Hello everyone! This is my first story with Xiaolin Showdown and I hope you enjoy it. This story is somewhat of a retelling of the arc where Raimundo betrays his friends to resurrect Wuya. This is my own take on why Rai decides to do so.

Also, I'm taking Kimiko's design from Chronicles, simply because I find it better than her Showdown design.

Chapter 1

'Finally, some peace and quiet.' Raimundo thought as he stared over the cliff overlooking the city in Rio De Janeiro at night.

The day started out like any other with him and Xiaolin Dragons waking p at the crack of dawn to have their breakfast before heading out for training. Unfortunately, Master Fung had decided to begin training Clay, Omi and Kimiko as Xiaolin's Apprentices, all while the Dragon of the Wind was forced to observe. This did little but make Rai even more upset about the fact that he wasn't made an Apprentice simply because he had tried to do the right thing.

In all the time that he had stayed at the Xiaolin Temple, he had come to call it a second home. Master Fung was like the kick ass uncle that you wished you had, but was just as wise evn if his wisdom was not something you got immediately. Omi was the innocent little brother of the group who did not really know the world around him. Despite his massive ego and somewhat arrogant attitude, he did not let that get in the way of doing what was right. Clay was the older brother of the group and always made sure to diffuse a situation while at the same time make analogue of something about Texas or food. While a simple person, Clay like the element he controlled, had the biggest heart of them all.

Raimundo's thoughts then shifted to the Dragon of Fire, Kimiko.

He would not deny that when they first me, he thought of her as being this girl who came from a very rich family. He could tell by the very expensive PDA that she was using, as well as the clothes she wore and the make up on her face. Everything screamed fake to Raimundo as he had seen this type of girl before. All about fashion and boys with no individual thought of her own. That changed however as he got to know her better, he learned that, just like the fire she wielded, she had a temper to match and could just as easily throw fireballs at you as she is to yell at you. Over time Raimundo came to care for Kimiko, and while he constantly gave her viruses and pranks her to no end, he made sure to not take it to far with her. He remembered that when she struggled to have focus with the Tangled Web Comb, he believed in her when Clay and Omi did not.

Actually thinking about that whole fiasco brought up images of Kimiko in that kimono of hers that she wore to break into the palace. Just those images alone brought a blush to his face, and anyone asked what he looked like at that moment, they would say that he was as red as a tomato.

Raimundo knew he had a crush on Kimiko. That was a realization that he had just come to know, and that scared him. He knew he had a crush on her, but did not want to admit it in case she did not feel the same way or even make their friendship weird.

But he was getting off track. He came here to clear his head and for some quiet, not make him even more confused.

Suddenly he heard his phone ring. Taking out his phone, Raimundo looked at who was calling and was confused, more so than he already was, at seeing that it was his father. Pressing the answer button, he then held the phone up to his ear.

"Raimundo, is that you. Listen, I know you're out there training in that Temple of yours, but I was hoping that you could quickly come on over back home. There's something that I have to tell you." His father said.

"Hey dad slow down." Raimundo said. "Tell me what this is about?" he asked.

"Can't, not until you get here. This is something you're going to want to hear for yourself." his father replied. That got Raimundo worried, as he never really heard his father speak as if he was about to let the world know something truly tragic.

"Luckily for you, I'm on a little break,so I'll stop on over." Raimundo stated before ending the call and running off towards his home, all while hoping that nothing bad had happened while he was away.

Knocking upon the front door, Raimundo waited impatiently as he was wracked with nervousness and fear, hoping nothing was wrong with his family and that his father was just going to relay some happy news. As he stood in front of his home since he was born, he could not help but reminisce about his childhood and the games he would play with his brothers and sisters. His house was not as small as the other houses in Tubarao, but neither was it as large as some of the mansions, sometimes found in Rio. Their house, while quiet large, was just enough for his family to live comfortably.

The door suddenly opened, and seeing nobody in front of him Raimundo looked down to see a small girl, about nine to ten years old with a small teddy in her hand with a her hair being done in a small ponytail. He recognized her as Vanessa, one of his many younger siblings.

"RAI! You're home!" Vanessa screamed as she rushed towards her brother, giving him the best hug she could manage with her small frame.

Laughing, Raimundo pried her off of him and held her at an arms length from his as he knelt down to her level. "Hello Vanessa." He greeted with a smile. "Shouldn't you be in school?" he asked.

Vanessa shook her head. "No. Papa asked everyone to stay at home for the week." she answered.

"Did he say why?" Raimundo asked.

Again Vanessa shook her head. "No. Papa didn't say nothing." she answered.

Raimundo nodded slowly. "I see." he said. "Well, we best not keep Papa waiting now do we?" he said with a smile.

Standing back up, Raimundo, with Vanessa holding onto his hand, walked into his home and his smile widened at seeing his old home the same way it was before he left. Vanessa gave a tug on his arm, getting his attention. Looking down at her, she pointed towards the living the room, giving a small nod, he let his sister drag him inside.

As soon as he entered the living room and saw his entire family, with the exception of his mother, all gathered had him break into a wide grin. One of his younger brother, Antonio, noticed him enter the room and gave a shout that alerted the others to his presence.

"Rai! You back!" Antonio said as he gave his older brother a hug.

Soon everyone of his sibling joined in on the hug, all of them welcoming him back and telling him how much they missed him. Rai gave a small laugh as he proceeded to hug everyone of his siblings, conveying how much he cared for them in that single hug. When it came to older brother and sister, they decided to have a little fun with him.

"It's good to have you back home little brother." His older brother, Rafeal, said. "Although, did you gain a few pounds?" he asked.

"Ha! I'll have you know that i actually lost a little bit of weight and actually gained some muscle." Raimundo boasted, much to his sister's amusement.

"Leave him alone Raf! I think it's good that Raimundo has actually gained some muscle. Besides, it's not as if he actually grew taller." his sister, Angelica, said as she patted his head.

"Very funny you two. But it really it is good to be back home." Raimundo said.

"And it's good to have you home son." His father, Ricardo Pedrosa, said.

Giving his father a tight hug, Raimundo gave his father a large smile. "Papa! How have you been?" he asked.

"I have been well son. As has everyone else." His father answered.

"So where's Mama?" Raimundo asked, looking for his mother.

Immediately, everyone in the room looked downcast. Sensing the shift of emotions, Raimundo was worried that something had happened to cause this. Looking at his father, Raimundo had always known that his father would never allow himself or those around him to feel upset or any negative emotion for too long, not unless it was something that not only concerned the whole family, but someone from within. Judging by the fact that not only was his mother not here with them, but also that the mention of her name was enough to cause everyone to shift around nervously and with sadness.

"What happened to Mama, Dad?" Raimundo asked quietly.

His father simply sighed and looked at him in the eye. "She's dying, Raimundo." he said.

That shocked Riamundo to the core. His mother was dying. That was not something that he would have thought happen so soon in his life. He's faced hundreds of Jack-bots, and fought through some tough opponents in the Xiaolin Showdown's, but the thought of his own mother dying was something that terrified him.

"How?" he asked.

"Cancer. The doctors have said that she has only at most a week left to live." His father answered.

Swallowing hard, Raimundo asked. "Where is she?"

"Upstairs, in our room." His father replied.

Thanking his father, Riamundo slowly walked up the stairs. Each step up made his heart hammer even harder than it was already and made each step even more difficult than the last. He still could not believe that his mother was dying from cancer. The woman he remembered was someone who would not let anything get her down and would always find ways to cheer those around her.

He remembers when he was a child that his mother would normally play games with him and would sometimes play some pranks on his older brother and sister. While she loved to play pranks with him, she made sure to teach him that certain pranks should not be pulled and to be malicious about them, something he took to heart. Although, Kimiko would definitely say that hacking and sending a virus to her PDA was malicious, it really wasn't and was something he could easily reverse.

As he climbed the last step and was standing on the second floor, he turned to the right, where he knew his parents bedroom was, and walked down the hallway. As he did so, he passed by his bedroom he heard coughing coming from the room at the end of the hallway. As his steps echoed across the empty hallway, the coughing seemed to get worse until he was standing just outside the door. Grabbing onto the knob, Raimundo took a deep breath and turned the knob slowly and pushed the door opened.

There lying on the bed was his mother, Maria Pedrosa, who looked pale and sickly, most likely from the cancer. Quickly entering the room and closing the door behind him, Raimundo walked up to the bed and knelt down beside the bed and grabbed his mother's hand. Even as sick as she was, Raimundo would always say that his mother was beautiful with her chestnut hair and sparkling green eyes, which he got.

As his mother's coughing subsided, she turned her head and gave a smile when she saw him. "Hey there Rai." she said in slow ragged breaths. "How has my little prankster been?"

Trying to keep it together, Raimundo answered. "I've been doing well Mama. I've really learnt a lot from the Temple and have even made some new friends there."

His mother gave him a small smile, but her eyes said something different, as if knowing that there was something more. True to word, she asked her question. "And yet you seem to have something weighing you down."

"It's nothing Mama. Just something I have to work on myself." Raimundo said, trying to not worry his mother.

"If it was nothing, then why do you try to hide it?" She asked, eyebrow lifting, making Raimundo remember how she used to do that when he was hiding something from her.

Raimundo did not want to lay his worries on his dying mother and tried to come up with an excuse to waylay her questioning look. "It's fine Mama, just try not to worry and it'll be fine, I promise."

Again his mother simply stared at him, and he didn't really blame her for being skeptical as she was his mother and has every right to be. However, how could he explain that he was passed over a promotion for simply trying to help out? Not only that, how can even begin to explain how he fights evil bad guys to stop them from ruling the world without being thought of as crazy.

"Let's just say there's been a change in the way things are done there and I still have to get used to it." Raimundo answered.

His mother sighed in resignation before going into a coughing fit. Panicking slightly, he quickly spotted a glass of water. Grabbing it, he handed it over to her and watched as she drank it. Once she finished, he put the cup back onto the bedside table and watched as she lied back against the pillows.

"Look Mama, I'm going to go see if I can find some way to help you get better." Raimundo said, holding his mothers hand tightly. 'I swear on my life that I will find a way, no matter the cost."

His mother smiled at him. "Look at you, proclaiming to save me, just like the hero in those stories that you used to love."

"I think I'm a little too old for stories Mama." Raimundo said, chuckling.

"No one is too old for anything Rai." his mother replied.

Using the Golden Tiger Claws to return to the temple, he noticed that it was late into the night and that most of the monks were currently asleep. The only ones up were those doing their nightly patrols. Exiting the portal, he noticed that he was at the courtyard, the same as where he had made his escape from Omi earlier in the day.

Moving quickly he made his way to the Shen Gong Wu vault and placed the Golden Tiger Claws back in it's proper drawer. Once that was done, instead of heading for bed, he instead turned and went straight towards the library. He hoped to find some magical way to cure diseases or at least find a way to slow it down enough for him to find a cure.

As he entered the library, he lit the many candles in the library and claimed the furthest table from the door before walking between the shelves of scrolls until he came to where he knew the spells for healing were found. Pulling out a bunch of random scrolls, he went back to the table and he began the slow process of going through every scroll.

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