.

Harry and Tonks made their way through the ministry with ease. They weren't stopped, because he accompanied by an auror, and no one knew he was Harry Potter. He knew that if he walked around normally they would be subjected to many stares and whispers, and he didn't want Dora to be bother because of him. As they made it to the DMLE Harry began to steel himself once more. He hoped Madam Bones was how he thought she was, but the doubt and mistrust he had begun treat everyone with to seem to seep into the back of his mind. Her secretary had said that Tonks was expected, and ushered them inside. She paid no mind to Harry, but many cases and missions with aurors must be on a need to know basis and this wasn't unusual.

As they walked in Harry saw a woman that appeared around Sirius' age. She was blonde and stern looking, "Auror Tonks I wasn't expecting you to bring anyone." She looked to them for an explanation.

Harry decided to introduce himself rather than to force Dora to. "Madam Bones, I apologize for cloak and dagger, but I am Harry James Potter. I thought it would be appreciated that it wasn't known were meeting with the current political climate." Harry said this with confidently, but also somewhat apologetically.

Madam Bones sized him up. He wasn't sure why, because this wasn't how Harry Potter looked, but she did so none the less. "I thank you for the consideration, but I was unaware I would be seeing you before the 12th." She sounded stern. It was an elaborate way of asking 'why are you here?'

"Again I apologize for coming on such short notice. I wanted to thank you for considering what happen to me enough to have Auror Tonks as a bodyguard. I also wanted to discuss some theories I have on the attack, and the trial." He emphasized the last word, and her face confirmed it.

"I take you have been told the additional charges then?" She spat. She was obviously very unhappy with the current situation.

"No, I'm afraid not. I was actually wanting to donate some memories so that they could be reviewed in time for it. I was speaking with Auror Tonks, and when she mentioned a Wizengamot meeting the same day I had my suspicions, as did Auror Tonks. I also wanted to show you a memory of June 6th 1994 to be reviewed." He said as he placed the vials on her desk. She looked at him puzzled as she tried to see how that was connected to the attack.

"I am afraid showing an unrelated dementor attack would have no bearing on the trial." She said as she began to size him up to see if she was missing something.

Harry smiled, "I'm afraid you misunderstand me. I want to bring the case of Sirius Black before the Wizengamot." Tonks stared at him. She was screaming inwardly asking what the hell he was thinking. "This memory, once reviewed, and the fact that ministry has no record of giving Lord Black a trial, gives enough for the case to be reopened and a trial given. I too dislike injustice Madam." She looked at him like he was crazy. Whatever this memory was had to be big. There were rumors that the boy had be bewitched by Black that night, but if the memory proved untampered with then… She would have to see the memory.

"Very well Mister Potter, I will have these memories reviewed, but I am afraid you don't have the power to motion for these memories to be viewed by the Wizengamot on the 12th, and even if I did motion for it to be done no one would second it." She tried to explain it to him, but he only gave her a grin that resembled a goblin.

"I assure you that your motion will seconded. I already have someone lined up to do it. Might I also suggest having a reporter present that is not Rita Skeeter? Once this starts it might put some, which I am told you are unhappy with, in hot water, and we both won't want this swept under the rug." She sized him up for the third time. She couldn't place it, but he reminded her of someone. That confidence, the ability to take up the entire room, it was nostalgic in a way, but she couldn't place it.

She sighed and decided to make her decision after reviewing the memory on her own. "I will write you my decision after I have this reviewed. If you would wait outside please? I have to hear Auror Tonks' report." He bowed and exited gracefully.

"Was that really Harry Potter? He's nothing like Susan has told me." Asked Madam Bones.

She was replied with sigh from one of her favorite aurors. "From what I know, what happened at the Third Task changed him. He saw someone I think he saw as a friend die right in front of him. He's a good guy, and very loyal to those holds dear. However, he can have a very no nonsense kind of attitude, he's very strong willed, and driven. He won't let anything stand in his way anymore."

Madam Bones looked at her skeptically, and got some suspicions. She spoke very admiringly of him. "Do I need to put someone on this case that isn't… so close to the boy?"

Tonks just looked at her boss blankly there was no easy way to say this. "Honestly, if you do that he would give the poor sod the slip in 15 minutes tops. When he found out I was an auror, he caught me off guard, stunned me, bound me, and integrated me, because the ministry had threatened to snap his wand in a letter." Tonks thought Amelia's eyebrows were going to disappear into her hairline. "He didn't do anything to me. Once he knew I wasn't going to harm him, he untied me, and we had a pleasant chat." She said with a smile.

"You know I could charge him with assaulting an Auror." She said as a joke

Tonks obviously hadn't taken it that way. "You know I could have my mother be his lawyer as he sued the ministry for that letter." Amelia gulped, this boy was going to be more than Fudge could chew and that was an understatement. Friends like Andromeda Tonks would have him running for the hills.

After that she dropped the subject, and began building a case in Harry's defense. She would take any chance to undermine Fudge, and this would have him seething. This case was open and shut with evidence she had gathered, and that combined with whatever the Sirius Black case was about to become might turn the ministry upside down. August 12th might give her a new patronus memory.


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