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He was sitting on the same cliff as yesterday, doing the exact same thing. Only this time instead of being angry and frustrated at Omi and his lack of promotion, he was angry at himself for not only losing to Jack Spicer, but also the one Shen Gong Wu that could save his mother from cancer.

He could do just about anything to show his frustration such as take his aggression out on the forest nearby, shout and rant or even see his family to cool off. The only reason he wasn't doing any of those things was simply because he kept replaying the events of the Showdown in his head. The one thing that kept popping into his head was that he got to overconfident, hell, even before the Showdown began he was cocky. That led him to be overconfident, even after Spicer sent his Insectbots to attack. Even at the end when was about to grab the Ring, he was caught by surprise.

Even the first loss to Tubimura was not that bad then, he simply studied and trained harder to not only outsmart his opponent but also outplay him. Now, even with the previous nights constant search for a cure and discovery of several different spells and fighting techniques he could still be taken by surprise.

It was times like this that he wished that he was just as studious as Omi.


Now there was someone who could really push his buttons faster than anyone in the Temple or back home. While the young boy had a heart of gold and would only do what is right. He only sees things in black and white and doesn't truly understand the world outside the Temple. But that was not his fault, only a by-product of his being raised in such an isolated part of the world. The kid also had a massive ego, perhaps from his long successful time as the only student there and being praised for his prowess in martial arts.

Perhaps that was the reason he lost? He did not train properly and took things too lightly.

Maybe. Maybe by being more studious and taking training more seriously he could perhaps even surpass Omi in martial prowess. The question that was left however, was what he would lose. The answer to him was simple: Himself.

That was something that Riamundo was afraid off. He took great pride in his rather rebellious attitude, not because he loved to cause problems but rather because, much like the wind, he did not wish to simply follow what others did and simply go wherever the wind takes him. Carefree. Unburdened.

But even the winds can change direction when it so chooses and can cause great destruction if angered. And no doubt Riamundo was angry. So great was his anger that he could feel the very air around him shift into a much more powerful gust of wind. The trees were shaking from the force of the winds and even some fallen branches were blown away.

Taking a deep breath, Riamundo calmed down, causing the winds to die down and be as they were before.

That was when he felt something or someone watching him. He looked behind him and saw nothing but the clear area in front of him. He then felt the same presence come closer, this time it was behind where he was facing and it was then that he realized that this presence was familiar. It radiated quite a lot of magic, not to similar to a Shen Gong Wu.

"Stop hiding Wuya and tell me what you want." Riamundo stated as he calmly turned around to face the purple ghost.

"Impressive Riamundo. Not many would be able to sense my presence without revealing myself first." Wuya praised, her expressions voiced through her words as she was unable to form facial expressions.

"I could sense the magic that you permeate. You have a similar magical scent to the Shen Gong Wu. A side effect of being trapped in that box for centuries, perhaps?" Riamundo asked hypothetically.

"Perhaps." Wuya said.

"So why are you here?" Riamundo asked again.

I watched you Riamundo. I know why your angry at the loss of the Ring of the Healing Kings." Wuya stated, surprising Riamundo.

Narrowing his eyes, he glared at the ghost in front of him. "What do you know?" he asked.

Even though Wuya could not smirk, he knew that she was in her thoughts. "I know that your mother has cancer, my child. That she's dying a slow and painful death because of it and the only thing that could save her is the Ring." She stated out the facts.

"Your telling me things I already know." Riamundo commented.

"Perhaps, but despite your searching, no Xiaolin magic can save your mother, only Heylin magic can." Wuya stated.

Riamundo simply snorted, not believing her. "Why should I believe you? You could be telling me this just to trick me into working for you."

"Maybe I am. But ask yourself this. What if you're wrong? Can you truly let your one chance to save your mother go?" Wuya asked. "Also, don't forget that the Ring can cure anyone of their disease only once, it will not work on a dying person. If you truly wish to save your mother I can stop her from dying long enough for you to use the ring of the Healing Kings to cure your mother."

Riamundo glared at Wuya as he remembered that tidbit of information. He was hoping that Dojo was rarely wrong about a Shen Gong Wu's abilities and that the ring would still work. With very little left for him to go on and promising his mother that he would save his mother no matter the cost, he nodded at Wuya.

"Fine. What is it that you want me to do?" Riamundo asked.

"Return to your friends Riamundo, pretend as if we did not have this conversation. We must wait until another Shen Gong Wu reveals itself." Wuya ordered only to gasp as her masks eyes turned white revealing a mirror with some symbols on it. "It would seem that the Reversing Mirror has decided to reveal itself. We must take this Shen Gong Wu if we wish to save your mother Riamundo."

"So what are we waiting for! Let's go!" Riamundo said as he quickly got up.

"NO! You must return to your friends and pretend to be on their side until you retrieve the Reversing Mirror." Wuya said.

"Are you sure, we could easily get there with the Golden Tiger Claws?" Riamundo asked.

"You don't even know where it is. You must follow your friends Riamundo if you wish to have any chance of saving your mother." Wuya reminded him again.

Gritting his teeth in frustration, he quickly grabbed the Golden Tiger Claws and opened a portal back to the Xiaolin Temple.

"Ah Riamundo good, it seems you are just in time to learn what the next Shen Gong Wu is." Master Fung said as soon as he saw Riamundo exit out of the portal.

Riamundo simply nodded in silence and followed Master Fung into the Scroll Room where the Revealing Scroll was kept. In the room was Omi, sitting in front of the table while Clay and Kimiko stood on either side of him. As soon as he entered, the two of them gave him worried looks, but a simple smile and nod was enough for Clay to return focus on what Omi was saying while Kimiko continued to stare at him for a while longer before eventually returning to the task at hand.

"Ah it would seem the Reversing Mirror has decided to reveal itself." Master Fung said, not realizing that Riamundo had repeated the exact same words not a few minutes ago. "This particular Shen Gong Wu can be a powerful weapon against anyone. For example, when used the Two Ton Tunic will weigh the person down, however if someone uses the Reversing Mirror on them, they will as light as a feather."

"Seems that the Reversing Mirror is in that direction." Dojo said as he pointed towards the left.

"Best hurry young monks, we cannot allow this Shen Gong Wu fall into the hands of the enemy." Master Fung urged as he sent the monks off.

"Don't worry Master Fung, I'll make sure that we return with the Reversing Mirror and make up for Riamundo's shame earlier." Omi boasted, not noticing the glares he received from Riamundo, Kimiko and Master Fung, while a sigh escaped from Clay and Dojo.

"Omi." Master Fung warned. "It is not Riamundo's fault that he lost. A lesson that must be learned is that through defeat, victory is attained."

"Huh? Come Again? What? I do not understand?" Were the words given out after Master Fung's latest sage advice.

"Perhaps after you retrieve the Reversing Mirror will I answer you." Master Fung said.

Getting off of Dojo, Riamundo stared at the raging oceans below him as the waves crashed against the rocks below. It seems that the Reversing Mirror was placed alongside the other mirror at the top of the lighthouse. It seems luck was on Riamundo's side as Jack Spicer flew into the room opposite them accomponied by both Wuya.

"The Reversing Mirror's mine Xiaolin losers! Jackbots attack!" he cried out as a swarm of the bots began engaing the four Xiaolin Monks.

Immediately know what Spicer was up to, Riamundo didn't waste any time and simply slapped his hands together, sending a powerful gust of wind, knocking back every single bot there was before jumping forwards and touching the Reversing Mirror just as Spicer grabbed it at the same time.

"Looks like I get to have my rematch Spicer. I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!" Riamundo challanged.

"Agreed, and just go easy on you, why don't you name the game so I can beat you at that." Jack taunted before giving out his signature annoying laugh.

Not letting Jack get to him, he continued on. "The game is Flashlight Tag. Rules are simple, you get caught by the rotating light, you lose. Oh and let's make this more interesting. I call for a Shen Yi Bu Dare, you're Lotus Twister and Ring of the Healing Kings against my Golden Tiger Claws and Falcon's Eye, winner take all."

"I accept." Jack said.

"Lets go, XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN!" they both shouted at the end.

Suddenly the area around them changed and shifted. The lighthouse they were all standing in before was suddenly broken up with the walls acting as cover while in the center of the entire area was the rotating light. Above the entire arena were two platforms, one for the Xiaolin Monks and another for Wuya and the Jackbots.

"GONG YI TEN PAI!" They cried out before immediately seeking cover from the light that rotated towards them.

Using the Golden Tiger Claws and his acrobatics, Riamundo managed to get from cover to cover quickly while Jack used the Lotus Twister to curve his body through some of the windows to get to some harder to reach areas, all the while both of them avoiding the rotating light.

Getting into cover just in time, Riamundo wiped his forehead as he managed to hide from the spotlight. "Should have chosen a different Showdown." he said as he jumped towards another piece of wall. He watched as Jack narrowly avoided being spotted by the spotlight as well. "Yup definitely a different Showdown."

Looking around, he did not see any wall near him to Tiger Claw his way too, nor jump except upwards. Bending his knees, he used the wind to push him up even high and managed to grab onto the ledge and pull himself forward just in time to avoid the spotlight. However, just as he was about to get up he felt his legs be grabbed. Looking down he saw that Jack had wrapped his stretchy arms around them.

"Riamundo, head towards the light!" He taunted, laughing as he did so.

Cursing under his breath, he knew that could not escape with the Golden Tiger Claws, but perhaps escape another way. Creating a small rift, just large enough for his hand, he opened the exit portal behind Jack's leg and pushed forward, causing Jack to fall and let go of him at the same time. Unfortunately, Jack managed to catch himself, only to be blinded by the spotlight, ending the Showdown and declaring Riamundo the winner of the Shen Yi Bu Dare.

As the world returned to normal, Riamundo was left standing with his arms full of all the Shen Gong Wu that he had won from the fight. Standing there with arms full of of Wu, he could not help but let a smirk play on his lips as he regained some of his confidence back.

"All right Riamundo!" Kimiko's voice sounded out as she along with the others ran towards him, all with smiles on his face.

"Well done partner." Clay voiced out.

"That's what I'm talking about." Dojo cried out.

"Riamundo, you're performance in the Showdown was most impressive, and you're not even a Xiaolin Apprentice." Omi stated, his condescending attitude creeping through his sentence.

That brought back his frown and the thoughts and the reason why he wanted to fight Jack Spicer in the first place. "You're right Omi. I'm not." he said before turning towards the floating ghost of Wuya. "I expect you to keep to the terms of our deal Wuya." he stated, his eyes narrowing at the ghost, as if daring her to go back on her word.

"You have my word Riamundo. You will be able to save your mother." Wuya promised.

"What are you talking about Ria?" Kimiko asked, worry and fear in her eyes, not for herself but for him.

That look in her eyes was breaking him in the inside, but he could not let anything stand in his way if he were to save his mother. For that to happen, he would have to go against everything that he was taught and believed in and fight against his friends, even if meant hurting the person he loved.

"I am sorry. Truly I am, but from now on, you can find me ..." Here he paused as he stared at his friends, more specifically at Kimiko as he could see the tears slowly welling up in them. "...on the Heylin Side."

With that he made one final rift and jumped through it, no one ever seeing the tears that was slowly falling down from his face.

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