Hey guys and girls, it's the one, the only, KRYPTONIAN POTATO! So, I decided to upload another one shot, because, I couldn't be bothered uploading another proper chapter, and had a cool idea for a one shot, so, yeah, I hope you guys enjoy. Also, as always, go check out me stories on Wattpad, under the same user name, I have two, completely different Karry stories over there. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel, where I upload karry related videos, and lastly, check out Chevalier_lecteur's page, he also does great Superflash stories.

Important info: Set in between the Flash season three and four, but he never went into the speedforce. He and Iris aren't together, neither are Kara and Mon El. Also Roy is in there coz I like Roy and why not? So yeah. Enjoy.

Being a hero was hard. I mean, the long hours, the pressure, the physical and emotional strain. It was no mean feat, to be able to spend day after day, putting your life at risk for the wellbeing of others. And, well, our heroes really needed a break. So Oliver [cough Felicity cough] organised a little get away, for team arrow, team flash, supergirl, and the legends. After a long, heated debate on where they were going, they decided on a skiing resort in Switzerland, because, well, Kara loved the snow, and who could say no to those big puppy eyes? So, it was settled. Barry and Kara ran/flew, the legends used the Waverider, and Oliver took the rest, and all the luggage on his private Jet.

Barry and Kara arrived, about ten hours before the others, because, well, super speed.

"Barry!" Exclaimed Kara, as she greeted her friend for the first time in months.

"Kara!" Replied Barry happily, embracing his superfriend in a warm hug. The two spent the time it took, to walk up to the lobby, talking, catching up, telling each other about their evil future selves, you know, normal stuff. When they finally arrived at the front desk, they were greeted by a tall, dark haired man, in a navy blue suit.

"Hello!" He exclaimed in what sounded like an Italian accent.

"Hi!" Said Barry. We're here under Queen?"

The man looked suspicious.

"Mr Queen?" Asked the man.

"Oh no, I'm Barry, and this is Kara, we're friends of Mr Queen's, and we're on holiday with Mr Queen." Said Barry.

"Where is Mr Queen now?" Asked the man.

"He should be arriving later tonight." Said Barry. The man looked at Barry with a mixture of suspicion, and pity.

"Unfortunately, I can't let you in. I can only open up the suite, with direct orders from Mr Queen."

"So, what?" Asked Kara. "We can't get in?"

"Unfortunately, no." Said the man. And with that, he turned, and walked away.

"Barry? What do we do?" Asked Kara.

"I guess just wait for them to arrive? We could look around the grounds?" Kara nodded in agreement, and the two set off on a walk around the huge resort.

They walked around the skiing ranges, the shops and cafès, and found an ATM, where he exchanged some of his money for some Swiss franc's (the currency of Switzerland) and the two got a coffee from the cafè. The they were having the time of their life. Talking, joking, and generally having a good time.

"I'm telling you, Avengers Infinity War, is the best movie of the year, I mean- Kara? Where-" he turned around, and was immediately met with a snowball to the face. Kara was behind him, giggling profusely. Barry grinned, and picked up his own snowball, and pelted it at Kara's face. And then, a full on snow war, began. Ducking, throwing, slipping sliding, throwing snowball after snowball until they were out of breath. Suddenly, Kara's eyes widened and, quick as a flash, she tackled Barry to the side of the road, just as a large truck, zoomed by.

"Thanks!" Spluttered Barry, still in shock.

"Don't mention it!" Replied Kara, as she got up awkwardly. Then, before she could properly re-balance herself, Barry tackled her back into the snow, so her arms where pinned down above her head, and he was sitting on top of her.

"Ha!" Said Barry triumphantly. "I win!" Kara's surprised expression, quickly turned mischievous, as she, lifted her and Barry off the ground.

"Oh yeah?" She said.

"Um," gulped Barry nervously. "No?" Kara smiled.

"That's right." And She gently brought them back to earth.

The rest of the time went by as quick as a flash, and before they knew it, Oliver, and the rest of the gang were there. After they explained what happened, Oliver checked them in, and had some words with the man at the front desk.

"Ok, so, there are two to a room, and, the partners are as follows." Said Oliver to the group. "Ray and Cisco, Caitlin and Iris, Me and Felicity, Thea and Roy, Barry and Kara." Barry nearly choked, Oliver kept reading out names, but Barry didn't hear. Felicity tapped him on the shoulder, and whispered,

"My idea, thank me later."

Barry wasn't sure what he felt. Excited? Nervous? Both? He was going to be spending a whole week, living in a suite, with Kara. Dear lord, what was he gonna do?

What is he gonna do? That is the question. Part two of A Day in the Snow will be out soon, so, check that out to find out what happens. Until next time. Cya.