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Left foot. Right foot. Now the left again. Liela had been walking for the better part of the day, along the long and dusty road. Her feet felt as though some one was pounding them with rocks. She tried not to focus on the aching sensation, that was starting to crawl up her calves.

'I have to get farther, or else I will never make it on time.'

She tried to keep upbeat, as the setting sun sank lower in the sky, casting brilliant oranges, and reds, and hints of pruples, and pinks, into the sky. Unfortunately, optimism had left her long ago. She was starting to get crabby, and her stomache was betraying a sound not unlike that of a dying warg. But she knew she must keep going, she knew that if she stopped niw she would never make it on time. Not that she was ever particularly punctual, she found that fashionably late suited her much better than the early bird gets the worm; No, the early bird gets the awkward bustling of last minute touch ups, and interactions with an unfamiliad host and other guests. But this time it was different, this was an important meeting, and Gandalf the Grey had specifically asked her to be there. She had only been to the Shire a handful of times, and even when she had been there it had been brief, and not really in where all of their houses, er, holes were.

Liela wondered what it would be like to live in a hole. She wondered what hobbits lived like, all the ones she had seen had been pretty plump and well fed from what she could see. She wondered if they lived like rabbits, and if their holes were messy, and had dirt walls and roots coming out from the ceiling, and the walls. She wondered why if there was a civilization there why they called their homes, holes and not houses. The word 'hole' sounded kind of eery, and creepy, like a rat was saying, "Come in, come in. Welcome to my hole."

Liela was so wrapped up in her thoughts she didn't notice the uncoming root of a tree, and just as she was thinking about if rats lived in hobbit holes, she found her self face down in the dirt. She just layed there for a minute and thought, ' Wow, this is just my luck. Of course this happened to me, why wouldn't it.' She got up slowly and brushed the dirt off of her deep purple tunic, and brown traveling pants, she straightened her cloak to cover the twin shortswords that were sheathed across her back, and started to dust off her boots, when she realized that they were going to be dirty no matter what and left them be. She shouldered her pack once more, and looked around to make sure no one had witnessed what had just taken place. Thankfully the road was barren, and no one had witnessed her embarrassment.

The sun was almost completely down at this point, and Liela needed to set up camp, she spotted a small clearing in a group of trees, and decided that was the ideal place to settle for the night.

She built a small fire, and collected twigs, and branches to keep it going. She pulled the last of her provisions from her pack, to settle the beast that was her stomache. She carefully unwrapped each item; she had the last of a loaf of bread, the last bits of a wheel of cheese, a slice of salted pork, a cantene of water, that she had filled earlier that day, and a kerchief filled with berries she had picked earlier that day. She tucked in anx had quickly finished the meat, cheese, and bread, washing it all down with a few swigs of water. Next it was time for the berries, she tried to eat a little more slowly, and savor the taste if each one, but before she knew it she was reaching for, and tossing the last one in her mouth. Her mind was on consume mode, her hunger wasn't completely satisfied, but it would have to make do until she reached Bree the next day. She took another swig of her water, and put it back in her pack, she carefully folded her kerchief, cheesecloth, and the materials that the meat, and bread had been in. She carefully placed each item in her pack, and pulled out a small journal,quill, and bottle of ink. she started writing:

' Day 3796. That is how many days I have been missing you. I know that you'll never read this, you can't but I miss you. I'm currently traveling to the Shire, you remember the place that we tracked that creep who was taking children and selling them as slaves, its the same place. It's a bit of a happier occasion this time around though. Do you remember about 3 months ago when I wrote and told you that our old friend Gandalf the Grey had paid me a visit, and asked me if I would be willing to pay up on a favor? Well, this is me paying. I'm going to help someone reclaim their home. Guess who that someone is Cel. Thorin Oakenshield. The king under the hill, or was it mound? Oh well you were much better at remembering titles than I was anyhow. Maybe when this adventure comes to an end, I will finally be able to see you, ma, and da again, and we can be reunited. Well I should probably get what little sleep I can, because i'm due for the meeting tomorrow and am still 2 miles from Bree. I know I didn't say this alot whne you were here, but I Love You, and I miss you.

Your Sister,


Liela put the journal, quill, and ink back in her pack and pulled out a silver comb, it had little emeralds placed in intricate, swirling designs, it had been a gift to Celeste from their father, Liela had one just like it except it had saphires, instead of emeralds. She gave the comb a small kiss, and whispered, " I'm so sorry, Cel."

She put the comb in her pack, and removed her cloak. She unhooked the leather harness, that held the sheaths for her twin short-swords, Retribution- Avenger of Crime, and Silencer, Champion of the Shadows. She layed her head on her pack, and put her cloak over her. She pulled her legs up to her chest, and made sure her boots, where she stored her daggers, were in reach of her hands. Liela always had to be prepared for danger, when you're a 5' 1", 100 pound, female, in a world where there are agressors at every turn, you learn to be armed at all times.


Sometime just before dawn fire had turned to embers, and Liela had fallen into a light sleep, she heard a boot grind against the ground at the beginning of the clearing, whispering followed, she made sure she keep her eyes shut, and breathing consistant to give of the allusion that she was still sleeping. She counted 3, maybe 4 voices, she could take on 4 thugs, no biggy.

"Oh this is going to be like taking money from a blind beggar." she heard one thug chortle.

"Yeh, this is going to be the easiest one yet, I mean look at the size of 'er I could probably smash 'er wit my thumb."

"On my signal, we surround her, and tie her up, rob her, and then, well maybe we'll take her along for a bit o' fun." all the men quietly laughed at this.

Liela could hear them nearing her, she grasped her dagger tightly, '5 more steps,' she thought. '4...3...2...Now!' She quickly drew her dagger and jumped up, getting one guy in the arm, making the rest of the men take a few steps back. The man cried out in pain, and clutched his arm, his shirt started to crimson. There were more than she had originally anticipated, there were about 10 or 11, that she could see, who knew how many they had hiding in the bushes.

" You nasty wench." The man who she had nicked. spat at her. He had shaggy unkept dark brown hair that went down to his shoulders, his teeth were crooked and yellow, and he smelled like old ale, and tobacco.

His men started to inch towards her again, and she made a big swipe with her arm, whike she tried to devise how she was going to beat all of them, when she heard a voice from the back of the group.

"Now who treats a woman like that?" They all turned to see who had spoken. At the back of the group stood two very short men, dwarves in fact, one had deep brown hair, with brown eyes thatc held a mischeivious glint, and stubble facial hair, a smile played his lips. The other was almost the conplete opposite, he had blonde hair, blue eyes that held the same glint but it wasn't as prominent, he had a full beard, and a mustache that had two small braids dangling at either side, his face was more stern, but still held some boyish charm.

"You know brother," the dark haired one said to the blonde, " it has been a while since we gave someone a good thrashing, and it seems this young lady could use our help."

"I need help from no one." Liela said through gritted teeth, but he chose to ignore her comment.

"What do you say?" he continued to his brother.

The leader of the group stepped forward and chuckled, " Y'know lads, I think their big words and bold personalities are trying to over compensate fer something, eh."

The group of men erupted into laughter. The two dwarves stood there smiling for a moment before they suddenly pounced on the men. It was all they could do to take on two each which left 6 for Liela. They started slowly circling her abd inching closer, she gripped her dagger, then noticed these men weren't armed, and dropped it. She balled her fists, and pounced, she hit one man square in the jaw and sent him flying a few feet. One of the men grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back, while another came at her from the front, she jumped up and kicked that man in the face, and flipped over the man that was behind her, wriggling her arm free. She landed behind him and karate chopped the pressure point in his neck causing him to pass out. The remaining came for her at once fists flying, she ducked and dodged and manged to throw a few punches herself, before two of the men knocked each other out with their punches. Liela went to kick the last remaining man in the stomache, but he caught her foot, using all her might, and weight, she brought her other foot up and nailed him right in the jaw, knocking out a few teeth, and he fell unconcious, and because he had still been holding her other foot, she went down with him. She scrambled to her feet to see the two dwarfs finshing off their second guys, that fell to the ground with a thump, the man that Liela had nicked was trying to sneak off into the woods, she ran, and speung herself off of a rock, and caught him by wrapping her legs around his neck, and pulling his arm, until she felt him go limp from unconsciousness. She got up and dragged him to the middle of the clearing, abd dropped his arm.

Then she turned to face the two miscreant dwarfs. They were standing before her slack jawed eying the 7 men she had just taken out. If she didn't know better she could have sworn she saw shame cross their faces.

"Who are you?" the dark haired dwarf asked.

"I think I should be the one asking that question, dwarf." Liela snapped.

He got a big grin on his face, turned to his brother then back to Liela.

" Fili," the blond dwarf said, in a low husky voice, that surlrised Liela.

"and Kili," the dark haired one said beaming,

then they bowed in unison and said, " at your service."

Liela rolled her eyes, " Well Misters Fili, and Kili, might I also ask what the name of mahal, were you thinking barging in here, and butting in like that."

They seemed taken aback for a moment, then Fili angrily said, " You could at least say thank you, we saved your life."

"As you can see I could have handled everything by myself." Liela said gesturing to the 7 men lying at her feet unconscious.

" Don't worry," snapped Fili, " we'll leave this rope and then be on our way. Come on, Kili." He dropped a loop of rope at her feet, and stalked out of the clearing, with his brother at his heels.

Liela took the rope and bound all of the mens hands together, in suxh a way that she could lead them in a line. She sat them all in a circle, so their backs were supporting each other.

The sun was beginning to peek over the hills and through the trees, sending soft hues of green and yellow into the clearing. Liela picked up the dagger that she dropped, dusted it off and tucked it into her boot. Some of the men began to regain their conciousness, so she pulled out her sharpening stone, and wet it with a little water from her cantene, and began to sharpen Retribution, Knowing exactly how it was going to look when all of the men came to.

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