Fire Emblem Awakening: From Darkness To Light

By, Antex-The Legendary Zoroark

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Summary: We all know the child of Robin: Morgan correct? She is said to come from another alternate future timeline. If that's true, there must be many other timelines where something that happened happened, and in another, what happened didn't. Come and see what the actions of traveling back in time have done to a certain Fell Dragon... (Game Plot with AU elements!)


Ylisse. A once great kingdom, kept peaceful by it's protectors, the Shepherds.

However, that peace was shattered when Plegia, it's western neighbor used underhanded tactics to wage war on Ylisse. Granted, their rage wasn't unjustified due to Ylisse's previous Exalt (who is considered a ruler for lack of better term there), massacred their own citizens and waged war themselves for many a year.

It was only thankfully won, when Chrom of the Exalted Bloodline, and leader of the Shepherds, defeated the Mad King of Plegia: King Gangrel.

It was a violent and emotional (albeit short) war. Losses were seen on both sides, leaving each with heartache. Especially with Chrom's Sister: Emmeryn's, sacrifice.

Peace was eventually returned for three more years when Chrom married the Shepherd's Tactician, Reflet, whom he had found in a lone field one day, sleeping peacefully, yet without any memories.

Despite some peoples' hesitance to accept their new Queen, Reflet proved herself in time with her unique strategies and kind nature that helped win the war with Plegia. Eventually, they had a daughter named Lucina.

War however, was once again on the way due to a man named Walhart the Conqueror. Wanting to usher Valm, his home country, to rise above the others and reign supreme, Walhart assembled a massive army to attack Ylisse.

Thankfully the Shepherds were brought aware of this future attack by their friend and ally, Virion. However, Valm proved to be too effective on sea, and Ylisse did not have enough funds for their campaign against Valm.

They (with reluctance), requested aid from Plegia, which was now ruled by King Validar. They could not offer any troops, but provided Ylisse with plenty of war ships, supplies, and fully funded the campaign against Valm.

The Shepherds had to take what they could get, and thus, agreed. However, little did they know that someone was manipulating all this behind the scenes…

The Valmese War was a longer one than the previous, but with clever planning and faith, the Shepherds proved victorious. Especially due to their future children's help. Apparently, said future children arrived in the first place to help prevent a great calamity to awaken. A calamity known as the Fell Dragon, Grima, which destroyed their world: the future.

Yet in the end, it was not enough. Grima had caught wind of this plan and had arrived way before them. It had subtly manipulated the events along with its devoted followers, the Grimleal. Of which King Validar was a part of!

They used Reflet's link with Grima and stole the the Fire Emblem, thus successfully awakening Grima. The Shepherds managed to take it back though, and perform the Awakening so they could seal Grima away. Perhaps even kill it should Reflet land the finishing blow. It would come at a cost though…

Regardless, the Shepherds marched on and that brings us to where they are now: the back of the Fell Dragon!

(((3rd POV)))

Location: Grima

Dark spikes of pure Fell Energy erupted from the great dragon's back, weakening all of the Shepherds.

"Gah! Wh-what manner of magic…" Chrom could barely make out.

"Magic?! *cough cough* That...was a damned...catastrophe!" Basilio replied back.

Grima watched the Shepherds fell one by one, due to its powers. Grima's avatar (the Reflet from the future) was currently at the nape of its neck, protecting the only vulnerable spot that Falchion could penetrate.

"Ha ha ha!" Grima laughed tauntingly. "And so it ends Reflet. See how fragile your 'bonds' truly are? You are nothing more to me than an ant! And you have thrown all your lives away by facing me!"

Reflet could only growl back at the taunting visage of her possessed future self.

"But I digress. I believe it's time I get you all off of my back. Unless you were to join with and NOW."

"Guh! D-don't do it Reflet!" Chrom weakly called out to her.

"She's lying! It's a trap!" Lissa agreed.

"NOW! I will have your decision Reflet!" Grima roared, running out of patience.

Reflet considered her options as fast as she could. They were weakened, and literally ON TOP of enemy territory. What else was there to do? The answer was simple, but that didn't make it easy… However…

"Alright! I'll do it." She conceded to the dragon. "Just…please let them live."

"No! Reflet!" Chrom shouted. Everyone was shocked as a dark miasma consumed Reflet and she was no longer seen…

Location: Unknown

Reflet currently had her eyes closed as she was expecting a searing pain as she merged with the Fell Dragon itself.

But feeling none, she opened her eyes and saw Grima simply standing there before her, an evil smirk on its face.

" that I have you, the Dragon's might shall be made whole once more…" Grima smiled evilly.

"First, my friends! You promised you wouldn't have them get hurt!" Reflet denied the dragon. She would not have her friends watch as she was merged with this monster! Especially her family.

"Oh please. We knew that would never happen. Am I right Reflet?" Grima sneered whilst Reflet could only growl back in defiance. "To be honest, I can't see just WHY you care for such pathetic creatures. We dragons are above them. Humans are nothing more than parasites that destroy and destroy. They deserve to be exterminated for plaguing this world!"

"What?! But… how could you say that?! You're almost human yourself and even have a group of followers!" Reflet protested.

"That may be Reflet, but you cannot deny my words! Even the you from the future agreed with me!" Grima said.

"She...did what?" Reflet could hardly believe it. Her future self agreed with this monster?

"Indeed. After all the wars, the losses she suffered through, and the mayhem, she simply wanted it all to end. I was the only one who could grant her her wish. And so I did, once she submitted to me!"

'Is that the answer to all this then?' Reflet thought to herself, feeling doubt start to crawl in. 'Does Grima truly say the truth?'

"But enough chit chat Reflet. The point is, you know that I'm right. And shall sink into the depths of darkness while my mind devours you. This is farewell!"

Reflet, having enough of Grima's words, fired a tomeless Thoron spell and it pierced the dragon.

"Gah! You still DARE RESIST ME?! Then perhaps I should just end you here and NOW!" Grima snarled. The Fell Avatar raised her hand and shot a powerful blast of energy. Reflet then collapsed, drained of all strength.

"I...have lost...I've no final strategy to play...Grima has won…" She muttered to herself, slowly feeling the urge to sleep and let it all end. "I can't see. I can't hear...I feel...nothing…"

"Y- h-ght b-ck…"

Reflet thought she could hear something. And so she listened as hard as she could. What was that voice that was calling out to her?

"Fight back!"

It was Chrom?!

"Fight back Reflet! You swore to do so remember?! Now keep your damn word! Your bond with us is stronger than even the Fell Dragon's might!"

"Chrom? Chrom! I can hear you!" Reflet said, slowly regaining strength.

"Grrr...what? This can't be happening. You. Are. Mine! The dragon's grip cannot be broken!" Grima angrily shouted in disbelief.

Reflet ignored the dragon and focused on her husband's voice. It was then she noticed he was not alone in his words, as every Shepherd (and some of the former enemies they recruited) cheered her on, saying she belonged with them.

She was moved to tears. She then looked back at Grima with nothing but pity for the dragon.

"You're wrong Grima."

Grima turned to her in shock and anger. "What did you say?!"

Reflet smiled and said, "Humans may seem bad, and heck, some are. But they also have the potential for good."

"LIES!" Grima fired a blast at Reflet to weaken her again, but she merely deflected it with a gloved hand to the dragon's shock.

"I pity you Fell Dragon. Perhaps if you were human and not lost to madness, you'd understand what I can plainly see. And what you cannot." Reflet smirked.

"Silence...SILENCE YOUR VOICES! You are nothing more than worms! You are NOOOOTHING!" Grima could only cry out in anger as its hold on Reflet weakened enough for her to successfully break through and get back to her friends.

Location: Back With The Shepherds

More black miasma rose from Grima's back and from it, Reflet stepped out of it with a smile and tears on her face.

"I'm back!" She shouted happily. Chrom and many of the others cheered and embraced her.

Meanwhile, Grima's Avatar's eyes were no longer glazed over, seeing as Reflet was no longer within its mind.

The Fell Avatar could only look on in anger and perhaps what was...envy?

'Damn you all you human scum…once again...I am denied what is truly mine!' Grima was mad now. If it couldn't have its rightful ending, neither could the humans! Even if it dies, it'll take them with it!

The Fell Avatar snapped its fingers. The sound reverberated and echoed throughout the minds of all its Risen. And suddenly, in a flash of light, all arrived on the dragon's back, awaiting their master's orders.

The Shepherds, seeing that the time for happy reunions were over, immediately gathered their bearings and jumped into battle.

Whilst the Shepherds fought a near endless supply of Risen, Grima was lost in thought. More specifically, with its host, who had awakened once they had heard Reflet's speech to the dragon.

'Why...why do they fight a losing battle?! What motivates these humans? Why do they defy their fate and go against nature?' Grima furiously thought.

"Perhaps it's because we never saw the good side to them?" It's host suggested.

'Impossible! All humans are evil! Only us dragons should exist and the human stain wiped out!'

"Is that truly what we think though?"

Before Grima could finish its conversation with its host, it was snapped out of it as a blade slashed through its host. And by the gods, did it burn!

"Gaaaaahhhh! Damn you!" Grima snarled.

"Time to finish this Grima! Your end has come!"

Grima regained its bearings and summoned forth its draconic head. "ARROGANT MORTAL...I AM THE END!"

Grima fired a blast of its Expiration breath, but lo and behold, Reflet interfered and blocked it with her Ignis ability.

"Back off!" She shouted.

"Now I'm angry!" Chrom shouted, activating Aether, breaking through Grima's powerful defenses and strike a critical blow.

"Gugh?!" Grima could only choke on some of its blood. This was impossible. Improbable even! It mustn't end here!

"Here's how it's done!" Reflet shouted, using Ignis to injure the Fell Avatar even more.

Grima could barely hang on to consciousness. It was getting too weak to even fire another blast of Expiration.

It was then it had an idea. It could still live on. Besides, it still had access to its full power, but could only activate one last skill. Perhaps it could win if this never had happened? Looks like the only option was to start anew, hopefully with better results…

Grima then flared it's dark aura and pushed back Chrom and Reflet.

"I am NOT going to die here! If the little princess can change things so much by going through time...then so can I!"

A shimmering portal opened behind the Fell Vessel and it began to step through.

Lucina, who was a small ways behind her parents, shouted, "Grima is trying to escape back to the past! We must stop it!"

Chrom and Reflet looked to one another and nodded. They knew what to do.

As Grima was slowly leaving their sights and into the portal of the past, Chrom and Reflet combined both Aether and Ignis to Falchion. Chrom then swung down the blade and a wave of pure energy hit the portal.

It then began to stabilize, and the last thing they could hear were Grima's screams of pain which slowly faded away into nothingness…

The dragon part too, roared, as if in agony and it's entire body began to fade. Seeing this, Chrom and the others called for Naga, who teleported them off of the fading body of the Fell Dragon.


After everyone was accounted for, Chrom and Reflet looked to Naga in question. Especially seeing as Reflet hadn't disappeared due to Grima's demise.

Naga had her eyes closed, but soon, they opened. She then turned towards the Shepherds.

"I have news. Grima is gone."

Everyone cheered at that. Happy to be rid of the Fell Dragon. Especially the future kids.

"However," Naga said, making everyone stop and listen to her.

"Grima is gone, yes. But not dead. That is why you're still alive Reflet. Yet I also sense that your bond/link with the Fell Dragon is gone…"

"Then...where IS Grima?" Chrom could only ask.

"Not even I know. Due to you destroying the portal to the past while it was still traveling, it is likely Grima is lost to time forever." Naga replied.

Reflet looked concerned, but Chrom quickly placed his hand in her shoulder. "Don't worry Reflet. I'm sure that even if Grima gets out somehow, I know that that timeline's Shepherds will always triumph over it."

Reflet smiled and leaned in. "You're right. But I can't help but still worry…

(((In the far reaches of the Space-Time Continuum)))

The Fell Vessel lay dormant, dead to the world as it slowly floated through the many timelines of the Space-Time Continuum.

However, a small light soon began to glow over the Fell Avatar, and it shortly vanished into a nearby portal. Another timeline in fact.

(((Plegia Highroads)))

A bright light glowed in the sky and soon crashed into the nearby forest, scaring away all the animals and other miscellaneous creatures that lived there.

The light dimmed and faded, revealing a young woman with a mature form, black hair with a few purple stripes going down her head, and clothed in a white form-fitting shirt, boots, and a black Plegian Coat.

The woman then opened her eyes, and rubbed her head in slight pain. Where was she? And why couldn't she remember anything? In fact-

" I?"

She was answered only by silence.


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