Yeah, yeah, I already have a one shot series. But this one will give me a lot more freedom to write any sort of random thing that pops up in my head. It happens more often than you may think.

The sun steadily rose up to welcome a new day, a day that just so happened to be Easter day. Birds sung there songs in the early morning, and children ran around trying to find what goodies that may have been left for them during the night.

Yes, it was an amazingly peaceful start to the day for most people, but not quite so much for one of the residents of Destiny's bounty in the middle of the Sea of Sand.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" An ear piercing scream echoed throughout the flying ship.

"How could you guys do this to me?!" Jay cried as he examined himself in the bathroom mirror. The young lightning wielder had awoken bright and early that morning only to find that his brothers had dressed him up as a pink rabbit during the night when he was sleeping.

"How did you even manage to get this on me without waking me up?"

It was true, due to their job, all the ninja where pretty light sleepers. All except Cole that was, who slept like a rock, which the others found very fitting to his element.

The rest of the team couldn't stop from laughing as they watched the auburn haired teen freak out. He was wearing a full body fur suit, complete with big ears and a fluffy tail. Someone had even gone as far as to paint his face and give him a pink nose and whiskers.

"I might of slipped a little something extra into your dinner last night," Kai said with a smirk, barely keeping his mirth under control.

"Why you, I knew that soup tasted funny," Jay sat down on his bed and crossed his arms.

"Oh cheer up Zaptrap," Cole gave his friend a pat on the back," After all, you are the one who volunteered to hide the eggs this year. We just figured that you should look the part while doing it."

"It could have been worse," Lloyd pointed out," Especially if the guys had decided to go with what me and Kai suggested."

"And what was your idea?" The blue ninja asked, clearly still grumpy about his current situation.

"The wanted to place a bucket of raw eggs above your bed and have it fall on you when you woke up, followed by a bunch of feathers that would fall on you when you opened the door," Zane answered.

Jay had to admit, that he would prefer a suit and some face paint over being covered in egg goup and feathers, but it still didn't improve his mood very much.

"You know, I really hate you guys sometimes."

"Hey Kai, isn't Nya usually out of her room around this time," Cole inquired, a grin spreading across his face as he glanced at his best friend.

"What!?" Jay cried out," No way, you can't let Nya see me like this!"

But it was to late, Kai had already opened the door and was calling for his sister to come over.

"What do you want this time Kai?" She asked before she saw the lightning ninja, who was currently being held in place by Cole due to him attempting to run out of the room before his girlfriend got there.

Jay felt his cheeks start to heat up with embarrassment as he watched Nya start to laugh.

"FSM, how did you guys even manage to get him into that?" She laughed, before taking out her phone and snapping a picture, which caused the costumed teen's blush to become even brighter.

"My apologizes for interrupting your fun," Zane spoke up," But I believe it is my turn to prepare breakfast for the day. I will be sure to let you know when the food is ready." With that, the white ninja walked out of the room, a large smile still on his face.

"Easter breakfast cooked by Zane and Zaptrap becomes our mascot for the day," Cole stated," What could be better?"

"Hmm... how about you getting out of my room so I can get out of this thing?" Jay responded, gesturing to the costume.

"Sorry, but your stuck like that for the rest of the day," Kai smirked," We super glued the zipper in place and had Zane hide the stuff that dissolves it."

"Wait, so you not only put me dressed me up, but you also made it so I can only get out of it when you guys decide to let me out?!"

"Calm down Jay," Nya moved so she was standing in front of the blue eyed teen," It's just for one day. Besides, I think you look kind of cute."

The auburn started blushing for a different reason," R-really?"

"Of course I do," The water master sat down next to her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around him.

"Ew, I'm getting out of here before you two make me lose my appetite," Kai started walking to the door," You coming Greenie?"

"Yeah, I want a chance to get my plate before Cole can steal all the food."

"Hey!" Cole stood up," I didn't take all of the food."

"Oh that's right, you left me a chicken leg."

"Ugh, if I'm going to be stuck like this I might as well go to," Jay stood up and offered Nya a hand up, which she gladly accepted.


Well, things didn't exactly go well for the Easter Ninja, as Cole had taken to calling Jay. About half way through breakfast, a food fight had broken out, and everybody had split into teams. Kai and Lloyd, Zane and Cole, and Nya and Jay all gathered as much food as they could and started flinging it at each other.

To make a long story short, they eventually started targeting Jay, and he now had syrup stuck in the fur of his costume, which he was currently trying to wash out before he went outside to hide the plastic eggs that Lloyd had bought a few days before.

Most of them where full of a variety of store bought candies, though a few did contain chocolate that had been made on the bounty by the Smith siblings and then individually wrapped by Zane. Then there was the golden egg, which was much larger than the others, and contained $100 in cash.

After he finally managed to get the sticky substance out of the obviously fake pink fur, Jay decided to throw in a few eggs of his own. Ones that would be sure to give anyone who found them quite a surprise indeed.

He then headed out to the deck, where all the others where waiting for him.

"What took you so long Jay?" Kai asked.

"I was busy washing the syrup off of this costume after someone decided to throw a soggy waffle at me."

The fire ninja gave a nervous chuckle as Jay glared at him.

"So, are you ready to hide the eggs?" Cole asked.

"Yeah, where are we doing it anyways?" The blue ninja glanced over the edge of the ship to see they where currently over a forest.

"I parked us right over the Forest of Tranquility," Nya answered," I thought it would be a good place for our egg hunt."

"Now it's time for you to get hopping Pinky," Cole states," The sooner you get those eggs hidden the sooner I can get to claiming that $100."

"Ha, and what makes you think you'll be the one to find it?" Kai asks.

"There is no need to fight brothers," Zane interrupts quickly," We all have an equal chance of finding the egg, and Jay hasn't even hidden it yet."

The boys attentions where all drawn to the costumed ninja who was still standing on the deck.

"Um... right, I better hop to it then," Jay got a laugh out of his siblings as he made his way over to the chain that connected the Bounty to the anchor down below. He jumped over the railing, making sure he didn't lose any eggs in the process and proceeded to slide down to the awaiting forest below.

Once he reached the bottom, the auburn glanced up and saw Nya looking down at him. She waved and Jay gladly returned the motion, before setting off on his mission.

Trying to hide a bunch of colorful eggs from a group of highly trained ninja was not an easy feat. As their job required, they where pretty good at noticing the small details, which only made Jay's job even more difficult.

He carefully chose the hiding spots for the eggs, while making sure that his special eggs would be easily be discovered by his brothers. Of course he couldn't make it to easy, otherwise they might get suspicious.

Finally, the only egg left in the basket was the golden egg, and Jay was at a loss as to where he would put it. He scoured the entire area looking for somewhere to place it.

Finally frustrated that he couldn't find any good spots for it, he sighed and leaned against a tree. He glanced up to try and use the sun to see how long he had been out here, but paused as he noticed something.

A smile stretched across the blue ninja's face as he figured out exactly where he wanted to place the egg.


When Jay returned to the Bounty, he found the others all waiting for him excitingly chatting among themselves while holding egg baskets of their respective colors.

"There you are Zaptrap," Cole greeted his best friend as he climbed over the railing," I was wondering when you would get back."

"I hid all the eggs," the blue ninja said proudly," If your ready to go hunting then now's the time."

"That's great Jay," Nya gave him a hug," Thanks for doing this."

"It was no problem, really."

"Yeah, well me and Nya made you something," Kai stepped forward, then held out a blue basket with something inside of it," Since you won't be go egg hunting since your the one that hid them."

Jay cautiously grabbed the basket and looked inside. His blue eyes widened as he saw the large chocolate bunny that was no doubt handmade by the fire and water siblings.

"How did you guys manage to do this?"

"It wasn't easy," The fire ninja answered," But with Nya's planning and my fire powers we where able to make it work."

The lightning wielder had to admit that it looked pretty good. It didn't have nearly as much detail as the store bought versions had, but he could tell that they had worked hard on this.

"Thanks guys, this is amazing."

The siblings both smiled at him before going to join the others who where waiting near the railing.

"See, I told you he would like it," Nya stated," And I know your glad I forced you to do this, so you can stop being grumpy about it."

"Yeah, yeah, no need to go making a big deal about it," The brunette replied, smiling when he thought his sibling wasn't looking.

Cole, Zane, and Lloyd quickly made their way down the chain. Nya was about to go next when Jay ran up to them.

"Hold on guys, I need to tell you something about some of the eggs."


"All right everyone, let's split up and look for those eggs," Lloyd ordered once everyone was down on the ground.

"And whoever finds the golden egg first wins," Cole stated as he scanned the area, though he was doubtful that the blue ninja would hide any eggs this close to the bounty.

"Do you guys always have to make it a competition?" Nya asked.

"Don't we always," Her brother answered, already starting to walk off.

The water ninja shook her head before heading in a different direction.

Cole watched his teammates all leave the area before he to started heading deeper into the woods. After a few minutes he thought he saw something yellow in a small hole beneath a tree. Reaching in, he pulled out a small plastic egg. Grinning, he eagerly put it in his basket before moving on to find more.

It took him a lot longer than he thought it would to fill up his basket. He had to admit that Jay did know how to pick his hiding places. But there was still no sign of the golden egg. He had no way to tell if any of the others had found it. They had all agreed to leave their communicators on the Bounty, to prevent anyone from trying to work together.

They had agreed to meet back up at the ship at sun set, and the large orb was already starting to get lower in the sky.

Just as he was getting ready to head back, he noticed something glinting off in the distance. He moved towards it, and couldn't help but smile when he saw that the the glint was coming from the golden egg.

It was up in a tree, which the earth ninja thought was odd given that all the other eggs had been hidden in plenty of less obvious places.

It wasn't until he got closer that he saw where the real challenge in getting this egg lied. It was carefully balanced on the fork of two branches, right above a wasp nest.

Glancing at the tree, Cole sighed. While it was large enough that it probably wouldn't move that much if someone with Jay's small frame climbed up it, Cole's attempt to get the egg would definitely shake the tree enough to catch the attention of the hundreds of stinging insects that it home. He looked around to see if there was some other way to get it down, but it seemed that Jay had been extremely careful with his planning on this.

If he attempted to make it fall off the branch would lead to it most likely hitting the nest on it's way down. And if he tried to use his airjitsu that would definitely upset the wasps.

Deciding that he wouldn't be able to do this on his own, the master of earth quickly ran off in search of one of his teammates to help him get the egg.


Lloyd followed Cole through the forest to where the egg was supposedly hidden. He had to admit, that placing the most valuable egg above a wasp nest did seem like something Jay would do.

"So why exactly do you want my help?" The blond asked as the older teen practically dragged him along.

"Because, you should be small enough to get up the tree without disturbing the nest," Cole replied," It should be right over here."

Cole brought Lloyd to a tree that had a really large wasp nest in it, but there was something missing.

"Umm... I don't see any eggs."

"What," Cole began searching around the area," But that's impossible. It was just here!"

"Sorry Cole, but you must have been seeing things," The green ninja glanced up at the sky," and it's about time that we started heading back."

The raven haired teen sighed, before nodding his head and following the shorter ninja back to their flying ship.


The others where already waiting by the anchor by the time that the earth and energy masters came out of the woods. Cole glanced at everyone's baskets and saw that they where all pretty full. Then he saw something that made his jaw drop.

Zane was standing near the anchor while holding the golden egg.

"H-how did you... " The teen trailed off as when he saw the nindroid smile.

"I discovered the egg long before you did brother, and since I did not want to risk causing harm to the wasps, I found the ninja who I believed would be most helpful in that particular situation," Zane gestured to the fire elemental who smirked at his brother's disbelieving faces," When I brought him to the location of the egg we saw you trying to figure out how to get the egg, and decided to remain hidden. After you left I asked Kai to make enough smoke to allow me to get up the tree without either of us being at risk of being attacked. I gave him half of the money as payment for helping me."

Cole stared at the two before crossing his arms and huffing," Man, I really wanted that egg."

"If you want an egg so bad than have this one," the fire ninja tossed one of his eggs at the older teen, who quickly snatched it out of midair.

He grumbled before deciding to go ahead and open it. he cracked it open and looked ins-

A sudden explosion went off and the next thing Cole knew he was face, chest, and arms where covered in pink paint.

"What the heck was that!?" He looked around and realized that the paint had come from the very egg he had been holding.

Looking up, he saw that all the ninja where now laughing at him.


Jay sat out on the deck, occasionally breaking off a piece of his chocolate bunny, as he waited for the others to come back. He heard the rattling of the chain that signified that someone was coming up. Glancing over he saw Kai jumping over the railing.

Before he could ask how the hunt went, the fire ninja was darting to the door and rushing inside the bounty. He heard more rattling and saw Cole, covered in pink paint, coming up and running in the direction that he had seen Kai go mere seconds before.

The others came up the chain as well, but not in as much of a rush as the first two ninja had been.

"So, what was that about?" Jay asked.

"Kai gave Cole one of your paint bombs and he opened it," Nya answered before coming over to sit next to the blue ninja.

"Paint bombs?" Lloyd asked, glancing down at his basket of eggs.

"Yeah, a bit of punishment for you guys for dressing me up like this. Though I decide to tell Kai and Nya how to tell which ones they are."

"And how do you tell the difference?"

"Sorry Greenie," Jay winked," You're going to have to figure it out on your own."

"Well, we better get inside before Cole kills my brother," The water ninja stated.

The others agreed and began to head below deck.

"Oh Jay," Zane glanced at the blue ninja," I believe that your time as the Easter bunny is up, so if you wish I can help you to get off your costume."

"Yes, thank you Z. I am so done with this thing," Jay replied before following the nindroid inside.