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Chapter 2

Staying up throughout the night, Raimundo had pulled just about every scroll and book from the library in the hopes of finding what he was searching for. Unfortunately, nothing within the library was helpful and while the only other positive side to this is that he has learned just about everything from the Xiaolin Temple in terms of magic and fighting moves, none of them held the answer to the question he was searching for.

Placing the last scroll back in it's place, Riamundo was about to go to bed when he noticed that the sun was about to rise, and knowing that Master Fung would want to train everyone today in team dynamics, he went back to his room, grabbed his toiletries, a fresh set of robes and headed towards the shower.

Due to staying in a quiet place for the past five hours, he was understandably very tired and was not able to hear that someone else was already in the shower. Thus, opening the bathroom and removing his clothes, Raimundo did not register that someone was already in the shower, and said person could not hear a thing with the water drowning out their senses. With his hand grabbing the curtain, he gave a sharp yank, exposing both Raimundo and the other person's presence to each other. That other person being Kimiko.

The reaction from both occupants was instant as Raimundo stared at the nude form of Kimiko. He stared as he saw the droplets of water rain down upon her body, her hair clinging to her body, each rise of her chest as she breathed in and out. His eyes roved down further to notice her shapely legs and how they seemed to stretch for miles before reaching to the ground. A thousand thoughts were running around in his head, all of them from how beautiful Kimiko was to more dirty and lewd thoughts that were best kept locked up in his own mind.

Similarly Kimiko was also have such thoughts on Riamundo as her eyes ran up and down his body. She noticed his sun kissed tan skin and the numerous muscles on his arms. His body also had a very strong six pack. Lowering her gaze she noticed the rather large hard on that he was now sporting, something that seemed to keep her attention above all. Her thoughts were running at the speed of the internet as her mind produced imagery left in her own fantasies. As she continued to stare at Raimundo's erection, she did not notice her own hand slowly drifting towards it. Something that Riamundo caught before she could do something foolish.

That seemed to break up Kimiko's wanderings and brought her crashing back into reality. Yanking her hand back and quickly covering up her breasts and lower regions with her arms she hissed. "Rai! What the hell are you doing in the shower!?"

Shaking his head to clear it of thoughts, the Dragon of the Wind answered back, trying to keep his voice normal, but instead came out as a squeak. "Kimiko! I swear I did not know you were in here."

"A little hard to believe with you standing right in front of me, naked as well." Kimiko replied, trying very hard not to look down at his body. "The only reason that I haven't burnt you to a crisp is that I would not want to explain why I set fire to the bathroom."

"R...Right." Raimundo stammered. Turning swiftly so that he did not face Kimiko and to keep his tomato red face from getting any brighter. "I better come back later." he said quickly, hoping to leave the room with his body intact.

"No need. I was just about done." Kimiko said. Raimundo kept his head turned away as he heard the shower turn off and some rustling as she dried herself.

It took another five minutes for her to finish changing in to a set of fresh robes. Once finished she stood in front of Riamundo, who in the entire time had not even moved a muscle and was still butt naked in the shower. As she stood in front of him, Riamundo could fell himself sweat as he thought that she was going to burn him alive, and what unnerved him even more was the predatory smile she had on her face.

"If you even think about speaking about what just happened, I'll make sure that you won't ever father children ever again." Kimiko threatened as she held up her hand and a fireball was swirling about two inches from her hand.

Nodding his head quickly, Riamundo answered. "Yes! Not a word! Never!"

Kimiko gave him a wide smile and vanished her fireball with a flick of her hand. "Good. Oh and Rai? Nice butt." she said before running out the door.

With a befuddled expression, the Dragon of the Wind closed the door and started a very, very cold shower, all the while trying to keep his thoughts away from the perverse.

Entering the dining area, Rai noticed that Clay and Omi were both up and chowing down on their breakfast without a care, Turning his gaze slightly he saw Kimko was looking at him, which elicited a slight blush from both of them when their eyes met. Sitting down next to her, he quickly took what food was left and went about having his breakfast.

However just as he was about to have his first bite, Dojo began to shake uncontrollably. "Whoa! I'd suggest taking a rain check on your breakfast kids! We have a hot new Shen Gong Wu that just activated,"

Kimiko took out the scroll that held the information on which Shen Gong Wu had just activated. Opening the scroll, the picture showed a drawing of a man placing a ring on his finger and holding his hand over a prone person. That person soon got up before the picture swirled into the dragon logo.

"It called the Ring of the Healing Kings. This particular Shen Gong Wu has the ability to cure anyone of any ailment, no matter what." Dojo explained.

That caught Raimundo's attention as he immediately thought of his dying mother. If he could get his hands on that Shen Gong Wu, he could heal his mother of the cancer and there would be no need for his family to bury another family member. Shaking his head to stop his thoughts from moving further, he listened to what Dojo was about to say.

"There is a catch however. The ring does not have the ability to bring back the dead, nor can it save some one from dying." Dojo continued.

"Can it cure cancer?" Raimundo asked, keeping his face as neutral as possible to not give anything away.

Dojo, shrugged his small shoulders. "It should, but it will only work once on each person. It won't work for a second time on the same person for something else." he answered, earning a nod from the Dragon of the Wind.

"Come on everyone, lets get our Shen Gong Wu and head off." Kimiko said as they all rushed towards the vault.

Flying above the thick forests of Tijuca Forest, the four dragons of the elements kept a look out for any sign of their rival in hunting Wu, Jack Spicer. So far they have been flying above for ten minutes with no sign of the so called 'Evil Boy Genius'. Dojo suddenly began to sniff the air around him and began to look down at the forest below.

"I think I have the scent kids." Dojo called out.

They all nodded as Dojo descended from the sky above to the forests below. Finding a large enough clearing, the four dragons got off of Dojo, who then shrunk down in size and sat on Clay's left shoulder. Looking around at the towering trunks and feeling the humidity of the rain forest, Raimundo was wondering what possessed Grand Master Dashi to place the ring in such a remote area of the world.

"I think it's best if we split up, cover more ground." he suggested.

Omi waved him off. "That's a terrible plan Riamundo, and as the only one not yet a Xiaolin Apprentice, your opinion is noted." he said condescendingly. "I know! Lets split up and find the Shen Gong Wu."

Rolling his eyes and giving the round headed monk a dark look, Riamundo answered. "That's a great idea Omi." he said. "It's not as if someone else gave that idea." he muttered quietly, something that did not go unheard by Kimiko, who gave him a worried look.

Omi smiled, ignorant of the Dragon of the Wind's muttering. "Of course Riamundo! I am the greatest Xiaolin Apprentice after all." he boasted.

"Sure. Whatever you say Omi. i'm going to go this way." Rai said as he walked in the direction in which he had pointed.

As he walked further through the sweltering forests of his country, he took out the Falcon's Eye that he had taken from the Vault from his pocket and placed it over his right eye and began to scan the area around him. Scanning the treetops first, he made sure to look upon every branch to make sure that he did not miss it by accident. Seeing nothing up above, he turned his gaze towards the ground, again looking around him. Once he was sure that the Ring of the Healing Kings was not here, he went deeper in to the forests, all the while keeping an eye out for the Shen Gong Wu.

However as he was searching, he could hear the familiar sound of choppers coming towards his direction. Making sure to hide behind one of the larger trees, he watched as Jack Spicer, oddly enough without Wuya nearby, fly over him. As he watched closely, he noticed that the pale boy was holding onto a device in front of him. As Jack flew further forward, Raimundo decided to follow him if only to make sure that he did not find the Shen Gong Wu first.

Jumping atop one of the larger branches with the help of his Wind abilities, he began to jump across, from tree branch to tree branch,, all the while making sure to keep his eyes on Spicer. This continued on for another five minutes, and all the while Riamundo was wondering if he made a mistake following Jack. However, before he could think further, he saw Jack had stopped in mid air and was looking not at his device but rather at the large clearing down below him. Thinking quickly, Raimundo used the Falcon's Eye to scan the clearing, and sure enough, the Ring of the Healing Kings was there, sitting atop a small shrine. Placing the Falcon's Eye back in his pocket, he quickly jumped high into the air and landed just before the shrine.

Grabbing the Shen Gong Wu, he was about to make his escape when Jack's whiny voice cut in. "Hey! That's my Shen Gong Wu! Give it here!" he shouted as he hovered just above the ground.

Gaining a cocky smirk, he flipped the ring between both his hands. "Sorry Jack, but it seems that you lost yet another Wu." he said.

Gaining a frustrated look. Jack yelled and pointed at him. "I'm getting that Wu! Insectbots attack!" he yelled.

Suddenly, dozens of small winged, dragonfly looking robots began to circle around him before diving in to attack. Grasping the ring firmly, he jumped atop the closest robot and up another before thrusting his palm forward, sending a huge gale of wind to blast a hole through the wall of bugs. Jumping through, Raimundo decided to test out one of the special moves that the scrolls he went through earlier on advanced wind attacks. Luckily the technique could be done in one hand.

Using his free hand, Raimundo focused on creating a ball of pure unfocused wind. As he concentrated, a ball of wind was forming an inch above his palm, growing larger with each second. Once he was satisfied with the size, he threw it in to the mass of robotic bugs and watched as the ball exploded with a huge burst of wind, sending large arcs of wind everywhere, cutting up every single one of the robotic bug.

Smirking, he did not notice Jack come up from behind him, tackling his as he did so, making him let go of the Ring of the Healing Kings. Tumbling down, Jack scrambled off of him and ran towards the now sitting ring. Using his wind ability, Raimundo placed his hands on the ground next to his head and with a burst of wind, he threw himself up and over Jack and right in front of the ring. Wanting to get the ring before Jack, he went to grab the ring, only for Jack to also grab it at the same time, causing the ring to glow.

"HA! Looks like it's time for a Xiaolin Showdown Raimundo!" Jack said.

"Let's get you're butt kicking out of the way Jack. Name your game." Ria stated.

Jack gave an evil smirk, or one akin to an evil smirk, Rai always thought his evil smirks were stupid. "The name of the game is Tarzan's Treetops. The rules are simple, race to the Shen Gong Wu and whoever gets to the ring first or manages to knock their opponent off of the trees wins." he explained.

"Fine by me." Rai smirked. "I wager my Falcon's Eye against your Monkey Staff."

"Let's go XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN!" they both chorused.

The world exploded around them as it changed. The trees grew larger and taller, they were surrounded by endless trees and below them was a thick fog that seemed to stretch forever. Up above, just barely visible through thick foliage was the other Dragons, all staring down below. Up ahead, floating was the Ring of the Healing Kings. On one branch was Riamundo, decked in his ordinary Xiaolin robes, while on the other was Jack Spicer.

"GONG Yi TEN PAI!" They shouted as one and with that they both raced towards the ring.

Using his acrobatic skills, Riamundo jumped from one branch to another, making huge leaps and bounds in the race. Meanwhile Jack used the Monkey Staff to make it easier to move through the forest, swinging through the trees and when there no vines, jump from one branch to the next. This competition pitted one gifted acrobatic against one who had the traits and abilities of a natural climber., thus making the race a very difficult one to say who would win easily.

Jack however decided to cheat a little by having his Insectbots attack Raimundo, causing the dragon of the Wind to slow down dramatically to deal with the robots.

Using one of the robots as a springboard, Rai jumped over the rest of the robots before sending a large gale of wind towards them, sending them flying off. Knowing that he just wasted valuable time, he quickly set off towards the Shen Gong Wu. Something he noticed was that Jack was nowhere to be found, which almost gave Rai pause but ultimately decided to move on and finish the race. Just a few feet away from ending the race, Rai was about to grab the ring when he was kicked in the head hard enough to send him tumbling off of the branch he was on.

With that the Showdown was over due to the fact that another way to win was to knock your opponent off.

As the world returned to normal, Rai was on the ground, clutching his head as it throbbed in pain. Shaking his head, he looked up to see Jack Spicer flying off with not only the Ring of the Healing Kings, but also the Falcon's Eye. Knowing he could not allow both of them to be with Jack, he got up and, ignoring the pain from his head, went chasing after Jack, despite the calls from Kimiko.

Using his wind to give him a boost, Rai rocketed off of the ground and up towards the evil boy genius. However just as he was about to reach him, he began to descend, slowly at first before falling faster and faster. As the ground began to approach, he thrust his hand towards the ground, breaking his fall until he landed on the ground softly. Looking up, he saw Jack laughing as he flew away.

Anger coursed through him as he saw the one chance to save his mother literally fly away from him. Anger at his failure to win a Showdown against Jack Spicer of all people and to know that he had failed his friends . He knew that Omi would admonish him for his failure and to also boast about how he would have easily beaten Jack.

"ARRRGGGGGHHHH!" Rai shouted.

Hearing the sound of running footsteps, he turned to see the rest of his friends come running up to him. Letting his anger subside for the moment, he watched as at each of their reactions to what had just happened and he was not surprised to see Omi looking at him upset, while Clay looked just as upset, but not at him but perhaps more to do with the fact that he lost. Kimiko however looked worried as she stared at him with those periwinkle blue eyes of hers.

Are you ok Rai?" She asked.

Sighing, he ran his hand through his hair and looked up in frustration. "What do you want me to say Kimiko? That I just lost to Jack Spicer or the fact that I just let one of the most powerful Wu get taken by Jack." he asked.

"Yes, it is most shameful that you lost to Jack Spicer and lost not only the Falcon's Eye but also the Ring of the Healing Kings." Omi stated. "But do not despair Raimundo, It is only natural that you are not as capable as the rest of us and that we would have won that Showdown easily, even more so if I was there." he boasted.

"Hey cool it there little fella. I'm sure Raimundo did his absolute best at winning that Showdown. It was that no good Spicer that tricked him." Clay said, hoping to subdue an egotistical Omi.

"I'm need to be alone for awhile guys. You go on ahead of me." Rai said quietly.

"Are you sure about that Rai?" Kimiko asked.

"I'll be fine Kimiko. Just need to clear my head for awhile." Raimundo replied, giving her a small smile.

Kimiko just continued to look worried for him though, but relented all the same. "Alright, if your sure. here, so that you can get back." she said as she passed the Golden Tiger Claws to him.

Rai smiled at her before opening a portal and jumping through to his destination.

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