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Crowds of people hurriedly made their way through the city streets as a police car pulled into the parking lot of the Ninjago City Bank. The driver's side door opened and a young man stepped out and glanced at the building.

"Is Zane certian that this is the next place Morro is planning to hit?"

A second man came out of the car, closed the door and stuck his hands in his pocket," Yup, and you know he's never wrong about these sort of things."
"Yeah, to bad he can't predict exactly when it's going to happen."

"We both know you love stake outs Lloyd, especially since it's time away from Captain Grumpydon."

"Hey, he's still my dad you know," The blond stated, beginning to walk to the bank, his partner quickly falling into step behind him," But I have to admit Cole, I would definitely prefer being locked in a room with you for a week over having to spend an hour at another one of his meetings."

Cole laughed," Gotta agree with you there blondie, you would figure that he'd know some ways to make those more interesting since he's been doing it so long."

The pair entered the building, and scanned the area, looking for any sign of their target.

"Doesn't look like he's here yet," Cole looked towards the front desk," Maybe we should check what sort of security these guys have set up."

"Morro doesn't show himself that much anymore, especially since he convinced you know who to team up with him," Lloyd lowered his gaze to the ground.

"Stop beating yourself up about that, it's not your fault. Let's just focus on this mission, maybe this time we'll actually get lucky an-"

A few startled cries filled the air, and people started crowding around something. Lloyd and Cole glanced at each other before making their way through the group. Lloyd was the first to get a view of the scene, and couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed at what he saw. A woman with dark brown hair was laying on the ground with her eyes closed.

The blond quickly knelt down beside her and checked for a pulse. Cole came and knelt next to him, with a questioning look in his eyes.

"She's alive," Lloyd looked up to the crowd," did any of you see what happened?"

"She just collapsed," one man replied," she seemed perfectly fine before that."

Cole reached into one of the woman's pockets and pulled out a wallet while Lloyd continued looking the woman over for any signs of what could of happened.

"Hey Lloyd," Cole said, staring at something inside the wallet," You might want to check this out."

Lloyd took the wallet, wondering what it was tha-

The blond gasped, staring at a small paper on the wallet showing the image of a green dragon skeleton.

"Surprise," A voice said, and both cops looked down at the woman who was now smirking at them. She jumped up, kicking Lloyd in the stomach before grabbing Cole's arm and flipping him over her back. She pulled a gun out of her purse with one hand and removed the wig she was wearing, revealing the bright red hair underneath.

There where several screams from the people as they started scrambling to get away from the red haired lady.

"Everyone on the floor now!" She yelled, and everyone quickly obeyed, fearing what she would do if they didn't.

"Skylor," Lloyd glared at her," It's been a while."

"It has hasn't it. In fact I think the last time we talked was right after me and my boyfriend got together."

"We know what you want," Cole said, slowly reaching towards his own gun," And sorry to say, but we can't let you get into that vault."

"Oh I don't have to, we got the new guy for that," Skylor gestured towards the vault, and both cops looked over to see someone exiting from it carrying a large green bag.

Lloyd looked back to Skylor only to see her running at the front exit.

"Stop!" He shouted, pulling out his own gun, but she was already gone, out the door and turning down the street.

Cursing under his breath, he looked back to the other bank robber, only to see him heading the same direction as Skylor, Cole already giving chase. Lloyd put his gun back in it's holster and joined his partner.

The man ran outside, and made a left turn, quickly widening the gap between himself and the cops.

'How fast is this guy?' Lloyd thought to himself. For a second he lost the guy in a crowd, but managed to catch a glimpse of him going into an alley.

The blond looked at Cole, who nodded and ran off down another path while Lloyd went after the man.

The guy kept making random turns and knocking over items trying to get away from the cop, but Lloyd stayed on his tail. He was beginning to gain ground now, the guy must've of been getting tired.

The man exited the ally and started sprinting down the street, glancing behind him for any signs of the co-

He cried out as he felt himself crash into someone, about to climb back onto his feat when he realized just who he had crashed into.

Cole smiled down at the young man, one hand on his hip and the other on his gun.

"Where do you think your going in such a hurry?"

The robber gulped and slowly picked himself up off the ground, leaving the bag on the ground and keeping his hands raised.

The sound of a car engine caused them both to look to the left just as a red sports car came driving strait at them. Both men jumped back in opposite directions, and the car stopped right between them.

The robber was climbing into the vehicle when Lloyd came around the corner, gasping as he instantly recognized the driver.

"Hey Greenie," He grinned at the cop," Like my new ride?"

"Kai... " Lloyd paused, not entirely sure what to say.

"Speechless huh? I know, she's quite the looker. I'd love to stay and chat some more, but Nya would kill me if I let myself get caught."

The robber closed the door and Kai pulled back into the street, taking off fast enough to cause the tires to screech and leave black marks on the road.


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