The flight in the seaplane seemed to last a few minutes, yet still, many hours. No one spoke. Ered piloted carefully over the lake until they reached the camp again. Eight kids and a platypus sat gloomily in the cabin, squashed due to the lack of room. Nurf and Dolph stared gloomily at the floor. Preston tapped repeatedly on his lap with his fingers. Space Kid was biting his lip slightly. Muack was asleep. Nerris was in pain from her leg again and Harrison was watching her closely. Nikki was doing the same for Neil, who was fiddling with the clumsily placed bandages that Preston had placed around his hand. Like Max had been when Neil was taken, Neil hadn't spoken a word.

"We're landing." Ered muttered, as dawn broke overheard. They were early, Gwen would still be there and David wouldn't be back until that afternoon. Max had told them all the situation. They were going to miss Gwen.

"There she is." Harrison said, as the eight of them hurried over to the figure leaning against the mess hall.

"Gwen!" Nikki called, and Gwen jumped to see eight kids running towards her. She wasn't dressed in her business suit and heels though, but her councillor shirt, shorts and boots.

"Kids!" Gwen called as they arrived. "Oh my... you're back." She smiled so widely, and hugged Space Kid. She winced at the sight of Nerris's leg, Neil's hand and Dolph's face.

"What the HELL did that asshole Pikeman do to you?!" She demanded.

"We were running laps and I fell over." Nerris told her.

"I told him to fuck himself and he hit me." Dolph muttered.

Neil said nothing.

"Neil hit a wall after he tried to starve us." Preston sighed. Gwen's expression turned from worried to furious.

"I'll fucking kill him." She growled. "Hitting, starving kids..." She suddenly frowned as she realised.

"Wait. Where's Max?"

No one answered.

"They took him." Came a voice.

The kids all looked towards the back of the crowd. Neil looked up from the ground and towards Gwen.

"They what?"

"They took Max. He gave himself up so we could get away."

"He sacrificed himself." Nerris muttered.

"He was brave."

"A hero."


"Did something for someone else."

Gwen's mouth dropped open.

"Max, no, he wouldn't..."

"He did."

Gwen leant against the mess hall wall and tried to think what to do.

"Dolph, Preston, Nerris, Neil, Space Kid, you guys go get changed, because I'm burning those shirts. Nikki, Ered, Nurf, Harrison, I need you to-"

A Taxi drew up in the driveway. They all spun around.

"David!" Nikki exclaimed. David stepped out of the Taxi and handed the driver twenty dollars.

"Keep the change pal." As the Taxi drove away, David strode up to Gwen, who looked worried.

"What's this about you leaving again Gwen?" He demanded.

"David, I, erm." Gwen squirmed.

"I told you that you were free for other careers, but leaving the kids unattended? Is this what sending me to Toronto was about? And..." He gasped. "You should be on your way there, you're not even changed or anything..." David, for the first time, looked down at the kids.

"What the gosh darn heck happened here?! What are those shirts, fancy dress? Oh dear, Dolph is that real?! And..." His eyes widened. "Where's Max?"

He looked behind him as if he was going to see the ten year old preparing to set his underwear on fire again.

Gwen gave a sad sigh.

"I'm not going to take the job, David."

"What?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"What?" David repeated.

"I'm not taking the job." A small smile broke Gwen's face. "I was going to, I'd dialled the number for the Taxi. But then I realised, is that what I really want? No these past few days I have been stressed and worried beyond belief, but I've found that I really do care about these kids and... I don't want to leave them behind. And besides, how would you manage this lot without me?"

David grinned.

"But what has been happening? And where's Max?"

Neil stepped forward, took a breath, and told him. Told him everything. How they'd been snatched out of their beds. How they'd contacted the Flower Scouts. How Dolph had left the room for five minutes and returned with a face injury. How they had sent messages back and fourth with the others. How Pikeman had found out, and punished them. How Nerris sprained her ankle and Pikeman refused to feed them. How Preston needed a few weeks in first aid camp. How Space Kid had found Max and Nikki and been captured. How the others had saved them. And lastly, how Max had saved them all.

"So he's stuck being a Woodscout until he's eighteen. And we got away."

David's mouth had dropped open and his smile had disappeared. Neil quickly rubbed his eye, wiping away the tears there.

David shut his mouth and his brow furrowed. He seemed to consider. Then he looked down at the kids.

"Stay here guys. Dolph, Nerris, Preston, Neil, Space Kid, change your clothes and the rest of you, get something for them to eat. I'll be back in an hour or so."

"Wait, where are you going?" Gwen asked. David didn't answer, but simply got into the camp mobile and put the pedal to the metal. The rest of them were left in a cloud of dust.

"What's gotten into him?" Nurf wondered.


Max's life had never felt so shitty. His blue hoodie had been taken, along with his yellow shirt. He hated this uniform, these boots, too smart, too ugly, too... militant. He was beginning to feel like Dolph. Sooner or later, he'd snap and start spouting German. Pikeman stood in front of him, lecturing him on rules, obedience and punishment. Max stared at the floor. He just wanted this summer to be over. He just wanted his life to be over. He was glad Neil was safe and happy, and Nikki and the others as well.

But if he could do it again, would he make the same choice?

"Are you listening to me?!" Pikeman demanded.

Max gave a gloomy nod. Pikeman continued rambling.

Suddenly, the door to the room was thrown open.

"I'm sorry sir, I couldn't-"

"You shut up!"

Max turned around to see two people he knew very well. One was Snake.

The other was David.

"David?" Max exclaimed. "What are you doing here? Your flight wasn't supposed to be back until this afternoon."

"And this is private property!" Pikeman snarled. David ignored both of them and strode right up to Pikeman.

"You're going to let Max go back to Campbell with me." David said in a low and angry voice. Pikeman grinned.

"Ha, you think it's going to be that easy. We already have-"

David hit him. Pikeman was so shocked that he did nothing to resist when David's punch in the face landed him in the wall.

"Argh, Snake, do something!" He cried, rubbing his head and clutching his eye.

"Yes." David turned to the other Woodscout. "You are going to get all the paperwork on Max, Neil, Space Kid, erm, Neil Armstrong, Dolph, Nerris and Preston and you are going to give it to me. NOW!"

Snake hurried off.

"Don't you dare mess with my campers ever again or you will regret it!" David snapped. Pikeman gave a frightened nod. Snake reappeared with six filed, which David took.

"Come on Max." David held out his hand. Max took one look back at Pikeman, and looked at a table in the corner. He kicked the table so it fell onto Pikeman's leg. he howled in pain.

"You little bastard!"

Max followed David out of the room.

"No!" Pikeman growled, turning around and smacking the wall with his fist in anger. "OW! SHIT!"


Max hadn't spoken, and neither had David, until they reached David's car outside the compound. Max took one look back, then spat on the ground.

"I'm never going back." He muttered.

"Too true." David told him. "Gwen didn't take the job, by the way."

Max nodded and David sighed.

"Max, I know you don't like me, but... when I heard you were here... I just couldn't..."

Max took one step forward and hugged David. Hard.

"Thank you." He whispered. "Thank you so much!"

David was surprised, but hugged Max back.


"Nikki, I'm going in for the attack!"

"Roger that captain!"

Max watched Harrison expertly dribble the ball towards Nurf, who was in their goal.

"Oh no you don't!" He muttered, then went to tackle the magician. Nikki ran up behind and 'accidentally' tipped Harrison's hat over his eyes while Max took the ball.

"Mine now bitches!" He cried happily.

"Foul!" Harrison exclaimed. "Ref?!"

Muack quaked from under her oversized referee hat.

"Ha, in your face!" Max cheered, catching up with Neil.

"Ready to score this goal." Neil asked with a grin.

"As ready as-"

"Half blind man coming through!" Dolph yelled, sliding past Max and snatching the ball away.

"Not fair!" Nikki cried as Dolph scored against Nurf as Harrison, Nerris, Preston and Ered cheered.

"Oh game ON!" Max cried. "Our ball now suckers!"

David and Gwen watched the game happily from the sidelines. The kid's injuries were healing and camp was returning to normal, except, Max seemed to appreciate his situation a lot more, and his fellow campers. He hadn't made one single mean remark since he arrived back.

"This summer's going great." David said with a smile. "I can't wait for tomorrow's activities!"

"Swimming in the lake? No thanks."

"Oh come on Gwen. How bad could it be."

"I'm starting to regret my decision to stay here."

David laughed.

"You don't mean that!"

"Of course I don't!"

"VICTORY!" Max cried as he scored a goal. "We won!"

"Best out of three?" Ered offered with a joking smile.

"Heck no!" Neil replied.

"Hold on, we need a picture!" David called, bringing out his phone. "Everyone get in."

The two teams crowded together happily as Gwen brought herself into the frame and David stuck his head around for a selfie type function.

"Everyone say the camp motto!"

Everyone shouted the motto of Camp Campbell, even Max.

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