Finally, it's back…

"Again?" The King asked himself while looking around his surrounds.

Noctis is standing at a plain of Lavender flowers and at the far opposite side of him is blonde woman clad in a white dress, she had her back turn towards Noctis.

"Luna?" Noctis called out. This is indeed Lunafrey Nox Fleuret of Tenebrae, Noctis' wife-to-be back in Eos.

"What is she doing here?" Noctis thought to himself. It has to be important if she appeared in his dream.

Noctis starts coming closer towards Lunafreya. He called her, trying to grab her attention. Luna turn towards him, the King could see her mouthing his name. Noctis reached out his arm while sprinting towards his beloved, Luna did the same but standing still.

As Noctis got close to her, Luna dispersed into tiny light crystals and disappeared from the King's sight. Shocked by the fact she disappeared, he collapse on his knees and had head down. Tears can be seen dropping from the King's eyes and caught by the Lavenders under his head.


Noctis heard a voice. It sounds feminine and it sounds like someone from very noble family.


He stood up looked everywhere for the source of the voice.

"Luna!?" He cried once more.



In Noctis' room, Darkness is poking his face and Noct is making grunting noises in his sleep.

"Come on, Noctis. Wake up!"

With one final grunt, Noct woke up. He tried to open his eyes but it feels like it's glued together. With all of his effort put together, he sat up and lets out a huge yawn. Darkness still wearing her Crusader uniform but without the armour.

"Finally, I thought you were in a coma."

"Any reason to wake me up this early in the day?"

"Early? It's almost noon." Darkness blinked at his statement.

"Just give me like… *yawn* 5 minutes, will you?" Noctis said and lied back down on his bed and pulled his blanket over his head.

"Come on, Noctis. You really need to work on your sleeping habits." Darkness as she trying to pull the blanket from Noctis.

"For a girl, she is Gladio's level of strong." Noctis thought to himself.

"Besides, I really need a favour of you." Darkness said.

Favours. Noctis and the gang did a lot of favours during their road trip. Whenever it's taking photos of a naked ghost lady, fetching animal body parts of a legendary weapon-smith, or killing daemons inside big steel vault doors, they'll complete these favour without hesitation.

"Alright, fine!"

Darkness stopped pulling his blanket and stood up straight up, she also put a smile on her face.

"Thank you, Noctis. You're too kind."

"Yeah, but just give me like… 5 minutes to get dressed."

"If you say so." Darkness said and left the room.

Noctis got up and brushed his teeth. He wore his usual attire and walked out the establishment. He could see Darkness is doing some practice with her sword.

"About that favour..." Noctis said as he walked closer to Darkness.

"Oh yes, the favour. Can you help me with my sword training?"

"Sword training?"

"Yes, sword training."

"Why would you need me to help with sword training? Can't you like… train by yourself?"

"Like Kazuma said: I can barely hit anything. So I need someone who to help me train and get better."

"Please, Noctis. Would help me train?" Darkness folding her arms together, bending her knees, and put a pitiful look on her face.

"Fine." Noctis said after he let out a moan of annoyance.

"Yes! I knew you wouldn't say 'no'."

"Well, I was going to if I had a fishing lure with me."

"So when do we start?"

"Now!" Darkness said as she positioned herself in a fighting stance and held her blade with 2 hands.

"Don't you go easy on me."

"Ok, if you say."

Noctis pulled his Soul Saber out of thin air and threw it Darkness. She saw it coming but didn't know what to do. She decided to just side-step from her instinct, the saber's blade into the grass and Noctis activated his ability.

Darkness and him are in CQC-level of distance of each other. Noctis materialized his Blood Sword and attacked Darkness. Darkness managed to block those attacks with pure instinct and luck.

She could tell that Noct is an aggressive fighter, holding his sword with one hand only and he swings his sword with enough force to make his opponents waver.

Noctis did what Darkness told him, which is "don't go easy on her". Thanks to his bloodline abilities, he can be more offensive than defensive. Even if someone managed to dodge his aggressive sword swings and tried to land a counter attack, Noctis can always phase away. Noctis barely fought against humans, most of his battles are with animals.

After seeing Darkness is losing control, Noctis kicked her in the abdomen. Darkness let out a small pleasuring moan (don't forget she likes this kind of stuff) while knocked back by Noct's kick manage but she still manage to stay on her feet.

"That kick was amazing! Please do it again."

"Oh… Now I know why she wants me to go all out." Noctis thought to himself as he wore a face of disgust.

"You still wanna train?"

"Of course… I still need to perfect my sword swings."

"Oh right, I forgot you can't hit for shit. Well, I guess could go through the basics with you."

"Really? You will?"

"Sure, I'll try to."

"All right! Teach me, Master Swordsman Noctis."

"Don't ever call me that."

Noctis recalls all of his training sessions with Gladio and every advice he gave him about combat. After an attempt of recalling a few moments of training with Gladio, he applied what he learn to help Darkness.

He went through the basics of attacking and parrying. Darkness applied what Noctis taught her and together, they did basic attacks and parries.

"I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. Let's do another duel."

"Sure, why not? I'll be sure to hold back this time."

Noctis pulled out his Engine Blade this time. But instead of warping striking Darkness, he decided to let her come at him. Darkness held her blade above her shoulder and rushed towards Noctis. As soon as she got close and about to land an attack, Noctis did a roll and got back up. Noctis parried all of Darkness' attack with his Engine Blade. Even it doesn't like it but Noctis is actually impressed that she landing her attacks.

"She's actually got the hang of it." Noctis said to himself while concentrating on Darkness' attack. She wore a determined smile on her face.

After multiple consecutive sword attacks, Noctis is losing focus and his grip on his weapon is getting less tight. They attacked at the same time, their blades pressing on each other. Without time to reaction, Darkness broke the clash which made Noctis lose focus. Noctis could see that the blade is coming towards him but there's time to do a dodge so he activated his powers and phased out of the attack.

"Well, congrats. You won." Noctis said as he bent his knees and rest his hands there while looking down, He's exhausted now.

"I've won? But I haven't landed a hit on you."

"You could have killed me if you did. So I had to use my powers."

"So you want a rematch to regain your pride?" Darkness asked with confidence.

"Nah, I'd prefer if we take a break. Besides, I don't care if I win or not." Noctis walked to a tree and sat down there.

"All right, if say so." Darkness sat down near the same tree that Noctis using to sit.

After sitting down for a moment, it became rather awkward. However, Noctis doesn't mind the awkwardness; he just likes some peace and quiet.

"Say… Noctis?" Darkness broke the awkwardness between the two.


"Are you in a relationship with the Guild reception?"

"What? Where'd you get that from?"

"While you were sleeping, I can hear you calling out her name."

After hearing what Darkness said, he recalled the dream he had with Luna. Noctis almost burst into tears thinking about his late wife-to-be.

"Nah, I know someone with the same name."

"Oh… So are you in a relationship with this other "Luna"?"

"Well… I guess you could say that."

"So, do you miss her?"


"Why give her a visit or write letter to her?"

"If only I can."

"What do you mean?"

"She's dead."

"Oh… I'm so sorry."

"Nah, don't be."

"Well, if you're feeling down, you know who to ask." Darkness as she wore a warm smile on her face.

"Appreciate it." Noctis wore a smile instead of the usual poker face.

"Hey, Darkness. Flirting with a boy, I see." A voice appeared out of nowhere.

Both Darkness and Noctis both their sights to the source of the voice, which is a girl stand on top of one of the pillars of the fence. She look likes a 15 year old girl with a light skin complexion, purple eyes, and short silver hair with a light purple ombre and a small piece sticking out of her fringe. She has earrings under the hair and has a small scare on her right cheek.

"Eris! No, it's not what it looks like. I'm just-" Darkness yelled then covering up her blushed face.

"She's giving me therapy talk." Noctis cut her off as a way to help her get out of this embarrassing situation.

"Oh? Who's this?" Eris jumped off the pillars and walked up to the boy wearing black.

"Hi, my name is Chris. I'm Darkness' friend."

"Name's Noct." That's all he said.

"Well, Chris. What brings you to the mansion?" Darkness asked her friend.

"Oh, it's nothing. I'm just here to visit you guys."

"Unfortunately, it's only the 2 of us here." Darkness said.

While Darkness and Chris were having their conversation, Noctis is looking at Chris.

"Why does she look so familiar?" Noctis thought to himself.

"Noct, Are you alright? You look like someone with trust issues." Chris asked.

"Oh, nothing. It's just that you kind of look like someone that I met before coming to Axel." Noctis explained.

"Well, I'm sure it's just a coincidence." Chris said nervously.

"Yeah, you're probably right."

"Oh no, he knew." Chris thought to herself.

"Welp, you guys have fun. I'm going fishing." Noctis said as walked through the gates. He finally got a fishing lure that actually works.

"He's really an odd fellow." Darkness said.

"Oh, really now?" Chris said as she narrowed her eyes. It's pretty ironic from a girl who likes it when she gets hurt.

And so, another normal day has gone by in Axel.

To be continued…

It's not much but at least it's better than abandoning this story. I don't know what was going on in my head that made me thought that fanfiction is a good idea. Now, it doesn't mean it's bad but it just seems like there's nothing interesting is going on that progressing the story, there's not enough action going on. I think that's because the fact that Konosuba parodies the Isekai genre and doesn't deal with being dark and sad. Putting a character like Noctis, who we know went through a lot and has awesome powers, might sound cool in paper but it's a concept that has to be executed correctly in order to stay interesting. Konosuba is not an action anime nor it's a dark or sad one, so putting a character from an action RPG seems… off putting. I'm actually surprised that people actually like this fanfiction even though the 2 franchise contrast each other. If you want, maybe I can whip up a FFXV + High School DxD or a Naruto + Trinity Seven fanfic. These 2 ideas might work because High School DxD and Trinity Seven, even though both of them are ecchi, they have pretty good action and filled with powerful characters. It might take a while think of a concept, but if you thinks it's good idea then put what you think in the reviews.