So this story has inspired another story. Over on Wattpad izuku_deku134 has written for this idea. To those of you who know me however, I hate leaving just an author's note so here goes...

Bakugo Katsuki hated sitting still in Auntie Inko's home. Especially with her constant tears that could pull even at the hardest heartstrings. Just the mere mention of Izuku brought both hope and a fresh wave of tears.

"C-can I get you some tea Katsuki?" Inko offered through her tears.

"No thank you," he said rather politely. His face strained with conflict. Ask the questions? Or tell her about Izuku? "Auntie, I really think you should sit down for this."

Inko sat down and looked at Katsuki with tear filled eyes.

"Izuku's at UA," he blurted out with no tact. Inko sat in silence, words unable to come to her from shock as Katsuki began to explain the day he had just had. He explained how a simple day had devolved into pure chaos with the attack from a blue-haired man and another, a smoke covered individual. He gently explained how Izuku appeared and seemed to have a power that he didn't have before. Inko had been shaky as she listened to Katsuki.

"Katsuki? Where is my son now?" she asked in a watery tone not fully taking in where her son was. Sharp red eyes narrowed at her red-rimmed green ones.

"He was with Aizawa-sensei. And the other teachers."

She stood up slowly, her legs shaking beneath her. Katsuki reached his arm out to keep her steady.

"I-I need to get there."

Katsuki didn't disagree. Izuku was her kid. Not some Scorpion fucker. She moved with purpose, but was clearly exhausted and feeling weak from worry. Katsuki bit the inside of his mouth, wondering if he should call in the Calvary.

Sure he was going to be the best hero. But dealing with incredibly emotional middle aged women who had known him since infancy? Something that he didn't feel he could effectively do as a first year hero student. But he knew who could...

"Hey Auntie, I'm gonna make a call. Please," he sure wasn't used to saying that, "Wait until I'm done."

"I need to find my shoes," she said, seemingly unhearing him.

Katsuki let her wobble off, unsettled by the news. He pulled out his phone and began to call a rather seldom used number.

"Huh? Where are you? You make some friends brat?"

It seemed like an odd greeting, but he and his mother were not the touchy-feely type of relationship.

"Mom," and boy was that a word he didn't use often, "Auntie Inko needs help."

"I'll be right over," she said in all seriousness. She knew that when he didn't call her Old Hag or some kind of insult to her age, that whatever was going on was serious. "Is she hurt?"

"No. But she's unsteady. And she's about to leave."

"SHIT! Keep her there until I get there! I'll be there in a minute."

Despite the tension between the remaining Zodiacs and the heroes of UA, Izuku remained asleep. His tail not quite keeping still as it lazily moved from side to side. It was rather cute, no one would disagree. But cuteness alone wouldn't stop the animosity that existed between the two groups.

Leo and Scorpio wanted nothing more than to leave and not look back. But a contract was no laughing matter to a Celestial being. And despite how loose the contract was with his master, it was still a contract. On a timer perhaps, but a contract nonetheless. He would have to return for the world's view on education. That was the contract.

Leo was looking over the schedule as Scorpio still held his son with All Might. All that would be required for the sake of the contract.

He didn't like it.

He glanced back at the baby Aquarius. By all intents and purposes, he should not have been strong enough to return to the plain on his own. And the tired man who was his master clearly had no idea how the summoning really worked anyway, so he had to go through with minimal help.

His magic pool was far larger than it should be at his age. Especially with not being immersed in the Celestial realm.

And it was odd that the man holding the baby Aquarius with Scorpio, was a skeletal looking man who looked like he desperately needed to see Porlyusica or Wendy, and not his new master.

"Now, Izuku may have other assignments or even changes to his schedule due to the nature of his coursework. It would be pertinent to have a means to communicate with his parents," Nezu stated in an eerily calm voice.

"That shouldn't be an issue," Leo responded a cold tone. His eyes moved back to the scarf wearing master. "Hold your key out, and I'll show you."

The man looked skeptical and reminded him a lot of Porlyusica with the angry expression. He had the key in his fingers, his grip deceptively tight.

"Baby Aquarius, isn't the only Aquarius. His mother is also Aquarius. Now, if you want to send a message, think intently on what you want sent."

Aizawa raised a brow at the simple sounding task. His face betrayed nothing.

Aquarius remained in home, her rage simmering just under her skin, smothering her worry over her baby's disappearing act. She wanted her boyfriend and baby to come home soon.

A sudden pulse echoed in her that she recognized quickly, yet was surprised to feel. A message through an Aquarius key. Her key. She held onto the feeling, recognizing the message as involving her son. Her little Aerglo. She didn't hesitate. Despite the lack of water she could feel on her key, whoever had it knew of her baby.

She wouldn't just wait for her boyfriend. She had a key, a gateway to travel through now.

Her magic flooded the small key to the best of her ability and she forced her way through to the world that had her son.

She heard the chime of her summoning as she appeared in a room where her boyfriend stood next to a skeletal man, both holding her son.

"I guess I should have expected this," she heard Leo comment. She ignored him in favor of making it over to her boyfriend and little baby. Before either male could react, she swiftly pulled him into her arms, cooing uncharacteristically at him.

"Someone's certainly sleepy."

"Hey babe," Scorpio greeted in a warm and sultry tone.

"Darling!" she responded.

Aizawa looked positively done.

"You said it was for communication." he grumbled.

"It was. But I guess having your kid disappear after just getting them back from being missing since birth will make a mom do some rather extreme things don't you think?" Leo answered.

So yeah. Over on Wattpad izuku_deku134 has written for this idea. They have it posted and everything.