It was just after the band's big performance on Juleka's mother's boat, when Rose almost blew out the speakers with her wicked solo, that Luka dared make his big move.

"Hi Marinette…" he smiled at the bluenette with that adorable grin of his. "I was just wondering… would you like to go out with me some time?"

"E-Erm..." Marinette stammered, as a familiar feeling of butterflies built up in her stomach. And for once, she couldn't de-akumatise them. "Y-You don't mean like, o-on a date, d-do you?"

"Why Marinette, whoever taught you to be so forward?!" Luka's stunning eyes lingered on the stuttering girl for a few painful seconds longer. "I was simply suggesting we have a drink together, where we could discuss our mutual love of music, and maybe a few other things too…"

"N-No, n-no…" Marinette waved her hands in the air in panic, almost knocking Nino overboard (who was helping to pack the gear away) in the process. "T-That was just a joke. I-It would be stupid to think that you'd want to go out with me, after we've just… I-I mean, not that you're not incredibly… P-People should always take these kind of things slow…"

Surprisingly, instead of treating the bluenette like the babbling idiot she felt like, Luka seemed to find her semi-nervous breakdown quite charming. "Relax, okay? We'll just be two friends, getting to know each other, on a table at a quiet cafe. And if anything should come of it, well… we can deal with those romantic feelings later."

"W-What?!" Marinette had gone from all soft and gooey one minute, to feeling like the world was about to cave in on her the next. Oh, I wish I was as confident as Ladybug all the time

"Got you!" Her self-implosion was only halted by the sensation of Luka gently tweaking her nose. "See, I can be just as good at jokes as you. I reckon we're going to have some serious fun together! My sis was right Marinette, you really are a riot!"

"J-Juleka said that about me?!" Marinette grinned sheepishly, trying to calm down for once.

"Yep, and a lot more besides." Luka gave her a meaningful wink. "She told me how you managed to save picture day, what you've done for the school as class president, how you always seem to disappear when Ladybug turns up…"

"E-Er yes, quite a coincidence that." Marinette audibly gulped, before attempting to change the subject. "S-So, after school tomorrow sounds fine. Shall I meet you on the steps of College Dupont?"

"That suits me just great." Luka nodded his approval of the plans. "Now if you don't mind, I have to mothball this guitar again for now. If anything should happen to it, I don't know what I'd do."

"Okay, then." Marinette felt more at peace now, knowing that Luka's intentions were honest and pure (after all, as everyone who knows her knows, her heart belongs to a certain blonde model), but that still didn't stop her from getting a sneaky little nudge from Alya on her way back.

"So, should I start planning the wedding yet? What sort of flowers do you want, and shall the invitations be scented, or not? Can my mom do the catering..."

"...Shut up Alya, and pass me that microphone."

Also listening in with keen interest was one Adrien Agreste, though he was trying his utmost not to show it. His absorption wasn't quite missed by his kwami Plagg, who as usual, came out to tease him during moments of romantic crisis.

"So, it's finally happened. The kid's in love. Shall I sing you a ballad? I can do it in the key of A minor, or the key of Z major. Which do you want to hear?"

"Get back in my bag, Plagg. I-I'm just looking out for a friend, that's all. And for your information, there's no such thing as a 'Key of Z'."

"Yes there is… isn't that how lullabies are made? When people go to sleep, don't they go 'zzzz'? You mean I've been lied to all this time?! Nnoo! Now I shall have to eat twice the cheese tonight to help me overcome the trauma!"

"Whatever Plagg, just stop bothering me about my personal relationships. You know my heart belongs to Ladybug, so why are you so worried about me hooking up with Marinette? It's not going to happen!"

"I am not presently at liberty to divulge my sources, but the answer may surprise you. Anyway, my feline senses indicate you'll be going down to the cafe tomorrow to spy on our courting couple. They've never been wrong before, either. So, should I bring a packed Camembert lunch, or do you think I could wait until we get back?"

"W-What?! No, I'll do no such thing! Luka seems like a great guy to me, and I'm sure his interest in Marinette is totally based on her magnetic personality and her cute… look, I'm staying at home tomorrow, to work on my piano skills, just like I promised my Dad. Is that clear?!"

"Yes, Lover boy. Whatever you say…" Plagg nodded with a chuckle, making a mental note to prepare food early the following morning.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: So, let's see how this does. :)