Fire Emblem Awakening: From Darkness To Light

By, Antex-The Legendary Zoroark

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Summary: We all know the child of Robin: Morgan correct? She is said to come from another alternate future timeline. If that's true, there must be many other timelines where something that happened happened, and in another, what happened didn't. Come and see what the actions of traveling back in time have done to a certain Fell Dragon... (Game Plot with AU elements!)

Chapter 1

Robin, Ylisse's Grandmaster of a tactician sighed for the umpteenth time today.

All was going well, but now THIS has happened. Just how many wars would need to be fought to bring peace? First, there was the war against Ylisse and its western neighbor Plegia, now, Virion (a member of the Shepherds who had been absent for awhile after), says that a war against the country known as Valm was not too far away.

Robin sighed and rubbed his hand against his white-gray hair and sighed once more. There was another thing that was on his mind as of late too.

After fighting against a part of the Valmese Fleet that made their way to Regna Ferox, Robin and his close friend Prince Chrom of the Shepherds, had no choice but to ask Plegia for aid.

All was going well at first. But then three familiar faces revealed themselves.

The first was Aversa, a former General and apparently a Grimleal that was an aid/advisor of sorts to the late Mad King Gangrel.

The second one was the new King of Plegia after Gangrel's death. A man who went by the name of Validar. Surprisingly, he was very similar to the assassin that once came after Emmeryn. Yet that couldn't be right could it? Either way, it was out of their control now, seeing as Validar WAS Plegia's new King and all.

And finally, the last familiar face was that of Plegia's Grimleal Hierophant. He was quite the mystery and even mumbled some strange words that seemed to resonate deep with Robin's soul. The truly scary thing though, was what was under the cowl of the Hierophant. It was none other than someone who bared his same face!

This final person had been on Robin's mind for quite awhile and he wondered just why he and the Hierophant shared the same face. Was it possible he was from the same future as Marth? If so, why would he be with Plegia? All of their encounters with Marth concluded that she was most likely from Ylisse and not Plegia. Still…

'Damn.' Robin thought to himself as a sudden pain filled his head. 'I'm starting to already get a headache from all these possibilities.'

He massaged his temples and the pain receded. Robin gave one last sigh (hopefully. He was getting tired of doing so) and decided to take a walk in the nearby forest.

Exiting his tent, he breathed in the fresh evening air that hit his nostrils. It was soothing.

He then looked around the Shepherds' Camp, but seeing no one else (which was probably for the best), he began to stroll down the trail to the forest.

(((On The Forest Trail)))

Robin was so far enjoying the silence. It gave him more time to think and feel less stressed. It also helped that the small bits of nature were soothing and pleasing to the eye. Overall, it was a lovely night to go walking.

Robin leaned against a tree, hopefully he could get in a good position and sleep his worries away.

It was all for naught though, as the day's memories kept haunting him over and over again.

Robin groaned and cursed at his ability to recall even the smallest of details. It was essential for guiding the Shepherds in battle, but it could also be a nuisance at times too.

"Ugh. It's just no use. I can't sleep." Robin muttered to himself. "Just who was that man Chrom, Frederick, and I saw earlier? How could he bear the same face as me?" He wondered aloud to himself, hoping some kind of memory would come back to him. He was met with nothing but silence. No memory and no answers. He was beginning to doubt his past now these days…


Robin bolted up from his spot underneath the tree. What was that? Did he just hear something just now?

"Heed me Robin…"

There it was again. Who was it? It sounded familiar too. He drew his Tome and Levin Sword from their places in his coat.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" He narrowed his eyes in concentration; ready to fire an Arcthunder should it be an enemy.

Suddenly, a great amount of pain flowed through Robin's body. He especially felt the pain near his heart. It was as if it was aflame with unholy fire.

"Ha ha ha! Heed my call Robin!" The voice cried out in sadistic joy amongst the pain.

"Aaagh! This's in my head! Who are you?! What's happening to me?!" Robin could barely say.

Shortly after his shout, a ghostly figure seemed to appear in his peripheral vision. The figure wore an elaborate Grimleal outfit and had a thin, toned body, red eyes aglow and slitted like a snake's.

"Why do you close your heart to him Robin?" The figure demanded.

Robin could not believe what his eyes were seeing. "V-Validar?" His eyes didn't lie. It was none other than the 2nd King of Plegia himself. What was he doing here?

"Hmph. Have you truly forgotten?"

The pain continued to flood through his body and Robin had trouble fighting it off. Despite that, he managed to say, "You were...calling me… Augh! My head! Get out of my HEAD!"

"Oh-ho? Such arrogance! Heh heh… you dare to take such a tone with your own father?" Validar grinned sadistically upon revealing this revelation to Robin.

"Wh-what just say?" Robin asked, though barely. Although now that Robin thought about it, Validar's coat appeared similar to his own and he even had the same shade of white in his hair that Validar had in his goatee.

"I'm truly disappointed my son. To think you forgot even this! You are of my flesh, but of sacred blood. You, my son, are to serve a glorious purpose!" Validar proclaimed. "Search deep in your heart. You already know that it is your destiny!" A clawed hand lifted itself up to Robin's vision.

"N-no. Get...out…!"

Validar seemed to shake his head in faux disappointment. "Why do you resist us Robin? Your rightful place is at my side! Do not waste your time with these doomed servants of Naga. Give yourself to Lord Grima! Let me join your strength to the Fell Dragon!"

Before Validar could continue, his form started to flicker. It seemed to puzzle even Validar himself.

"Hm?! What is this?!" Validar sneered. "No! My connection to you is somehow being severed! Impossible! Only a mage of phenomenal power could do such a thing! Even then, they'd need to be Grimleal!"

While Validar muttered angrily to himself, the pain near Robin's heart slowly began to numb. He managed to get to his feet and fire an Arcthunder from his Tome, thus fully disrupting Validar's spell.

"Gah! Damn you Robin! Enjoy your freedom for now, but know that you and I shall meet again! My connection to you WILL be back!" And with that, the astral form of Validar faded away completely.

Robin could only breathe heavily with sweat dripping down his brow. His vision slowly began to darken, but before he could completely fall to unconsciousness, a lone glowing figure was seen running up to him.

He could tell that the figure was a female, due to her heeled boots and curved body. But what surprised him was the fact that she was wearing a familiar coat…

"Who...are you…?" He managed to make out before succumbing to darkness.


(Unknown POV)

She did not know for how long she had walked. All she knew was that she was here in this specific place for a reason. The question is why?

She had no memory to think things back on, and she had no idea why she woke up where she did. Although...some parts of this place did seem familiar to her.

She had no time to think when a voice suddenly spoke behind her, startling her.

"Tee hee! Well what've we got here? A lost CAWs?"

Turning around, the woman summoned forth a purple blade made out of magic. Something she realized she had no idea that she could do.

"Who are you?" She asked with a frown. Her frown only deepened when the white haired young man laughed while a lone crow on his shoulder seemingly laughed/cawed with him.

"Nya ha ha! Why so feisty? We're all friends here in jolly ol' Plegia! My name's Henry! Who might you be?" The man asked after recovering from his laughing fit.

Her name? That's right, her name. It was R- wait. What was it? Why couldn't she remember it all besides it starting with the letter R?! Damn this strange amnesia of hers!

"I-" she could make out before saying, "I don't know what my name is. All I know is that it starts with an R." She said, her arms slumped down in defeat.

"Ooh I see! Then why not give you a new name? Whaddaya think Ruby?" He seemingly asked his crow.

The crow caw'ed a few times before Henry spoke again. "Ruby here says that you have a somewhat dark aura about you. Normally I'd ask why, but you seem to not know much right now."

She could only glare at him for that comment, but Henry continued, "Hmm, weeeeellll… How about Raven? I can hardly think of anything else, but your eyes are similar to Ruby here and another word for a crow like Ruby here, would be Raven. Whatcha think? Like it Raven?"

That name...Raven...why did it feel so familiar yet so different? Nonetheless, it seemed to spark something inside her and she began to nod. Raven. She liked the name already.

"Very well. I shall be called Raven." The now dubbed Raven proclaimed. "But now let me ask you a question Henry." At Henry's nod, she asked, "Where exactly are we in this Plegia?"

Henry gave it a moment of thought before snapping his fingers and replied, "Well, the entire half of this land is Plegia, while the other half is known as Ylisse. Right now, we are in Plegia. Specifically, the Plegia Highroads."

"Why do they call them that?"

"I dunno." Henry smiled at Raven face-faulting at his answer.

'This boy is really getting on my nerves. Can't he say anything of importance? Ugh. Well, at least I know a little bit now. Still-'


A sudden jolt through Raven's body snapped her out of her thoughts. She could feel something...dark in nature nearby. How she knew, she did not know. But it was worth checking out she figured.

She quickly bowed to Henry (who was slightly taken aback at her sudden change of attitude) and said, "Thank you Henry. But...I think there's something going on that I should check. Please excuse me."

Quickly scurrying off to where she felt that dark presence, she did not notice Henry smile and follow her with a skip in his step.

"Looks like we're in for a little fun eh Ruby~?" He gleefully sang out.

"Caw!" Ruby replied.

Raven quickly felt for the dark magic with her senses. This magic was so...familiar yet also foreign to her. She did not know why that was, but her curiosity got the better of her and she wanted to know more.

As she approached a man who seemed to be holding his head in pain, she heard the words: "Submit...Grima…"

At those two words, something within Raven seemed to react and she suddenly held her own head in pain. As this was happening, a sinister aura sprang from her body and washed over the man, somehow interfering with whatever was causing him pain. She managed to run towards him even though she herself was in pain.

As he fell to the ground near unconscious, he seemed to have seen her and asked, "Who...are you…?" He then fell into unconsciousness.

As the pain from her own head finally went away, Raven's dark aura had also disappeared at the same time. Cracking an eye open, she saw the man she had seen in suffering, and quickly rushed to his side.

'Oh gods!' She mentally panicked. 'What happened?! What did I do? Did I cause this?'

Before she could jump to more unhelpful conclusions, she heard that strange boy, Henry, call out to her.

"Oh Raaaaaveeeeen!~" Henry yelled out.

Seeing this as a (hopefully lucky) sign, Raven quickly rushed to Henry and dragged him over to the man by his collar, surprising him.

"Henry please! I need your help. This man, he fell unconscious after I saw him in pain and-" Raven was interrupted by Henry though.

"Ooh! This is some bad stuff. It's Dark Magic for sure. Thankfully, I'm here. Gimme a sec…" Henry quickly saw the problem and gained a serious expression. He then uttered some sort of eerie chant and placed his hands on the man's head.

After a few moments, the unconscious man seemed to radiate a small glow and began to stir slightly from his slumber.

As he temporarily awoke, his eyes immediately fell on Raven. "Am I dreaming? Who are you?" He asked, still slightly out of it.

She could only somehow smile at his question and said, "My name is Raven. Nice to meet you...Robin."

She did not know how she suddenly knew his name, but regardless, said man could only nod and fall back unconscious to recover.

Raven then turned to Henry and said, "Looks like he'll be okay. Thank you Henry."

"Ha ha! No prob Raven!" Henry said before he suddenly gained a surprised expression. 'My dark arts senses are tingling!' He thought to himself. Before he could voice anything, he saw one of those Risen creatures he's heard about, getting ready to strike at Raven!

"Whoa! Teehee, careful!" Henry exclaimed before he blocked the attack that was aimed for Raven (much to her surprise) and used his Elfire Tome to burn it to cinders. "Aw man! Where's the blood?" Henry pouted.

Raven was astonished. Never had she seen such a creature before, yet it was also familiar just like this Robin man was. She then could hear fighting out in the distance...and it sounded like they were losing!

"Nevermind that Henry! Looks like some people need our help!" Raven said.

"Ooh! That means it's curse o' clock!" Henry smiled sinisterly.


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