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The dragons disappeared as they crested the edge of the pit. They all collapsed, panting, in the middle of the dirt road and watched orange streaks of the sunset turn the clouds pink.

"Shouldn't we get up?" Lloyd asked after they had been lying down for a while.

"I don't know," Cole said. "We probably should but this just feels good. Zane, do we need to get up?"

"I calculate we have between ten and thirty minutes before our empty dorm is discovered."

"Oh, okay. So, how do you two know each other?"


"Kai and… uh… water girl… What's your name?"

"My name's Nya. I'm Kai's sister."

"Sister!" Jay yelled jumping up. "Ohmygosh. Kai, please don't kill me!"

Kai looked up at him quizzically. "Why would I do that?"

Cole sat up to yank Jay into a mocking cuddle-hug. "Isn't it obvious? He's in love!"

"I take it you are the mysterious 'water phoenix' then," Zane asked, slowly sitting up.

Nya sighed, and blushed a bit. "Has Jay been talking about me, then."

"Nah, he's trying to keep it a secret," Cole said, squishing the blue ninja further. "So naturally, we know all about it."


Lloyd forced himself to his feet. "Come on guys we better get back."

Nya groaned and stood up too. "I better make sure Dareth hasn't broken every single bone in his body"

Cole rose and marched over to the top of a nearby hill to get a sense of direction. "Well, would you look at that. You can see the whole city from up here." Kai and Lloyd joined him to watch the shiny buildings and clogged streets full of busy people running from place to place yet never really getting anything done.

"Hehe! They look so tiny!" Jay said, pretending to pluck someone off the street.

"You can even see our school from up here." Lloyd pointed to the pristine institute.

Nya marched over to see where Lloyd was pointing. "Oooh, your campus looks so pretty! You guys are lucky! I'm in a boarding school in the middle of the city. It's absolutely impossible to sleep with all the noise, but at least I have a room to myself."

Cole pried himself away from the spectacular view. "As absolutely fascinating this conversation (and this view) is we've got to go back to the dorm." A chorus of awws greeted this. "Yes. Come on, we need to get going. Back me up, Zane."

"Cole is correct. Unless we wish for detention it is best we begin heading back."

"I should probably get back too," Nya said as she started to walk down the hill.

"Wait!" Jay yelled skidding down to meet her. "Do you- " He saw Kai's face staring daggers at him from his spot on the hill, but continued nonetheless. "Do you want to get coffee sometime?"

Nya grinned. "I'd love to!

"Oh, okay." Jay had to admit he never really planned out this far. "Uhh, Saturday?"

"Sure! See you then."

As Nya walked down the hill Jay grinned. He could deal with Kai later, but he just got his first unofficial date!



I AM SO SORRY! Man, I've been off here for forever… and I have some bad news… I'm probably going to rewrite the story. These past months I've realized that I don't have a set ending for this and after some brainstorming and rereading, I know that I can redo this a lot better. I am so so so sorry I'm making you all start over but I'll let you all give me new title ideas. I'm kinda leaning towards: Missing Memories Makes Mysteries, or just Missing Memories, the full title sounds cheesy. Tell me what you think in the reviews!


TL:DR: I'm rewriting this… sorry.


Actually, I changed my mind. After reading so many amazing reviews I can't bring myself to start all the way over. So I will still be updating this and starting the rewrite. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME!


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