An Update (Not a Story Chapter)

To all of you following this fanfic, I started the part 2 a while ago. I plan to get that done a week before Halloween this year, so there'd be time to read it before Halloween.

And a big thank you to everyone who enjoyed my Creepypasta!

If anyone wants to draw fanart or do whatever of this, you're more than welcome to! And if so, can you PM me your art name so I can look for the fanart (I don't think it allows you to type links here, but I could be wrong) because I'd love to see it!

Again, this is an update to say I have Pit exe 2 in progress and it should be done soon. Thanks everyone, for all your support!

Update, 2019. I started on a 3rd part. I just couldn't let it go, lol and this 3rd one will really end the story.