Hey, smaller fandom than I'm used to. I've been writing here for a while, for my favourite TV show, Ninjago. But I recently got into Camp Camp, and got many fanfic ideas while binge watching it all :) Check out my profile for more information.

For clarification, here's how old I think all the campers are: Max: 10 (duh), Neil: 12, Nikki: 9, Space Kid: 8, Dolph: 7, Harrison: 12, Nerris: 11, Preston: 13, Ered: 15, Nerf: 15

You may or may not agree.

I'm warning you now, I use my own ships, which I've never heard of anyone else shipping before. I don't really agree with Max X Nikki :)

I have done my best to represent Dolph's dialect in his speech.

Bye for now - Steampunk Wilson

"Max. Max!"

"Go away David." The kid muttered, burying his face in his pillow. "I'm not even talking to you until I've had my coffee."

"It's not David, it's Nikki."

"Nikki, I need coffee!" Nikki rolled her eyes, and pounced onto her friend, digging him hard in the ribs. He sat bolt upright.

"Nikki, what the fuck-"

""Max, the Woodscouts are here!" Nikki whispered anxiously.

"You're kidding!" Max groaned. "Wouldn't they be blowing stuff up and trying to drag us out of our beds if they were here?"

"Yeah, they really seem to be taking a stealth approach this time..." Nikki muttered. "But Max, they ARE here. I was going out of my tent for a midnight howl at the full moon-"

"You WHAT-"

"And I saw Pikeman and the others, on the shore of the lake, and they all started coming, and I had to run here to get you!" Max looked at Nikki. She seemed really worried, so he assumed she was genuine.

"Right. Let's get Neil and get to wor- wait, where's Neil?"

Neil's bed was empty. Max gasped in surprise and groaned in annoyance.

"What, where is he?" Nikki asked.

"He sleepwalks sometimes, to Science Camp." Max groaned, rolling himself out of bed.

"Well, we have to find him, before the-" But her words were cut off with a scream from outside.

"Arrgghh! Martians!"

"Get your hands off me, you foreign devils!"

"Shit." Max muttered. "Come on!"

He and Nikki scrambled out of the tent and onto the rough circle of dust where the tents were pitched. The tent closest to the lake had someone emerging from it, Petrol, with the struggling forms of Dolph and Space Kid over his shoulders. He set off towards a large boat moored at the little Camp Campbell pier.

"Hey, put them down, you bastard!" Max shouted, and he grabbed a large rock from the ground and hurled it at Petrol's head. He stumbled, dropping the campers to the ground.

"Run you idiots!" Nikki yelled as she and Max took off at a run towards the activities field. Dolph helped his tentmate up (as his helmet was weighing him down) and they started running too.

"After them Petrol!" They heard Pikeman yell. As Max and Nikki passed the tents, someone poked their bleary head out.

"What's going on?" Harrison asked sleepily.

"Woodscouts! Run!" Max yelled as they passed. Harrison gasped and saw the Woodscouts advancing, and ducked back into his tent, grabbing his hat. he reached inside and conjured a megaphone.

"WAKE UP! WOODSCOUT ATTACK!" He shouted, then dropped the megaphone and ran for his life.

"Advancing enemy?" Nerris muttered, sticking her head out of her tent. She came face to face with Snake, who leered at her, sharpened candy cane in his hand. "Argh! Attack!"

Harrison was almost at the Mess Hall when he heard Nerris screaming. He looked round quickly and saw multiple Woodscouts dragging her towards the boat. "Nerris!" He gasped, but then saw some Woodscouts turning towards him.

And Nerris's frightened face.

"Goddamn it." He groaned, but the Woodscouts began to run towards him. He gasped in fear and ran.


"We need to get the councillors cabin!" Nikki said as they ran on their way.

"We need to get to Neil!" Max argued. The pair skidded to a halt outside the Mess Hall.

"Nikki, there's no time, Gwen's gonna be asleep or watching TV and David's on vacation! This is down to us!"

"Oh yeah. How did she persuade him to go again?" Nikki wondered.

"I think she knocked him out and stuffed him into a suitcase or something, but Nikki, we have to get to Neil!"

Nikki sighed, but she knew Max was right. The pair ran on their way.


Dolph and Space Kid were the smallest campers, so they had slipped through the forest with no trouble. They stood in front of all the activities stations.

"We have to hide somevhere." Dolph muttered. "But vhere?"

"Ooh, I know!" Space Kid exclaimed. "We'll get in my rocket and blast off to-"

"What are you guys doing out here?" Both kids jumped and turned to see Ered sat atop of her skating ramp.

"Ze Voodscouts!" Dolph told her. "They're attacking, and we need to- vhat are you doing here?"

"Midnight skating with no councillors telling me not to try the most dangerous stunts." Ered said casually. "Did you say Woodscouts?"

"Yeah, they came into the tent and tried to grab us, but Max set us free." Space Kid said. "And then- Oh No!" A few Woodscouts had appeared through the trees.

"Hmm." Ered muttered. "Get behind me, little dudes."

Dolph and Space Kid were only too pleased to comply.

"No girls." A Woodscout reminded his fellowmen, smiling evilly.

"No, 'cos you're too afraid to deal with us." Ered said with a smile, and she ran forwards. Being raised with two secret F. B. I. agents hadn't taught her nothing. She quickly kicked two in the face and advanced on the third.

"Err, hold on there..." He said, stepping backwards. "No need to-" Ered's fist connected with his face faster than he could finish his sentence.

"Wow. So awesome!" Space Kid exclaimed as he and Dolph crouched behind Dolph's painting easel.

"Yeah." Dolph muttered in agreement.

"She would make a great asset to the troop. But unfortunately, girls aren't allowed in the Woodscouts, but you two will do nicely." The kids jumped and turned to see the ugly face of Pikeman standing right behind them.

"But you campers provide quite the problem with coming quietly." Pikeman continued as Dolph and Space Kid stepped backwards as far as they could until their backs were against the canvass Dolph had been planning to use to create a masterpiece the next day. It was nearly Ered's birthday, and he had been planning to paint her on her skateboard, flying through the air. It didn't look like he'd get the chance now.

"So we have gotten access to some rather useful tranquillisers." Pikeman pulled the syringe out of his pocket. The kids gasped in fear. "So, enjoy your nap." Pikeman lunged towards Dolph and managed to jab him in the arm.

"Err, Dolph?" Space Kid asked as Dolph stumbled to the side a little.

"Vhat ze..." He trailed off and slumped onto the ground. Pikeman laughed and turned to Space Kid.

"I wonder who's next..."


Preston heard footsteps approaching and buried himself under his bed. He had heard Harrison's shout, and, rather than running, had decided to hide, rather than run.

"Is there anyone in there?" He heard someone talking outside and grabbed the manuscript from his latest play, hugging it to his chest for comfort.

"I don't know, I didn't see anyone run out, but not all these tents are occupied. You were at the Camporee, how many of them are there?"

"Ten, and most appear to be sharing tents in pairs."

"Two per tent! Lucky bastards, it's way too cramped with four per tent back at the camp."

"Hey, you two!" A new voice chimed in, one that Preston recognised. Pikeman.

"Oh, troop leader! Hey- oh you got some!"

"Yes, now what are you doing?" Pikeman snapped, and Preston longed to put on his earmuffs, but they were in the chest at the end of his bed, and he was too scared to come out and to root around for them.

"We were just about to check that tent, erm, sir!"

"Get to it then! We need as many new recruits as possible!"

"Sir, yes sir!" Preston gasped and held his breath as his tent flap drew open.

"Help me, spirits of the theatre!" He muttered quietly. He heard two pairs of feet tip-toeing through his tent.

"Hmm, bed's empty." He heard someone say. "Check the chest!"

He heard his chest creak open and laughter.

"What sort of queer shit is this? This tent must belong to a right little girl!"

"Do you reckon it's the turquoise haired one's chest of shame?"

"Honestly." Preston muttered. "Do they have no appreciation for the theatre?"

"What was that?" A Woodscout suddenly exclaimed.

"What was what?" The other one asked.

"I heard something. Under the bed, quick!"

Preston gasped, and tried to roll out and run, but he tripped and fell flat on his face. The Woodscouts turned and grinned.

"Oh dear!" The aspiring actor sighed."


Max and Nikki were almost at the activities field. They had narrowly avoided an a encounter with Pikeman as he made his way back to the docks, Dolph and Space Kid (unconscious this time) over his shoulders. Max had had to physically hold Nikki back from attacking him and mauling him like a dog.

"There it is!" Max exclaimed as they reached Science Camp. A girly scream cut the air. "That's Preston." He sighed.

"And there's Neil!" Nikki pointed to a shape on the ground. Neil was laid on the grass, oblivious to the world.

"He's a deep sleeper." Max groaned. "I'm going to get him. Stay here!"

"But Max, wait-" Max ignored her and crept out of the undergrowth towards his sleeping friend.

"Max, it's Petrol!" Nikki hissed. Max looked up to see the burly WoodScout opposite him, an equal distance from Neil. He scowled.

"It's at times like this that I really hate life." Even though Max knew he was about half Petrol's height and didn't stand a chance, he set off immediately at a run towards Neil. Ten paces. He just had to run ten paces for Neil.

Petrol started to run too. Max ran faster and faster, he was almost there, why couldn't Neil just BLOODY wake up!

Of course, Petrol got there first, just before Max, and he shoves the ten year old backwards in his face, grabbing Neil and yanking him away from Max's reach.

"NO!" Max screamed as Petrol hauled Neil onto his back. At last, Neil woke up.

"Huh, what the... Max?"

"Neil!" Max cried, and Neil suddenly became aware of the situation.

"What the fuck is going on?" He exclaimed.

Petrol gave Max a sneer and turned to run back to the others.

"No!" Nikki shouted, and launched herself forwards, growling. She leapt through the air and dug her teeth into Petrol's leg. He yelled out in surprise as Neil shuted and struggled.

"Petrol, what the hell are you doing?" Came a shout and the lean figure of Pikeman appeared. "We're ready to leave."

Petrol gestured with his head to Max, and shook Nikki off, leaving her to smack onto the ground. She gave a moan of pain. Pikeman grinned.

"Ah, Maxwell. How lovely it is to see you again."

"FUCK OFF!" Max yelled, as Petrol turned to run away. he felt hot tears pricking his eyes. Neil was being taken away, and he was sat here on the ground like an idiot.

"Oh, did we upset you? I'm surprised you didn't rely on your precious councillor Gwendolyn, though we did barricade her cabin before we started recruitment." Pikeman smiled. "Of course, you can just start out a whole new life with us Woodscouts, by volunteering yourself to the troop."

"Never!" Max spat, blinking his tears away. He would not give Pikeman the satisfaction; no one got to see him cry.

"Oh, that's a shame. But we do have enough of your friends to buck up our numbers for a while, but don't worry. We'll be back, and they'll be with us!"

"NO!" Max cried, but Pikeman gave him one last smile and turned to leave. "NEIL!"

But Neil was gone.

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