Aquarius roared her rage and frustration.

It wasn't uncommon for the sea bearer to have her fits of rage. Be it talking about being summoned away from her boyfriend, or someone getting in the zodiac's face.

Most avoided her when she was in one of these moods, just rolling their eyes.

Not today.

Many of the Zodiacs stood by, standing vigil by her side. Scorpio held her tightly as she wailed and cried out. Leo the King of the Zodiac, roared and searched the spirit world and any worlds close enough.

The stars shook and the constellations trembled. Even the King did not intervene, knowing of the chaos.

He had contacted Lucy and the members of the Fairy Tail guild and asked for their help. They were more than happy to help with this cause, seeking justice for the Zodiacs.

He would find the one dared attack the Zodiacs, the Celestial being's in their own world.

The one who stole what was theirs. They would find the bastard and the wrath of the zodiacs would be known throughout the entirety of the realms.

He swore on the stars they would find the baby Aquarius, and return him back to the stars to take his place among the zodiac.

Izuku grew up knowing the world wasn't fair.

He never felt quite normal among his peers. He gravitated towards the tempered Kacchan when he was little. He admired heroes and people with great strength. He wanted to soar through the sky and save people, not just be popular.

He knew he was different when he was four and he was told he was quirkless.

His whole world was flipped on its side with that admittance.

He was told he couldn't be a hero. His mother's tears on his shirt, his father leaving.

He wanted to scream to the sky and the stars above. His tears felt like wild rivers in his bedroom.

Kacchan turned on him...

He had never felt more alone than he had when he was called a Quirkless Deku by his best friend.

Something stirred deep within him, making him a little queasy, a deep stirring of something violent. It passed soon enough and he threw on a smile.

It continued for years, feeling distant from everyone, with the chasm growing larger by the day. And with the chasm, the inner swirling grew deeper and stronger.

And then, he met AllMight. The first told him he could be a hero.

The swirling became less painful, and hope filled his body.

For once, it felt like all his stars were in align.

... Hi. So, Izuko, the sweet little cinnamon roll... I made him not only adopted but the biological child of Aquarius and Scorpio.

Strange ideas won't stop coming to me.

Now, I can't really watch My Hero Academia due to not really having site sign ups and time, so I've seen very little. Still, I can't help but have a slight head cannon that after Aquarius's key was destroyed, the celestial plane knew it needed to balance out the zodiac. And what better way than with the child of a zodiac?

Do not plan on continuing. Just sharing yet another plot bunny up for adoption. Later.