It was a cool autumn day, the leaves just starting to change colors as a breeze brought a slight chill to the air that hadn't been there several weeks ago. In a monastery atop a mountain, a small group of teens sat outside, enjoying the weather as they took a small break from their training.

"Man am I glad it's finally starting to cool down. I'm pretty sure I was going to melt if that heat wave had lasted any longer," Cole said before taking a sip of the drink he was holding.

"Yeah," Jay agreed, staring down at his phone," Compared to what the weather has been like this is amazing."

Nya nodded in agreement, glancing around," Hey, does it feel like something's missing to you?"

"What do you mean?" Lloyd asked, "we all got our chores for the day done already."

Zane rubbed his chin," I'm with Nya, something definitely feels off. Like something was suppose to happen but it didn't."

"Well we haven't had any villains to fight for a while," Kai stated," Which actually feels kind of odd."

"It has been strangely peaceful for a really long time… ," The water ninja trailed off, deep in thought.

"Oh no," Jay looked around warily," I think I know what you guys are talking about."

"What is it Jay," Cole asked still trying to figure out what they were concerned about.

"It's because of her."


"That's right!" Kai walked towards the center of the courtyard," We haven't seen her in months. No wonder it's been so peaceful around here."

"I still don't know who your talking about."

"The author!" The fire, lightning, and water ninja all said at once.

The rest of the team went pale.

"Oh geez, you don't think she's planning something else do you?" Lloyd asked," What if she's thought of even worse stuff for use while she's been gone?"

"I'm sure there's nothing to worry about," Zane stepped forward," From what I have seen when most author's suddenly stop writing they tend to just disappear forever. And from what I understand about 'her' is that she was an artist long before she was a writer, and tends to easily get sucked back into her artworld. It is possible she has completely forgotten about us and we will never have to worry about her coming up with any new ways to torture us."

It was just then that a portal opened up in the center of the courtyard, just above the dragon statue, and a purple, yellow, and green dragon flew out.

"Hey guys, I'm back!"

All the ninja groaned, Cole mentioning something about Zane jinxing them, as the dragon landed on the ground beside them.

"So where have you been?" Nya asked.

"Oh the usual, bothering my siblings, trying to improve my art, watching the latest ninjago episodes on youtube since I don't have TV."

The teens glanced at each other, before Lloyd stepped forward," Ok, so what are you doing here now? I mean we haven't seen you in a long time."

"Oh, you noticed that huh?," The dragon sat down, twitching her tail slightly," Well you see I kinda lost my creative mojo for a while, and I admit I have not fully recovered, but I am trying to work on my self motivation and start producing stuff like I used to, just better quality."

"Does that mean you're going to start writing that one spooky story again? Jay gulped," Cause I was there when you started rewriting and I do not at all like that you have me go into the creepy building this time instead of just continuing to walk like any sane person would do."

"Well that would certainly fit with this time of year, wouldn't it? But no, what I have planned next actually doesn't involve any of you."

"What!?" All the ninja cried in union. A story that didn't involve them seemed impossible.

"You've mentioned stories about the serpentine before," Kai noted," Is it going to be about them, or one of the other elemental masters?"

"No," The reptile shook her head," It isn't even going to involve anyone from Ninjago."

This reveal caused all the ninja to cry out again.

"So if it isn't anyone from our world, who is it going to be?" Zane questioned.

"Your about to meet him," As the dragon sayed this, another portal opened up above them. The sound of screaming could be heard before something green and pink fell out, hitting the ground with a thud.

"FSM is that a- "

"Yes, yes it is," The dragon interrupted Jay before he could conveniently reveal what the newcomer was to the audience.

The strange little thing sat up, rubbing it's head and complaining about the rough landing. It glanced around, freezing upon seeing the group of ninja watching him.

They all stared at each other for a few moments, before the newcomer screamed, jumped to his feet, and hid behind the dragon statue.

"It's alright, they aren't going to hurt you," The dragon said as she walked towards his hiding space," I'm just introducing you to them."

"You didn't mention anything about their being filthy humans involved in this. I don't have my disguise!"

"You don't need your disguise, besides the people here a little smarter than the ones back in your world. I doubt it would have the same effect."

He glanced at the ninja, before sighing and stepping back out in the open," Fine, but I hope we make this quick. Who knows what sort of troubl- "

The creature was interrupted by another scream coming from the portal, and a black haired kid came falling out.

"Ha!," The kid jumped up, recovering from the fall surprisingly quickly," I knew you where up to something. Why else would you have a portal in the middle of your living room leading to… where is this place?"

The kid looked around, glancing at the teenagers he was next to before his eyes locked onto the original newcomer who was slowly moving towards the exit.

"Don't think your going to get away from me this time lizard!" The boy yelled as he started running.

The so called "lizard" spun around and darted outside, quickly descending the stairs. Yelling could be heard as they both made their way down the mountain.

"What just happened?" Jay asked.

"Don't worry about it," The dragon stated, turning towards the exit," You guys just chill up here while I go get my next vict- I mean stop those two from causing any trouble. You guys are getting a little break it seems"

With that, she opened up her wings and followed the path down the mountain.

"Does that mean that we're safe right now?"

"I believe so," Zane answered.

"So... back to training?"

"Probably a good idea," Lloyd agreed," Who knows when she'll decide to focus on us again instead of those poor guys."


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