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Happy Holidays, Dudley

Harry James Potter was carrying an Easter Egg to the house of his cousin Dudley Dursley. Upon ringing the bell, Harry was received by Dudley's wife. "Harry?" She asked.

"Good morning. Is Dudley here?" He asked. "I've got a gift for him."

Harry was let in. "Happy Easter, Harry." Dudley said and then took the egg. "Thank you."

Dudley's kids cheered upon seeing the egg. Dudley unwrapped it only to find out it was a wooden egg and that, inside it, there were carrot sticks instead of sweets. "Happy Easter and HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY, Dudley!" Harry cheered. "Enjoy the rabbit food."

"Ha. Ha." Dudley snarked.

"You deserved it, cousin." Harry said and then handed some toffees to the Dursley kids.

"Don't eat…" Dudley tried to tell them but it was too late. Fortunately, nothing happened.

"Dudley, you didn't think I'd use the ton-tongue toffee trick like the Weasley twins did to you back in 1994. Did you?" Harry maliciously asked.

"Well, yes." Dudley answered.

"Dudley, having it done by teenagers is one thin but, done by an adult wizard would be muggle-baiting." Harry explained and then pulled a box of toffees. "Toffee?"

Believing in Harry's reassurance, Dudley ate some and soon regretted it. "Aaaahhhhhh! Hot! Hot!" The then drank lots of water. "What happened to that talk about muggle-baiting?"

"It doesn't count as muggle-baiting when it's done without magic, Dudley." Harry replied with a smile. "April fool! Having Easter and April Fool's Day on the same day was the best opportunity to have some payback for the old days."


Author's Note: For readers who only find this fic after 2018, that year's Easter took place during April Fool's Day.