Scorpio was watched by all as he focused on his little starlight. His large, watery sea green eyes, his thick and wild half bright and half dark curls, his few freckles adorned on his cheeks. Despite the tense situation, Izuku felt himself grow tired. A large yawn creeped from his lips as his eyes grew heavy. Scorpio's arms serving as a warm and comforting bed as he fell asleep. His face nuzzled into Scorpio's chest, smelling of stardust and desert spices. His eyes closed on their own accord as adrenaline fled from him. His eyes felt irritated from his rush of tears and he felt a desperate need to rest. It took almost no time at all for Izuku to fully fall asleep in his arms, utterly exhausted from being brought into battle and then dealing with the other people who seemed to be like him and his biological parents.

Katsuki glared at the half and half tailed man with all the rage he could muster. His teeth were bared at the man, his palms sparking despite the exhaustion from the major battle that had just occurred. How Izuku was here and some king of infant fish was nothing compared to the snuggling up he was doing to the scorpion-tailed fucker. He would have loved nothing more than to blast the shirtless fucker in the face and get Deku back to Auntie Inko.

The others were sizing one another up, only Capricorn and All Might holding the tentative standstill.

"Scorpio," Capricorn spoke in a clear tone that carried to everyone's ears, "Is he alright?"

The he in question was obvious. Scorpio's tail clenched instinctively around the small merchild.

"He's tired. And no doubt dehydrated. But I'm certain with some rest and plenty of water, he'll be fine."

"Well, we are more than capable of accommodating young Midoriya in his recovery," All Might spoke with jovial confidence. Scorpio's eyes narrowed at the blond giant.

"My little star can recover just fine at home."

"You aren't taking one of my students again," a dry and exhausted voice stated. Attention was turned on the scruffy, ruffed up, and long haired teacher who had been cocooned in Aires wool during the battle. His red rimmed eyes were locked on Izuku, who began to squirm in Scorpio's hold.

"Who are you to keep him away from me?" Scorpio challenged. He was ready to fight for his son should he need to. And the man seemed undaunted by his appendage posing ready to strike.

"His teacher," he responded equally bland.

"His master," Virgo clarified in her monotone. No one looked comfortable with her wording, unaware of what she meant. Scorpio just looked at the hobo looking hero in defiance.

"Just because he has his key, doesn't mean he's made a contract. He's not his master," Scorpio defended, scowling at Eraserhead.

Eraserhead raised a brow and opened his hand a bit to reveal the key he had found not long ago.

"This key," he stated rather than asked.

"That's it," Leo replied, "If you would kindly hand it over-"

"The hell you fuckers talking about!?" Katsuki yelled, unable to contain his boiling rage. He was practically seething at the odd group surrounding the baby Izuku.

"Bakugo be quiet," Aizawa growled. His hair rose as he activated his quirk, not wanting to start another fight he was sure they had little chance of winning. If the defeat of the villains was any indication, these people were far more dangerous than any threat any hero in the group had ever faced. The volatile student could easily escalate the situation into something far more dangerous. He waited until he scoffed, turning his angry expression towards something in the distance instead. Aizawa's eyes went back to All Might, the number one hero who was struggling to hold onto his impressive physique.

"Midnight, get the students out of here."

Midnight's eyes narrowed but she acknowledged Aizawa's logic.

"Come on kids. Before I knock you out."

"But what about Aizawa-sensei and Deku?" someone, Aizawa wasn't sure who, asked.

"All Might will stay here," Aizawa grunted. At least then the students would be away from the chaos that was almost certain to occur.

"The hell-!" Bakugo yelled, only to be knocked out by Midnight. She threw him over her shoulder, the other students followed her warily, worried for their teacher. Only the Zodiacs, Aizawa, All Might and the sleepy Izuku. Aizawa turned his gaze back on Scorpio and Izuku.

"You mentioned a contract?"

"My guppy is too young to hold a contract."

"That's up to Midoriya isn't it? This is his key right?"

A high pitched whine came from Izuku's little form. His head turned and sleepy eyes opened towards Aizawa.

"Sensei?" he sighed sleepily. He reached his tiny hand out to Aizawa, and with a flash of light, the little guppy grew into his skinny teen self. Scorpio kept his arms around the drowzy boy, but green eyes were focused solely on Aizawa and the golden key in his hand.

"Midoriya, are you alright?"

Izuku's head fell slightly, before shooting back up, clearly trying to now stay awake.

"Sensei?" He tried to walk closer to Aizawa, only to be held back by Scorpio. His tired green eyes looked down at the arms restraining him and tiredly placed his hands on his arms. He tried to remove the arms that held him back.

"Young Midoriya?" All Might spoke in a loud but worried tone. Izuku's gaze made it's way to All Might. Then back to the arms holding him close. He focused the given energy of One for All through his arms and swiftly removed Scorpio's arms, pushing him backwards and stumbling forward towards his teacher. Aizawa rushed forward, just as did the other zodiacs and All Might.

It was All Might who reached him first, his time exhausted by the time he made it to Izuku. Unable to hold his muscular form, he shrank into a beanpole of a man.

Aires shrieked at his haggard appearance and Taurus baulked at the man who went toe to toe with him now looked like he could be blown over with by a gentle breeze, and gently holding Izuku in his skinny arms. His frail appearance and wild hair, paired with his piercing sunken blue eyes, holding the green haired, teen form of the baby Aquarius Zodiac made for an interesting sight.

"Sensei," Izuku repeated, his tired eyes focused on Aizawa who had not faltered in the sudden shift in appearance from All Might. He instead had used it to his advantage, ending up right in front of Izuku, and regretably in striking range of of Scorpio's tail.

The scorpion zodiac looked agitated, but didn't move as Izuku grabbed Aizawa's arm and hand holding the key. His eyes were blown wide and were red rimmed much like his teacher's.

"Sensei, I can still come to class?" he asked in the most innocent of voices.

Aizawa blinked.

"You haven't been expelled. You're still in class."

"I can still come?"

"I expect you to."


"You have my word."

Izuku sighed, relief bleeding through his tone and every fiber of his being. Aizawa nearly flinched at a strange jolt going through his body, coming from where he held the key.

A small grimace came to Capricorn's face.

"The young Aquarius has made a contract."

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