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Leila could never seem to be perfectly punctual..ever. She was either extremely late, or so early she needed to apologize. In this case it was the latter, she sat up in that old oak tree, for nearly 3 hours. She had begun to doubt that this was the way the dwarfs would actually take. She was getting ready to climb down, when she saw Thorin's head coming up the path. Soon all the dwarfs were in the clearing taking a rest. Leila saw a golden opportunity, to have some fun.

As the company began to embark into the forest Leila raised her voice, " Thought you could just leave me did you?" The panic that ensued was glorious, and Leila stifled her laugh. The look on Thorin's face was priceless, served him right for purposely avoiding her the entire time they were in Rivendell. They were frantically looking around trying to find her, so she once again raised her voice and called, " Up here." the company turned and sought for a moment before their eyes focused on her. She had to force herself not to grin like an idiot, she gave them a casual two fingered salute, then she stood, and climbed down.

" What makes you think that you are welcomed in this company?" Thorin snarled.

" I made a promise to help you reclaim your home, I intend to fulfill that promise."

"That promise became null and void, when you betrayed us."

" Betrayed you? Because of who my parents are?" Leila was flabbergasted, it's not like she could control who her parents were, or the circumstance of her birth.

"Because you with held the information of your birth, because you purposely concealed your full identity."

"Well I will fulfill my end of the bargain, you can be sure of that, I signed a contract."

" I am the King of Erebor, the ruler of dwarfs from the Lonely Mountain, and the Leader of this company, I DECIDE WHO IS IN THIS COMPANY!" He was shouting by the time he finished.

"Lucky for both of us, Thorin, I am no dwarf. I am not part of your realm, I am a Ranger that you hired to help you reclaim your home, and I will hold to my end of the bargain. You are not my king, ruler, or master. Don't presume to treat me as your subject." Leila's face was hot, but her voice was icy.

It was silent. No one dared breathe. Leila saw a myriad of expressions upon the faces of the rest of the dwarfs, and Bilbo. Dwalin, and Gloin were angry like Thorin, Balin, Bilbo, and Dori looked worried, Bofur, Bifur, and Nori looked almost proud, Oin was confused(he didn't have his hearing trumpet), Ori, Kili, and Bombur had their mouths open in bewilderment, but it was Fili who startled her the most, he looked hurt. It was as if she had just destroyed the one thing he cared about. She couldn't stand it when he looked at her that way.

Leila made the first move, and pushed past Thorin into the forest. "The mountains are this way, follow me if you wish, if not, I don't care." This last part she directed this at Thorin.

Over the next few days, Leila could hardly bring herself to look at any of the dwarfs, she knew they would all side with Thorin, he was their king, their leader. She didn't expect them to side with her, but she also didn't expect to feel so cast out from the company, so she resigned herself to just get this job done and over with, so she could get her pay, and get on another mission. She had allowed herself to fall to the back of the group, so she could be as far from Thorin as possible. She thought back to her final moments at Rivendell.

She had told Arwen not to tell Lord Elrond, or anyone, about the dwarfs leaving. She didn't ask how Arwen had even known that they were leaving, let alone which way they were going. She had a letter that she commissioned Arwen to give to her father, once he had found out they were gone. It was a letter detailing that a young pupil of hers was to come and live in Rivendell, for his safety, and to learn from the elves. Leila figured that just because she wasn't going to be able to be teaching him, that his learning, and skills should not progress. Taking back the kingdom of Erebor was the first mission that Leila accepted in a long time.

On this particular day it was over cast, they were finally at the mountain pass, and it began to lightly rain. Leila put her pack(which she had thankfully not left on her pony), under her her cloak, and pulled her hood on, she had a feeling this was just the beginning.

Leila was correct, by the time they were on the narrow mountain path, hundreds of feet up, the down pour was so bad Leila had a hard time looking straight ahead. They were walking against the storm, and it would be the least to say that Leila lost her footing more than a few times. It was getting ridiculous, no one could see, but Thorin kept insisting they press on. Leila carefully made her way past dwarf after dwarf, until she was just in front of Kili, but still a dew dwarfs behind Thorin.

"Thorin." she yelled above the rushing wind, and rain. He turned to look at who was speaking to him, but upon seeing that it was Leila, he just pressed forward. " We have to find shelter, or we will all die" she yelled.

" I know that." he shouted back.

"Look out!" A huge chunk of rock came sailing over their heads and slammed into the side of the mountain. As rocks tumbled down the mountainside, Leila pressed herself as close to the side of the mountain as she could, to avoid the falling rocks.

"This is no thunderstorm," yelled Balin from behind her," It's a thunder battle! Look!"

"Well bless me!" she heard Bofur shouting above the storm, "The legends are true! Giants! Stone giants!"

More boulders were hurled through the air, smashing into giants one after another. The ground they were standing on began to shake, and then part. She realized only too late what was happening. She heard Kili, and Fili shouting, and the ground was separating them, Kili and her side, Fili being torn from them by space.

"Fili!" she heard Kili shout desperately as he reached out. She grabbed him and pulled him back only just in time, or he would have fallen to his death. The wind was whirrling around them as the Giant they were on began to walk. The Giant stood, making it nearly impossible to keep on the small path they were treading. The Giant moved to a place where the first half of the company could quickly run off the giants knee, and onto stable ground again. Through the storm Leila could hardly see, but she made out the figures of the rest of the dwarfs and Bilbo, whizzing past, then suddenly slamming into the mountain, as their giant was taken down by a boulder to the head. The company was silently shocked for a moment, before they went running.

"No! Fili!" Thorin yelled, verbalizing Leila's inner thoughts. They rounded the corner and dread left Leila as she saw that they were all safe and sound.

"Where's Bilbo? Where's the hobbit?" Bofur shouted, and Leila's Panic levels rose again. They heard a yell from over the edge, and when they leaned they saw Bilbo dangling, barely holding onto the edge. They slipped down onto a much smaller rock. Dwarfs jumped to the edge to lend him a hand but he couldn't reach it. Then Thorin jumped down, onto a minuscule ledge, and hoisted Bilbo onto the path by his trousers. As Thorin was about to hoist himself back up he slipped, Leila lunged and barely caught one of his hands, as Dwalin caught the other, together they pulled him to safety.

"I thought we had lost our burgler." Dwalin remarked.

"He's been lost," Thorin said with a glare, "since he left home. He should never have come. He has no place among us." Then he turned and began the path again to find shelter.


They found a deep cave a ways up the path and got out of the rain, to set up camp, and rest for the night. Leila sat on her pack and leaned up against the stone wall, and closed her eyes, as far as she was concerned they could wake her when it was time for her watch. She dozed, in and out of sleep, she was convinced that if she let herself fall into sleep, that the company would try to leave her behind. After a time Leila heard a concerned whisper, " Where do you think you're going?" Leila' eyes shot open, she saw Bofur was speaking to Bilbo.

"Back to Rivendell."

"No. No. can't turn back, now. You're part of the company. You're one of us."

"I'm not though, am I? Thorin said I should never have come, and he was right. I'm not a took, I'm a Baggins, I don't know what I was thinking. I should've never run out the door."

"You're homesick, I understand."

"No you don't! You don't understand, none of you do, you're dwarves! You're used to...to this life,to living on the road, never settling in one place, not belonging anywhere."

For a moment there was silence, "I'm sorry, I didn't..."

"No you're right. We don't belong anywhere."

Leila turned her head away from them, and was met by the eyes of Thorin across the cave. She knew he'd heard everything, and suddenly she felt her heart go out to him. He was the one everyone must have turned to when his father, and grandfather fell. He had lost everything, and he still stepped up and did what he thought was best for his people. He gave them a new life in the Blue Mountains, he had become a true leader, and still he must have felt that they belonged no where, but at Erebor. Leila turned back to Bofur and Bilbo, and saw a blue glow coming from his sheath, mere moments before Bofur said,"What's that?"

Cracks began to appear on the floor, and at the same time, Leila and Thorin started yelling," Wake up! Wake up!" The dwarfs were stirring when the floor of the cave began to collapse, there was no time to react before Leila found herself falling into a dark abyss.

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