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The Chosen King, Noctis Lucis Caelum, has fulfilled his task, rid the star of its scourge and bring back the light. Many had sacrificed their lives to protect the Chosen King, Noctis paid the price by sacrificing his own life and fulfil his task as the Chosen King.

The Chosen King is in the afterlife where he would found the Jester King, Ardyn Lucis Caelum. The Chosen King and the Daemonic Jester King are now face-to-face with each other. Noctis raised his right hand, where he put the Ring of the Lucii, and unleashed a powerful attack by releasing all 13 Royal Arms and let the 13 specters of the old Kings of Lucis hit the Jester King with their royal weapons.

The attack was so power it broke and fragmented Ardyn's soul. The Chosen King mustered all of his energy to unleash that attack, just like Ardyn, his soul broke to fragments along with the Ring of the Lucii.

"It's finally over…."

Noctis suddenly woke up, he's supposed to be dead, and he is now sitting on chair, opposite to a white chair with a white drawer next to it. He looked down to that he has his Princely Fatigue on, which consists of an unzipped black short-sleeve jacket with skull-motif buttons, a steel gray shirt with skull-prints underneath the jacket, cropped trousers, black buckled boots and a black motorcycle glove on the left hand. He then touched his touch has face and he felt no beard.

"What the hell? I'm back to being 20? Is this is a dream? Nah, it can't be, I'm supposed to be dead." The Chosen King thought.

"Noctis Lucis Caelum." a gentle and tranquil voice appeared.

Noctis looked up with alertness, only to see a woman standing in front of chair that is opposite to him. This women has long silver hair with her head covered with a piece of purple cloth with and is wearing a white and purple dress with 2 small wings in each shoulder.

"Who are you and where am I?" Noctis asked.

"You're in the afterlife, Noctis. My name is Eris, I'm a goddess." Eris replied.

This Goddess, Eris, she is gentle and tranquil just like Gentiana. A lot of questions are going through the Chosen King's mind, he paid a price and somehow he's alive.

"So… Why I am here?" Noctis asked, once more.

"I've read your story, Noctis Lucis Caelum. It's a very sad one, bereft of both parents and forced to carrying on as the Chosen King despite losing the ones you love and sacrificing yourself to bring back the light of your world." Said the Goddess.

"You know, retelling my pass didn't really answer my question." Noctis said with a stern look. In his mind, he is re-living the tragedies that cause so much anger and sorrow in him.

"To answer your question, you've pass from your world and I'm here to give you options that you may partake. You can be reincarnated into another world with a cause to live for, to defeat the evil Demon King or you can be sent to heaven but many who've selected this option regretted soon afterwards. If you do pick the first option, you will be given an item of your decision and you will able to speak in the language of the world that you will be in." Answered the Goddess.

After hearing this, Noctis went silent to think what think which option he should pick.

"If I'm gonna pick the second option, I could rest in peace but there won't be any heads to bash or anything else to do, so much for living in joyful happiness. You know what? I gonna pick the first one." Noctis thought to himself.

"I've made my decision: I'm going with being thrown into another world." Noctis finally said.

"Very well then." Eris stood up from her chair and walked to where the Chosen King sat, she handed him a stack of cards, "These cards represent the item of your choosing. So pick wisely."

Noctis scanned through the cards, there are some impressive items but doesn't suit the Chosen King's interest but then he stopped to see a card that has a coat of arms with some familiar symbols around it, 13 symbols to be exact, the Chosen King's eyes widen, he is surprised to see that 13 Sigils of the Lucii can be item of choosing. Noctis took the Sigil card and raised it at Eris.

"I'll take this as my item." Noctis said while raising the card at the Goddess.

"Ah, Sigils of the Lucii. A perfect item to take with you – after all, you're the Chosen King of the Lucis and you still have your power with you." Eris said.

A light appeared in Noctis' chest, this feeling is mutual to Noctis. It's the same feeling when he obtained a Royal Arm of the Old Kings. The light then faded, Noctis felt more powerful, it's like he slept inside the crystal for another 10 years.

"One more thing before I go: are my friends OK?" The Chosen King asked the Goddess.

"Oh yes, they're doing well but things are just not the same back at your world without you, Noctis." Replied Eris.

Noctis gave a faint smile, if he's to be sent to another world at least he must know that his friends are OK.

Noctis is then trapped inside some kind of blue force-field and started floating. The Chosen King starts panicking until he heard Eris' voice.

"Farewell, Noctis. May your victory of the Demon King be swift." Eris said, looking to see Noctis being in the process of being transported into world.

"I'll make sure of it." Noctis gave a faint smile to Eris before being thrown into another world.

Around a few hours after being in a parallel world, Noctis is able to find a carriage and travel to the beginner's town known as "Axel". Noctis sure missed the heat of the sun hitting his face, after all, Eos has been in darkness of 10 years.

"All right. If it's anything like a Fantasy MMORPG, I'll need to register to be an adventurer." Noctis played video games when he was in his teen years, so he might just have a slight chance of surviving on this harsh and unforgiving parallel world.

After asking the locals with his newly learned language, he is able to find the Adventure's Guild building. He entered the building to see a bunch of people having a toast, these things tend to happen after a hard day's hunt.

"Hey you, you're new here, aren't you?" Noctis' attention turned towards a shirtless man sitting a table with his back turned. The man's head is turned so that he could looking at the Chosen King.

Noctis took a good look at man, this man could break him due to his size also he has a beard so that's enough evidence that Noctis wouldn't want to mess with him.

"Umm… Yeah. I'm here to register as an adventurer if you could tell me where to sign up, that'll be great." Noctis replied back.

"Talk to Luna. She'll help you. She's at the reception counter." Replied the man, turn around to finish his drink.

"Thanks, I guess." Noctis replied.

Noctis went to reception counter to see a staff of the Adventurer's guild. The women turned behind her and saw Noctis approaching her.

"Hello, I'm Luna and welcome to the Adventurer's Guild. Are you here to be register as an adventurer?" Luna said. This "Luna" person is a tall busty blonde woman with a fair skin complexion. She is just like his finance, Luna Nox Fleuret, they're both tall, blonde, share the same first name, the only difference here is at the chest.

"Yeah, I'm here to register." Noctis replied.

"Ok then, but do you have the funds to pay to be an adventurer?" Luna asked.

"Uhh… No." Replied Noctis, "What? You have to pay to be an adventurer?" Noctis said, in his head.

"I'll let this slide and be generous this time but this is going to be to your tab." Luna said.

"You just contradicted yourself." Noctis said in his mind.

Noctis exhaled with relief, he thought he's gonna jobless and would starve to death on his second chance of being alive.

"Please, put your hand over this crystal. It will add your information to an adventurer's card." Luna pointed to a machine that has blue orb on top.

Noctis reluctantly puts his hands at the blue crystal and laser out under the machine and wrote Noctis' information onto a card.

Luna took out Noctis' adventurer's card.

"Noctis Lucis Caelum, is it? Let me see here…" Luna said while reading Noctis' card. "According to you adventurer's card, your luck, health, intelligence and strength levels are just above average. However, your magic-power, dexterity and agility levels; they're on high status." Luna said.

Noctis didn't feel any shame towards his status, after all, it did make a lot of sense. His magic-power level came from his powers which came from his kingly bloodline, the reason it's so high because he is able to defeat Leviathan, the Sea Goddess of Eos, using a more powerful version of the Armiger which his finance, Luna Nox Fleuret gave him, and he's able to store elemental energy into a flask and use that energy like a bomb. He has high dexterity due to him able to learn how to wield swords, giant swords, daggers, firearms, pole arms, shields, machinery weapons, and the 13 Royal Arms of the Old Kings of Lucis. And, his agility is a part of his powers, he is able to warp, phase through attacks, fight in the air like a Dragoon, and sometimes negate all damage. Also, did I mention about the 13 Sigils of the Lucii contributing to his stats.

"You could be an Arch Wizard with these kind of stats." Noctis assumedly think that Luna is recommending the Arch Wizard due to his high magic power level.

"I'll just be an adventurer." Noctis replied.

Everyone in the building cheered for Noctis. The Chosen King gave a faint smile and gave a wave to the people who cheered him. Noctis wouldn't say that he is used to be at the center of attention but he did gave a speech to the Kingsglaive once.

"Starting of as an adventurer despite having high magic power level? What a bold move." Noctis could muttering of other people.

"Looks like you got what it takes to defeat king, boy!" Shouted the man who helped Noctis find Luna for him to become an adventurer.

Chosen King has finally embarked on a new adventure on this harsh and unforgiving parallel world. An adventure to defeat the Demon King.

To be continued… (Wait, wrong anime)

Hope you guys enjoy this Konosuba and Final Fantasy XV crossover. You might be asking "Why make this crossover?" It's very ironic if you think about it, a protagonist from an RPG got thrown into a world with a RPG system.

Noctis won't have his 4-slot weapon system in the game instead he will using the weapon in the Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. In the anime, Noctis can be seen wielding 6 weapons; 2 swords, 2 greatswords and 2 polearms.

2 swords are the Blood Sword and the Soul Saber. I'll put in the Engine Blade and make it 7 weapons in total.

2 greatswords are the Blade of Brennaere and the Hardedge.

2 polearms are the Wyvern Lance and the Flayer.

If you played FFXV: Comrades, you can find 13 Sigils of the Old Kings to enhance your stats and change your abilities, if you're wondering.

Noct's stats:

Health: 6,500 (B)

Strength: (A)

Intelligence: (B)

Magic Power: (S)

Dexterity: (S)

Luck: (C)

Agility: (S)

Are Noct's stats normal? Just tell me at the reviews.

Yes, Noct will meet the hopeless and useless protagonists of Konasuba.