Chapter 1 - Mistake

(Author's Note: This story is written so the protagonist is either telling you the story or you're this person telling it to someone else. It can be perceived just about either way. The speaker is a little expressionless, so there's no fixed, unique personality of this person. This is the first Fan Fiction I'm writing, and I'm sure not the last.)

This story begins with a game I should never had purchased. Not because it was a bad game, but I'll tell the story if you're interested. It happened some time ago, though the memory is still fresh in my mind today.

My day started off not great, but not bad either. I missed the bus then ran to the other bus stop which I also missed. I went to my job late and my boss said "This is your last strike, arrive late one more time and you're gone." I got out from work, feeling a bit bummed. It was about noon, I had time and enough cash so I went to my local game store to get a new Nintendo 3ds game.

One game caught my eye. It had a colorful cover art, on it was the image of an angel flying with a bow and arrow and the title "Kid Icarus Uprising". I saw it and immediately I thought it'd be interesting. And it was a used copy so it was being sold for only $10. So I bought it and quickly ran to catch the bus home.