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Harry and Dora apparated from the ministry to his room, and Dora immediately cornered him. "What are you thinking Harry? Don't you know how risky this is?" she had him pushed up against the wall this time.

"I know. This is just the best opportunity for me to help Sirius. I know we are going to have to move fast, and basically build a boat with no holes in a week. I think we can do it." He spoke confidently, but that only made her more worried. She didn't think he understood what the fallout of this could cause. Hell, no one did. Dumbledore wasn't Chief Warlock anymore, and that session would determine who that was, Sirius and Harry's fate, and it would put Bones at risk.

"Harry, it's like you just took a shotgun to the boat and said 'I have duct tape'." Her impression of him sounded like Goyle. Harry narrowed his eyes. "You're lucky I kept my cool Bones, and made this seem like this will work. I don't know what I'm thinking."

"Are you done?" He said coldly.

"Yes, I'm going to write my Mum. This is about to get really messy, Harry. Go tell Sirius. He needs to know, but don't let anyone else know." She said as she left the room. She was upset with him for not telling her. If he had, she might have been able to help get the ball rolling a lot safer. Harry was about to stare straight into the abyss that was Magical Britain politics. He had no allies she knew of, and if he didn't have any Bones was a sitting duck. Bones seemed to think there must be some allies involved for him to be making this kind of move. Tonks only hoped she was right.

'What is her problem?' thought Harry. 'This should have been done a long time ago. Does she think I can't do this? Fine I'll tell Sirius, but I'm not going to tell them what I have planned for that day. Ugh, why am I so frustrated? This shouldn't be getting to me. Back to business.' Harry began to write into his journal exactly what he had to do before the trial. He needed one more ally to make this safe, and maybe the list of candidates for Chief Warlock held the answer of who. He wouldn't admit the feelings of betrayal he just felt.

Tonks entered her room with a sigh. 'Mum is going to have a fit. I haven't told her I've even met Harry again yet. I should have told Bones. I shouldn't have talked up Harry. I keep forgetting he's 15 with the way he acts and the way he looks in public.' She let out another frustrated sigh, and began to write to her mother.


I know its been a few days since I last wrote you. The auror job is still the same as ever. Only Shack and Bonesy really treat me like an actual auror. Scrimgeuor keeps treating me like his secretary and handing me all his paper work. Dawlish pretty much keeps to himself. Yaxley is always watching everyone like a hawk. You know what he is, and I hate having to constantly watch my back in the office.

In other news I have a new assignment. I'm on 24 hour guard duty of, guess who. Harry, that's right I've finally met back up with Harry after all these years. It wasn't a happy reunion, but we've been getting along somewhat. You see I was in Little Whinging when I ran into him last night. However, we were attacked by dementors. I don't think either of us would have made it out of there without the other. The ministry then sent a letter threatening to snap his wand, because he did underage magic in front of a muggle. The muggle was his cousin who already knew about magic. Dumbledore then swooped in and got a hearing dated, but Fudge has pretty made it to where the now trialis going to be in front of the bloody Wizengamot! This isn't all. We went to see Bones today so that Harry could donate a memory of last night, and what does he do? He has pretty much gotten Sirius' case reopened with another memory of his, and it's going to be shown to the Wizengamot on August 12th!

I also had a fight with him… Well, I called him reckless and stormed out the room. Now I feel like I really messed up. I'm going apologize to him as soon as I'm done writing this. If you can't already tell I we really need your help. This could blow up very badly, or completely put the ministry in our favor. Chief Warlock gets decided that day too. I'm going to make sure Harry has talked to the Longbottoms. Weren't the Longbottoms and Potters always close? Harry hasn't said anything about them, but I really hope he has things in place for this. I love you Mum, and tell Dad I love him too.

You daughter,

N. Tonks

Tonks sat in her room and reread the letter. She decided to ask Harry if she could use Hedwig as an excuse to talk to him. She folded up the letter and went to the cabinet. It opened, and she found Harry writing furiously into a journal and looking a book that looked to be on the Wizengamot. "Wotcher Harry." she said quietly. He instantly stopped, and looked to her. He showed a look of surprise at first, but his look quickly turned cold.

"What can I do for you Tonks?" she noticed how he wasn't calling her Dora, and her heart sank a little.

"I was wondering if I could use Hedwig to send a letter to my Mum." Her voice still quiet.

"Sure," was all he said to her. She slowly went to Hedwig who cooed softly.

The bird got on her shoulder and rubbed her cheek. "He do you mind taking this to my Mum." She asked the bird. Hedwig hooted happily, and outstretched her leg. After the letter firmly tied Hedwig flew out the window. Tonks stood there for a moment and looked at Harry who was still writing and looking to the book as reference. He seemed to be making a list of some sort. "Harry?" she said softly.

"I'm busy Tonks." He said with a finality. His voice wasn't cold, but it was friendly either.

"I just wanted to talk to you."

"I don't have time right now." He looked to her and his face softened a fraction.

"Harry." She wanted him to look at her, but he refused. She felt her heart break just little. "Please look at me."

He set down his pen, and looked at her. He raised his eyebrows asking 'Well?'.

Tonks was starting to get annoyed. "I want to help you Harry, and I'm sorry for saying what I said. I shouldn't have mocked you. I just don't want there to be any secrets."

Harry let out a long sigh. It was impossible to keep this up when she looked at him like that. "I didn't mean to leave you out of the loop. I have secrets, and I'm going to hold onto them until the time is right, but I will tell you everything you need to know after the 12th." He said with finality.

Tonks was hurt, but she couldn't blame him. They had only really known each other for a short period of time. "Do you not trust me Harry?"

He gave her a genuinely apologetic look. "I want to, but I physically can't. If I give you all my secrets it going to make me anxious, and then I'll be hesitant and make mistakes. I barely trust myself half the time. I know you want a relationship with me, but I'm honestly too unstable for you. I also have someone after my life and those closest to me. You should stay away from me Dora." It took a lot for him to say that. His subconscious was screaming at him to stop. He didn't want her to go.

Today she had made him feel like there was truly someone standing beside him. That was a feeling he truly did not want to go away. Her words earlier had shaken those feelings, planting doubt. So, he had begun to push her away.

He was surprised and secretly cheered inside when she walked towards him. She had look of determination on her face that almost looked angry. She slapped him as soon as she could reach him. "I make my own decisions Harry. Even if you didn't admit that, I would still be here." He face softened as she rubbed where she had hit him. "I just want you to understand you don't have to do this alone," she said quietly. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and sat in his lap. She held his head to her chest as she moved her fingers through his hair.

Harry honestly didn't know what to do. Their last interaction was honestly slightly induced by alcohol, and he had no idea what he was supposed to do with a woman. Instinctually, his left arm had wrapped around her waist to support her, while the other sat on her leg. Merlin she had firm thighs. She had very little fat on her body to the point that the only part of her that jiggled any were breasts, and her bum slightly. He had snuck a peak earlier. His head was now resting on her near perfect breasts. He knew his face was red, and he was beginning to have a reaction. She didn't seem to care as she just readjusted herself as his member grew. However, he heard her quietly moan as she readjusted herself more, which caused his hips to lurch slightly. She moaned louder and moved her hips more. Before Harry could even think, he had removed his head from her chest and locked his lips with hers. Without even breaking their passionate tongue war, Tonks had gotten up to sit back down and straddle him. She was now moving her hips back and forth rhythmically causing his hips to lurch more and more. Her hands had begun wander as she felt his muscles. Everywhere she touched felt electrified, and even more so when she had wormed her hands under his shirt. It was soon nowhere to be found. Once she removed what was keeping her from feel her man's chest and back, she dragged her nails all the down his neck, certainly drawing blood, and causing Harry moan in pain and pleasure. Dora then stopped exploring his mouth to bite and suck where his shoulder and neck met. Harry had already worked his arms under the back of her shirt, and the moment she had bitten down, Harry grabbed her forcibly by the shoulders, pushed their bodies, and gave his hips a might lurch. Dora's moan, or scream, would have alert the whole of Grimmauld Place what they were up to if her mouth was not firmly attached to his neck.

This had stirred Harry's higher thinking skills. "Dora," he panted. "We need to… We need to stop…" She wasn't listening as she began to life her own shirt. It took all of Harry's will power to tug the shirt down her stomach. "Someone, will hear us." It wasn't working. So he unwrapped an arm so that he could coerce her lips back to his. She had gladly renewed their battle of the tongues, but Harry gradually slowed the rhythm so that she may have been able to put two thoughts together. The soon parted once more, panting.

Dora warped her arms around Harry again, and rested her forehead against his. She whispered, "Sorry I lost it there," but Harry could tell she wasn't sorry at all.

"Don't even fake an apology. I didn't do much better." He said with a chuckle.

"Oh no, you did great."

"You were doing most the work."

"I like to do the work." She said as she licked her lips seductively.

"That's enough you! We won't be able to stop if we go again!" He said with mock authority, which caused her to giggle.

She got up from his lap. "You owe me a date."

"I'm pretty sure I owe you more than that after what we just did." He then took a strange glance at her. "Do you wonder if it's our magic?"

She cocked her head to the side. "What do you mean?"

"Don't play stupid Dora. I felt it too. It was like magic was leaking into everything around, including each other."

She wanted to deny it, this pull she constantly felt made her lose control. She didn't know how Harry resisted or he felt it at all. "Do you feel like you are constantly being drawn to… to me."

Harry looked at the ground for a moment before looking at her. He was nervous there was no doubt in that. "And if I say yes?"

She sighed and said, "I'd say I felt the same." She then placed a kiss on his forehead. He grabbed her hand it was as if his magic was being into drawn into her as his was drawn into her.

"It feels amazing."

"You're not getting rid of me now Mr. Potter. So you might as well admit we're us it's not me or you anymore."

"Are you sure you're okay with that?" She didn't even give him a reply. She just hit him upside the head.


The rest of the day was mildly uneventful. Dobby had gotten into a fight with Kreacher, the local house elf. Harry was surprised there was even a house elf living here with the state of the place. In all honesty Sirius should have gotten rid of the thing as soon as he moved in, but now it knew too much. Plotting to kill a house elf was not on the agenda.

Dobby had also come through with filling an entire room with dark objects. There were a few semi-harmful things he showed the house, but really what no one could figure out was a strange locket with an S on it. Dobby said it was the darkest object in the house, but other than making a person exceedingly grouchy it didn't do much. Harry got a strange chill from it, and really didn't fancy being in the same room as it. Ron suggested he show it to Bill later tonight. So, that became the plan.

It wasn't long until 6 o'clock came and the Order was slowly congregating to the sitting room. Moody was always first to arrive. So, Tonks tipped him off that Harry might be quietly joining under his cloak. Moody only grunted a laugh. He was beginning to like the boy. When Moody entered he noticed that Harry was already there, leaned against a wall reading a small tome, while waiting for the meeting to begin. Moody decided he should see what the boy had planned if anything at all. He was surprised he wasn't asking about Voldemort the second he entered the house, and was pleased that he had decided to find out for himself. It showed independence and cunning. Good qualities for a young auror.

Soon everyone arrived, and as always once the room became think with anticipation Albus Dumbledore strode through the fireplace like the benevolent deity he deemed himself to be. He gave his grandfatherly smile complete with twinkling eye, and began to meeting. "First order of business, we need to know how young Harry slipped past several trained aurors, Order members, and undoubtedly death eaters, for a month, and how he knew the property was being watched." He glanced at every Order member, and was surprised to find Nymphadora added to list of members with closed off minds. "Nymphadora," Tonks growled at the man for using her real name. She had tried her damnedest to keep Harry from finding out about it as long as possible. "I believe you have had the most contact with the past 24 hours. What can you tell us?"

She was honestly surprised when her occlumency shields were slightly pressured by Dumbledore. She had never thought to put them up around him, but she thought that it was prudent to have them up since she had secrets to hide for Harry's sake now. "To be perfectly honest, I'm not quite sure exactly how he found out. It could have been anything from a cough to a pair of foot prints in the grass."

Snape decided to speak up at this point. "You give the brat too much credit. I'm sure someone either flat told him, or they were just careless."

"No one asked you Snape," and Tonks decided to continue. "At one point Harry did say that it was as easy as slipping on his invisibility cloak and climbing out the window."

Dumbledore didn't like the situation one bit. He had a tracking charm on Harry, but even now the tracker showed Harry to be in his room and he had no idea how he didn't trip the wards every time he either left or entered the property. The only answer was cloak, but Dumbledore honestly thought he had put a magical signature on the cloak so it could be spotted through his glasses and by wards. "Hmm, it seems I may need to confiscate the cloak for the time being so that there are no late night outings." In actuality, Dumbledore wanted to examine it to see what had been done to cloak, and see who had tampered with it.

Moody saw Harry roll his eyes, but then Sirius spoke out in a calm dismissive voice, "Dumbledore, it's his birthright. You can't take it from him." Sirius knew this was going to be a long night.

"I am afraid it's for his own good Sirius. He is at a rebellious age, and we can't have him getting himself into harm's way because of it." Said Dumbledore wisely.

"I don't know why the brat was given it in the first place. He only uses it cause trouble just like his arrogant father." Sneered Snape. Harry was having a hard time not laughing at how cliché Snape was becoming, brat this, arrogant father that. He had to have better material than this.

"I don't think you understand. Harry can summon the thing wherever it is. James did it all the time when he left it in the room. He would just hold out his hand and there it was. It's tied to the family magic." Said Sirius shrugging. Moody shot a glance at Harry, and nearly lost his drink at the surprised look on his face.

"Are you alright Alastor?" asked Dumbledore with a jovial smile.

Mad-Eye knew he would have to misdirect to escape this. "How old is that damn cloak anyway. I've never heard of an invisibility cloak lasting so many years." In truth, Moody knew that cloak was old and somewhat special. James and Harry weren't the only Potters famous for having one.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled madly at this. He couldn't let anyone figure out the true to value of that cloak. "Ah, I studied it once. James let me hold on to it for a small amount of time. It is indeed a special cloak, but I'm fairly certain that its effects will come to end one day." Sirius snorted at that. The cloak was something else alright. It was indestructible, and he was fairly certain he saw it block a killing curse without a scratch on it once. "Well back to you Nymphadora," but he was cut off.

"I've asked you many times to call me Tonks, Headmaster." She said, adopting the stern tone her mother taught her.

"Ah, one of the down falls of old age. As we get closer the next great adventure we tend to forget things. I apologize Ms. Tonks. I was merely wondering how you stumbled upon Harry last night."

Tonks really wanted to say, 'and wonder you may,' while being very condescending and it would feel really good to say, it wouldn't be productive. "There's a bar a frequent after my day watches. I went there, and there he was drinking away without a care in the world." There were many snorts all around, especially from Sirius.

Molly however was not amused. "And how did he get them to sever him hard liquor without checking his age," she asked accusingly.

Tonks just shrugged. "Didn't ask. After we left, he met up with his whale of cousin, and began to make his way home. I made my way to leave, before I felt dementors in the area, and you know the rest."

"Indeed." Dumbledore had heard the miraculous bit of magic the two of them had performed, and was intrigued. This could have been 'the power he know not,' but it was too muddled and unclear what exactly happened to make such an assumption. "I also wanted address your relationship with young Harry. Some have brought to me concerns that you have been a poor influence on him, and you should distance yourself from him somewhat." Several eyes turned to Molly Weasley. Not that she noticed. "I understand that you two may have some history from your early years in life, but it would be best if he spent some time with his friends. I'm sure he has missed them, and I would hate for them not to able to reconnect after a month apart. Molly perhaps you can give him some tasks around the house with Ronald, Hermione, and Ginerva."

Tonks knew a power play when she saw one. Molly was about to agree when Tonks cut her off. "The house work is now being done by a house elf. If Harry wants to spend time with me, I'll let him. He would probably want to spend more time with them if they had shown him more loyalty." She then shot a glare to Dumbledore. "It was your decision to isolate him after what he went through. So, if something happens you don't like, it's your own damn fault." Tonks then went back to inspecting her nails. Harry was really impressed with how she was handling herself. Emmaline Vance elbowed her with a smirk, which she returned.

Molly got up from her chair and slammed her hands on the table, "And what in the bloody hell do you mean by that young lady?"

"That Harry can make his own decisions. He has faced Voldemort himself more than anyone in this room, and that includes Dumbledore. I don't see why you people won't let him join the meetings. He's number one on Voldy's hit list, and he can't know what might happen for his own safety. Honestly, sometimes I think you people are slow or completely bonkers." There were many shudders and gasps at the dark lord's name. Dumbledore didn't bat an eye, but Molly was about to explode.

Moody decided to step in and support his protégé, "I'm inclined to agree with Auror Tonks. The boy needs to know what he's up against."

Snape stood to oppose this, "Potter will merely disrupt our meetings and arrogantly think he knows what is best. Having him in on meetings will merely inflate his head and prove worthless."

Sirius saw a vote coming in and lend his support, "In my experience, keeping too many people in the dark hurts more than it helps. Not letting Harry know what's happening may get him or other members killed. We all know the rumors what's happened at Hogwarts since he has been attending." There were several nods and whispers at these words.

Molly, who was still standing, could not believe so many people were entertaining the idea of bring a child into this. "He's just a child, and he's been through so much already. He shouldn't be thrown into the thick of things. He should be comforted after all that's happened."

"To some extent, I agree with Molly. Harry deserves a childhood. It is something that has been deprived of far too often. I believe it's time to move on to the next order of business." Said Dumbledore.

Harry debated for split second. He saw Dora staring at where she knew he was, and Moody was eyeing him. He sighed and decided if he was going to make a move it was going to be now. "Actually," he said as he took off his cloak, "I believe we should put it to a vote." Molly was turning red in the face. Snape glared and even snarled a little. Dumbledore lost the twinkle in his eye for a split second. Sirius just had a shit eating grin. "If allow me to sit in on your meetings while I am staying here, I'll fill you in on Voldemort's movements since 1991." Several Order members were intrigued, and Moody was positively beaming. One would wonder if he had goblin blood. "Even the portions that have left out. I assume all most of you know is Voldemort is back, he's recruiting, and he wants something in Department of Mysteries." There were several wide eyes at these words. No one, not even Dumbledore knew how he knew this, and the rest just looked at him. Tonks looked at Harry in a different light. Someone had been slipping him information. Harry had secrets not only to protect himself but others as well.

"How have you come across that information Harry?" Asked Dumbledore with a look of concern. How much had lost control of the boy?

"I'm afraid I am unable to reveal that. I could have someone in the order, in with the death eaters, or I've simply been around Knockturn. Rumors are wild around there let me tell you. The Quibbler has nothing on that place." Said Harry with a laugh.

No one really knew what to say. Dumbledore had just been undermined, the rebellious teenager they had all heard about had presented a reasonable argument, and he seemed informed even without the order. This really drew the line of who were loyal to Dumbledore and who were here to fight the good fight. To have any real sway against Dumbledore. He had to win the aurors amongst them. There were a few that would oppose Dumbledore if they thought it was right, but had learned their opinions were not wanted. An informed group was a winning group in their minds so many votes were going to Potter. When Tonks and Moody both casted their vote to Potter, the other aurors followed through. In the end, Harry was allowed to join the meetings by a slim margin.

The biggest disappointment was when Moony chose to abstain from the vote. He didn't look at Harry or Sirius. Sirius was glaring at him at disbelief, but to quickly slummed back with a huff. To Harry's surprise, Moony gave a pleading look to Tonks, but she didn't notice. Harry's jaw involuntarily clenched at the way Remus looked at her every so often.

"So, it seems young Harry will be joining us for the remainder of the summer." Dumbledore felt like everything he had built was all rearranged. He could at least derail the story time so that he could have Harry not join the next meeting.

"Yes, I think it would be best to get any urgent matters out of the way before everyone is filled in. If any information I have is prudent to anything brought up I will inform you, but at the end of the meeting I promise to share all the information I know from Voldemort's revival to his first attempt in 1991." There were a few nods, but some were impatient and wondering if they were going to get the information at all.

Shacklebolt brought the first announcement. "There are rumors that the Black case is being reopened. Not many are aware. Just a few senior aurors."

Tonks and Harry looked to each other and thought, 'Shite we forgot to talk to Sirius.' They both somehow succeeded to hide their blush with their metamorph abilities.

"I thought I was already being hunted?" Scoffed Sirius.

"The rumor is that there is new evidence that might be in your favor." Shacklebolt said coolly. Sirius looked like it was too good to be true.

"It may be a ploy to lure Sirius out into the open." Said Dumbledore.

"I'm not sure Dumbledore. The only people that know that know of it are Amelia, Scrimgeour, and me. According to Amelia someone brought in evidence that is going to be reviewed by Scrimgeour. However, it begs the question of why now." Said Shacklebolt while playing with his ear ring.

"It is best we stay cautious for now, and it would also be best if you find out who that evidence is from." Said Dumbledore.

Sirius was dumbstruck. He wanted to be free so badly, but it sounded too good to be true.

The rest of the meeting consisted of recruitment reports for both sides and watch on the DoM. Harry honestly thought the DoM was a waste of time. Harry was happy to hear that some of the neutral families were trying their best to stay neutral.

Finally Dumbledore tried to dismiss everyone, but Harry stepped in and offered his information to all who wanted it. This was a tactic to further drive the difference between Harry and Dumbledore. It also pointed out who would listen and not follow blindly. While followers were useful, they were people that came naturally, and they were only cannon fodder to Dumbledore anyway. If that was what they wished to be Harry couldn't stop them. So, many who opposed Harry left for the night. If it wasn't information that Dumbledore was giving out it wasn't worth hearing. Harry was actually happy to see Snape leaving, but he doubted it was by choice. Harry was not going to sleep well again tonight.

As Harry began his story, he mostly summed up all that happened first and second year. Third year was unimportant except for the prophecy that was made by his Divination teacher. Most were skeptical of his stories, but Harry offered up memories to prove what had happened. The biggest news to them was Identity of Voldemort. Namely Tom Riddle. Barty Crouch Jr. was a surprise as well. Many thought he was a boy that was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but there was nothing to deny that he was a death eater now. As Harry went on to what happened in Little Hangleton, some of the Order members thought that the village should be investigated.

The Order members who stayed were very appreciative of this information, and were slightly upset that they were not informed of all this beforehand. Dumbledore and Mrs. Weasley were surprisingly quiet through all of this. Harry shift to look at them once or twice, and noticed that Dumbledore seemed not to be listening at all and making sure not to make eye contact with Harry. It made Harry suspicious, but ultimately worked in his favor.

Harry then went on to note the personality shift between Tom Riddle and Voldemort. Tom was calm and calculated. He seemed to always take actions slowly and with meaning. Voldemort was very impatient and quick to anger. The thing that was the same between both Tom and Voldemort was the need gloat and prove themselves to be superior. Harry continued to explain that this was how he had survived three of his four encounters with Voldemort. The best way to bide to time when facing him was to push his buttons, because then he would take his time making an example of you, thus creating a possible opportunity.

There were several gulps and pale faces at this suggestion, but a few determined looks. Moody looked at Harry as if dissecting him. "I know it's a terrifying, but it's the method that I've found that works. Even a little defiance is enough to throw him off slightly. He has surround himself with people who don't dare question him, and he continues to condition them not to. The reason there a so few defectors from Voldemort is because of this conditioning. Voldemort may fear death, but he knows how to make an existence worse than death. If we take out Voldemort, and not the rest of the death eaters, most will go back to their normal lives. The exception to the rule will be the ones in Azkaban once they escape." There were a few gasps at these words. Some of the Order members didn't think it would be possible, but this was Voldemort they were talking about. "Mark my words, we will have a breakout by November 1st. I've done some studying on the last war. Most major battles initiated by Voldemort took place on Halloween, Christmas, or the end of June. I've also received word that will be their first move after the recruiting phase. Inner circle members are the primary targets. They will also take the opportunity to recruit inmates if given the chance." Harry ended his report with a list of death eater recruits.

"You're informant has to be in the inner circle to have this kind of information." Commented Moody. Harry made a point not to acknowledge this. This was all a part of his plan.

This meeting was not only meant to misbalance the Order, but also the death eaters. Harry had faith that Snape would report that there was a spy among their rank, which in a way was true, but also untrue. Harry was starting a witch hunt.


Dumbledore quickly left afterwards without a word. Harry could sense Mrs. Weasley wanted to rant at him, but he quickly retreated up the stairs to find the other looking at him with some jealousy. The Twins however looked very pleased with him, Hermione was contemplative with some looks of displeasure, and Ginny... star struck as usual.

"How come you join a meeting and we can't?" asked Ron crossing his arms and having a tone similar to last Halloween.

This struck a nerve with Harry. "At first, I just planned to sit through with the cloak, but I saw an opportunity and took it. I feel like I've done a lot of good in there."

"We agree with you Harry." Said Forge.

"You had some interesting points."

"How do you know… you know what forget I asked, plausible deniability." Said Harry, but the Twins looked a little disappointed not to show off their newest invention.

"What do you think the weapon is?" asked Hermione out of the blue.

Harry thought for a moment. They had indeed called whatever was in the DoM a weapon, but it was Dumbledore's famous wording that made it such. To Harry it sounded more like something that could be used as a weapon rather than an actual one. "It could be anything, but I honestly think the DoM should be lower on the priorities list. I think it's a misdirection."

"Dumbledore said himself it was a weapon. We can let You-Know-Who have it!" Ron argued.

Harry let out a sigh and thought this was a perfect opportunity to sway the others. "I won't tell you because I want you to figure it out. Something to remember with Dumbledore is that he is a master a speech. You really need dissect his wording to get what he is actual saying and what he wants you to think."

"Are you calling Dumbledore a liar?! After everything he's done for us?!" Ron was now turning red in the face. He had already shutdown his higher order thinking skills. It happened too often.

"No Ron, what Harry is saying actually somewhat more sinister." Said Hermione quietly. Harry gave her a pointed look and retired upstairs.

"I want a word with you young man!" came the voice of Molly Weasley, but Harry was far too tired to deal with her. He magically looked his door and silenced it after entering his bedroom. He knew Dora had her own way to come to him so he waited.

He didn't have to wait long before the wall opened and Dora came through smiling broadly. "You impressed a lot of people tonight Harry. Is how you got that info one of your secrets?"

"Yes and no, it's something that you'll probably learn in the coming weeks we're together, but I want to see how the aftermath of tonight unfolds first." Said Harry casually. "I will say that no one on our side is in danger because of what I said."

Dora let out a sigh of relief. It was something she was slightly worried about. "I am curious how you know all that, but I'll let it go for now. So, are you completely wiped out?"

"No, but I want to take it easy. I think Joan is expecting us to show tonight though." He said sounding a little tired.

"You ever talk to Joan?"

"No, not really. I didn't talk to anyone much." He paused for a moment and blushed. "You really have kicked me out a slump you know. I was diving nonstop into information, magic, and alcohol before you came up to me last night. This is the happiest I've been in what feels like forever." It was hard for Harry to say, but he thought she deserved to hear it. He was becoming to feel more and more at ease with her presence.

She gave him a tender hug and a quick peck on the lips before nuzzling into the crook of his neck. "Do you think they've figured us out, because I was freaking out at some of the stuff Dumbledore was implying?"

Not breaking the hug Harry replied, "I think they are wary, but I doubt think we've already gotten so… intimate. So, we're dating?"

"Dating. You can call me your lover or girlfriend or whatever. I don't care." Said Dora with a chuckle.

"I was thinking vixen." She hit him for that, but then chuckled.

"So… Do we show up at the bar… or do spend some time alone." She whispered in his ear.

"The pub will be there tomorrow." He said as he fell back on the bed.


AN: I really had trouble with this chapter, and honestly didn't enjoy it that much. I've also been rather under the weather this week. The first scene I redid about 5 times until I got something that I liked. The original plan was for them to fight and them not make up until after the meeting or after the 12th, but every time I wrote it Tonks pretty much stepped in and told Harry to get his shit together. In one version I went so far to make Harry call her a bitch. That seemed to me like something would never do. Tonks' character pretty kicked the shit out him and put him in timeout and left him to think about what he did wrong, which turned into major angst. I don't like a lot of angst. I'm trying to avoid it, but also use enough it to make Harry human. The thing that I'm finding I don't like writing is politics and dancing around words. I'm an action, drama, romance, and humor kind of guy. The politics is important for setting up how the year is going to go so I'm going to have muddle through it. I'm trying to put as much effort into it as possible, but its hard to get my eyes off other fanfics and write my own. I blame We're In This Together by Zugrian. I've been addicted to that now. I think I'm developing a fetish for forbidden relationships. If anyone wants some suggested reads or to suggest some reads to me please pm me.

AN: Also reminder I know I left thing where it seems like its sexy time, but when it happens you will know!